The following is taken from File 18 Newsletter Vol. II #87-1, dated February 22, 1987, ite

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The following is taken from File 18 Newsletter Vol. II #87-1, dated February 22, 1987, item 14: F18> 14. THE SEVEN W.I.C.C.A. LETTERS: The Witches F18> International Coven Council Associate, a coalition of F18> witches formed to try to establish unity and co- F18> ordination between diverse groups of witches and to F18> reconcile White, Gray, and Black Witchcraft F18> movements, established a comprehensive list of goals F18> in their 1981 W.I.C.C.A. Convention in Mexico. Dep. F18> Dave Gaerin, San Diego S.O. originall developed the F18> information which was then used as the basis for an F18> article in the PASSPORT MAGAZINE SPECIAL EDITION, F18> herein quoted: "...They clearly and boldly outline F18> the seriousness of their intentions. F18> 1. To bring about the covens, both black and white F18> magic, into one and have the arctress to govern F18> all--ACCOMPLISHED; F18> 2. To bring about personal debts causing discord and F18> disharmony within families--ACCOMPLISHED; F18> 3. To remove or educate "new age youth" by: F18> a. infiltrating boys'/girls' clubs and big F18> sister/brother programs F18> b. infiltrating schools, having prayers removed, F18> having teachers teach about drugs, sex, F18> freedoms F18> c. instigating and promoting rebellion against F18> parents and all authority F18> d. promoting equal rights for youth--ACCOMPLISHED; F18> 4. To gain access to all people's backgrounds and F18> vital information by: F18> a. use of computers F18> b. convenience F18> c. infiltration--ACCOMPLISHED; F18> 5. To have laws changed to benefit our ways, such as: F18> a. removing children from home environment and F18> placing them in our foster homes F18> b. mandatory placement of childrenn in our daycare F18> centers F18> c. increased taxes F18> d. open drug and pornography market to everyone-- F18> NOT YET ACCOMPLISHED; F18> 6. To destroy government agencies by: F18> a. overspending F18> b. public opinion F18> c. being on the offensive always, opposing, F18> demonstrating, demoralizing--NOT YET F18> ACCOMPLISHED; F18> 7. (The seventh letter was not revealed until the F18> Summer Solstice, June 21, 1986. Dep. Gaerin has F18> been able to determine part of this letter, F18> namely, that covens are sanctioned to abduct and F18> sacrifice human adults or children on the 24th. of F18> each month for the next eleven years, at which F18> time they expect to be in complete control. This F18> amounts to new and unifying emphasis on blood- F18> letting rituals.) F18> Peter Michas, a Christian pastor and expert in F18> the area of Satanism and heavy metal music, says that F18> goals five and six have since been accomplished, at F18> least to a satisfactory degree, and that goal seven F18> has been "announced" to the public on the album F18> covers of popular Satanic heavy metal bands such as F18> Ozzy Osborne. By placing together bits of F18> information from different album covers, Michas says F18> that the seventh goal is to be a tremendous increase F18> of blatant Satanic activity over the next thirteen F18> years, culminating in the physical reign of Satan on F18> earth on June 21, 1999..." It's my understanding that many scholars and journalists and cops have tried to get Gaerin to produce his documentation, but that he has refused to respond to any requests. (Those of you closer to San Diego: you try it and let us know what happens.) Even some anti-occult lecturers have denounced this forgery; in THE EDGE OF EVIL Jerry Johnston points out that the grammar is not just bad but inconsistent, as if a teenager had written part of it and then a paranoid adult added to it to make it sound worse. There is not one shred of evidence that the Witches International Coven Council Authority ever existed, let alone met in Mexico. I would like to point out that this is just a variant form on a story we're all quite familiar with. In 1977, John W. Todd went on a barnstorming tour of churches all over the country, warning people that Witches were part of the Bavarian Illuminati and trying to take over the world. In his lecture (available here at 1:100/523 as JTC.ARC), he repeatedly claimed that Ray Buckland, the Chief Witch in America, was this country's "real" ruler behind the scenes. (For those of you who don't know, Ray Buckland, along with Isaac Bonewits and Gavin Frost, investigated Todd in 1976 when he was claiming to be a Witch persecuted by the police for his religion. They found out that he was using a mock coven as a cover for drug-dealing, including trading drugs to under-aged girls for sexual favors. They turned their evidence over to the cops. Funny thing: as soon as he got out of jail, he went out on the road denouncing these three men as high-ranking Illuminati.) According to Todd, he hosted a meeting in San Antonio, Texas in 1972 where Dr. Buckland opened up the Six Letters smuggled over from Illuminati Headquarters in England via diplomatic courier pouch. The first four, Todd claimed, were "routine" instructions to pay off various politicians and religious leaders. The fifth was supposedly an Eight Year Plan to take over the world, and the sixth was notification to all the covens that the Illuminati had "found" the Son of Lucifer who was going to rule the world when the Plan was carried out. Todd was later revealed to be (at the very least) a mentally unbalanced man, if not an out-right con man and fraud. Virtually every single Protestant organization in the country denounced and disowned him and his stories, and only Jack Chick still defends him. (For full details, obtain JTCFACTS.ARC from here at 1:100/523.) A local cult-cop, Sgt. Jim Mantle, has been waving around as "proof" that the W.I.C.C.A. exists a few newsletters from the Church and School of Wicca, and anything else he can find that uses the word Wicca in it. (And some of you thought that Wicca was a safer, calmer alternative to the word "Witchcraft." See what that kind of thinking gets you?) He and several other Witch-Hunters have been giving copies of the Passport Magazine Special Edition excerpted above to local school officials, pastors, news agencies, businesses that deal with the public, and community organizations--producing a rising level of hysteria.


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