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August 17, 1992 PRESIDENT BUSH'S FOREIGN POLICY ACCOMPLISHMENTS THE PRESIDENT'S ACCOMPLISHMENTS ABROAD WILL ENSURE A PEACEFUL, SECURE FUTURE. A VICTORIOUS END TO THE COLD WAR President Bush: Made the right calls in a series of tough decisions that helped transform the world -- without provoking a superpower crisis. Maintained strong policies that brought an end to imperial communism. Moved "beyond containment" with the Soviet Union to promote freedom and change as communism began to collapse. Orchestrated diplomacy that helped to achieve unification of Germany on Western terms -- rapid and peaceful, and within NATO. Accelerated liberation of Eastern Europe -- offering assistance to promote democracy and free markets; first leader to offer economic help to Poland. Led the world in support of Boris Yeltsin and Russian democracy during the recent attempted coup in the former Soviet Union. Supported the peaceful transformation of former Soviet republics into new democratic nations. ENDING THE THREAT OF NUCLEAR WAR President Bush: Signed the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) -- the first treaty to actually reduce strategic nuclear weapons; cut Soviet warheads in half. Won dramatic post START agreement with Yeltsin that will cut warheads by an additional one-third, and eliminate most threatening Russian weapons. Preserved SDI; won Russian agreement to work jointly on a concept to protect against rogue missile attacks. Achieved agreement with successor nations to the Soviet Union to fulfill Soviet nuclear and conventional forces treaty commitments. Pushed expansion, extension and strict enforcement of non- proliferation treaty including new inspections. Spearheaded a coalition that brought China and North Korea under Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. CUTTING CONVENTIONAL, CHEMICAL, AND BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS President Bush: Won Conventional Forces in Europe Agreement which slashed Soviet forces and ended the threat of a surprise attack on Western Europe. Won agreement to destroy 90% of US and Soviet chemical weapons stockpiles within 10 years. Strengthened U.S. export controls on chemical and biological weapons. VICTORY IN THE PERSIAN GULF President Bush: Achieved a quick, decisive victory over Iraqi aggression. Forged an unprecedented coalition to oppose Saddam Hussein; secured U.N. backing for U.S.-led coalition actions. Achieved objectives: Kuwait freed, Mideast stabilized, world oil supplies secured, Iraq's ability to threaten it's neighbors sharply reduced. Is ensuring that Saddam's nuclear and chemical capability is destroyed. Demonstrated American strength, and resolve; showed that aggression would not stand. FIGHTING INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM President Bush: Won release of American hostages in Lebanon. Secured unprecedented U.N. sanctions against Qaddafi to release Pan Am 103 bombers and allow the U.S. bring them to justice. Isolated nations supporting terrorists. INCREASED CHANCES FOR PEACE BETWEEN ISRAEL AND ITS NEIGHBORS President Bush: Orchestrated diplomacy that has led to the first face-to- face talks in Israel's forty-four year history between Israel and all of her Arab neighbors. Is committed to regional stability and the security of Israel, including providing nearly $4 billion in aid per year; and supporting $10 billion in loan guarantees to help settle recent immigrants to Israel. Enhanced security relationships, including first commitment of U.S. troops to Israel's defense during Persian Gulf War. Secured repeal of U.N. resolution equating Zionism with racism. Was instrumental in assisting massive Jewish emigration form the Soviet Union and Ethiopia. TAKING ON THE DRUG LORDS President Bush: Convened the first-ever hemispheric drug summits in Columbia and the U.S. to better coordinate crop destruction and interdiction. Significantly increased assistance for drug crop destruction of South America, and extradition of cocaine criminals to the U.S. Is adding 300 new Border Patrol agents and secured the cooperation of the U.S. military in drug interdiction. BRINGING DEMOCRACY TO LATIN AMERICA President Bush: Brought Noriega to justice; restored democracy to Panama. Helped secure free elections to overturn Sandinista rule in Nicaragua. Helped bring a successful end to civil war in El Salvador. Built the North American Free Trade Agreement and conceived the Enterprise for Americas Initiative -- a hemispheric free trade zone to secure a better economic future for all of North America. LEADERSHIP IN WORLD PEACEKEEPING AND HUMANITARIAN EFFORTS President Bush: Opposed aggression in Yugoslavia, and backed efforts to stop fighting and end blockade of Sarajevo. Supported U.N. efforts to end fighting in Cambodia, Angola, Namibia, Afghanistan, El Salvador, and Western Sahara. Pushed for democratic change in South Africa and an end to apartheid. Saved tens of thousands of Kurdish lives through prompt relief and military protection. Revitalized United Nations through strong U.S. leadership during a series of foreign crises.


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