NOTE: The following article is excerpted in its entirety from the February 1988 issue of _

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NOTE: The following article is excerpted in its entirety from the February 1988 issue of _Criminal Intelligence Report_ ("America's Only Professional Crime News Magazine"), page 13. The February and March issues include a remarkably lengthy "enemies list" (which will eventually be scanned or re- keyed as SUSPECTS.CIR); these lists are accompanied by articles entitled "Witchcraft in America" (which is available here as WITCHUSA.CIR) and the following article. - J. Brad Hicks Sysop WeirdBase, FidoNet 1:100/523 MagickNet Echo Conference Moderator Data: 1-314-741-2231, 2400 baud -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SATANISM AND CRIME ------------------ There is increasing evidence that the United States and Canada are facing a rapidly expanding area of criminal activity that some experts claim could be the most difficult to detect of any that law enforcement agencies have ever had to deal with. The computer files of Criminal Intelligence Report (CIR) magazine contain the names and addresses of three thousand Occult groups located in the United States and Canada. Within this listing are those who have a general involvement with and/or interest in witchcraft or pagan religious lore, history or practices (CIR/Category II). Some of the aforementioned groups and new ones that are being formed throughout North America engage in satanic rituals. Recently there have been a number of incidents that have made both the public and police agencies more aware of what purported satanic influence can have on community health and safety. In Texas, an undercover police officer working on a drug distribution case in a high school was murdered by some students who were alleged to be involved in satanism. In Providence, Rhode Island, a 21 year old man beat one small child to death after sexually assaulting him and then killed another with a knife. The suspect told his arresting officers that he was "forced" to murder the two boys by "Satan". The January 7, 1988 edition of the Wall Street Journal reported that in one county in Indiana fifteen bodies have been stolen from graves, there are three "satanic cults" operating in the particular area and that one of the groups (whose name is unknown by law enforcement) had one hundred members. The Journal article cited statements by a sheriff's investigator which indicate that during the last few years a number of teenagers have committed suicide in what now appears to have been under satanic related circumstances. On January 9, 1988 Thomas Sullivan, a fourteen year old Boy Scout and outstanding student and athlete from Jefferson County, New Jersey committed suicide after stabbing his mother two dozen times with his Boy Scout knife and then trying to kill the rest of his family by setting the house on fire. According to County Prosecutor Lee S. Trumbull, young Sullivan had begun reading books on the "occult" and "Satan worship" a month previous to the incident. In his very informative book The Ultimate Evil, investigative reporter Maury Terry states that there is a satanic network that is related to the Son of Sam killings and the Charles Manson and Arlis Perry slayings. Terry advises that Son of Sam defendent David Berkowitz was linked to a satanic cult known as the "Process Church". CIR has ascertained that the demand for the book "The Satanic Bible" by Anton Lavey is in such heavy demand by teenagers across America that the book stores that do carry it are constantly sold out. A book distribution company in the Washington, D.C., area orders the book in gross lots and is usually back ordered. In this issue we have listed the CIR/Category II groups.


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