The Skeptic Tank Chairman comments: I have received this material from +quot;Larry-Jennie+

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The Skeptic Tank Chairman comments: I have received this material from "Larry-Jennie", ( on Sat, 11 Jan 1997 at 08:37:59 -0600, under the subject heading "CIA drugs: Urban legend?" It came in with various other files which I've enumerated below. There is further materials of the same nature to be found at though I have not examined them. I have left the text alone however I have reformatted it to make it easier to read. - Fredric L. Rice, ( (818) 335-9601 24 hours C:\WWFILES\NORTH6IC.TXT, C:\WWFILES\BLUMCIA.TXT, C:\WWFILES\UPI11106.TXT, C:\WWFILES\CAQ59.TXT, C:\WWFILES\SJMREBUT.TXT, C:\WWFILES\SJMCIA26.TXT -=- Begin text -=- (From "Final Report of the Independent Counsel for Iran/Contra Matters," Volume I: Investigations and Prosecutions, Lawrence E. Walsh, Independent Counsel, pg. 299) Notes of Col. Oliver North, July 12, 1985, re meeting at home of Richard Secord: --mtg. tonight w/Dick/Rafael/Tom w/Romero FDN Log Chief --[CIA Subject #1] discussions re Supermarket --HO [Honduran] Army plans to sieze all mat'l when supermarket comes to bad end --$14M to finance came from drugs --[Subject #1] expects HOAF to sieze the supermarket's assets when the supermarket folds. --[Subject #1] likes light A/C [aircraft] ASAP --Doesn't like goons [slang term for C-47] --Should get CASA 212's FYI: Dick = Richard Secord Rafael = Rafael Quintero, ex-CIA, old associate of Secord Tom = Thomas Clines, ex-CIA, old associate of Secord CIA Subject #1 = senior field officer, Cent. Amer., served with Clines and Secord in covert operations in Laos The supermarket assets at the time were $17 million. [Walsh, p. 298] The report is online at: Chapter 21 "CIA Subject #1" Larry


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