THE AMERICAN DREAM It's been awhile but can you remember what the American dream has alway

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THE AMERICAN DREAM It's been awhile but can you remember what the American dream has always been? For a man and wife to own their own home, with or without the proverbial white picket fence, and to own a car. The man is the only one who has to work, while the wife takes care of the home and children. Another part of the dream was to be capable of making enough money so some could be saved for the future. To be able to take a summer vacation away from home was high on the list also. Remember? It wasn't too long ago . . . but what has happened to that dream? The biggest fault has to lie with us, yes, you and me. We did not watch what the government has been doing through the years since that dream was a part of our future. If you were like I was, we all assumed that we had honest and honorable men in our government. Time to wake up and smell the coffee! Being with the government is now a license to steal. They have become so skillful at stealing, they now pass laws making it legal. (For themselves, of course. Pay raises are a good example.) Power and might have now become a right for the feds. They have the power and might on their side and whatever they decide to do they feel is their right. We hear flowery statements by the Attorney General about the 'rule of law being the glue which holds a society together . . . we cannot tolerate lawlessness . . . criminals will be apprehended and punished' and so forth. It's all window dressing . . . eyewash . . . gobbledygook . . . a stage play to make you believe government is doing everything legal and for our benefit. Now let's take a look at some things in which our government is involved which are designed to further lower our standard of living. We mentioned some of the illegal 'independent government agencies' in a chapter titled Regulations. One in particular is doing a number on our way of life . . . purposefully! It's called the Overseas Private Investment Corporation. (One of these damnable government corporations for which there is no constitutional authority.) It's independent yet under the control of the Agency for International Development. They are both technically under the State Department but in reality, they are under the direct control of little George Bush. You remember little George . . . he's the mouthpiece for the big movers and shakers behind the scenes who are actually running the show. (I don't believe this guy ever had an original thought in his entire life.) What I am about to relate comes from a newspaper article written by two investigative reporters from the Philadelphia Inquirer. The article is called, 'America, What Went Wrong?'. It has been reproduced and is available from the For The People Bookstore in White Springs, Florida. This article should be required reading for every American . . .  You will get an eyeful of the behind-the-scenes practices of our government. If these articles don't make you angry and make you want to do something . . . well . . The bookstore has an 800 telephone number for your convenience. It's 1-800-888-9999. They also host (Chuck Harder) a national talk show. This is rebroadcast in many cities across the US and can also be heard on shortwave radio. Chuck Harder's knowledge will knock your socks off! You can also write to the bookstore at: For The People Bookstore The Telford Hotel Three River Street White Springs, FLA 32096 Now, back to our crooked government . . . this Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) is "a self-sustaining US Government agency whose purpose is to promote economic growth in developing countries by encouraging private investment in these nations." Sounds great, doesn't it? To carry out this mission, Congress mandated that what- ever operation OPIC undertakes, it should not injure the US economy by its actions. Yea, sure! Their intent is to completely destroy our industrial base and to hell with what congress says. And they are doing a number on us . . . OPIC is doing its best to move US industry out of the country and using our tax money to accomplish it. Look around and see how much of the garment industry is still in production. There are idle plants all around the country. Now reports are surfacing on TV that China is shipping in clothing exceeding their allotted quota. It's simple . . they ship the garment items to another country like Nicaragua where the shipments are labelled 'Made in Nicaragua'. Since they have no quota, this Chinese stuff flows in like water. The government is well aware of this yet little George still gives China special trading privileges. Favorite trading status, I think they call it. What nonsense . . . we have thousands of garment workers out of work and yoyo gives them special status and ignores the fact they are doing whatever they want to get clothing into the US. Did he become beholden to the Chinese when he was US Liaison Officer to China in 1974-75? Something really smells with this. The world was horrified at the murder of young Chinese students at Tiananmen Square by the Chinese Army. Pictures of one man preventing the passage of a tank column were seen around the world. Americans are outraged. And rightly so. Any criticism of the Chinese government from Washington draws angry replies from Biejing. Then a high level delegation from DC, led by National Security Advisor Scowcroft, appears on TV begging the Communist butchers to again deal with Washington and US businessmen. Finally the White House admits Scowcroft has been secretly in China months earlier. Why should we allow the murder of 3000 or more young students stand in the way of fruitful negotiations with a bunch of maniacs? Little George doesn't worry too much about the massacre as long as  the 'body count' isn't too high. 3000 out of a couple hundred million people is not bad as long as you're not one of them. After all, money is money. Another industry which has been clobbered . . . the citrus industry. Our tax dollars has been used to subsidize the industry in central America. What are these people at OPIC doing? Using our money to destabilize our economy. With friends like this, who needs enemies? Yet one of the mandates from Congress was that any economy in a developing country which is helped should not cause our economy or industrial base to suffer. So much for congressional oversight. If an individual calls an outfit called the Small Business Administration (SBA) for help, it's basically a joke. The red tape, paper work and stumbling blocks makes receiving financial help nearly impossible. It used to be if you were a female of a so called minority group, help was as near as your telephone. Not so anymore. It appears that the only ones being helped by the SBA are the employees of the agency. If you own a business and want to move it out of the country, call OPIC and they will send a limousine for you. They advertise in investment magazines looking for business owners and managers who are interested in finding workers for only 57 cents an hour. (Yet Congress can order an American business to pay a certain minimum wage?) That is not the only prospect for higher profit they will receive, tax breaks are all over the scene. Let's take a look at another industry which has been ravished . . . the pharmaceutical industry. Many of the large companies have moved entire plants to Puerto Rico. Now let's see how tax breaks work . . . Congress has passed a special tax break package for industries who move to Puerto Rico. Actually, it's a huge tax shelter for large corpora- tions who eliminate jobs in America and set up shop in our possessions. It's called a possession tax credit. According to Treasury Department data, (from the articles America- What Went Wrong) companies claiming the possession tax credit escaped payment of $14 billion in income taxes during the 1980s. Hey, guess who makes that up? See why they es- tablished the IRS to hound you and to steal your homes and property? Look at this from another angle . . . which is also a major problem. Thousands and thousands of jobs for American citizens have been eliminated when these corporations move their operations out of the country. People who worked for these outfits 20 and 30 years are suddenly unemployed. How do you cope with that? How do you manage to pay for your home and living expenses? What happens if a serious illness occurs? For many, the retirement plans and funds which were supposedly set up are now nonexistent . . . bad management or worse and these people are left high and dry. What a crock! Most of these problems can be traced back to the illegal and  behind the scene operation of government corporations, agencies, commissions and so forth. There is NO constitu- tional permission for any of this garbage. There is nothing to prevent a corporation from moving out of the country but there damn sure is a prohibition against using our tax dollars to finance and guarantee the move. This is our country . . . this is our government and they are really doing a number on us! Sad part is, so many powers have been seized which were not granted to the federales and we have not been taught the true meaning and basis for our government. Most people assume what is going on is legal. Hey, if congress passes a law, it must be OK . . . they must know what they are doing. Yea, they know what they are doing . . . it's called being screwed by our government! Generally, after reading what is actually going on, you might feel more safe and secure when congress is not in session. That would be true if the executive branch of our government wasn't able to make law through regulations by simply publishing them in the Federal Register. What's going on and what they are doing to us is nearly unbelievable. Let's read the Tenth Amendment again . . . THE POWERS NOT DELEGATED TO THE UNITED STATES BY THE CONSTITUTION, NOR PROHIBITED BY IT TO THE STATES, ARE RESERVED TO THE STATES RESPECTIVELY, OR TO THE PEOPLE. Plain language, isn't it? Why can't little George or those yoyo's in Congress understand it? Ignorance of the law is no excuse but that's only for our benefit, not theirs! Washington has gone so far beyond the basic grant for the government that now they feel they can tell us what the law is . . . yet this is our government, not theirs. Unless we get after them and force all of them to obey our basic charter, the future is very bleak. All this nonsense is not going to get better, it's going to get worse. The old saying is that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It doesn't take an intellectual giant to see how true that is today. One more thought to ponder . . . millions of people are out of work and many due to government actions. The Feds have extended unemployment payments for 26 more weeks which takes them past elections. What might happen when all those benefits run out and none of the unemployed can find jobs because there are NO jobs? THE TRAITOR IS ALREADY WITHIN THE GATES! SUPPORT THE SHAREWARE CONCEPT . . . . PLEASE REGISTER! 


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