NOTE: The following list is excerpted in its entirety from the February and March 1988 iss

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NOTE: The following list is excerpted in its entirety from the February and March 1988 issues of _Criminal Intelligence Report_ ("America's Only Professional Crime News Magazine"), pages 14-17 and 9-13 respectively. These lists are accompanied by an article in the February issue entitled "Satanism and Crime" (which is available here as S-CRIME.CIR) and one in the March issue entitled "Witchcraft in America" (WITCHUSA.CIR). - J. Brad Hicks Sysop WeirdBase, FidoNet 1:100/523 MagickNet Echo Conference Moderator Data: 1-314-741-2231, 2400 baud P.S. Page 12 of the March issue is an advertisement. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CIR/CATEGORY II GROUPS UNITED STATES AND CANADA *EDITOR'S NOTE: The groups try and match the spelling of the names of their respective organizations to those of early times, i.e. the dictionary lists women as proper--the occult spelling is "womyns". Factsheet Five 41 Lawrence Street, Medford, MA Earthspirit Community P.O. Box 365, Medford, MA Belltree Grove P.O. Box 335, Boston, MA Tuathe De Danaan Coven P.O. Box 526, Greenville, RI Circle of the Living Earth P.O. Box 526, Greenville, RI Zenji Abby P.O. Box 845, Greenville, RI Oracle Handcraft P.O. Box 8433, Warwick, RI Providence Random Assembly P.O. Box 6702, Providence, RI Our Lady of Enchantment P.O. Box 1366, Nashua, NH Outer Court Communications PBN Wicca Seminary, Nashua, NH Tara 427-3 Amherst St. #234, Nashua, NH Wicca Seminary P.O. Box 1366, Nashua, NH The Witches Brew 206 Market Street, Portsmouth, NH Marah P,O. Box 7252 Lewiston, ME Voice of Hadit 3 Hilltop Drive, Bar Harbor, ME Coven of the Dawn P.O. Box A, Thomaston, ME Spirit Within News PBN Coven of the Dawn, Thomaston, ME Maia 8 Woodford Drive, Bloomfield, CT Abyss Magikal Store 34 Cottage Street, Easthampton, PA National Alliance Pantheists P.O. Box 484, Groton, MA Harvest P.O. Box 228, S. Framingham, MA Clych Y Lleuad Haidd Coven 7 Marlboro Street, Newburyport, MA Thomas Morton Alliance 7 Marlboro Street, Newburyport, MA Luna Press P.O. Box 511, Boston, MA New England Womyns Spirit Net 2 Appian Way, Boston, MA Starfind P.O. Box 446, Allston, MA Earth-Spirit Community P.O. Box 464, Allston, MA Earth First P.O. Box 814, Cambridge, MA Wiggansnatch 701 31st Ave., S., Seattle, WA Panegyria PBN Aquar Tabernacle, Seattle, WA Octavia P.O. Box 8, Clear Lake, WA The Beltane Papers P.O. Box 8, Clear Lake, WA Aquarian Tabernacle Church P.O. Box 73, Index, WA Elvenwood Covenstead 13126 110th Ave., N.W. Gig Harbor, WA Wolf Dance Sanctuary 611-D Lemansky Road, Tonasket, WA Circles of Exchange P.O. Box 1703, Juneau, AK Brentwood P.O. Box 21926, Juneau, AK Mooncircles PBN Circles of Exchange, Juneau, AK All My Relations General Delivery, Milner, BC, CAN Cainteanna Na Luise 805-85 Wellesley, East, Toronto, CAN Fireweed P.O. Box 279, Station B, Toronto, CAN Rags to Witches 26 Pendeen Ave., Toronto, CAN Coven of Isis P.O. Box 4365, Vancouver, BC., CAN Coven of the Silver Wheel 3418-A Park Ave., Montreal, CAN Isis Maut Coven P.O. Box 931, Hamilton, Ontario, CAN Pagans for Peace P.O. Box 6531, Station A, Ontario, CAN Pagans for Peace Dragonfly Farm, Lake St. Peter, CAN Sidh Tuatha de Danaan 1-C Montcalm Ave., FHH, Kingston, CAN Wicca Communitas 41 Elm Street, Toronto, CAN Dragginwood & Magic Crystals 322 N. Santa Cruz Ave., Los Gatos, CA Pagana PBN Pagan Spec. Int. Group, San Jose, CA Pagans Special Interest Group P.O. Box 9336, San Jose, CA Center of the Divine Ishtar P.O. Box 9494, San Jose, CA Order of the Silver Crescent 701 I Street, Modesto, CA New Wiccan Church of Calif. P.O. Box 421044, Sacramento, CA Witchway P.O. Box 3898, Sonora, CA The Silver Elves P.O. Box 2035, Guerneville, CA Magical Elven Love Letters PBN Silver Elves, Guerneville, CA Forever Forests P.O. Box 312, Redwood Valley, CA Covenant of the Goddess P.O. Box 1226, Berkeley, CA New Reformed Order Goldon Dawn 2000 Center St., #1374, Berkeley, CA Fellowship of the Spiral Path P.O. Box 5521, Berkeley, CA Ar Draiocht Fein P.O. Box 9398, Berkeley, CA Women in Spiritual Education 1442-A Walnut St., #313, Berkeley, CA Schismatic Druids of N.A. P.O. Box 9398, Berkeley, CA Church of Satan P.O. Box 896, Daly City , CA Dragonsmoke Coven of the Dragon, Mountain View, CA Moonweb 983 Haven Avenue, Redwood City, CA Cernunnos News 537 Jones, #8821, San Francisco, CA Yggdrasil 537 Jones, #165, San Francisco, CA Duir Press 919 Sutter St., #9, San Francisco, CA Old Wives Tales 1009 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA Broomstick Womens Magazine 3543 18th St., San Francisco, CA Moon Web 315 Precita St., San Francisco, CA Druids of Calif. & Nevada 5951 Mission St., San Francisco, CA Reclaiming Collective P.O. Box 14404, San Francisco, CA Tools of Magic 1915 Page Street, San Francisco, CA Telewoman P.O. Box 2306, Pleasant Hill, CA The Wise Woman 2441 Ordova St., Oakland, CA Plexus 545 Athol Ave., Oakland, CA Lifeways 6540 Dana, Oakland, CA The Coven Newsletter 5756 Vicenets Way, Oakland, CA Thesmophoria P.O. Box 11363, Oakland, CA Pagan Community Congregations P.O. Box 7014, San Diego, CA S2EAX-WICCA Seminary P.O. Box 99324, San Diego, CA SEAX-WICCA Voys PBN SEAX-WICCA, San Diego, CA Sangraal P.O. Box 324, Rialto, CA Coven of Equs 12414 4th Street, SP38, Yucaipa, CA Church of the Crescent Moon P.O. Box 1200, Camarillo, CA Starmist Ccuveen P.O. Box 285, Bakersfield, CA Georgian Newsletter Georgian Church, Bakersfield, CA Guardians of Avalon 1411 Marsh, San Luis Obispo, CA Coven of the Mother Mountain P.O. Box 390, Van Nuys, CA Pagan Broadcasting Systems P.O. Box 9513, N. Hollywood, CA Jade Wind Woman 3620 Moreno #115, La Verne, CA A Women's Journey P.O. Box 27655, Encinitas, CA Shadows Edge P.O. Box 27495, Escondido, CA The Dolphin Society P.O. Box 2271, Wilmington, DE Goddess Images P.O. Box 15669, Long Beach, CA Pagan Circle P.O. Box 13, Sunland, CA Temple of the Elder Gods P.O. Box 4172, Sunland, CA Ordo Templi Astartes (OTA) P.O. Box 40094, Pasadena, CA Technology Group P.O. Box 93124, Pasadena, CA The White Light PBN Magic Circle, Pasadena, CA Coven Aurora 901 Limita #107, Glendale, CA Our Lady of the Fields 8915 Owensmouth, Canoga Park, CA Pallis Society P.O. Box 4983, Chatsworth, CA Neo-Pagan Society of Calif. P.O. Box 177, Reseda, CA House of Hermetic 5338 Hollywood Boulevard, L.A., CA Feraferia P.O. Box 41363, Eagle Rock, CA Feminist WICCE 20981 Waveview Drive, Topanga, CA Humanspare Books 2401 N.32nd St., Phoenix, AZ Earthcrafte P.O. Box 5216, Phoenix, AZ Son of a Witch 696 W.Colter, Phoenix, AZ The Bard PBN Annwyn Gwynfyd, Phoenix, AZ Coven of Danu P.O. Box 34686, Phoenix, AZ A'Satru Arfolk 2922 S.Marvin Ave., Tucson, AZ South West Earth Festival P.O. Box 26414, Albuquerque, NM Innerconexion P.O. Box 7731, Albuquerque, NM Osmara P.O. Box 30081, Dallas, TX Sound of Light Books P.O. Box 38234, Dallas, TX The Clan of the Cauldron P.O. Box 1813, Arlington, TX Allchemical Sweat Shop 601 E.Lamar # 108, Arlington, TX Asatru Free Assembly P.O. Box 1754, Breckenridge, TX House of Maya P.O. Box 9831, Ft.Worth, TX Our Lady's Way 2222 Yale, Houston, TX Pagan Times PBN Our Lady's Way, Houston, TX The Occult Shoppe 2222 Yale, Houston, TX Fellowshop of Pan P.O. Box 50024, Houston, TX The Source 330 Laddie Place, San Antonio, TX Silver Apples P.O. Box 15575, San Antonio, TX Papa Jim and Co. 5630 S. Flores, San Antonio, TX Shetotem 8616 E.Valley, San Antonio, TX Council of the Blue Moon P.O. Box 27465, San Antonio, TX Aurea Flamma PBN Ordo Templi, Corpus Christi, TX Ordo Templi Baphe-Metis P.O. Box 1219, Corpus Christi, TX Grove of the Phoenix Rising P.O. Box 78765, Austin, TX Coven of the White Familiar P.O. Box 7482, Amarillo, TX Thunderbow PBN Church, Wheatridge, CO Church of Seven Arrows 4385 Hoyt Street, Wheatridge, CO Cosmic Awareness Occult Shop P.O. Box 1144, Aurora, CO Way of the Ancient Path P.O. Box 1144, Aurora, CO Elvenshome of the Rockies P.O. Box 143, Louviers, CO Denver Area Wiccan Network P.O. Box 11202, Englewood, CO Moonfire Coven P.O. Box 395, Littleton, CO Moon Magic Store P.O. Box 395, Littleton, CO Rock Mountain Pagan Journal P.O. Box 620604, Littleton, CO Moonrose 722 Lincoln, Denver, CO Thistle Occult Supplies 722 Lincoln, Denver, CO Franz Bardon Foundation P.O. Box 4869, Denver, CO Moonrose Occult Supplies P.O. Box 5785, Denver, CO Iron Mountain Magical P.O. Box 2282, Boulder, CO Coven Gardens Occult Supplies P.O. Box 1064, Boulder, CIO First Temple of Thoth 2113 Bluff St., Boulder, CO Earth Rites P.O. Box 12293, Boulder, CO Iron Mountain Journal P.O. Box 227, Florence, CO Goddess Study Group 570 1/2 N. 9th St., Laramie, WY Avillon 3808 Virginia, Kansas City, MO Stormraven P.O. Box 10082, Kansas City, MO Magick Lantern Shop 1715 Westport Rd., Kansas City, MO Arcain Arts P.O. Box 22671, Kansas City, MO Mother Pendragon 4817 N. Bennington, Kansas City, MO Lawrence-Topeka Pagan Net 927 1/2 Mass. Ave. # 11, Lawrence, KS Council of the Southwind P.O. Box 3407, Kansas City, KS The Rune Newsletter P.O. Box 2212, Shawnee Mission, KS Tatwas P.O. Box 27384, Omaha, NE The Vigil P.O. Box 31250, Omaha, NE Starlit Graphics 4996 Nottingham Dr., New Orleans, LA Eden 3650 Nicholson, #1185, Baton Rouge, LA Opec News PBN Ozark Pagan Ecum, Springdale, AR Coven Amber Moon P.O.Box 21058, Oklahoma City, OK Silver Acorn Circle P.O.Box 75546, Oklahoma City, OK Silver Oaks Coven P.O.Box 2157, Salpulpa, OK The Hidden Path P.O.Box 793, Wheeling, IL Gaia Community Project P.O.Box 1862, Evanston, IL Pagan Unity News PBN Northern Way, Oak Park, IL Coven of Astral Mysteries P.O.Box 151, Berwyn, IL Calumet Pagan Temple 1519 Kenilworth, Calumet City, IL Uranus Cove of the Pagan Way 15300 Dante Avenue, Dolton, IL Heritage Books 9863 145th St. Overland Park, IL Earth Star Circle 4405 Maple Avenue, Brookfield, IL Golden Isis P.O.Box 9116, Downer Grove, IL Pagan Carols P.O.Box 3012, Chicago, IL Coven of the Sacred Stone 1123 W. Wellington, Chicago, IL Morning Star 5952 Paulina Street, Chicago, IL Potlatch PBN Earth Shadow, Chicago, IL Earth Shadow P.O.Box 4674, Chicago, IL Woods Park Pagan Temple 5088 Roosevelt Road, Gary, IN Noondance Coven 3557 Landley Drive, South Bend, IN Unicorn Coven P.O.Box 219, Galveston, IN Graverobbers Gazette PBN Unicorn Coven, Galveston, IN Cyrstal Serpent 1050 W.Cedar Bluff, Bloomington, IN Christian Light Metaphy 3141 Kingsley Drive, Bloomington, IN Watchstar Coven P.O.Box 1082, Bloomington, IN Elf P.O.Box 1082, Bloomington, IN Wild Magic Bulletin PBN Elf, Bloomington, IN Maidenhill Coven P.O.Box 966, Pontiac, MI Pagan Aquarian Network P.O.Box 66021, Roseville, MI Sacred Erinnyes 1805 Pierce Road, Chelsea, MI Lifelight Temple P.O.Box 3394, Kalamazoo, MI Pegasus 3760 W.Michigan, Battle Creek, MI Coven of the Singing Tree 1901 Third Street, Perry, IA Dance of Life Productions P.O.Box 2487, Des Moines, IA Coven of the Royal Rose P.O.Box 2483, Des Moines, IA Coven of the Pendragon P.O.Box 2483, Des Moines, IA Solidarity Coven 116 Forest View, Iowa City, IA Avalon P.O.Box 18423, Milwaukee, WI Runic Society P.O.Box 19858, Milwaukee, WI Circle of Lunar Mysteries 6552 N.Bourbon, Milwaukee, WI Our Lady of the Woods P.O.Box 176, Blue Mounds, WI Covenant of the Goddess PBN Our Lady, Blue Mounds, WI Priestess PBN Our Lady, Blue Mounds, WI Circle Network News P.O.Box 219, Mount Horeb, WI Pagan Spirit Alliance P.O.Box 219, Mount Horeb, WI Converging Paths P.O.Box 63, Mount Horeb, WI New Wiccan Church of Wisconsin P.O.Box 64, Mount Horeb, WI The Rowan Exchange P.O.Box 63, Mount Horeb, WI Oakwood Coven P.O.Box 64, Mount Horeb, WI Mystic Hacker 2631 Moland Street, Madison, WI Of a Like Mind PBN Intl. Womens Spirit, Madison, WI Earthhaven Coven P.O.Box 14413, Madison, WI Viscious Circle P.O.Box 14413, Madison, WI Circle Network P.O.Box 9013, Madison, WI Intl. Womens Spiritual Net P.O.Box 6021, Madison, WI Tamarack Song Coldfoot Creek, Pembine, WI Mystique Books Distributor P.O.Box 131, Wisc.Rapids, WI Church of Hermetic Arts P.O.Box 131, Wisc.Rapids, WI Northern Arts 2018 Baxter, Superior, WI Llewellyn's New Times 213 E. 4th St., St. Paul, MN Covenant of the Goddess P.O.Box 64224, St. Paul, MN First Wiccan Church of MN P.O.Box 3383, St. Paul, MN Motherheart Coven P.O.Box 65224, St. Paul, MN Minnesota Church of Wicca 2002 Garfield Avenue, S.#23, Minn., MN Sisters P.O.Box 6513, Minnesota, MN The Littlest Unicorn 3343 E.Calhoun Pkwy. Minnesota, MN The Unicorn PBN The Rowan Tree, Minnesota, MN Rowan Tree P.O.Box 8814, Minnesota, MN Prodea P.O.Box 8233, Minnesota, MN Aurora Dawning 3419 2nd Ave.S.#4, Minnesota, MN Brothers of the Earth P.O.Box 13158, Minnesota, MN Brothersong PBN Brothers of the Earth, Minn., MN Sacred Fire P.O.Box 13158, Minnesota, MN Worldwide Curio House P.O.Box 17095, Minnesota, MN Magessmith Ritual Tools P.O.Box 9654, Minnesota, MN Triskellion Coven P.O.Box 9654, Minnesota, MN Circle in the Greenwood P.O.Box 275, Niverville, N.Y. Three of Cups P.O.Box 8, Willow, N.Y. Atlanton Wicca 245 Stafford Avenue, Syracuse, N.Y. Leanai Aine Coven 1315 Euclid Avenue, Syracuse, N.Y. Vikingstaff P.O.Box 318, Watertown, N.Y. Boreadean Druid Priesthood 802 Holcomb Street, Watertown, N.Y. Magi Craftsman P.O.Box 100, McDonough, N.Y. New Frontiers P.O.Box 2000, Binghampton, N.Y. Moondance Magical Supplies P.O.Box 253, Clarence, N.Y. Khyle/Magic Stones 3979 Ockler Avenue, Hamburg, N.Y. White Pine Press 73 Putnam Street, Buffalo, N.Y. The Magickal Link PBN Ordo Templi Orient, N.Y., N.Y. Cosmic People Magazine P.O.Box 1425, N.Y., N.Y. Celtic League Calendar 2973 Valentine Avenue, Bronx, N.Y. Mid-Hudson Pagan Grove P.O.Box 227, Valhalla, N.Y.10595 Land of the Lost PBN Pagan Skeptics Net, Suffern, N.Y. Pagan Skeptics Network P.O.Box 371, Suffern, N.Y. Macha Ni Padraiga P.O.Box 371, Suffern, N.Y. Moonfire 348 E.66th St.#17, N.Y., N.Y. Lady Grove Coven 168 Meacham Avenue, Elmont, N.Y. Kathexis Coven P.O.Box 4538, Sunnyside, N.Y. 11104 Amaranth 1684 H 10th St.#F3, Brooklyn, N.Y. Pagan Parents League P.O.Box 432, Bayshore, N.Y. Seven Covens of Lucifer P.O.Box 313, St.James, N.Y. The Wiccan Way 29 Marshall Drive, Selden, N.Y. The Changling c/o Dell, 74 Warren Street, N.Y.N.Y. Blue Star Coven P.O.Box 746, New York, N.Y. Magikal Occult Supplies 35 W 19th Street, New York, N.Y. Wierd PBN Pittsburg Pagan, Monroeville, PA Pittsburgh Pagan Alliance P.O.Box 624, Monroeville, PA American Shaman P.O.Box 6874, Pittsburgh, PA Newaeon P.O.Box 19210, Pittsburgh, PA Cauldron Craft 337 Atwood Street, Pittsburgh, PA Seedweavers Circle 111 Brach Street, Pittsburgh, PA Coven of the Dolphins 219 S.Sparks Street, State College, PA Changes Journal P.O.Box 734, State College, PA Star Watch P.O.Box 1266, Middletown, CT Oakrune Circle P.O.Box 1182, New Haven, CT New Haven Pagan Community P.O.Box 1182, New Haven, CT Tuatha de Dannan Celtic Coven 1445 Seminole Rd. N.Brunswick, NJ Osirian Temple Assembly P.O.Box 261, Cranford, NJ 07016 Inner Circle 149 Pennington Avenue, Passaic, NJ Order of Osiris P.O.Box 4084, Roselle Park, NJ Visions Occult Supply House 923 Main Street, Velmar, NJ Pendragon P.O.Box 381, Morganville, NJ Jersey Shore Pagan Way P.O.Box 2015, Neptune City, NJ Rose Books P.O.Box 25, Oakhurst, NJ Magick Moonstone Coven P.O.Box 215, Lindenwold, NJ Deepstar Coven 18 Gilman Lane, Willingboro, NJ Snake and Snake Products P.O.Box 128, Cooper Hill, VA The Old Religion P.O.Box 24, Sinks Grove, WV Children of the Earth P.O.Box 116, Berkely Springs, WV Golden Circle Coven P.O.Box 19903, Raleigh, NC Pyntri Circle P.O.Box 2834, Concord, NC The Magic Circle P.O.Box 668084, Charlotte, NC Survival PBN New Church, New Bern, NC Church & School of Wicca P.O.Box 1502, New Bern, NC New Earth Church P.O.Box 5461, New Bern, NC Waynesville Pagan Temple 507 S.Main Street, Waynesville, NC RFD-Journal for Gay Men RR#1, Box 127E. Bakersfield, NC Aerie Design 141 Blackberry Inn, N.Waynesville, NC Shadowlight Products 5891 Charles Lane, Austell, GA Knights of the Runes P.O.Box 2070, Decatur, GA Seasonal Silver Newsletter P.O.Box 189, Alpharetta, GA Tribe of the Phoenix P.O.Box 8264, Atlanta, GA Cygnus Productions 471 Hardendorf Ave., NE, Atlanta, GA Grove of the Unicorn P.O.Box 13384, Atlanta, GA Moonstone 34 Don Juan Circle, Chamblee, GA Assn. for Cymmry Wicca P.O.Box 49285, Atlanta, GA Association of Cymmry P.O.Box 1866, Athens, GA Blackwater Grove P.O.Box 52062, Jacksonville, FL Wiccantree Press P.O.Box 52062, Jacksonville, FL Grove of the Pegasus 5648 Graywood Road, Jacksonville, FL Shooting Stars P.O.Box 12249, Gainesville, FL Magical Forest Books 5725 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, FL Path of the Tropic Moon 3730 NW 7th Ave., Pompano Beach, FL Coven of Diana 5131 NE 31st Avenue, Pompano Beach, FL Pegasus Express 4701 Lyons Road, Pompana Beach, FL Path of the Penticle P.O.Box 4773, Hollywood, FL Native American Magic P.O.Box 140038, Coral Gables, FL Templar Circle P.O.Box 164342, Miami, FL Floating Spiral Coven P.O.Box 25, Kent, OH Coven of the Seeker 1395 Oak Street, SW, Warren, OH Christabel Parkhurst Coven P.O.Box 2115, Youngstown, OH Riversong P.O.Box 1966, Youngstown, OH Temple of Danaan P.O.Box 206, Cleves, OH Bate Cabal P.O.Box 1343, Cinn., OH The Archives P.O.Box 1343, Cinn., OH Cinn.Journal of Magic P.O.Box 1343, Cinn., OH Black Moon Publishing P.O.Box 1343, Cinn., OH Kallisti Komiks P.O.Box 19566, Cinn., OH Planetary Magic P.O.Box 429370, Cinn., OH Temple of Wicca P.O.Box 1302, Findlay, OH Magical Unicorn Messenger PBN Temple of Wicca, Findlay, OH Pegasus Express Route 3, Box 962, La Belle, FL Sign of the Moon P.O.Box 7517, Naples, FL Arionhod P.O.Box 7517, Naples, FL Nightflame Coven P.O.Box 14056, Sarasota, FL House of Xaro Occult Supplies P.O.Box 1933, New Port Richy. FL Pagan Web 2020-B 11th Ave.S. Birmingham, AL Lodestar Books 2020-B 11th Ave.S. Birmingham, AL Amaranth Anthology 609 10th Ave.S. Birmingham, AL Wynchwood P.O.Box 3092, Decatur, AL AA Thelemic Ord Silver Star P.O.Box 60411, Nashville, TN Dragons Breath Forge P.O.Box 15126, Chattanooga, TN Unicorn Grove P.O.Box 15126, Chattanooga, TN Stardust Salamander PBN Coven Stardust, Memphis, TN Grey Cat P.O.Box 181, Crossville, TN Rowanwood P.O.Box 23686, Lexington, KY Covenstead Book Shop 644 Main Street, Covington, KY College of Anu P.O.Box 178. Wlhitesburg, KY Circle of the Sacred Grove 91 E.Maynard Avenue, Columbus, OH Church of the Univeresal Forces P.O.Box 03195, Columbus, OH Y Tylwyth Tylluan 133-D West Lane Avenue, Columbus, OH


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