(this is part 2 of 2 in a series on alleged cia involvement in drug trafficking and pow/mi

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(this is part 2 of 2 in a series on alleged cia involvement in drug trafficking and pow/mia problems) Narrator: The Christic Institute's charges against The Enterprise were featured briefly in the Iran-Contra hearings during Jack Brooks' questioning of Richard Secord. Brooks: ... vast array of alleged illegal and corrupt practices beginning as far back as the 1960's. Did you know about that? Secord: (somewhat nervously) Of course I know about it. Brooks: Well, the allegations include the organization of assasination programs funded by the drug king-pin in Laos and laundering of millions of dollars skimmed from the sale of military weapons to the Shah of Iran, and the provision of military services to Somosa, and laundering Colombian drug money, but anyhow ... Narrator: Secord's response was prophetic. Nearly a year later the cased would be dismissed in a blatantly political move by Judge Lawrence King. Brooks: Describe your involvement and transactions with them ... Secord: (nervously and contemptously) Can I comment on the suit? The suit, which was filed in May of last year, is the most outrageous fairy tale anybody has ever read. Nobody, including the Justice Department, credits it at all. It's being dealt with. I can only fight on so many fronts at once. I regard that one as a rather minor threat that will be tossed out of ... Narrator: The congressional committees carefully side-stepped these charges as well as the issue of massive cocaine smuggling by the Contras. But the media was quick to notice the striking parallels between the liberal Christic Institute's allegations and conservative Bo Gritz's discoveries in Burma. Sharing a commitment to the truth, both Sheehan and Gritz have been outspoken in their charges that The Enterprise has engaged in assasinations, drug dealing and illegal weapons shipments. Their activities have well been documented in the mainstream press. The case of Edwin Wilson is a powerful example of The Enterprise's blatant disregard for law and congressional restraints. Sentenced to 52 years in prison for providing weapons and explosives to Libya, the former CIA agent has pointed out that his more-than-willing partners in those transactions and others were none other than Richard Secord and Theodore Shakley. According to Wilson, "If I'm guilty, they're guilty. If I got 52 years for what I shipped, Ollie North ought to get 300 years." (cut to video clip from BBS NEWSNIGHT. Interview with Edwin Wilson in prison.) Wilson: I would like to have the story get out, which is the truth. There has been such as massive cover-up on this whole group. The group that now is running the war for the Contras that I felt that the only way I could somewhat justify my own actions was to have the truth come out. Interviewer: Are you saying that Iran-Contra is just the tip of the iceberg? Wilson: ... just the tip of the iceberg. (cut back to Gritz at luncheon) I swore to defend this constitution. As a soldier I was brainwashed. And I wasn't a dumb soldier either. I've got advanced degrees in college, honors graduating from the Command and General Staff College of the United States Army, given the high command, served in the highest level staff positions in the Pentagon. And yet I thought that as a soldier I was to be apolitical. I was to never question what our executive branch civilians told us to do. Just do or die. What an education I got. Back in 1975-76 I commanded special forces in Latin America. Same time George Bush was head of the CIA. We knew that Noriega was not only a drug smuggler then but we knew that he was a communist besides. He was the intelligence officer under Omar Terrijos (sp?). We, the United States, payed Noriega three times what we pay our President to be our friend. I recommended more than ten years ago that we dump him. We didn't and now were seeing the result of it. My point is George Bush knew what was going on then. He was head of Central Intelligence. It was his OK that said pay Noriega hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. He knew what the intelligence reports were. That Noriega is a brother to Fidel Castro. Don't ever let him tell you he didn't know. I think a lot of the truth would come out if we tried General Noriega because he knows what happened and would be willing to tell what happened, but there is nobody in the administration that wants to hear what happened. We know were not going to try him. Thats just a ruse. Read the newspapers about three months before we indicted him. I saw where Armitage went down to Panama to warn Noriega, that if he didn't get under control that we were going to eliminate him. Well, Noriega has bigger cajones than any bureaucrat that you'll ever meet. He's a little guy like H. Ross Perot, but he is tougher than Texas cowhide and he will pull the plug on the Panama Canal if we try to force him out. I think Noriega is going to come out the winner (I guess not... ed.) And by the way, can you imagine what Armitage did? See, Tom Harvey and Armitage are best friends. They lift weights everyday in the Pentagon athletic club. I know when we got back from Burma that Harvey rubbed his hands together and said, "Hey Dick, come on over to the White House. Bo Gritz just got back from Golden Triangle with information on POW's from Khun Sa." Can you imagine what happened when Khun Sa said, "...and I will disclose every government official I've dealt with for 20 years.."? I bet you Dick Armitage involuntarily urinated right there! (much laughter) And all of a sudden US declares no mercy. Its a war of words. No president thats ever declared a war on drugs has ever fought one and I see 'em being fought today. But there's a way to do it and end-running the Constitution is not the way. But here's what we've done. You saw Ollie North stand up and become an acclaimed hero. Now Ollie North is a Marine that I believe has done everything he thought was right to stem the rising tide of communism. But I want to give you some facts and you decide for yourself. I think Ollie North had good intentions but he was manipulated and used. Have we won the war in Nicaragua? Has the end justified the means because the planes carrying arms to the Contras came back loaded with drugs. I submit to you that we have lost. Did we ever intend to win? (cut to a scene with female reporter interviewing Mike Tulliver (sp?), a former pilot who flew drug runs.) Reporter: The government decided to get into the drug business in order to pay for the Contras? The American government? Mike Tulliver: As incredulous as it may sound, I believe that they not only decided to get into it I think that they orchestrated the whole thing. Reporter (narrating): Mike Tulliver is a pilot who's principle occupation has been smuggling drugs. He's currently serving a three and one half year sentence in a federal prison in Miami for a conviction unrelated to the secret flights he made for the Contras. He says he was approached in 1985 by long-time CIA operatives to run what they called "supplies." Tulliver: You could bring back their cargo without ever having to worry about interception, arrest, anything like this. Everything was taken care of. Reporter: What kind of cargo are you talking about? Tulliver: Drugs. Reporter: And the same people who you believe set you up with the arms also set you up with 25,000 pounds of pot? Tulliver: Sure... oh yes ... sure .. in change. Reporter: So what do you do with that 25,000 pounds of pot? Tulliver: We take off out of Honduras and we leave. Reporter: To? Tulliver: South Florida. Reporter: Where in South Florida? Tulliver: We landed at Homestead. Reporter: Homestead? Tulliver: Air Force Base. Reporter: With whose clearance? Tulliver: I was given a discreet transponder code to squawk about two hours south of Miami. I received my instructions from the ground for traffic separation and told them what my destination was. Reporter: What did you say? Tulliver: I told them we were a non-scheduled military flight into Homestead Air Force Base. Reporter: What happened when you landed? Tulliver: We landed about 1:30 - 2:00 in the morning I guess. A little blue truck came out and met us and it had a little white sign that said, "FOLLOW ME." Reporter: And you did... Tulliver: And we followed it. Reporter: To where? Tulliver: Some area of the field. I have no idea ... I've never been there before or since. Reporter: Where you surprised that you were going to land all of this pot at an Air Force base? Tulliver: Yeah... I was a little taken aback to be honest with you. I was somewhat concerned about it. I figured it was a setup or it was a DEA bust or a sting or something like that. Reporter: And instead nothing happened to you? Tulliver: No. A little guy in the pickup truck takes us out and I get in a taxi cab. Reporter: Did you get payed for the flight? Tulliver: 75,000 dollars. Reporter narrating with video clip of cargo plane at Homestead: Tulliver identifies this as the plane he flew. The plane traces to a company that was hired by the government to fly humanitarian supplies to the Contras at the same time Tulliver made his flights. (cut to clip with George Morales) Reporter: Why would the CIA allow drug planes to come into the United States loaded with coke from (undecipherable). Morales: Money. Reporter Narrating: George Morales is a world champion boat racer. He is also a world reknowned cocaine trafficker whose empire extended from Colombia to Miami. Morales was indicted for running cocaine in 1984. He says the CIA used his indictment to pressure him into providing planes, pilots and three million dollars in cash to the Contras. He too is in federal prison awaiting sentencing on the '84 charge. Reporter: So you're saying that drug planes were allowed into the states as long as somebody was kicking money into the Contra coffer. Morales: Definitely. Reporter: Is this like just a one-time occurrence? Somebody snuck in? Morales: No. Reporter: Frequent? Morales: Yes. Reporter: Routine? Morales: Yes. (back to Tulliver) Believe it or not, the entire business is compartmentalized. I'm like a Teamster. I'm in transportation. You've got people who are in loading. You've got people who are in offloading. You've got people who are in distribution. You've got people who are in sales. It's like an IBM situation. Reporter narrating again: Gary Betzner was one of George Morale's top pilots. He too is in federal prison in Miami on an unrelated drug conviction. His sentence is 15 years. Like Morales and Tulliver he has little to gain from talking about these drug flights. Betzner: I took two loads, small aircraft loads of weapons to John Hull's ranch in Costa Rica and returned back to Florida with approximately 1000 kilos of cocaine. Reporter: What exactly was in the plane that you flew from Fort Lauderdale? Betzner: Oh there was some C4 explosives, M60 machine guns. It was stacked all the way to the ceiling. Reporter: How many pounds of weaponry? Betzner: I would estimated around 2500 pounds. I understood right away that it wasn't the private guns that went down that were that important. It was what was coming back that could buy much larger and better and more sophisticated weapons. It was unaccounted for cash. Reporter narrating: ... near heavy security Ramone Rodriguez was brought to capitol hill. Ocean Hunter, it appears, is just the beginning (?). Under oath, he told Senators that the drug connection is much larger. That he'd handled a direct 10 million dollars in cash contributions from the Colombian cocaine cartels to the Contras. Rodriguez: Outside the United States drug dealers are very powerful people. They have cash. The CIA deals primarily with items outside of the US. If they're going to deal in foreign country's policies and politics they're going to run up against or run with the drug dealers. It cannot be done any other way. Reporter: Do you have any evidence, any proof, any ideas of whether the large sums of cash you had delivered to the Contras, whether it actually made it to the Contras? Rodriguez: There is no way to trace cash. My guess it that not all of it got there, but I'm a cynic. Reporter: Where would it have ended up? Rodriguez: I would say that you're gonna find a lot of it in nest eggs, foreign accounts, waiting for the day when the Contra issue is no longer popular, when Congress votes it out of existance and they have to do something else for a living. (back to Bo at the luncheon) Point is there are three sources now all saying one little bureaucrat. Look how bureaucrats fall! You break wind wrong, you're out of here in an election year. Why hasn't Mr. Armitage been investigated? When we came back I was told by telephone in Bangkok, "Bo, if you don't erase and forget everything that you have done, you're going to get hurt." I was told, "Everybody loves you. Nobody wants to hurt you. No one wants to put a war hero in jail, but if you don't cooperate you're going to hurt the government." And I said, "Joe, whose government am I gonna hurt?" (lots of applause) I am sick and tired of watching the result of poor politics sending our soldiers overseas to do something that they were not meant to do. I'm a fighter, but when we fight we ought to fight to win. And when we send people we ought to be willing to bring them back again. (much applause) We did go before congress. You know who runs the drug task force in the house of representatives? Lawrence Smith. He is a democrat from "Miami Vice" Florida and his staff told me before I came up, "Bo, you better be well-heeled-for-bear because the people who keep the chairman in office are more prone to promote drugs than they are to fight them." When I got up there Lawrence Smith would not allow any members of the task force to view the video tapes that we brought from Khun Sa in Burma. He asked me, "Colonel, how could a man of your intelligence put any stock at all in what a drug warlord would say?" I said, "Mr. Chairman, aren't we dealing with Michael Gorbochev and he's a communist. But we talk to him because he has the missiles and we want to reduce them. Khun Sa has all the heroin and if we want to stop it he's the guy we ought to see." And he says, "What's this business about a heroin highway? How do we know the Thai's didn't build that road to attack Khun Sa?" And I said, "Well Chairman, if they did, they did a heck of a good job because it goes right straight to his headquarters and nobody is attacking and he his own little customs houses all along the road where the little bar comes down." He ended the hearing by saying, "I don't think there is any substantive evidence here that would indicate any further investigation need be made." He never called H. Ross Perot. He never called the Christic Institute. He never allowed the tapes or the letter that Khun Sa wrote because I found out that video tapes aren't enough. They said, "Well, he didn't write anything." Then we had a letter with his signature on it under the Shan seal. Point is Ladies and Gentlemen, there is a parallel government this day that lives within the United States government. It is a parasite! Personally, I think we may have lost the Executive Branch. (cut to clip from Iran-Contra hearings with Jack Brooks questioning Ollie North about executive order rescinding the constitution) I was particularly concerned Mr. Chairman, because I read in Miami papers and several others that there had been a plan developed by that same agency, a contingency plan in the event of an emergency that would suspend the American constitution and I was deeply concerned about it. I'm wondering if that was the area in which he had worked. I believe that he was, but I wanted to get his confirmation. (Brooks tries to continue here and is interrupted by Daniel Inouye, chairman of the proceeding and senator from Hawaii) Inouye: May I most respectfully that that matter not be touched upon at this stage. If we wish to get into this I'm certain arrangements can be made during executive session. (cut to Jack Brook's summary) ... involving the US government in military activity in direct contradiction of the law, diverting public funds into private pockets in secret unofficial activities, selling access to the President for thousand of dollars, dispensing cash and foreign money orders out of a White House safe, accepting gifts and falsifying papers to cover it up, altering and shredding national security documents, lying to Congress. Now I believe that the American people understand that democracy cannot survive that kind of abuse. (back to Bo at luncheon) I don't think it makes a hoot who you vote for for President. The same people are gonna run this country. I stand before you today. You gotta know who I am. I'm an indicted felon because part of that phone call in Thailand said, "Bo, if you don't erase and forget, if you don't come to the apartment (that was a safehouse in Washington, DC), you're gonna be charged with 15 years and your going to serve as a felon and we're going to bring up aggravated charges and hostile witnesses." That's not my kind of language. I said, "Friend, that's an insult to you, me and two hundred years of constitutional government." He said, "Bo, don't give me that. Bring everything you've got to the apartment." I said, "Who's going to be there, Joe?" And he said, "You know me better than that, Bo. It will just be me and Tom Harvey." I said, "OK, I'll bring this stuff dear citizen. I'll show it to you then you tell me to erase and forget." When I got to LA with the tapes he said, "Bo, don't come." He was that much of a friend. He said, "Don't come. Hide those tapes. Everybody's laying for you." He said, "But please destroy and forget. That's all the state department wants you to do because otherwise you're going to jail as a felon." You know what they charged me with? They did charge me. Misuse of a passport. Now that is a weeny charge for somebody thats been in clandestine warfare for more than 30 years. That throws me in league with Jane Fonda. She was cavorting with the enemy and misusing her passport. Ollie North and Robert McValium went to Iran on Irish passports so they could do an illegal arms deal, but nobody has charged them. Thats because they're cooperating. Well, I'm not worried about that. The US attorney doesn't know how hard to take it because I said, "I don't deny I misused a passport. I misused it many times. Every time in pursuit of US prisoners of war." You dear citizen, see if you would erase and go back to sleep and forget. I don't think that you will. In my defense I got a lawyer, he's the former US attorney for Nevada. He took my case for free other than all the expenses it cost to bring in witnesses. Were going to use this court as a forum for prisoners of war and for government in drug dealing because you know you can't sue the government, but when the government jumps on you now you can turn it around on them. Thats exactly what were doing. I got a plea the other day saying, "Bo, just go ahead and cop a plea it'll be a misdemeanor." No way Jose, were going all the way with this one. (Narrator) The American Warrior has traveled a long road from the jungles of Vietnam to the Pentagon to a hostile federal courtroom in Las Vegas, but the commitment to God, country, honor and decency have never wavered. It would be far easier to walk away from this battle, but to do so would be impossible for this soldier. Interestingly enough, the US attorney prosecuting this case against a respected dissenting war hero is himself the former road manager for a well-known 1960's antiwar rock group. The irony is not lost on Las Vegans, but the issues behind the trial demand nationwide attention. One can only wonder what the charges will be against Oliver North. The Christic Institue, on the other hand, is facing an uphill battle in their current appeal of Judge King's dismissal of their racketeering lawsuit against The Enterprise last June in Miami. As Father Bill Davis, their chief investigator explains: (cut to Fr. Bill Davis from The Christic Institute) This is by far the most important case we've ever done. I think for the kinds of forces that were up against, as well as for the broader public policy implications. If this crowd can get away with what they have been getting away with: the arms dealing, the drug dealing, the assasination programs and sell it under the guise of some kind of blind anti-communism, having had the revelations that we've had: the Hasenfuss flight, the Iran arms deal. If they still get away with it then I think democracy, at least in this country, is in very very serious condition. I don't think it will survive. Were either going to win against these forces, this time or I am not optimistic about the survival of democracy in this country. I think it's that serious. (Narrator) The seriousness of Gritz's discoveries during his first mission to the Golden Triangle, however was brought home immediately after his return. Scott Weekly, his Operation Lazarus team member and veteran of several POW recovery missions, was arrested and charged with a federal violation resulting from the Afghan training program he helped Gritz conduct. Weekly was a classmate of Oliver North's at Annapolis and has a PhD in physics. After numerous forays into hostile enemy territory neither he nor Gritz were prepared for the treachery that awaited them at home. (Bo filmed in Thailand or thereabouts) The ambassador level person for the US government in charge of narcotics control made a statement immediately following the release of this tape to the White House that the United States would never a agree to talk with General Khun Sa about drug control because he was such a black-hearted criminal. I believe that we can show through facts that have already been established by the US Justice Department and on-going investigations that there are people currently who saw that tape in the US government that all that they could to stop this interview right here for fear they would be exposed. Even to the point where they arrested Scott Weekly for a minor technicality of transporting explosives illegally on a commercial airliner. Very briefly we were training a couple of Afghan freedom fighters through the knowledge and request of the US state department and other official agencies. The explosives were procurred for us from Fort Sill, Oklahoma and were naturally transported, because we were using them at a remote desert base, by aircraft. There was no danger to the civilian aircraft. The explosives were C4, plastic, frontline safe. You could shoot them with a machine gun and they wouldn't go off. There were no detonating devices with us. Federal agents told Scott when he was taken into custody that it wasn't a technicality and that the real target was me. They were under pressure by the US attorney's office to find out whether or not I was in kahoots with North and Poindexter since I had traveled to Latin America and to the Middle East in pursuit of various government associated projects. The fact is and the truth is that I've had nothing to do with North and Poindexter or any illegal activities either in South America or the Middle East. Now the truth is that I believe that elements in the US government are afraid that they will be exposed for their illegal activities and drug trafficking. Through that exposure that this will cease and they will loose their power. If they had tried to put pressure by causing Scott Weekly even to be ajudged guilty ... because he was told if he would plead guilty that there would be no problem... that he would be given probation... that there would be no more pursuit... that it would be unsupervised probation which would allow him to continue to travel overseas. In truth, he was sentenced. The fact is that Scott was told that if he would plead guilty that there would be no further investigation and that all would go well for him and that if he did not plead guilty there would be a tether put on all of us so that we would not be able to travel and at that time we were very very close to negotiating the release of American prisoners of war. The only reason that Scott plead guilty was so that other members of the Operation Lazarus team, myself included, would be free to continue the mission of liberating US prisoners of war, which is ongoing now. (Narrator Discussing Weekly's case) Scott Weekly was made to serve fourteen months of a five year sentence before it was demonstrated that the agents had removed sensitive documents from his pre-sentencing file which would have exonerated him. The sentence was simply dismissed. Lance Trimmer, a former Green Beret communications specialist with the Lazarus team, accompanied Gritz to Burma in Weekly's place in May, 1987 where he witnessed Khun Sa naming the US officials involved in drug trafficking. As a professional private investigator, since returning he has spearheaded the effort to document and publicize the team's findings and was instrumental in obtaining Scott Weekly's release from LongPoke Federal Prison. In the process he has been unjustifiably arrested and detained three times by the police and federal authorities. (Narrator introducing Barry Flinn) Barry Flinn is the Bangkok station chief for Operation Lazarus. In May of 1987 he served as the cameraman with Colonel Gritz on his second trip to visit Khun Sa. Also during this time he has made other trips into ShanLand. On one occasion he accompanied a journalist from Australia who filmed the proceedings and made this the subject of a news program in Australia. Barry himself was arrested immediatly upon his return to Bangkok from ShanLand on the first trip and has been several times since then as has been Khun Sa. (Khun Sa in interview with Australian journalist .. either he himself or a translator is speaking... it sounds like Khun Sa himself) ... even if they kill me the opium will still be there. They only use me as a money tree. Every time they want money, they come and shake the tree just like a Christmas tree. Journalist: ...spraying the opium crop with the poison 24-D (or somesuch...Ed.) (Narrator Again) One of the problems that Khun Sa pointed out in the news program in Australia is the extensive use of toxic herbicide spraying over his territory not to kill the opium plants, but to kill the food crops which is very very destructive of the culture and the people and creating a very serious refugee problem. (Khun Sa again...) We have 300 families in the hills now who have no food. The world body is doing something against humanity in the Shan state and nobody knows about it. (Bo talks about Khun Sa's offer) General Khun Sa has extended an offer in writing to turn over to the United States Government on March 15, 1988 one ton of refined Asian heroin, that sells for $250,000 per pound to distributors, as a show of good faith that he would stop 1200 tons of heroin from entering the free world in 1988. The response of the State Department was, "no interest." (Bo talking in Southeast Asian Field) There are personalities within the United States Government who have, as early as the early 1960's, trafficked in opium and heroin to finance assasination programs initially approved by the Central Intelligence Agency, which didn't work then and aren't working now. If these assasinations programs spread from Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand to Iran, to Nicaragua, to Libya and have the potential of continuing to spread unless some exposure is finally done to eliminate these high officials. H. Ross Perot has said as a result of his investigation he has found a, "snake pit without a bottom." He says that the people involved will do anything to keep their wrongdoings covered up. He even says that a man that was responsible for the Phoenix assasination program is now on the personal staff of George Bush. (Cut to Barry Flinn in Bangkok discussing his trip with Bo.) My name is Barry Flinn and I live in Bangkok, Thailand. I have been in Bangkok now for two years. I am a member of Operation Lazarus and I am the station chief here in Bangkok. My function for Operation Lazarus is to collect information from my agents in Laos and in Vietnam on locating live Americans held captive in these two countries. This last trip Colonel Gritz had asked me to go into ShanLand, a territory of Burma, to be a witness and a cameraman to record the conversation with him and General Khun Sa. I agreed to go and I did witness, I did record the meeting with Lt. Colonel James 'Bo' Gritz and General Khun Sa. Another member of Operation Lazarus by the name of Lance Trimmer also accompanied us. In Shanland I did record the meeting and the facts are as follows: General Khun Sa's people, the secretaries read from a document written in the Shan language about American officials dealing in heroin from 1965 to the present. Some of the names he had given us were a man by the name of Shakley, a man by the name of Armitage and other American officials involved in drugs. Now my job is strictly locating POWS. I am not involved with the DEA or any other US Government agency. I am a private citizen. It makes you angry when you hear of the drug problems in America. Children taking heroin at twelve and high officials supplying them the heroin and all the cover-ups they did in the past, the present and probably in the future. Now as a witness I definitely believe these men were involved in the drug trade. General Khun Sa did say that, after giving us the names, he wouldn't be surprised if B52 bombers started flying over Shanland to destroy him and to kill him so that he wouldn't testify to the other Americans involved in the drug trade. I am staying in Bangkok, Thailand to locate POWs and if people are interested in more information about the interview with Khun Sa and Lt. Colonel James 'Bo' Gritz they know were to find me. The American embassy knows were to locate me. Lt. Colonel James 'Bo' Gritz knows were to locate me and I'm sure the people involved in the drug trade know where to locate me. Allright. One more thing. I did here about the Americans Shakley, Armitage and other Americans being named it sent a chill up my spine and down my back. It made me angry. It made me shocked. I couldn't believe it, but it was there: names, files of old papers that the Lao agents and the Shan people have on our Americans. Somebody has to do something. It will probably all be covered up. I don't know. It's not my business. I was only a witness and it will stay with me for the rest of my life about the people in our government dealing drugs. It's nice to know, isn't it? It's really nice to know... (Bo gives summary) In summary, the reason that American prisoners of war are not at home as we speak, if what Khun Sa, the Christic Institute, and H. Ross Perot are saying is true, is because Richard Armitage, the one man responsible for their recovery is a heroin smuggler and an arms dealer. He has misused his office in order to promote covert operations through the sale of heroin and trading in arms that bypasses the US Congress. When prisoners come home he will be investigated. His wrongdoings and misuse of office will be uncovered and exposed and he and the others will fall like a house of cards. As an American citizen it is our responsibility to wake up to the internal threat, the treachery that threatens literally the life of this nation. (Bo back at luncheon asks people to swear to do something) It's time that we just became Americans. Here is what I would ask you to do, because you can't just go back to sleep on this thing like we did on 007, the Korean airline. One is, I would ask that in your mind, if not physically here today be willing to raise you hand to the square (?) and swear again before God and witnesses your allegiance to this heavenly banner (points to flag) and to the constitution of the United States because it will die hermetically sealed in the National Archives if we don't breath some life back into it. It is hanging by a thread. The righteous people of this country, doesn't mean Democrat, Republican, right, left, conservative, liberal, the righteous people of this country need now to stand up and put a shoulder to it to keep it stable. I want you to commit to yourself that you're going to do something about it. Demand that an investigation be made. (Bo narrating here...) Demand a thorough and true investigation of Richard Armitage. Insist that The Christic Institute's charges go to trial and be heard by a jury of Americans. That those in our government that represent sewage, that clog the bureaucracy today might be cleaned out. That the American way might continue. That our children might grow up in liberty and freedom with same opportunities that we have had. (Gritz apparently is willing to run for Congress on the Republican ticket. Back to the luncheon) In the legislature you need to seek out, identify and draft people that have the guts to stand up, because if you get the legislature up there it can be through the people. It can be pulled back from the brink. I think thats our saving grace. I think that through the legislature we can do what no one else would have done to Nixon. We can wash him away, we can wash away, hopefully, it's going to be a hard fight, this cancer. I stand before you and give you an order. You have got to do something about this thing. We fought the enemy foreign. Can't we fight the enemy domestic? (much applause) (Ed: If you wish to order the video tape, you can write Bo Gritz at the address below. I'm not sure how current it is. I highly recommend that you do order it somehow. Reading about it is one thing, but it's another thing entirely to see Khun Sa and his men dictating the names of top US officials to video tape. Many documents that are on the video are not in my transcription here. They would be too numerous to transcribe) (Transcribers disclaimer: The views expressed in this document do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the transcriber. I am only the messenger. Don't shoot me. Many people know I typed this and if I were to disappear there would be some serious investigations because several of my family are good friends with powerful people in the Media. Doing me harm would only serve to substantiate the validity of Gritz's claims. Jeez, this sounds paranoid, but if it's true certain cautions are warranted.) Lt. Colonel James 'Bo' Gritz Box 472-HCR31 Sandy Valley, NV. 89019 ------------------------------------------------------------------- It's the man in the White House, the man under the steeple Passing out drugs to the American people I don't believe in anything, nothing is free They're feeding our people that Government Cheese the RainMakers ------------------------------------------------------------------ Jim Burnes: jburnes@crash.cts.com mabellnet: (314) 962-2399 ------------------------------------------------------------------


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