To: Martin Smolensky Re: FAIR IS FAIR Dear Mr. Smolenski, Although I have stated I would n

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WARNING: The Cult Awareness Network was destroyed by the Scientology crime syndicate in court and, when CAN went bankrupt, the Scientology criminal enterprise acquired the use and title of the Cult Awareness network. Now, if you call CAN, you will find yourself talking to the Scientology crime syndicate! This gross injustice was due to a massive frame up concocted by Scientology to destroy CAN and it worked, prompting a Judge to order all of CAN's records handed over to the very same criminal enterprise that most people contacted the real CAN to complain about and to acquire help fighting. Spread the word that the new Cult Awareness Network is now a Scientology crime syndicate front! - flr, feb 2003 From: Janardana Dasa on 1:115/800 To: Martin Smolensky Re: FAIR IS FAIR Dear Mr. Smolenski, Although I have stated I would not post here further, I am inspired by your recent posts, and the posts of others, to comment on the attacks I'm receiving. Since you are a lawyer here in Chicago I am inviting you personally to come to my house, or we can meet anywhere you'd like, to review my record in full, including all newspaper accounts, police reports, court transcripts, prison files, and anything else I have in my possession. So many folks seem so interested in it, including yourself, that I'd be more than happy at this time to open my records to anyone. I am, however, filing the complaints as you so correctly warned. I also have the same NCIC pages you and everyone else has. One thing people fail to notice regarding NCIC reports is that they list numerous entries for the same offense. Yes, I was in five seperate institutions, federal, Illinois State, and Texas State. Ten, total, if you count all the transfer points and hold-over prisons. The actual court documents and sentences and time served do not reflect or match the NCIC record in the least bit. Yes, I was in prison. Yes, I committed felonies. Yes, I ESCAPED, as it was pointed out (if you call failing to return to a weekend halfway house escape, well, I'm a real Dillinger, eh?). Not one person on this echo, aside from perhaps yourself, that has commented on my record, has ever asked what went on, why, or why is it that I'm no longer in prison. Recidivism is at 80%, meaning that 8 out of ten go back. Unemployment among ex-offenders is at an equal 80%, yet I have worked almost constantly since release. 70% of those released on Parole are returned before completing their parole agreements (violators). Everyone I know personally, everyone, family, friends, the police in my hometown, teachers, preachers, etc., have forgiven me and have welcomed me back. I have done video's for police usage for juvenile offenders and have talked with people in jails following the same path I was leading in hopes of helping them out of the criminal mind-set. The police have invited me to do this, not as a standard procedure, but because they saw somehow that I have reformed. To be honest, I was a wild kid with ideas of becoming a grand gangster, like Clyde Barrow or something. I was in trouble everyday practically. The police in my hometown would pick me up everytime they SAW me, just to check if there were any warrants. Yet this is so distant from me now that I don't even think about it. If you want to examine my whole record, you're welcome to it. I've spoken about it on other echoes, myself, openly. My neighbors know, and occasionally they ask questions, like what jail is like. Sometimes parents have tried to get me to talk to their kids because they ditch school, and the like. So why am I not in prison now? If I were condemnable as much as you folks promote, surely I'd be there now and forevermore. The fact is that in Federal prison there were visiting Hare Krishna chaplains who preached to me and asked me essentially "what right do you have to cause distress to others?" It was the first time I heard it put that way. Instead of cops telling me I was no good, or parents, or probation officers, etc., these people were simply asking me not to cause distress to any other living entity, and from that day on I have done my best not to cause such distress and my life has certainly turned around completely. But that wouldn't interest those who like to condemn and sling crap, would it? The people I work with, my place of employment, Krishna Yoga Foundation, Religious Freedom project, etc., all know of my past behavior. THEY have forgiven me. To God, none of this matters. To you folks, it's a big deal. Why is this? I've been getting a real kick out of the trouble some of you folks have been going through to get info on me, especially when no one has asked me for it directly. That's typical of closed-minded folks who already know everything they need to condemn and burn the so-called witches. So, if a criminal record is indicative of a man's integrity, are we supposed to advocate life in prison for all offenses? Eternal incarceration? Why is it that the government only sentences people to set terms? Why not lock anyone who has been convicted away forever? You people certainly would seem to be in favor of that, eh? If anyone wants to know about me, ask for crying out loud. No more namby-pamby little secrets, half-statements, accusations, etc. What's the matter? Even CAN (Cult Awareness Network) knew of my record when I was helping them deprogram Krishna's, and that is also provable, documentable, by a Chicago Police Documentary film I did sponsored by CAN wherein I talk of all the prison experiences, etc. Question that, if I'm so bad now, why not then, when still I was an ex-convict? At the same time, anyone who wants a list of references, people who know me, who I work with, including one FBI man, who will vouch for my present day integrity, including my employer, who entrusts thousands of dollars a day to my accounting, etc., just ask. Thank you. Hare Krishna's FORGIVE. Not just Hare Krishna followers, but they forgive everyone. Even Jesus asked God to forgive those who killed them, "for they know not what they do" (probably not a technical quote, I got it from the album Jesus Christ Superstar). I'm not asking for your forgiveness, unless somehow you were the victim of my criminal past, which I doubt. All I hope is that some of you will see things the way they are, not through some totalist condemnation mind-set. Thank you.


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