To: All Msg #94, 08:37pm Mar-29-91 Subject: Poem: Baghdad on My Mind [Cross posted from Pe

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From: Annie Lamb To: All Msg #94, 08:37pm Mar-29-91 Subject: Poem: Baghdad on My Mind [Cross posted from Peacenet:] Baghdad on My Mind The war came gaily wrapped One night my daughter telephoned. In flags and yellow ribbons. I heard my grandson It was a quick, surgical war. Laughing in the background. We saw no flaming children "He's taking a bath," she said, Screaming down the road. "He loves the water." Not this time. I pictured my daughter Only the headlines --- With her cordless phone Bombs dropping. Watching her baby Valiant pilots Splash the water. Doing their job. "I was at a meeting," she said. We did not see "About the war. The bombs that went astray. A man was taking notes. We did not see When it came my turn Mothers and children I told them I could not imagine Dying on TV A mother in Baghdad Or the fathers weeping. Trying to raise her child. It was a clean, surgical war And then," she said, A beautiful war "I cried." Of flashing lights Later she peeked streaking the nightly skies. At the man's notebook. Next to her name Here at home He'd written "Mom." The days were clear and sunny "What do you think?" she asked, And people talked "Was that a put-down?" About the drought. "No," I said. Lawns were turning brown. " 'Mom' is a good word. In Baghdad, the paper said, If all the moms People were drinking Went out on the street, Brown water. War would stop. In Baghdad, a surgeon said, If they told their kids, He had no water 'Don't go To wash his hands. Don't be a fool,' Here at home There'd never be The rain finally came Another war." Pattering on my rooftop As I lay in bed --- Ruth Shapin And Baghdad Crept into my thoughts. The bombs raining down Day after day Night after night. A psychological war, they said, Children unable to sleep Mothers unable to nurse.


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