April 14, 1992 PRESIDENT BUSH ON THE RIGHT TO LIFE +quot;Faith, family -- these are the va

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April 14, 1992 PRESIDENT BUSH ON THE RIGHT TO LIFE "Faith, family -- these are the values that sustain the greatest nation on Earth. And to these values we must add the infinitely precious value of life itself. Let me be clear: I support the right to life." President George Bush March 3, 1992 "I am encouraged by the progress which has taken place. Attempts by Congress to expand further funding for abortions have been defeated, and the Supreme Court has taken welcome steps toward reversing its Roe v. Wade decision." President George Bush January 22, 1992 Summary: President Bush Supports the Right to Life President Bush understands that the subject of abortion is a difficult, often painful one for most Americans. The President believes that every human life is a precious gift and each human being has intrinsic dignity and worth. While President Bush knows that sincere persons may disagree, his position is that the lives of both the mother and the child must be cherished and protected. President Bush has devoted much time and careful thought to this issue over the years, and has not reached this decision easily or lightly. He is opposed to abortion except when the life of the mother is threatened or when there has been rape or incest. The prevalence of abortion on demand in the United States stands in stark contrast to our Nation's most deeply held values and beliefs. In addition, President Bush opposes the use of Federal funds to pay for abortion except when the life of the mother is threatened. President Bush Opposes Use of Taxpayer Dollars to Fund Abortions The subject of abortion is a deeply emotional, and a very personal, issue for all Americans. For government, it involves a decision whether taxpayers should be required to pay for abortions, and if so, under what circumstances. Since 1981, under the Hyde Amendment and several other legislative restrictions, the Federal Government has refused to use taxpayer funds to pay for abortions, except when the life of the mother would be endangered. President Bush supports such restrictions on use of taxpayer funds, and has vetoed five attempts by Congress to liberalize federal abortion funding. Congress has not overridden any of the President's vetoes on this issue, which included the following bills: o HR 2990: Labor, HHS and Education Related Agencies Appropriations Act, FY 1990 (10/21/89) o HR 3026: District of Columbia Appropriations, 1990 (10/27/89) o HR 3610: District of Columbia Appropriations, 1990 (11/20/89) o HR 2669: District of Columbia Appropriations, 1992 (pocket veto effective midnight 8/17/91) o HR 2707: Labor, HHS, Education, and Related Agencies Appropriations, 1992 (11/19/91). Support for Family Planning and Reform of Title X Family Planning Programs Since his service in the House of Representatives, George Bush has strongly supported family planning programs to assist low-income persons. His Administration has restored the integrity of Title X by implementing regulations that will stop the use of federal family planning funds for abortion-related activities. These regulations, which the Supreme Court found constitutional, are now returning Title X to its original purpose: providing services to women who are not pregnant and referring for care those who are. At the same time, the President has acted to ensure that women in the Title X program receive complete medical information about her condition from physicians. He issued a Presidential Memorandum reaffirming that these reform regulations do not inhibit the confidentiality of doctor/patient relationships. The implementation guidance is consistent with that principle. Promoting Alternatives to Abortion George and Barbara Bush are the proud grandparents of adopted children. They energetically promote adoption, not just as an alternative to abortion, but as a way of ennobling the lives and enriching the futures of parents and children alike. The President has committed federal support to help states dismantle legal, financial, and attitudinal barriers to adoption. At his urging, federal agencies are assisting State and local governments to remove obstacles to adoption. To facilitate adoption of children with special needs, President Bush has proposed to restore the special needs tax deduction to help families meet the costs of these adoptions. The President has also proposed to double the deduction from its previous level, to $3,000. Research Using Fetal Tissue The National Institutes of Health properly funds research involving transplantation into humans of fetal tissue derived from spontaneous abortions, ectopic (tubal) pregnancies, and cell cultures. The President supports that research, which may contribute to medical breakthroughs against various diseases. But the price for medical progress cannot be moral regress. That's why the President opposes federal funding of transplantation research involving fetal tissue from deliberately-induced abortions. Such research could, either now or in the future, encourage abortions, and it raises serious moral questions. The "Freedom of Choice Act" Certain members of Congress have introduced legislation to establish in federal law a virtually unrestricted right to abortion on demand. This bill would severely limit the States' ability to impose meaningful restrictions on abortions, even those late in pregnancy and those sought for sex-selection. It would also outlaw 24- or 48-hour waiting periods. And, it would invalidate numerous state laws providing for parental notification or consent when a minor child seeks an abortion, even though the Supreme Court has upheld such laws five times. President Bush has strongly condemned this legislation. He has vowed to veto the bill if it ever passes the Congress.


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