August 6, 1992 PRESIDENT BUSH ON HEAD START +quot;Many children need a Head Start, and we'

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August 6, 1992 PRESIDENT BUSH ON HEAD START "Many children need a Head Start, and we're going to make sure they get it...[I]n Head Start we found a government program that strengthen families and communities for the future." -- President George Bush January 21, 1992 Summary: Head Start -- A Program That Works. o Head Start now provides 622,200 pre-school children from low- income families with a comprehensive child development program. Stressing parental involvement, Head Start helps to meet families' educational, health, nutritional, and social needs. o President Bush believes deeply in the values of parental involvement and volunteerism which Head Start promotes. The program also reflects his stated goal that, by the year 2000, all American children will begin school ready to learn. o Children enrolled in Head Start receive immunizations, medical and dental care, speech and hearing screening, and social services. Every program provides at least one meal per session for enrolled children. A typical program lasts nine months, with children benefiting from three to four hours of services each day. It can take place in their homes, at a central location, or in a combination of sites. o President Bush has more than doubled Head Start funding. His Administration has proposed the largest single year funding increase in Head Start's history -- $600 million -- in his FY 1993 budget. The President also has worked to assure that the parents of every interested eligible and disadvantaged child have the opportunity to enroll their child in Head Start for one year before starting school. President Bush's Initiatives o The Bush Administration has improved Head Start in numerous ways during his first term. -- Increased Funding -- When President Bush took office, funding appropriated for Head Start was $1.235 billion. The President proposed increased funding each year, with the FY 1992 funding totalling $2.2 billion. If Congress approves his request for next year, funding will increase another 27%, to $2.8 billion, a 127% increase since the President took office. -- Increased Participation -- When President Bush took office, 448,000 children were enrolled in Head Start. His funding proposal for next year would enable the program to serve 157,000 more children than this year, for a total of 779,200 children -- a record expansion of 74% under President Bush. Over 800,000 Americans also lent their time last year as Head Start volunteers, and the President encourages more to do so. o Increased Effectiveness -- In addition to funding increases, the President supports initiatives to make Head Start a better program. These initiatives include: -- Drug Prevention -- The President's proposed FY 1993 budget includes $30.6 million, $9 million more than this year, to help Head Start families who face or are at risk of facing problems stemming from alcohol or drug abuse. -- Evaluation -- The budget includes $12 million to monitor the effectiveness of Head Start. -- Parental Involvement and Support -- The Administration will continue to support and expand Head Start's new Family Service Centers, which provide parents with literacy, job training, and substance abuse prevention services. -- Easing the Transition -- To assure that Head Start presents long-term benefits, the Bush Administration is working to strengthen links between Head Start programs and the schools Head Start children will enter. President Bush has awarded $20 million to 32 communities to develop collaboration strategies between Head Start and local schools. The Department of Education is working closely with Head Start to ensure that the elementary school system builds on the accomplishments of Head Start.


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