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WARNING: The Cult Awareness Network was destroyed by the Scientology crime syndicate in court and, when CAN went bankrupt, the Scientology criminal enterprise acquired the use and title of the Cult Awareness network. Now, if you call CAN, you will find yourself talking to the Scientology crime syndicate! This gross injustice was due to a massive frame up concocted by Scientology to destroy CAN and it worked, prompting a Judge to order all of CAN's records handed over to the very same criminal enterprise that most people contacted the real CAN to complain about and to acquire help fighting. Spread the word that the new Cult Awareness Network is now a Scientology crime syndicate front! - flr, feb 2003 Public message # 1828 CULTWATC ECHO Entered 05:01 Monday 26-Nov-90 From: Janardana Dasa on 1:129/34 To: David Rice Re: CAN, SCP REFERENCES... > Hi, and a BIG welcome to HARVEY_BASH, er, I mean, CULT_WATCH echo. > > Allways remember, and never forget, that =*CULT*= is Cult Awareness > Network's FIRST NAME! That should tell you a great deal. > > How did you "deprogram" people, and how did you rationalize that > unethical, immoral activity? What enlightened you enough to cast > off the yoke of intolerance and religious biggory, and support > every American's right to religious freedoms? Are all CAN nodes > run by Xian cults? > Good question. How does one rationalize hate and bigotry? How did an entire nation fall into Naziism with such fervor? I don't know. I felt while I was doing it that "we knew better" than the mindless cult-member. Somehow we believed we were actually saving them. The real question, rather than how do we rationalize such behavior, should be how does the public tolerate it? It's sickening! How did I deprogram people? The same way that CAN says the cults program them. (Of course, I'm a Hare Krishna, so I am only speaking as my programming will allow ). We kept them in an isolated room, no furnishings, no comforts, no contact with anyone other than the deprogramming team. We kept them awake 18 hours straight with bright lights and constant verbal attacks. In the main case I involved myself in, Billy Crocket, a ten year Krishna devotee, was worked on by three of the nations TOP deprogrammers, and myself as the new guy on the block. We kept on him, with constant attacks, constant Hitler and Jonestown videotapes, relentless accounts of how his "cult" (my "cult") is just like Jonestown... After eight days of this, the deprogramming when sour because Billy wouldn't budge. He was strong. I lost my enthusiasm for the activity, and soon defected from CAN. The Religious Freedom Project has many files related to this issue available by mail, or some available on the Krishna Yoga Foundation BBS. The legal side, the moral side, everything is included. > I called The BBS (yah know the one. . . .) and talked with Mary. > She's quite the covert manipulator, dispensing misinformation > with one hand while patting herself on the back with the other > for her cleaverness. The text files I uploaded, which included > facts, dates, names, times, and places (i.e. GOOD information) > concerning =real= destructive cults, she deleted--- did not meet > her agenda to hear about CAN's criminal activites, Larry Jone's > excesses, Lauren Stratford's hallucinations, etc. Yes, Mary is something. She was the Interim National Director of CAN for a year and is probably the major deprogramming resource person nationwide. I spent a year working very closely with her and her family. SCARY. My own personal history, the Hare Krishna movement, CAN, deprogramming, back to the Krishna movement, etc., is also available through news articles and stories written in magazines, etc., by mail. If you're interested lemme know where to send it. --- RBBSMail 17.3A # Origin: Krishna Yoga Foundation HST Chicago 312/743-6116 (RBBS * Origin: Network Echogate (1:129/34) From: Janardana Dasa To: Suzanne Grimes Msg #5, 03:09am Dec-14-90 Subject: Re: Can Well, essentially, I got involved out of pure anger in the mode of passion. It was in May of 1986 that I decided "no more guru's, no more ISKCON, etc., after the death of Sulocana Dasa (Steve Bryant). I laid blame for his murder on the entire religious movement, rather than correctly upon the parties involved, namely "Tirtha Swami" and Kirtanananda. As my passion grew, so did hate and fear and paranoia, and other traits in the mode of ignorance. I began to see myself as a target and was easy pickings for a group like CAN which feeds on peoples fears. It's interesting how I got in touch with them in the first place. I worked as assistant manager at a hotel here in Chicago. One morning an Iranian guest came to the desk and, speaking very limited English, he asked that I connect him with "Cult Center for Islam..." "What?" "Cult place for Islam... In Chicago...Cult Islam" "What? You want a muslim cult?" "No! No! Cult Place for Islam.. in the phone book." So I looked in the phone book for anything similar to what this guy wanted, and under CULT (looking for Cultural) I saw Cult Awareness Network. I jotted down that number for my own reference and returned to the duty at hand. (Turned out he was looking for the Iranian Consul General phone number, which did not exist and there was no office of the sort in Chicago, but an Islamic Center helped him...) That night I called CAN and, on their answering machine left a message asking if they had any info on ISKCON, or wanted any from me. I was specifically looking to find hard-copy files from them. They called the next day, and the Director and Past-director visited me that week for an interview. That's when it all began, the talk shows, speaking engagements, and later working to help and finally participate in deprogramming. The entire dynamics are such that it was easy for them to fuel my rage into a twisted hatred, and it was easy for me to use them as my outlet against what I saw as an evil empire. It was a mutual thing there I suspect. Well, my deprogramming attempt of Bhaktisiddhanta Dasa (now Swami) was the real education for me and set me straight on alot of issues, including and especially human rights, decency and justice. I'll always be grateful for the way he handled me, his captor, with such mercy. The story is really longer and more complex than this, but stay tuned, soon there'll be a handbook on cults and anti-cult movements, a sort of how-to-avoid-deprogramming manual, and that story will be included in its entirity.


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