TRANSCRIPTION Keynote Speech Panel Discussion Blackhawk College, Moline, Ill April 20, 198

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WARNING: The Cult Awareness Network was destroyed by the Scientology crime syndicate in court and, when CAN went bankrupt, the Scientology criminal enterprise acquired the use and title of the Cult Awareness network. Now, if you call CAN, you will find yourself talking to the Scientology crime syndicate! This gross injustice was due to a massive frame up concocted by Scientology to destroy CAN and it worked, prompting a Judge to order all of CAN's records handed over to the very same criminal enterprise that most people contacted the real CAN to complain about and to acquire help fighting. Spread the word that the new Cult Awareness Network is now a Scientology crime syndicate front! - flr, feb 2003 TRANSCRIPTION Keynote Speech Panel Discussion Blackhawk College, Moline, Ill April 20, 1986 Dr. Edwin L. Morse Clinical Psychologist, Madison, WIs. B.S., Wittenberg College M.S. & Ph.D., Ohio State, Doctorate Thesis on Personal Identity Experience: 1953 Study of Korean P.O.W.s Became involved because of children of close friends Wife: Julia, Certified Speech Therapist and Psychological Assistant 50% OF HIS CLINICAL PRACTICE IS "CULT" RELATED Shepherding Groups, est, Scientology, Wicka [sic] Majority of Clients, Women In their community: Midwest Headquarters - The Way International, Ananda Marga "cult." Thank you very much. I'm really delighted to be here and frankly, honored to be given not only the recognition of Citizens Freedom Foundation but to work as closely with them as I have in the years that I've been involved in this kind of work. "Cult" Awareness Network is an organization that is typified by knowing what they are doing and in being relentless in trying to pursue it. I continuously am not only amazed but my respect for them is just never ending. I am one of the furtunate people that does not have immediate family involved in one of these destructive organizations. I have close friends, however, who have children missing and don't know about what they're doing, how they're being treated, whether or not they are healthy, whether or not they are injured...and on and on. It is a pathetic type of pain that these individuals experience every day of their lives. But, it is something that many individuals in this country, in this society, in this community are ignorant about and if anything, I am very, very happy to hear Reg talking about some of the things that are taking place...because more and more exposure has to take place...because I feel that we are involved in a basic type of sociological war or crime. There is available in our society today the sophistication of technique to basically enslave human beings. And that is what is being done by a number of these organizations. Last October at a National Conference, Dr. Margaret Singer addressed the "Cult" Awareness Network in Dallas Texas. She indicated that 1985 and now 1986 has come and gone, or is in the process, and we have passed 1984 predictions of Orwell which have not come true, by in large. But she made a very enlightening point that I had never thought about. And that is, that his basic prediction has come true. We have reached a level of sophistication in our knowledge of use of language and communication and interpersonal skills so that we can, if we want to, deliberately and systematically control other human beings and have them do what we want them to do. The basic knowledge of how to create an imprisoned victim is very simple and is very easy to obtain. All it takes is motivation, and to want to use other individuals enslavement, entrapment, and to use it for the individual's own power and purpose.... and it can be done. I have a lot of trouble talking about the victim because the words get very complicated. Psychologically, it is a very clear reality that there is a process that is brainwashing. Similarly you can refer to it as mind control, it doesn't matter, the end result is the same. A person who is unsuspecting, a person who is searching to find some real meaning for their life can be very subtly, quickly, systematically, enslaved and manipulated and they don't know what's happening. For years and years I gave lectures on clinical hypnosis and had always said, and still say, that in clinical hypnosis it is impossible to take a human being and make them do something they don't want to do, and it's holds true today. However, if I have another human being under my absolute control for 72 hours, I now realize AND KNOW that I can have them totally brainwashed...that I can have them totally obedient and compliant. It is done day in and day out all over this country. Human beings are systematically taught to believe certain things and taught to forget certain things and they become prisoners of the people that they thought they could trust and learn from. It is human exploitation and it is done deliberately and systematically. I am very glad to hear...I didn't realize that there had been such testimony for the Select Subcommittee for Children and Families. There has to be more, because if there is one thing that exists it is, I believe, pervasive ignorance about what is going on within our society and our homes. I am a Clinical Psychologist and I'm licensed to practice to help human beings with their personal troubles. To the best of my knowledge, I am the only person in a community of approximately 400,000 people that has special knowledge about the issues that I am referring to. It is a tragedy that there are few, if any, professionals who understand this phenomenon or understand what is happening to not only the youths, but also to children and to elderly in our society. I believe our educational institutions and political systems as well as criminal justice systems have got to become educated and learn what is going on. BRAINWASHING..MIND CONTROL..IT EXISTS..IT IS A can be done..and it can be done QUICKLY and EFFICIENTLY. It also can be done EN MASSE. There are all kinds of variations, but all the variations include the same variables that take place within the process. Saying this, I would like to move for just a moment to what we see in our clinical practice. We are very familiar with the standard or destructive "cultic" organizations that appear very often in newspapers. The Unification Church, The Way International, Hare Krishna, Scientology, on and on and on, I'm trying to think of the "top ten". But, we are also very, very familiar with things we have never seen before the last few years. Maybe it's because we didn't look around or maybe it's because we are starting to wake up. At the present point in time we are working with two individuals, two women, both of whom are professionals who are a part of eleven women who were all in a small "cult" directed by a single male. He now has a cohort with him. These two individuals were the recipients of the total income of eleven professional women over a four year period of time. And, when I say professional women, I mean Social Worker..School Teacher..Nurse..individuals who are making large sums of money. But they existed, all eleven of them, on $100 a month for groceries. They always had to ask for enough money for tampons, they always had to allocate how much money could be spent on toilet paper and they had to get permission to buy such items. They never questioned where all the money went. They never even questioned why, after working all day long, they had to stay up all night long to AGAIN go over the teachings of the leader. Recently we have become more aware of "satanic" groups systematically using runaway children..systematically trying to entice adolescents into their organizations for both their own exploitation, and also to use them in rituals involving sexual abuse...and sometimes death rituals. The kind of things we're seeing in our clinical practice are, in all honesty, the worst things I have ever seen in my career of twenty years at this point in time. I am staying in this field because I am so disgusted about the exploitation and abuse of human beings that I'm seeing in this "Free American Society". If you haven't spent much time learning about things like this, you would be shocked, I think, to find some of the things that do in fact exist and take place every day of the week in every community in this country. I know of NO community that is not affected by these types of problems. We have, just a few months ago, faced a court case where custody and visitation from the parent father was denied to his two children. The reason it was denied, and the reason we fought for it to be denied, was the six year-old child and the three year-old child were brainwashed from the day one. The six year-old child believes absolutely that he can change the weather, that he talks to God, that his father is God, that he is able to read people's minds and that the only mind in the world that is real is his father's mind. The judge looked at it for a long, long time, and it is the only case in the court's history that this has ever been done. But, at least one judge recognized the seriousness of what was happening to that child. There is something else that we also are seeing..and that is the brutalization of women. Brutalization in ways that are hard to describe without becoming extremely both angry and outraged. I have been aware of a tremendous amount of crime in my life. I've worked in prison systems, I've been in the streets of major cities, I've been involved in a lot of criminal cases...I have never seen anything as ugly as I have seen in "cult"-related cases. We are currently dealing with two women and their two daughters who were systematically sexually abused by a grandparent. They have absolutely no memory for any of this because they were being used in "satanic" rituals and were given drugs that made them pliable and forgetful, but simultaneously available for any kind of perverse sexual torture or abuse that you could imagine. The statute of limitations has run out. There's no physical evidence so that they can get anywhere in the courtroom, but we have reports from physicians who say they can't imagine what this woman's body went through...but he can't testify as to how it got there. It is happening more and more. Drugs are playing a major part in some groups. In "satanic" groups they play a major role, but they are also related...from the best that we know...not all the time...but very often...where there is child pornography involved. It's a little different than The Way International, it's a little different than the Unification Church but it is similar because it is the identical type of enslavement and mind rape and human violation that takes place in the other types of "cults." These "cults" are getting exposed, getting changed, but they are also getting more sophisticated. The large mass training of how to become better as a human being that was introduced back in the 60's and had the proper name of "est" is now called The Forum --It is now changing with the times, it's getting bigger, it's getting slicker, it's getting more sophisticated. It hasn't gone down in price in fact it's getting more expensive, but it's there and it's rampant. I work in an office with fourteen doctors. Every single one got a "free" invitation to go to The Forum when it was held in my community just 4 weeks ago..absolutely free. Obviously the anticipation is that we will get involved longer. Rev. Moon, as was mentioned by Reg, is trying to engage people in broad dialogues. Simultaneously, while that level of sophistication is going on and he is buying newspapers, we also have people like Tony Alamo from Arkansas who comes to Wisconsin every spring, because it is a state with a very large Catholic population, and spreads literature all over the state about how the Catholics created the Holocaust. He has been found guilty of a number of crimes through the Federal Court System because of abuses with labor laws, but he still exists.. and he's still estimated to be worth some thirty million dollars.. and he's still taking people off the streets whenever he has a chance to. I don't know what the answer is, but I do know that creating an awareness that there is a potential for human destruction within our communities is a necessity. If it weren't for CFF, I don't know who would be trying to keep the public informed. It is a small group, but it is a group that has been able to make tremendous and effective changes. But, more and more people have got to be willing to look around and see what is going on, and find out when free choice has been taken away from another human being. The bottom line as far as I'm concerned is that destructive "cultic" organizations are in reality taking away the freedom of human beings and, in doing so, also destroying families and affecting many many loved ones simultaneously. We are, fortunately, seeing a few positive things in our practice. We are starting to see that there is some method to what we do. We are starting to see that individuals are coming out of these things... these imprisoned mind sets... programmed styles of being brainwashed... There is a method, and we are able to start to say now, "I think we know when we can be of help." The myth that exists, I believe, in our community and almost every community, however, is about people who get "sucked up" into or manipulated and exploitively involved in destructive "cultic" organizations. The myth is that these people are "screwed up" to begin with, these people are strange, these people have psychological problems. That is an absolute myth and there is absolutely no foundation to it whatsoever. Out of thousands of hours working with "cultic" victims, right now there are only two people that I feel ever had any pre-existing serious emotional problems. Those two individuals, unfortunately, were both involved with murders. What we find are bright, extremely bright people. What we find are idealistic people. What we find are highly motivated and deeply committed people. They are people who have been lied to and people who have been deceived. But we do not find people coming out of these organizations who were emotionally disturbed beforehand. We find people coming who were involved in good solid families but again they were lied to and deceived and tricked and exploited. But when they come out, it doesn't take much when they realize they are dealing with people who have knowledge.. that they are in and of themselves valid unique human beings and are worth something in and of themselves. That is something they have not known for years and years and years until they get out of the totalitarian kind of existence that they have been subjected to. I hope that I will see a difference in the next decade, however, I don't know how to predict. One thing I can predict is that we're going to see more and more of the damage inflicted upon people. And I hope, as we see more of it, we will find quicker ways to prevent it and correct it. It is now a number of years since Jonestown. It is also, though, a period of time when we are starting to see the second generation effects, the children of people growing up in "cultic" organizations. I hope that in a decade we will have a lot more knowledge and a lot fewer of these folks around....but that won't be the case. I want to end by repeating something I have probably said three times. I implore each and every person in this room to become more knowledgeable. To discuss issues about "cultic" organizations and therapeutic organizations.. discuss these things with friends.. find out what exists.. get more information.. talk to your elected representative.. talk to your police officials.. talk to your doctors. When formal education is not providing the education that's needed, it has to come from the people in the community, come from the grass roots. Question the professionals.. the elected people -- the people in government you know. We have to educate and we have to learn. Thank you very much. ===================================================================== Commentary: Most of what E.L. Morse relates here is total fabrication, hearsay, Urban Myth, ignorance, or a combination of these factors: It seems someone should read a bible at him: "Do not pervert justice; do not show partiality to the poor or favoritism to the great, but judge your neighbor fairly. Do not go about spreading slander among your people. Do not do anything which endangers your neighbor's life." (Lev. 19:15-16 NIV) And another: "Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong. When you give testimony in a lawsuit, do not pervert justice by siding with the crowd. ... Have nothing to do with a false charge and do not put an innocent or honest person to death, for I will not acquit the guilty. ... Do not oppress an alien (someone not of your people); you yourselves know how it feels to be aliens, because you were aliens in Egypt." (Ex. 23:2-9 NIV) And if that's too hard, let's try one of the Ten Commandments: "You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor." (Ex. 20:16 NIV)


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