Afraid of an Arsenal by Matt Giwer (c) 1994 +lt;7/3+gt; This is a bit ahead of schedule. I

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Afraid of an Arsenal by Matt Giwer (c) 1994 <7/3> This is a bit ahead of schedule. I find it more fun to respond to things before they happen rather than after they happen. It is good to find my chosen opposition to be so predictably stupid. The subject is arsenals and the laws that will be proposed to regulate arsenals. It is clear to any rational person that a person may own a million guns but that he can only use one gun at a time. Any rational person will conclude that a dangerous person will buy one gun and lots of ammunition for it rather than a second gun. Unfortunately the legislative process is not rational. There will soon be a proposed regulation to no constructive purpose regarding the number of guns a person can own. And this will NEVER, EVER address in the public debate by the talking heads on word as to the absolutely insane concept that a person can use more than one gun at a time. The above is guaranteed. I have gazed into my crystal monitor and I have seen it. Praise me, I am a prophet. But if you insist I be honest I will have to admit I have read it in the plans for Brady II. I hate to be honest it ruins my reputation. We know this irrational garbage is going to be proposed as law and that its irrationality will never be debated in public. We know that more than ten guns (obviously if you have more guns than fingers you are dangerous) is a public menace and must be regulated or stamped out. The magic number is ten. Only an idiot can not count higher than his fingers. So let us presume this law passes and given the current climate it will pass. Conspiracy to possess more than ten weapons will be illegal and the BATF in its infinite wisdom will become the arbiters of your intentions. It is clearly established in law that the BATF can attack upon suspicion that you are planning to convert semi to full automatic, to add pistol grips to rifles or that you are capable of threading a barrel. There is no question you can be attacked on suspicion you plan to have more than ten weapons. I have said "Wake up, America" far too often and that is not my intention. The people reading what I write know that already. I am only pointing out what is going to happen. Of course I can not predict the future. But I have this uncanny knack of getting the future right more often than not. I do not ask you to believe me. I only ask you to remember and judge for yourself. If you ask for confirmation in the future I will do my best to keep copies of what I have written that will survive disk crashes so that I can repost upon request. Now that that is clear lets take the next step. Only non-criminals will be required to have a license to own a handgun. This takes no crystal CRT to predict but it will happen. The "useful dupe" from the NRA will be cited as the justification for the government to define the protected hunting weapons and to ban all others. In the Feinstein Amendment we clearly have the government pretending to the ability to define legal guns that are exempted. It is a simple step to say those are the only permitted. In one swell foop we have lost all handguns and most rifles. That or some minor variation of it will happen. After all, no one needs a semiauto for hunting, do they? Don't tell me about it, tell your Congressrat. Congress may have the noblest of intentions. The BATF has the most murderous of intentions. Do not forget, Congress can not control the BATF. The Executive Branch has admitted it can not control the BATF. The uncontrollable BATF will be coming after you. This is not a prediction. This is a fact. * * * * * Further distribution is encouraged by the author. 1425 San Mateo Dr., Dunedin, Fl. 34698, 813-733-547


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