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> From : LINDA THOMPSON Number : 547 of 863 > To : ALL Date : 08/31/92 10:01p > Subject : Idaho Situation Reference : NONE > Read : [N/A] Private : NO > Conf : 001 - PAUL REVERE NETWORK Well, here it is as close to the horse's mouth as any of us will probably ever get: What's happening with Randy Weaver in Naples, Idaho, from Randy Weaver: From my conversation (8/31/92) with: CHUCK SANDELIN -- preacher, who, with Bo Gritz, went into the house and talked with Randy. Randy Weaver used to be in SF with Bo Gritz and Randy and Chuck both apparently know a lot of the people that are Bo Griz's supporters. The scenario: Army Tanks and APC's surround the house, 300 troops, 100 FBI, local law enforcement, BATF, National Guard, and US Army. House is high in the mountains on a rock ridge. "I said Randy isn't going to kill anybody. And I went in there and so did Bo and we talked to him." Chuck Diary of Randy Weaver Given to Chuck Sandelin by Randy Weaver and read to me today by phone: RANDY WEAVER: (PARENTHETICALS ARE MY REMARKS - LT) 11:30 August 21, 1992, the dogs starting barking. Randy (Weaver), Kevin (Harris) and Sam (Weaver, Randy's son, age 13) ran out to see what the dogs were barking about. Randy was carrying a 12 .ga shotgun, Kevin (Harris) was carrying a 30.06 bolt action, Sam was carrying a .223 mini 14 Old yeller, Striker, was at the pump house, barking into the woods. Randy, Kevin and Sam went down to investigate. Heard something running west, so Sam and Kevin followed Striker, Randy dropped down on the logging road heading west. "I didn't have any idea what we were chasing and we were hoping it was a deer. When I reached the first fork in the logging road, a very well camaflaged person yelled, "Freeze, Randy." I yelled, "*** you" and immediately retreated 80-100 feet towards home. I realized immediately that we had run smack in into a ZOG/NWO (Zionist Occupational Government/New World Order) ambush." I stopped to see if I was being followed. About that time I heard a gunshot and Striker yelped. Then I heard two more shots and Striker stopped yelping. I started yelling for Sam and Kevin to return home and that the Feds had shot striker. I also fired my shotgun once into the air to draw attention to myself and praying that would help. I replaced the empty shell with a new one, shoving it past the extractor, jamming my shotgun. I drew my 9 mm handgun and fired 3 or 4 rounds up into the air and I was yelling again for Sam to return home. Sam said, "I'm coming, Dad." I then walked backwards up the hill toward home, yelling to Sam and Kevin to come home. All the while I heard many shots ringing out from the direction of the ambush. By the time I reached home, I still hadn't seen Sam or Kevin coming home and they didn't respond anymore when I called to them. A few minutes later, Kevin came walking home. We asked him if he had seen Sam and Kevin said, "Yes, Sam's dead." KEVIN HARRIS: "Me and Sam followed Striker through the woods until we came out onto the road that forks off the one that Rand was on, and runs north. We (Kevin and Sam) headed South towards the same road that Randy was on. Striker reached the corner first, then Sam, and then me. A camouflaged person was in the road and he shot striker. Sam yelled, "You shot striker, you SOB!" There was more than one then and they pointed guns at Sam and shots went off. Sam opened fire and I took cover behind a stump as Sam headed up the road towards home. It appeared Sam had been wounded in the right arm. Also Sam yelled, "Oh shit, Kevin come on" and headed home. The men were still shooting at Sam, so I shot one of the SOB's. After they killed Sam, one of the Feds jumped out of the woods, and for the first time, declared he was a federal Marshall. The Feds then grabbed their wounded and left. I then headed home up the road and spotted Sam's body lying in the road, without a doubt, shot in the back. I checked for a pulse and didn't find one and I went home. RANDY WEAVER: "When Kevin got home and told us Sam was dead, Kevin and I, and Vickie, walked back down the road to get Sam's body. We brought him home and laid him in the guest shed. We cleaned his body and wrapped him in a sheet. We also brought Sam's rifle home and that is the weapon I am using now. We left No weapon with Sam's body as was reported on the local news. From that point on, we have never left the knoll and we have prepared to defend ourselves here. On Aug. 22, 1992, Saturday, the next day, sometime late afternoon, we heard our two remaining dogs start barking. Kevin, Sarah (oldest daughter), and I left the house to check the north perimeter. We didn't see anything, so I was going into the guest house where Sam was, to see him one last time. As I reached up to unlatch the door, I was shot from the rear and hit in the upper right arm. The bullet exited through my armpit. Yahweh/Yashua (God) has almost totally healed it on the day of this writing. When everyone heard the shot, Kevin and Sarah came around behind me and we headed for the house, in this order, Randy, Sarah, Kevin. Vickie came outside the door and yelled, "What happened?" I yelled, "I'm hit." Vickie was holding the door open for us to get in the house, Elisheva (the 10 months old baby) in her arms. A shot rang out and Vickie fell to the floor. She had been shot in the head and she died instantly. She fell in such a way that Elisheva wasn't harmed, praise Yahweh. At the same time, Kevin fell through the door into the kitchen. As near as we can tell, Kevin was struck with the same bullet that hit Vickie, leaving a very large wound on his left upper arm and penetrating his chest. There are also several small fragment wounds on his arm. Needless to say, we understand snipers are everywhere. They killed Sam, wounded Randy, killed Vickie, and wounded Kevin. The feds totally covered up the murder of Gordon Kahl and Gene Mathews (blown up on Whitby Island), they are especially against right white racialists (like Butler in Idaho) and/or Tax protestors and if they think we are going to trust them (we didn't trust them before they shot us), they're crazy. Yahweh is starting to heal Kevin, we constantly pray that he'll be okay. Since Vickie, Kevin and I have been shot, we haven't left the house and do not plan to unless we are starved out, then we will most certainly take the offensive. It appears as though the feds are attempting to draw fire from the house as an excuse to finish us all off. (Sarah 15, Rachel 12, and Elisheva is 10 months). If they even so much as crack a windowpane on this house with a robot telephone, gas grenades, etc., etc., it's all over with. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to all our sympathizers. Our faith is in our creater Yahweh/Joshua/The Messiah. We do not fear the one world beast government. They can only take our lives. Only Yahweh can destroy our souls. Samual Hanson Weaver and Vickie Jean Weaver are martyrs for Yahshua and the white race. Even if the rest of us die, we win. Hallelujah, keep the faith to all our families and brethren, we love you, hallelujah. Randy Weaver Kevin Harris Sarah Weaver Rachel and written in, Elisheva Per Chuck Sandlin: Jackie Brown - friend who was inside the house to remove Vickie's body yesterday. Chuck Sandlin: Re: Telephone Robot: Paul Harvey said on the radio yesterday "There's a telephone right outside, Randy, reach out and get it and we will communicate with you." When Bo got in the house, Randy said "Come here a minute. See that robot with that telephone in its hand? It's set up so that as soon as you take the receiver, there is a shotgun wired to it." Up the other arm of the robot, there is a short trigger around the elbow. Those that have seen it, Jackie Brown, Bo Gritz, and Randy, say it is a shotgun. It's used for terrorists. One of the BATF keeping the public back had a sub-50 machine gun flicking the trigger, pointing it at Bo and a guy jumped between Bo and the man and told him he was breaking the law, and the agent just laughed. The crowd is screaming and these agents are cock-proud and smart, laughing and smiling about it. Word through the crowd is that a professional riot arouser will be coming to the camp, brought in by the feds. It's as if they want an excuse to spray the crowd. They always burn the evidence. The feds took up a 20 gal drum of gas and a satchel pak to detonate it in a helicopter. Two channel 2 news guys stopped this by identifying that they were watching and they were arrested. They were planning to blow up the house with everyone in it, just like Whitby Island. August 25, 1992, 10:36, Iowa Bureau of Disaster services: Governor declared "emergency situation and disaster" in Boundary County and Bonner Counties and martial law is in effect. Cecil D. Andrus, governor. Declaration of martial law cites to Iowa laws and says: 46-601, authorization of National Guard and Organized Militia in service of the state. 46-1008, activate the disaster response and recovery of the state, local, and intergovernment disaster emergency plans thats acceptable to the affected areas; (b) authorize the deployment and use of any forces to which the plan or plans apply; (c) authorize the use or the distribution of any supplies, equipment, and materials and facilities assembled, stockpiled, or arranged to be made available for use during disaster emergencies. The state of extreme emergency and disaster emergency hereby proclaimed and declared shall continue for a period of 30 days unless sooner terminated or extend in 30 day increments. --------------------- Kevin Harris is in Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane, having surrendered yesterday. Chuck related a lot of other details. The US Marshall's service by phone to me yesterday and press releases they faxed said that Randy had been arrested in January 1991 on charges of selling a sawed off shotgun to an undercover agent. Chuck Sandelin said that was a set up, that it was related to Randy's refusal to be a an informant on the Aryan Brotherhood and also to some hard feelings that went back to his SF days when he turned in a superior for keeping 1/2 the drugs from drug busts they were making. Another source said that Randy was a well known militant, anti-establishment type that had probably done a lot of things and just never been caught -- like Al Capone, who was finally caught by the IRS, but never really caught murdering anyone. Anyway, he was arrested in January 1991 and didn't even have to post bond. He went home and didn't show up for his arraignment. He may or may not have publicly claimed he would never come out until the false charges were dropped. Regardless, for a bench warrant on a charge that wasn't even enough for him to have to post bond on, the US Marshall service sent a team of six special operations officers from Boston to Idaho to do "surveillance" on Randy for 18 months. Chuck says they were practicing military maneuvers in a two mile perimeter around Randy's house. He also says there are Hungarian troops practicing maneuvers in the area and underground detention centers in the area. Chuck's phone was very obviously tapped. So is ours. 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