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FILE 18 NEWSLETTER CONFIDENTIAL - RESTRICTED ACCESS INFORMATION FOR OFFICIAL LAW ENFORCEMENT USE ONLY. Edited by: Lt. Larry M. Jones, Boise P.D., 7200 Barrister Dr., Boise, Idaho, 83704, (208) 377-6748, 6772 or (Emergency) 377-6790. THIRD EDITION September 5, 1986 1. FILE 18 NEWSLETTER: INTRODUCTION AND PHILOSOPHY -- This Newsletter is published to aid police officers in networking intelligence information con- cerning cults, sects, and deviant movements. At the same time information is presented which will be informative from a training and awareness viewpoint. Resources are identified to facilitate the solution of your cases and hopefully aid prosecution. FILE 18 must be participative in nature ... a kind of police bulletin board with a select readership. The information contained should be disseminated as far as possible so that it reaches the field officers and investigators in your agency who have initial contact with cult/occult related cases. Awareness on the field level will generate an upward flow of intelligence data from your own people as they encounter things on the street. Please share verifiable infor- mation with the Editor so that the rest of the readership can also be informed. If you are trying to track a rumor or develop investigative leads, share those, too. Every attempt will be made to protect sensitive investigations by gener- alization of the Newsletter article. Each recipient is expected to protect the information in the Newsletter from indiscriminate dissemination, especially to the media to civilians who may react inappropriately or out of context. Please establish your own local networks for information and pass interesting items to the Editor. Case histories published in the Newsletter will be verified as far as possible and sources of information cited, unless that would impair an investigation. In the latter case, direct contact with the Editor can be made for referral information to the investigator working the case. As noted in the Second Edition, a non-profit organization specifically to support this effort may be in the offing. Until then, FILE 18 has been adopted by another NPO so that funding can be legally processed according to non-profit organization law and tax exempt status. Later, a reasonable subscription price may be established. For now, if you are so lead, financial contributions should be made to: Trinity Fellowship Church, 222 N. Latah, Boise, Idaho 83706, ATTN: File 18 Newsletter. So far the entire cost of publication has come from private contributions. We'll remain in the black. The stamps donated by some of you have been put to good use... Thanks. 2. WILL 1986 BE THE 'BIG YEAR'? - An information source cited the follow- ing rumor which he has heard from a number of persons involved in witchcraft. Apparently the word is that Halloween '86 will be the time when a "big state- ment" will be made by witches/satanists. That is all the Editor knows about it ... Have you heard similar rumors? Do you have sources of information you could tap concerning this rumor? 1 3. LOCAL NOTES -- Amarillo, Texas: Dick Weathers, A.P.D. reports that his department investigated three attempts during March and April this year by satanic groups who tried to break into a mausoleum to steal a body or body parts. All three unsuccessful attempts occurred just before ritual holiday dates. He would like officers investigating similar cases to contact him. Cheyenne Wells, Colorado: Undersheriff Jim Blain, Cheyenne C.S.O., noted that his jurisdiction has a strong Posse Comitatus movement and has been having some trouble with satanists, although he did not specify. Jim can be reached at 303-767-5633. Middlesex County, New Jersey: In New Jersey a STAR LEDGER article from May 1986, quotes the County's Prosecuting Attorney Alan Rockoff as blaming "...the influence of heavy metal rock music... (especially) a group called Slayer..." as responsible for major cemetery desecration at the Beth Israel Memorial Park in Woodbridge by two juvies. The two boys, described as "...devotees, groupies, totally immersed in and totally influenced by heavy metal rock music and alcohol..." allegedly tipped over 59 tombstones and spraypainted swasticas and satanic symbols. One suspect had been recently convicted of a similar crime in a Perth Amboy cemetery. Damage approached $200,000. Apparently an 18-member group called the 'Hell Crew' operates in the area. Although these two juveniles were not members of that group, they were "... friends of the Hell Crew." Rockoff identified a common thread between the two arrestees and the Hell Crew, notably their devotion to the 'thrash' music of Slayer. Two Slayer albums were identified by Rockoff as particularly harm- ful--"Show No Mercy" and "Hell Awaits." "...Rockoff described some of the heavy metal lyrics and cemetery desecrations as "anti-ethnic, anti-moral, anti-reli- gious, and anti-American..." In the Editor's opinion, Mr. Rockoff was bold in his public assertions and should be supported by law enforcement. He spoke out, daring to make the connection between negative heavy metal influences and prosecutable offenses. All we need to do is look beneath the surface in our own investigations to see similar causal factors. The Hell Crew was the topic of a newspaper article by a HOME NEWS staff writer (New Brunswick, N.J., May 1986). You may recognize similarities to groups in your jurisdiction: The Hell Crew is described as a "...loose-knit group of teenagers,...their trademarks are long hair and black leather jackets...many of them enjoy hanging out in dark, secluded areas, drinking beer, and listening to loud, pulsating music." Rockoff was quoted as saying "... They have a creed to deface and defame wherever and whatever they can for the purpose of shocking society." Of course, members of the Hell Crew disagree with the opinions of Rockoff and 'establishment' spokespersons. The Hell Crew's favorite groups, they say, are Venom and Slayer, conceding that the songs contain satanic references. An unidentified Hell Crew member said "...They sing about the devil and satanic things, killing priests, killing church and killing God..." He also admitted that he and his friends like to hang out in cemeteries "...because of the atmosphere..." where they frequently hold "Hell Parties". He continued, "You're around your friends, listening to music, you light a reminds you of Hell...We just like to hang out and have a good time." 2 (Editor's Note: Who is kidding who? What you concentrate on, allow to become your focus, increasingly controls your life, right? How many times have we picked up the pieces from the different verses of that song?) Sparks, Nev.: F.B.I. S/A Roger Young, Las Vegas, and Det. Bob Luke, Las Vegas Metro., agree that parents, social workers, and the police should pay more attention to cults and satanic worship among Nevada teens and adults. The NEVADA APPEAL, A Carson City paper, ran an April 22, 1986 article by Dorothy *osich quoting the two officers. They noted that "...Satanic worship is growing, particularly among upper and middle class white teen-agers who are indulging in music, drugs, sex, and violence in growing numbers..." The two men testified at the (Nevada) Governor's Victim Rights Conference in Sparks. They stressed that "...the worst thing the public can do is not believe that satanic rituals exist in Nevada and throughout the nation. Three types of devil worship are taking place, according to Young, including self- styled practitioners who learn from books and the media, "very religious satanists" who attend regular services and rituals, and cults, which engage in everything from palm reading to murder..." According to Young, "...The most frequent victims of devil worshipers are animals and children, who cult members seek for their blood and youth...The results...include kidnapping, cannibalism, necrophilia, and other forms of deviant sex, sexual abuse, and occasionally, murder...Federal investigations have found persons involved in satanic worship working in day care centers and pre-schools...children are forced to drink blood mixed with urine or eat human excrement in an effort by adults to destroy the child's self esteem...They are forced to have sex with each other, adults and blur their sense of right and wrong...children were forced to watch other children being killed, to devour human flesh, and even to murder their peers...Episodes are frequently not placed in police reports because people are "afraid they'll be mocked" for suggesting the incident took place..." Citing Nevada evidence (Editor's Note: Which, if we'll admit it, can probably be seen in our home jurisdictions if we look hard enough.), S/A Young noted that evidence of devil worship has appeared several times in Nevada. "...Evi- dence of pentagrams and other symbols..." has been found at Carson City break- ins; " rural Nevada, mutilated cattle have been found, possibly as a result of cult rituals;...In Las Vegas...a local judge found a medallion on his front lawn depicting the devil;...A junior high school student submitted a drawing he made of burning crosses and a sign of the "beast"...(and he) ceived an "A" from his teacher..." "...During his presentation, Luke displayed invitations to teen-age parties...which featured symbols of the 30-35 vehicles painted with occult symbols to Sunrise Mountain...roved figures have been spotted entering mines in west Las Vegas...persons dressed in robes walking with a child dressed in a white robe..." S/A concluded by pointing out that "...Anyone can worship any way they want to...and it isn't until a crime is committed that action can be taken...The trouble is, we don't have any laws (regarding satanic ritual)..." 3 Boise, Ida.: The Editor received information that the Tony Alamo (pronounced A-lam'-o) cult, pseudo-Christian and highly authoritarian, which started in the Ozark Mountains in 1968, may be considering relocating their HQ to Spokane or Boise. (But this stuff just doesn't happen around here!) Last Spring, A Boise P.D. Juvenile Detective, Kurt Mcallister, stopped two Alamo Cult members living out of their car and passing out virulent anti-Catholic/anti-Pope literature which is characteristic of this cult. Tony Alamo represents the charismatic central figure in this group and holds himself up as messiah to his followers who are reportedly subject to intensive mind control techniques. (Don't underestimate the effectiveness of mind control techniques; properly applied they can break down the strongest mental defenses in a matter of a few days. Often, people who are drawn to such groups don't have the luxury of superb mental defenses, so are more easily entrapped.) Nationwide membership is estimated at about 2000, a figure which the cult greatly inflates. However, through slave-like working conditions in the cults' businesses--staffed by members--it reportedly grossed over $8 million in a single year. The group has undergone intensive pressure from the feds. and may be falling back to regroup in a quieter (groan!) locale. The Cult Awareness Network classifies this group as "very bad", according to Mr. Reginald Alev. It specializes in attracting converts through hate litera- ture. They allegedly attempt to "buy" babies from unwed mothers as an alterna- tive to abortion. The children are then absorbed into the cult. In custody- dispute cases where only one parent is a member of the Alamo Cult, the children have been known to disappear as the cult whisks them to related groups in other states. Norma Ivers, Alma, Arkansas, Mayor's Office, 501-632-5054, and Larry Zilliox, a New Jersey private investigator and authority on the Alamo Cult, 201-762-0924, can be contacted for additional information. If you can confirm or deny the rumored move to Spokane or Boise, please contact the Editor. Rockville, Md.: Ofc. John Converse, Rockville P.D., asked about the Great Commission International cult. This group adopts various names, some of which mimic legitimate churches; AKA's include: "Alpha-Omega" in IOWA, New Christian Live Church, New Covenant Church, etc. The charismatic-messiah figure is named Jim McCutter. This is a typical authoritarian-pyramidal structure cult which extensively uses the "shepherding" principle. Shepherding assigns 4 to 12 new devotees to an indoctrinated "shepherd" who is at least one level higher in the cult. The "sheep" become dependent on the "shepherd" for everything and must "confess" to him daily. This psychological/physical dependency technique is characteristic of mind-control groups. This cult is a "high evangelization" group which actively recruits new members. Submission to cult authority is required and maintained. McCutter's teachings establish that there should be no separation of church and state. (Guess who he plans to have run the church/government of the United States?) The G.C.I. actively participates in partisan politics, seeking to hold precinct political party posts and to flood local elections with their candidates. The members are not known to be armed, but seem intent upon seizing control through the elective process. They recently bought radio station WNTR in Washington, D.C. 4 Gulf Coast Area: A Gulf Coast state reports that possible ritualistic activity may be involved in the death of an infant whose partial body was discovered at a remote site. Crime scene and medical experts believe the child to be a white female, less than three months old. Only partial body remains were located, but those remains had been carefully preserved before being discarded. No blood or other body fluids were present in the remains, both sexual organs and heart were missing, no embalming fluid present; brain matter absent. Facial skin appeared to have been peeled off the missing skull. At this time investi- gators have no report of missing infants to compare to remains. Editor's Note: This crime, which apparently occurred near the time of an important summer ritual date is still under active investigation. Contact information for anyone desiring to speak to the investigator(s) can be obtained through the Editor. Port Angeles, Wash.: Clallam C.S.O. Deputy Larry Dunn started working on a single child abuse case. It evolved into a group of five similar cases all related to the same day care center where alleged satanic ritual abuse has occurred. All five victims are 5-6 yoa. Larry handled the investigation very well from the first, separately interviewing the victims, carefully recording each interview, etc. He put together a recital of black masses, animal sacri- fices, people in robes, cannibalism, strange talking, perverted sexual acts, mutilations, and the possibility that at least two babies had either been seriously injured or killed. One suspect has been arrested and other arrests are pending as he attempts to isolate the ritual location to process if for evidence. (Editor's Note: Are you beginning to see that satan-inspired ritual abuse at daycare centers is something we should be more aware of? What can you do to develop intelligence files about known satanists in your jurisdiction, then cross-reference them to known daycare center operators and employees?) 4. THE TWISTED CROSS -- Joseph J. Carr has added a book by this name to his published list of 38 books. Mr. Carr, an electronics engineer in Arlington, Virginia, researched the occultic influence on Naziism for five years. His book (Huntington House, Inc., I.S.B1.. #0-920322-22-6, 1985) starts the foreword with a quote from NEWSWEEK (July 20, 1981): "...With enough distor- tion, a Cross will become a swastika." The synopsis on the back cover aptly explains the theme which Carr's book covers in easily readable detail: "Naziism was no mere political movement of racist gangsters and misfits, as is commonly believed. Joseph Carr, by thor- ough research and documentation, shows that Naziism was an occultic religion in which Adolph Hitler was the messiah, Heinrich Himmler the high priest, and the SS Death Head formation the clergy. Naziism and the New Age Movement are one in the same: they are merely different manifestations of the same evil root. No one will doubt that Adolph Hitler became the agent of the New Age." Any law enforcement officer who has seen neo-Nazi-influenced groups spring up will benefit from Carr's fascinating record of the history and development of **** II Naziism and its persistently re-occurring themes in today's society. "Know the enemy and he is yours" seems applicable. The Nazi phenomenon caused worldwide depredation and the near-extinction of European Jews; its occultic influence boils just beneath the surface in many areas of the U.S. today and pervades the philosophies of many non-traditional groups. 5 5. HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE AND RESOURCE BOOKS -- The Editor would like to remind each reader that your personal belief in the actuality of the weird, outlandish, and often sickening crimes, movements, and ideologies discussed in the FILE 18 NEWSLETTER is not the object of this effort. All you must believe is that VERY BAD MEN AND WOMEN in our society and throughout the world DO believe in endless variations of non-traditional philosophies which cause them to sometimes commit gruesome and destructive criminal acts. Our professional calling is to step into that crime cycle and stop what we can. 'Worst case scenarios' involving mutilation, mayhem and torture-murders catch our attention to the greatest degree. When crimes are committed by suspects who are influenced by allegiance to their personal 'god' (whoever that might be), police investigators must be aware of their peculiar mindsets in order to effectively interview them, investigate crime scenes, educate supervisors and prosecuting attorneys, and present believable testimony to shocked juries. Satan, as a spirit world entity, was not invented by Marvel Comics or Steven Spielberg! His basis for existance in this world is described in the Bible starting in Genesis. The extreme efforts expended by modern satanists to desecrate all things related to Jesus Christ stem directly from the antipathy between the Biblical characterization of Jesus as God's Son and His arch enemy satan. Satan was, according to the Bible, formerly the created angel named Lucifer who rebelled against God and was cast from heaven to dwell on earth as a disembod- ied spirit. (According to Biblical accounts, Lucifer was in charge of the music in heaven; relate that to the strong 'devil worship' and perverted visual and audio influences of some of the worst heavy metal groups seen today.) Basically, if you want to determine where an avowed satanist's head is, deter- mine what the Biblical God would desire, then picture the exact oppo-'ll be pretty close. Truth vs lies. Gentleness vs violence. Forgiveness vs revenge. Order vs helter skelter. Submission to authority vs arrogance. Beauty vs ugliness. Health vs perversion. Light vs darkness. Hope vs despair. Restoration vs suicide. Life vs death. All that for this! The Editor will try to identify various reference works which you can easily obtain to provide background information on many of the groups and movements which may be encountered in your jurisdictions. There are three biases which we must consider: First - books written by members of non-traditional groups are suspect in that they are often written to lead the unsuspecting into the establish a legitimate, if erroneous, outward appearance. Illegal acts which members might commit will not be admitted in writing, yet it is those very acts the police are most interested in uncovering. Second - Reference works written by non-participants (often from a psycholo- gist's or sociologist's empirical perspective) may provide a superficial treatment of the subject, neglecting ethical/moral/legal comparisons. The basis of criminal law, however, revolves on the 'rightness' or 'wrongness' of people's actions. The passive observer/reporter may focus on trends, his- tories, and population dynamics without addressing the destructive 6 physical, psychological, or spiritual aspects of non-traditional group member- ship and victimization. Third - Religious writers sometimes tend to write from limited perspectives, overgeneralize, or stereotype. The worst of these attack other movements with zeal, if not with documented facts. The best, address their topics from a blended perspective which includes the natural, psychological, and spiritual, and is well-grounded on documentable evidence. All can be sources of data and you are encouraged to verify facts from more than one source. The following are some books which are valuable quick refer- ences: (Please send in good sources you have discovered.) LARSON'S BOOK OF CULTS by Bob Larson, Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Library of Congress, Catalog #82-60018, ISBN 0-8423-2104-7, Eighth Printing 1985. Written in easy-to-read encyclopedic form, Larson's book gives condensed descriptions of more than 50 cults and "-isms" from historical, sociological, and theological perspectives. The Editor especially appreciated the author's introduction concerning basic cult concepts, terms, and myths. Each chapter dealing with specific groups ends with a quick reference outlining the found- ers, textual basis, known symbols, to whom the beliefs appeal, and locations. The addenda include background sources for minor cults, a recommended reading list, annotated bibliography, and twenty coercive cult techniques. The paper- back book is fully indexed for easy reference and sells for less than $10.00. THE CULT EXPLOSION by Dave Hunt, Harvest House Publishers, Library of Congress, Catalog #80-80458, ISBN #0-89081-241-1. 1980. Hunt's book provides reading for those of you who want to understand the subtle ways cults prey upon the fears, needs, and weaknesses of people. He quotes facts and personal experiences of people who escaped from the control of non- traditional groups. There is real danger in the recent upsurge of C/S/DM activity which translates into crimes ranging from civil rights violations to fraud, assault, and worse. This paperback includes explanation of the following topics: Science, Physics, and Religion; the Sorcerers and the Drug Connection; TM; Altered States of Consciousness; Godhood; the Ultimate Lie; Morality, Cultic Sex, and Sin; Fanatic Lawlessness; Witchcraft and the Women's Movement; the Star Wars Force; Spirit Communication; Where are the Dead; Battle for the Mind; the Coming World Government; Hitler's God-Men; and many others. Price: About $7.00 6. FRIENDS OF LAW ENFORCEMENT -- As the Editor gathers data it is apparent that many sources of information about non-traditional and potentially destruc- tive groups in our society exist. Many people have made extensive studies of specialized topics and have amassed a bulk of information and helps which we can tap and/or contribute to. Let the Editor know of resources which are trustworthy and supportive of police efforts. Listed below are some contacts you might find helpful: CHILD LURES (KEN WOODEN), Box 4345, Shelburne, Vt., 05482, Telephone: 802-985-8458 -- Deals with children who have been sexually molested, ritually abused, with parents of missing or murdered children. Wooden was co-producer 7 of the "20-20" segment on satan worship in America, was an investigative reporter at Jonestown, is an author, lecturer, and will speak at the N. Colo./S. Wyo. Dets. Assoc. Seminar if Ft. Collins, Colo, 9/9 - 9/12/86. DR. DALE GRIFFIS, Ph.D., Box 309, Tiffin, Ohio, 44883, Telephone: 429-447-8611 -- Ex-police captain in Tiffin, 25 year police veteran, research- er, trainer, lecturer, information source about non-traditional group activity and intelligence information. Expert on cult and occult crimes. Authored "A Law Enforcement Primer on Cults." Will provide an article for this Newsletter entitled, "The Four Faces of Satan." TRUTH ABOUT ROCK (Dan or Steve Peters), Box 9222, N. St. Paul, Minn., 55109, Telephone: 612-770-8114 -- Available for nationwide seminars on rock music. Authored: Why Knock Rock? INCEST SURVIVORS ANONYMOUS (Erin May), 61 E. 55th St., Long Beach, Calif. 90805, Telephone: 213-422-1632 -- Organization deals with survivors of incestual or ritualistic abuse. PRO FAMILY FORUM (Lottie Beth Hobbs), Box 8907, Ft. Worth, Tex. 76112, Tele- phone 817-531-3605 -- This educational group deals with family issues. Written materials are available on many topics, including dungeons and dragons. B.A.D.D., INC. (Pat Pulling), Box 5513, Richmond, Va., 23220, Telephone 804-883-6747 -- Initially concerned with the destructive influence of D&D and other adolescent role-playing games, this group is active in combatting in a broad spectrum of satanic-related influences through education and documented information. The booklet "Witchcraft or Satanism" available for a $4.00 charge, is a good ready reference for officers wading through terms, practices, and rumors associated with these topic areas. Pat will be a speaker in Ft. Collins and has been a tremendous help, encouragement, and information source for the Editor. (This listing is largely taken from her material.) B.A.D.D., INC. (Rosemary Loyacono: Denver Location), Box 2303, Larkspur, Colo., 80118, Telephone: 303-681-2854. THE NATIONAL COALITION ON TELEVISION VIOLENCE (Dr. Thomas Radecki, M.D.), Box 2157, Champaign, Ill., 61820, Telephone: 217-384-1920 -- This group combats violence in entertainment through education and action. PARENT'S MUSIC RESOURCE CENTER (Nancy Meritt, Tipper Gore, Pam Howard, Susan Baker, Sally Nevius), 1500 Arlington Blvd., Arlington, Virginia 22209, Tele- phone: 703-527-9466 -- Provides information on rock music which involves violence, pornographic depictions, and satanic lyrics. GO TECH CENTER FOR CHILDREN (Dr. Nick Tauraso, M.D.), Box 606, Frederick, Maryland, 21701, Telephone: 800-638-9602 -- Pediatrician, author, expert on talented and gifted programs, expert in destructive influences on youth includ- ing teen suicide. BACK IN CONTROL CENTER (Darlene Pettinicchio), 1234 W. Chapman, Suite 203, Orange, Calif., 92668, Telephone 714-538-2563 -- Expert in teen delinquents involved in punk rock and heavy metal music; family counseling. 8 W.A.T.C.H. NETWORK (Sue Joyner), Box 12638, El Paso, Texas, 79913 -- Organiza- tion dealing with teenage satanism. CULT AWARENESS NETWORK (Reginald Alev), Box 608370, Chicago, Ill., 60626, Telephone: 312-675-7788 -- This group has state affiliate contact persont, so call for the one nearest you. Compiles information on the broad range of active cults in America. Provides information to parents with children in- volved in cultic groups) and to the police. A good resource from which secon- dary resources can be obtained. WILLIAM C. DEAR & ASSOCIATES, P.I.'s (Bill Dear), 901 Frost Hollow Dr., Desoto, Tex., 75115, Telephone 303-841-2272 -- Provides workshops and seminars concern- ing occult crimes. DET. SANDI GALLANT, San Francisco P.D. Intelligence Division, 850 Bryant, San Francisco, Calif., 94103, Telephone: 425-553-1133 -- Nationally recognized expert, lecturer, police trainer on cult/occult crime. Sandi will also speak in Ft. Collins on 9/9 - 9/12/86. DISCLAIMER: THIS DOCUMENT IS FOR USE IN DETECTION OF CRIMINAL ACTIVITY AND THE PROTECTION OF CITIZENS AND IS NOT MEANT TO INTERFERE WITH FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS. 9


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