March 13, 1992 PRESIDENT BUSH ON GUN CONTROL +quot;Our sworn duty to 'ensure domestic Tran

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March 13, 1992 PRESIDENT BUSH ON GUN CONTROL "Our sworn duty to 'ensure domestic Tranquility' is as old as the Republic, placed in the Constitution's preamble even before the common defense and the general welfare. When we ask what kind of society the American people deserve, our goal must be a Nation in which law-abiding citizens are safe and feel safe." President George Bush May 15, 1989 "I have long felt that the answer is to go after the criminal and not, in the process, do violence to the rights of the legitimate gun owners." September 18, 1989 "I am firmly committed to keeping guns out of criminals' hands and keeping criminals off the street. Much more important, however, are my proposals to establish increased Federal penalties for the criminal misuse of firearms. Ultimately, the only 'gun control' that will really work is crime control. January 17, 1992 Criminal Use of Firearms The proper response to armed criminals is to deter and punish criminal behavior, not to interfere with the traditional rights of law-abiding citizens, including the legitimate pursuit of shooting sports such as hunting. The Bush Administration has taken a number of steps specifically directed at the criminal misuse of firearms: o Proposed legislation to double the mandatory penalty from 5 years to 10 years for the use of a semiautomatic firearm during the commission of a violent crime or drug felony. o Proposed legislation creating a mandatory 5 year prison sentence for illegal firearms possession by felons with previous convictions for a violent felony or serious drug offense. o Proposed legislation authorizing pre-trial preventive detention of defendants in cases involving serious Federal firearms offenses. o Proposed legislation establishing mandatory minimum sentences for theft of firearms. Unsuitable Weapons The Bush Administration has also taken action to address the problems associated with "assault weapons" which are illegal for hunting and unnecessary for legitimate self-defense, but which are used by criminals to "spray" an area with gunfire. These types of guns are frequently associated with drug and gang warfare. In particular, in consultation both with gun manufacturers and concerned citizen groups, the Bush Administration has: o Proposed legislation to prohibit the importation, manufacturing, transfer, or sale of high-capacity gun magazines (over 15 rounds) for use by private citizens. o Suspended, as authorized by existing law, the importation for sale on the civilian market of several types of military-style weapons.


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