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Found at: Includes supporting documentation and testimony. Witness is a conservative Republican Party activist and fundraiser. He became a supporter of the CIA's anti-communist army -- the Fuerza Democratica Nicaraguense or FDN -- the early 1980s, while teaching international finance at California State University at Hayward, when he discovered the Contras were smuggling cocaine.. OFFICE OF INDEPENDENT COUNSEL SUITE 701 555 THIRTEENTH STREET, N.W. WASHINGTON, D.C. 20004 (202) 383-8940 RECORD OF INTERVIEW Date of Transcription 3/16/87 Date of Interview 3/5/87 at Berkley, CA. File#IC600-1 SubF-18 By SA [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] Date Dictated 3/11/87 Classified by Multiple Sources Declassify on: OADR [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] , was interviewed at his residence at 901 Mendocino, telephone number (415) 524-9242. He stated he does not have a separate business number and that most of his employment activities are in the field of investment real estate and are conducted out of his residence. (U) After being advised of the official identities of the interviewing Agents and the purpose of the interview, [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] provided the following information: By way of further background on himself, [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] advised that he use to work on Wall Street in New York and, up until a year ago, taught an international finance course at Hayward State in California. He was born on January 16, 1945 in Jersey City, New Jersey and grew up in a family that was active and interested in international politics during his youth. As a result of that, he was active in some political campaigns. Because of his family's involvement in politics, he developed a natural concern with the political situation in Nicaragua, especially when the Sandanistas took over that country. (U) In February, 1984, the San Francisco Chronicle contained an announcement that there would be a panel discussion at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel concerning Central America. He attended the seminar discussion at the Sir Francis and there met some of the Contra leaders. ADOLFO CALERO was one of those leaders there, but [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] did not meet him art hat time. JULIO BONILLA also attended. BONILLA was one of the original FDN leaders before CALERO came to prominence and also was one of the original FDN coordinators in the Bay Area in California. As a result of meeting BONILLA at the seminar, [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] and BONILLA became close friends and remained so to this date. With respect to the proceedings at the Sir Francis Drake seminar, [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] stated that there was general discussion on Central American problems. (U) [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] recalled that TOM DOWLING had called [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] prior to the seminar at the Sir Francis Drake and had informed him that the seminar was going to take place. Since they were close friends at that time, they decided to attend the seminar together. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] reported that he first met DOWLING in either 1976 or 1977 through a mutual friend, DAN O'NEIL. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] stated that he thought DOWLING currently resides at 1947 Grove Street on the top floor of that dwelling near the University of San Francisco. DOWLING's mother owns that dwelling. By way of background on DOWLING, [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] stated that DOWLING attended a Catholic Seminary with the idea of becoming an ordained priest. However, for some reason, the Catholic Church would not ordain DOWLING. Later on DOWLING became associated with a splinter group of the Catholic Church and became an "Old Catholic Priest" as a result of that association. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] further explained that the splinter group had begun perhaps 200 years ago in Utrecht, Holland. One DWAYNE HOUSER of La Habra, Califorinia, incorporated the Celtic Catholic Church and became a bishop of the Utrecht splinter group. It was through HOUSER's organization that DOWLING became "ordained" in a splinter group. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] stated that he considered the HOUSER organization to be a tax scam. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] further stated that he is no longer a friend of DOWLING's and that he believes that DOWLING is a con man. According to [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] DOWLING has resided from time to time in the home of NEIL BARRINGTON on Mason Street at Knob Hill in San Francisco. (U) About three weeks after the seminar at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel, BONILLA called [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] and advised [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] that some individuals associated with the FDN in the San Francisco area were to have a meeting at the residence of DON SINICCO. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] stated that SINICCO's father-in-law was once Ambassador from Nicaragua and was one of the original signatories from that country to the original United Nations Charter. Prior to that time, [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] had suggested to BONILLA that [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] could introduce some of his business friends to Contra leaders in order that the story on the Contra situation could be explained to influential people. BONILLA and SINICCO arranged for ADOLFO CALERO to be at the meeting. Initially, a cocktail party was held at St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco which was attended by about sixty people, including TOM DOWLING. The expenses for that party were paid for by [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT], BONILLA, and SINICCO, although CALERO paid for his own travel expenses there. The cocktail party went very smoothly during which CALERO spoke for about a half-hour and then answered questions put to him by various attendees. Right after the cocktail party, SINICCO arranged for a dinner at an Italian restaurant which was attended by the twenty most influential business people [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] knew. This was also artended by CALERO, BONILLA and his wife, SINICCO and his wife, and [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT]. An individual by the name of NORWIN MENESES also attended. He was unknown to [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT]at that time. MENESES paid for the entire dinner, and [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] did not attach any significance to that at the time. CALERO was very impressed by both the dinner and the people who attended. At the dinner [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] announced that there would be a cocktail party two days later at the residence of SINICCO for CALERO. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] later found out that MENESES had a private meeting with CALERO the evening of that cocktail party. (U) In September, 1984, ADOLFO CALERO returned to San Francisco and spoke to about 200 people at the Rotary Club which was arranged by [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT]. At that gathering , CALERO asked [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] if [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] wanted to come to Honduras to see what was happening first hand. CALERO informed [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] that CALERO would pay for his expenses to Honduras. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] was unable to go. TOM DOWLING was also in attendance at that meeting and began to show a lot of interest in CALERO. From that time on, DOWLING began to work hard at ingratiating himself to CALERO. (U) In January, 1981, DAN O 'NEIL and DOWLING operated a travel agency known as British and Irish Travel, which is now out of business. O'NEIL and DOWLING wanted to go to England to arrange for people to travel to the United States on tours through their travel and asked [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] to accompany them. During the trip, [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] got to know DOWLING well and found him to be a very ingratiating person. During that same trip, [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] suggested to DOWLING that DOWLING look for some other employment because [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] knew that [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] and that his business was in trouble. Following that, DOWLING got a part-time job with the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce but left that position after a year and apparently didn't have any income at that point. (U) In 1984, NEIL BARRINGTON, who is currently Executive Director of an organization called Latin American Strategy Studies, and TOM DOWLING decided to [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] with BARRINGTON and DOWLING. However, [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] later faded from involvement. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] reported that [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] is a homosexual and tried to make a pass at [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] on one occasion. (U) In January, 1985, TOM DOWLING went with ADOLFO CALERO to Honduras for two weeks to meet with the Contra troops. Following that trip, both CALERO and DOWLING returned to Washington,. D.C. At that point in their relationship, CALERO saw DOWLING as a perfect front man and lobbyist for him in Washington, D.C. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] noted that DOWLING gives people the impression that he is a Catholic priest but never actually says that he is. During that same time frame, DOWLING bought a priest's black suit and also became associated with the "Moonies." (U) In February, 1985, or March, 1985, CAUSA, a religious front group for the Moonies, sponsored a large conference at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in San Francisco which was attended by three or four hundred people. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] pointed out that the Moonies have been involved in many activities under the guise of religion but, in fact, they have all been political in nature. According to [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT], both CAUSA and an organization by the name of World Anti-Communist League have been supportive of CALERO. In addition, CALERO advised [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] that retired GENERAL JOHN SINGLAUB had been a chief fundraiser for CALERO in the United States. (U) [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] attended the conference at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco. The conference was booked as one where there would be a panel discussion on Nicaragua. Many quasi religious people such as DOWLING were in attendance at the conference. There was a great deal of written propaganda available which was religious/political in nature. (U) Further concerning CAUSA, [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] informed that an individual by the name of REVEREND (first name unknown) HICKEY is a leader of that organization in California and resides in Pasadena, California. DOWLING introduced [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] to HICKEY at the Moonie conference run by CAUSA. During that conference DOWLING informed [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] hat he anticipated making a great deal of money as a speaker for CAUSA throughout the world. Prior to that time, DOWLING had supported the Irish Republican Army and various Palestinian groups and was a liberal leftist. At the time of the Moonie conference in San Francisco, [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] began distancing himself from DOWLING as he could see that DOWLING was only interested in making money through CAUSA and the other organizations to which he had attached himself. (U) In April, 1985, DOWLING returned to the Washington, D.C. area for about two weeks. At about the same time, [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] was in the hospital with a bad back. Just before DOWLING left for Washington, D.C., he came to visit [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] in the hospital to advise him of his impending trip to Washington. As a result of the situation [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] attempted to get permission from DOWLING to use DOWLING's apartment while DOWLING was in Washington. DOWLING refused to allow [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] to use the apartment [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] (U) In June, 1985 [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] arranged for ADOLFO CALERO to come to San Francisco and Sacramento to meet many influential political leaders and business people. However, prior to those meetings taking place, [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] received a call from a SHAWN STEELE in April, 1985. STEELE informed that he was an attorney in Los Angeles and that a friend of his was on the White House staff. According to [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT], this same friend of STEELE's wanted STEELE to see ADOLFO CALERO and make an analysis of CALERO's operations. STEELE did make a trip to Honduras where he saw ADOLFO CALERO and, during that trip, CALERO gave STEELE [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT]'s name and telephone number. CALERO also reportedly advised STEELE that [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] was a good man and that CALERO was impressed with him. During STEELE's conversation with [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] he arranged to attend the meetings for ADOLFO CALERO in San Francisco and Sacramento during June, 1985. (U) During the period of April, 1985 through June, 1985, TOM DOWLING was conducting lobbying activities for ADOLFO CALERO in Washington, D.C. with members of Congress in which he was telling everyone that he was in charge of the meetings that were to be held in San Francisco and Sacramento in June, 1985. DOWLING indicated that he was the one with all of the contacts in San Francisco. (U) Sometime in the spring of 1985, TOM DOWLING became ADOLFO CALERO's secretary for which he was paid $2,500 a month. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] obtained this information through DOWLING's former girlfriend, MONICA MARCIANO. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT]. (U) Around May, 1985, or June, 1985, DOWLING called [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] a couple of times to inform him that DOWLING was going to Dallas, Denver, and Salt Lake to arrange fund raisers for CALERO and he wanted to see [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] before he went. This occurred just before CALERO was scheduled to come to San Francisco for the meetings that [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] had arranged for him. In his calls to [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT], DOWLING stated that he wanted to meet [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] in San Francisco and that it was important that they meet. During the meeting between [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] and DOWLING, DOWLING informed [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] that he ( DOWLING ) was very important to the Contras and LINDA GUELL and that he was going to be in charge of setting up an institute to obtain funds for the cause. During that same meeting, DOWLING told [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] that he was going to work with MARIO CALERO, ADOLFO CALERO's brother, and LINDA GUELL [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] to go into Central America. DOWLING also told [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] that he would be traveling to Europe with GUELL to meet with right wing groups to raise money specifically in England for the Contras. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] did not know how much of the information from DOWLING was just bragging on the part of DOWLING. DOWLING invited [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] to accompany him on his travels but [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] declined. (U) [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] announced that he first met PHILIP MABRY at a CAUSA meeting. During that meeting [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] was told by MABRY that MABRY had been interviewed by Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. At that time exchanged telephone numbers. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] characterized MABRY as a "little man who wants the limelight"and as one who knows some of what is happening in the Iran/Contra investigation. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] admitted that he did not know exactly what MABRY does know concerning that investigation. (U) In June, 1985, ADOLFO CALERO went to a meeting in JAMBO or JAMBA, Angola to attend a meeting with AFGHANI rebels. LOU LERMAN, who had run for and lost the governorship in New York, arranged that meeting. LERMAN also ran REAGAN's former political action committee (PAC), Citizens for America. According to [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] also arranged for the African chieftan to come to the Dallas, Texas area in association with LINDA GUELL and others there. From JAMBA, CALERO flew directly to San Francisco for the previously mentioned meetings arranged by [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT]. During that time, CALERO stayed at [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT]'s residence for three days and it was then that [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] came to the conclusion that ADOLFO CALERO was a pathological liar. (U) During the June, 1985 meetings, CALERO spoke to the Commonwealth Club the first week in June, 1985 at the Hilton in San Francisco. There were about 250 people in attendance. Prior to the commencement of CALERO's presentation, CALERO introduced ROB OWEN to [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT]. CALERO also stated that he had to talk to ROB OWEN for a half-hour after the Hilton meeting before they traveled to the next meeting in Sacramento. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] recalled that TOM DOWLING wanted to get involved in the meeting at the Hilton and to actually run things. It was [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT]'s feeling that DOWLING was trying to interject himself only because of the possible money he could make. However,[INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] did not allow DOWLING to get involved. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] thought that the meeting at the Hilton took place on or about June 3, 1985. After the meeting a number of individuals got into [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT]'s car. They included: [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT], ADOLFO CALERO, ROB OWEN, JULIO BONILLA, and ANN KOENIG, [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT]'s girlfriend. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] was driven with BONILLA and KOENIG in the front seat with him. Apparently BONILLA and KOENIG were not listening to what CALERO and OWEN were saying in the back seat but [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] was. OWEN had his briefcase open on his lap and in it he had a "laundry list of weapons." CALERO asked that they stop the car and he proceded to make a long distance call with a credit card for about twenty minutes. From the gist of the CALERO/OWEN conversation in the back seat of [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT]'s car, it sounded like they were going to make an arms purchase. After CALERO finished with his phone call, they dropped OWEN at a bus stop to catch one to the airport. After that, they drove back to Berkley to leave ANN KOENIG at her residence. When they did that, [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] got out of the car to stretch and saw a hand grenade in the back seat of his car. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] handed the grenade to CALERO and asked him what he was do with it. CALERO grabbed it and said that it was a lighter. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] felt that the grenade dropped from OWEN's briefcase. After that, [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] tried to put the incidence from his mind. (U) Following the San Francisco meeting at the Hilton, ADOLFO CALERO, JULIO BONILLA, and [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] drove to Sacramento for the meeting that had been arranged there. Prior to that, [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] had invited BONILLA to attend. During the drive to Sacramento, CALERO mentioned that he and the Contras would be in Managua, Nicaragua within a year because the Contras had apparently won some key battles within the past month. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] asked CALERO what CALERO would do with the country after he took over concerning its economy. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] told CALERO that it was important to develop a plan then to be ready when CALERO took over running the country. CALERO asked [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] how this could be accomplished and [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] responded by saying that he could get some of his business friends together and that they could generate such a plan for CALERO. CALERO was very enthusiastic about the idea. (U) The morning after arriving in Sacramento, CALERO met with many political leaders and had an interview with the Sacramento Union Newspaper. During one of the luncheons held, SHAWN STEELE attended. STEELE again referred to his White House contact but was very nebulous as to the identity of that person. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] stated that he did not know who that person was. STEELE also said during that time in Sacramento that he was going to work for CALERO in Los Angeles. (U) [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] returned to the San Francisco area on a Thursday following the meetings in Sacramento. At that time, TOM DOWLING told [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] that he had to go to NEIL BARRINGTON's for a one-hour meeting with ADOLFO CALERO that was very important. The meeting at BARRINGTON's was a cocktail party for CALERO in which the use of computers to formulate information for CALERO was discussed. CALERO stated that he got a grant from Western Goals or somewhere to run this program. According to [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT], a bunch of young, blonde computer programmers were at the cocktail party and BARRINGTON was introducing all of them to [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT]. All of these programmers were homosexuals according to [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT]. After about an hour or so at the cocktail party, [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] went home and DON SINICCO, who also attended, took CALERO home. (U) The day following the cocktail party at BARRINGTON's, a press conference and luncheon were held for CALERO which went very well. When that concluded, [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] took CALERO to SINICCO's house. While they were there, ROB OWEN called and stated that he had to speak to CALERO. Later, while [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] and CALERO were driving to the location for a dinner in CALERO's honor, CALERO told [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] that he now had the weapons. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] stated that he tied CALERO's statement on the weapons to the call that CALERO received from OWEN and to the previous incident involving the hand grenade in [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] 's car. (U) On the Friday night of the week following their return from the Sacramento meetings, [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] attended a dinner where TOM DOWLING leaned over to [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] and said, "we have to get rid of Pastora." [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] dismissed it at the time although DOWLING repeated it often during the course of the evening. However, [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] learned sometime later that there was an assassination attempt on Pastora. (U) After CALERO indicated an interest in the proposition by [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] to have an economic plan for Nicaragua put together by [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT]'s business associates, [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] met with a business friend and asked that friend if they could formulate a plan. The friend informed [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] that it could be done but that it would cost one million dollars. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] then told CALERO what he learned from his friend concerning the feasability of the plan and its costs. CALERO was very impressed by the whole thing. Following that exchange between CALERO and [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT], CALERO had his man in Washington, D.C., BOSCO MATAMORAS, call a friend of [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] , RICHARD ALLEN, who had done some fund raising in the past. ALLEN is employed by the Commerce Department with the State of California. MATAMORAS instructed ALLEN to give the one million, if raised, in cash to CALERO in a suitcase or to TOM DOWLING. When that happened, ALLEN called [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] in great surprise and asked [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] what was happening. During that same phone conversation with [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT], ALLEN stated that he did not want anything to do with DOWLING because he knew of DOWLING's background. Pursuant to the call by MATAMORAS to ALLEN, [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] attempted to reach CALERO thereafter on various occasions but was never successful. During [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT]'s conversation with ALLEN, [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] told ALLEN that ALLEN should back off from the whole matter. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] then called PHILIP MABRY because MABRY had been involved in various matters concerning the Contras. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] asked MABRY if he had ever heard that DOWLING [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] told MABRY that he felt that DOWLING was crazy and MABRY then suggested that [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] contact LINDA GUELL. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] then called LINDA GUELL and she stated that she supported DOWLING all the way. (U) In July, 1985, [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] called LT. COLONEL OLIVER NORTH at the National Security Council in Washington, D.C. and informed NORTH about the public relations work that [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] had been performing for CALERO. NORTH told [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] that he thought that [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] had done well and that if he ever was in Washington, D.C. he should come to see NORTH. That was the only time that [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] ever spoke to NORTH. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] decided that if CALERO had approved the ripoff of the million dollars NORTH would know about it also. Prior to [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] making the call to NORTH, PHILIP MABRY had told [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] that [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] should call NORTH if he couldn't reach CALERO for any reason. MABRY also told [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] that NORTH was coordinating the Contra effort on the National Security Council staff. (U) [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] then provided information on what he called and "interesting point." In June, 1985, after TOM DOWLING and ADOLFO CALERO had returned to the Washington, D.C. area, DIANNA WILSON came to San Francisco with DOWLING. WILSON is a photo/journalist. DOWLING then left town again and WILSON stayed in DOWLING's apartment. DOWLING then contacted JULIO BONILLA and informed him thatWILSON wanted to meet [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] before she left town. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] did meet with WILSON, although he was very cautious about meeting any of DOWLING's friends. The meeting took place at DOWLING's apartment. JULIO BONILLA was also there. While they were in DOWLING's apartment, they observed on a table in plain sight monthly statements for DOWLING from Mastercard covering a two-month period. Total charges for each month on the statements was from five to six thousand dollars. During the meeting with WILSON, WILSON informed [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] that she had been with PASTORA six weeks prior to bombing at La Pinca. She also said that she had worked with the Winthrop Rockerfeller Foundation. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] was not inclined to believe what WILSON said as a result of checking on her background. He did not know what her real role was concerning DOWLING and the other matters. (U) In September, 1985, [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] became more interested in what was happening with the Contras. At that time, ALFONSO CAJAYAS, one of the FDN leaders came to San Francisco. A luncheon was given for CAJAYAS which was attended by [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT]. They personally met a couple of days later during which time CAJAYAS informed [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] that he was concerned about the internal organization of the FDN and the accounting for its operations. He further stated that ADOLFO CALERO collects money for the FDN operations and spends the money without any records being kept. CAJAYAS also stated that the FDN had no control over the expenditures of the funds because that is the way the CIA wanted it. CAJAYAS also stated to [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] that the CIA was running the whole operation concerning the FDN. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] reported that CAJAYAS is also known as PANCHO. (U) In September, 1985, PHILIP MABRY spoke to [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] about a contact that he had had with one BOB PERRY, who was then a reporter for the Associated Press. PERRY is currently a reporter with Newsweek Magazine. MABRY had talked to PERRY about a Nicaraguan refugee dinner that had raised $300,000 but little of that money had gotten to the refugees. In late September, 1985, PERRY came to San Francisco and there was a meeting between PERRY and [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT]. This transpired after the conversations [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] had had with ABENOJA and PENA. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] informed PERRY what he had heard concerning drug connections to the Contras, and PERRY stated that he would go to Central America to investigate. PERRY did in fact go to Costa Rica in December, 1985 and, upon his return to the United States, he contacted [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] and related that [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] was right about some of the FDN leaders running drugs. PERRY further informed [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] that he had learned that there was a major drug operation flowing from Costa Rica to the Bahamas into the United States. (U) In early 1986, PHILIP MABRY made a contact with DICK MCCALL, who was an aid to SENATOR CAREY, because he wanted to get the information out on what he knew concerning the Contras. He informed MCCALL of the information he had and that he wanted to get that burden off his chest. He also informed MCCALL that [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] could back him up. MCCALL then called [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] and asked the extent of his knowledge. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] informed MCCALL that he knew certain things about the Contras as far as California was concerned. MCCALL also asked [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] what he knew about ROB OWEN. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] told MCCALL of the hand grenade incident and MCCALL then said that he would pay for [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] to travel to Washington, D.C. to provide his information to people on the Hill. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] did go to Washington where he spoke to MCCALL, IKE SKELTER and a number of Congressmen including SENATOR LUGER. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] informed them that he thought the Contras were running a business and not just a war in Nicaragua. He also informed them that he felt that ADOLFO CALERO was just a front man for the CIA, that CALERO was raising a lot of funds that never got where they were needed and that the logistics for the Contras were messed up. MCCALL firmly believed that CALERO was an operative for the CIA and had been so for 15 years. In [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT]'s discussion with MCCALL, they came to the conclusion that OLIVER NORTH was an CIA operative. They concluded that NORTH was working overtly as a Marine staff member at the National Security Council but covertly with the CIA. They believed that this was being done so that NORTH and the Contras could get around the CIA proscriptions against its involvement at the time. (U) While [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] was in Washington, D.C. meeting with people from the Hill, he also met with one TOM DAVY, III of 3407 R Street, N.W., Washington, D.C., home telephone number (202) 342-6035. DAVY is a friend of PHILIP MABRY and is an Independent Consultant. He is fluent in Spanish and a reserve member of the Navy Seals. At the time that [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] learned of DAVY through MABRY, MABRY was also in Washington. DAVY told that he didn't know whether he would come forward with information to MCCALL and others on the Hill because he had been so deeply involved in various Central American matters. While [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] was with DAVY, DAVY called his phone recorder for messages and then related to [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] that he had received a phone call in which the caller stated, "don't walk, run from MABRY and his friends. People who drive slow in the fast lane get bumped off." DAVY stated that the phone call was from [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] and that DAVY interpreted the call as a death threat. At the time that DAVY announced that he had received the phone call, MABRY stated that [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] was dealing money for NORTH and the Contras. (U) [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] also met J. MICHAEL WALLER while [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] was talking to the people on the Hill. WALLER is from the Council for Interamerican Security at Washington, D.C. at telephone number (202) 543-6622. WALLER told [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] that he was a friend of [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] and that [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] bragged to WALLER that NORTH was moving millions of dollars for the Contras. (U) According to [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT], MCCALL worked the entire summer of 1986 putting together the information that he had obtained from such people as [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] and MABRY. In early January, 1986, MCCALL called [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] and informed him that MCCALL was not getting anywhere with the investigation. At that time, [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] recommended to MCCALL that he stay with it because something would ultimately break. (U) [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] stated that ADOLFO CALERO became very angry when he found out that [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] was talking to conservatives who were not for the Contra issues. (U) [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] has not had recent contact with TOM DOWLING. He was last called by DOWLING in September, 1985 at which time DOWLING stated that they had to talk. However, nothing ever came of that. (U) [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] suggested that the following people would be the best individuals to contact in terms of their willingness to talk and the information that they might have concerning the Contras: JULIO BONILLA-he has a construction company in the San Francisco area and was one of the original FDN leaders. RENADO PENA- he resides in the San Francisco area and has been an FDN leader there. TOM DAVY MONICA MARCIANO MICHAEL WALLER JOSE FRANCISCO CARDENAL-10035 Northwest 6th Terrace, Miami, Florida 33172, telephone number (305) 554-0656- is an old friend of JULIO BONILLA-was the head of the FDN before ADOLFO CALERO and was kicked out when CALERO was put in by CIA-told [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] in 2/87 that FDN had given cocaine to Mesquito indians to keep them debilitated and under control. (U) [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] informed that RICARDO LAU, also known as CHINO and the CHINAMAN, currently runs the FDN in San Francisco and [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] LAU has a body shop in San Francisco and been the FDN coordinator in San Francisco since 1984. According to [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT], LAU use to operate [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] (U) By way of additional miscellaneous information, [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] advised that PHILIP MABRY called him in January, 1987 with a wild story that MABRY knew where 40 million of the money diverted to the Contras had gone. (U) With respect to CARL CHANNELL, [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] stated that he had never met with nor dealt with CHANNELL and that all the information he had about CHANNELL had come to him from BOB PERRY. From what [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] has heard, all of CHANNELL's men and CHANELL himself are homosexuals. (U) [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] also heard from PERRY that ROB OWEN [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] (U) [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] heard sometime back that the DEA had a large file on MENESES which is "really hot." MCCALL looked into what that file contained but couldn't get any information on it because of its extremely sensitive nature. With further regard to MENESES, [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] furnished a photocopy of a photocopy of a Report of Investigation from the DEA concerning NORWIN MENESES- CANTERERO. That report is dated February 6, 1984 and is attached to this record of interview and made a part thereof. (U) ADOLFO CALERO and his associates have an account in the Caymen Islands at BAC International. There is a branch of that bank in Quito, Ecuador. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] also spoke of a Bank Popular in Hialia Park, Miami concerning CALERO. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] stated that CALERO had written various travelers checks on the account at BAC International and that [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] had the back stub of a batch of those travelers checks from CALERO. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] mailed those stubs to BOB PERRY for safe keeping because they were such a sensitive item. (U) BARNEY VAUGHN is a Vice President of BAC International. VAUGHN's brother is ENRICO VAUGHN who is connected with THOMAS BORGE. According to [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT], BORGE heads the secret police for the Sandanistas. (U) Concerning the previously mentioned CAUSA conference, [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] informed that TERRY DOLEN had attended that conference. (U) [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] also informed that the member of the SEAL's who was murdered in North Los Angeles had gone into Nicaragua to take photographs and had obtained some of a Sandanista drug operation. (U) | Mercury Center Home | Index | Feedback | NewsLibrary | 1996 Mercury Center. 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