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The Unabridged Shakespeare contents: ------------------------------------------- This work is in the PUBLIC DOMAIN, WORLDWIDE For more information about the entire series of Moby lexical databases, please contact Grady Ward at (In approximate chronological order of composition within each group.) Histories --------- 2 Henry VI 3 Henry VI 1 Henry VI Richard III Venus and Adonis The Rape of Lucrece Richard II King John 1 Henry IV 2 Henry IV Henry V Sonnets and 'A Lover's Complaint' Various Poems Henry VIII Comedies -------- The Two Gentlemen of Verona The Taming of the Shrew The Comedy of Errors Love's Labour's Lost A Midsummer Night's Dream The Merchant of Venice The Merry Wives of Windsor Much Ado About Nothing As You Like It Twelfth Night Troilus and Cressida Measure for Measure All's Well That Ends Well Pericles Prince of Tyre The Winter's Tale Cymbeline The Tempest Tragedies --------- Titus Andronicus Romeo and Juliet Julius Caesar Hamlet Othello Timon of Athens King Lear Macbeth Antony and Cleopatra Coriolanus Glossary -------- GLOSSARY ABATE to shorten To cast down To blunt ABATEMENT diminution ABHOR protest; disgust ABIDE to sojourn to expiate ABLE to uphold ABRIDGEMENT a short play ABROAD away, apart ABROOK to brook, abide ABSEY-BOOK a primer ABSOLUTE positive, certain Complete ABUSE to deceive ABUSE deception ABY to expiate a fault ABYSM abyss ACCITE to cite, summon ACCUSE accusation ACHIEVE to obtain ACKNOWN 'to be acknown' is to acknowledge ACQUITTANCE a receipt or discharge ACTION-TAKING litigious ACTURE action ADDITION title, attribute ADDRESS to prepare oneself ADDRESSED prepared ADVANCE to prefer, promote to honour ADVERTISEMENT admonition ADVERTISING attentive ADVICE consideration, discretion ADVISE sometimes neuter, sometimes reflective, to consider, reflect ADVISED considerate ADVOCATION pleading, advocacy AFEARED afraid AFFECT to love AFFY to affiance To trust AFRONT in front AGAZED looking in amazement AGLET-BABY the small figure engraved on a jewel AGNISE to acknowledge, confess A-GOOD a good deal, plenteously A-HOLD a sea-term AIERIE the nest of a bird of prey AIM a guess ALDER-LIEFEST most loved of all ALE alehouse ALLOW to approve ALLOWANCE approval AMES-ACE two aces, the lowest throw of the dice AMORT dead, dejected AN if ANCHOR an anchorite, hermit ANCIENT an ensign-bearer ANGEL a coin, so called because it bore the image of an angel ANIGHT by night ANSWER retaliation ANTHROPOPHAGINIAN a cannibal ANTICK the fool in the old plays ANTRE a cave APPARENT heir-apparent APPEAL accusation APPEAL to accuse APPEARED made apparent APPLE-JOHN a kind of apple APPOINTMENT preparation APPREHENSION opinion APPREHENSIVE apt to apprehend or understand APPROBATION probation APPROOF approbation, proof APPROVE to prove To justify, make good APPROVER one who proves or tries ARCH chief ARGAL a ridiculous word intended for the Latin ergo ARGENTINE silver ARGIER Algiers ARGOSY originally a vessel of Ragusa or Ragosa, a Ragosine; hence any ship of burden ARGUMENT subject ARMIGERO a mistake for Armiger, the Latin for Esquire AROINT found only in the imperative mood, get thee gone A-ROW in a row ARTICULATE to enter into articles of agreement to exhibit in articles ASK to require ASPECT regard, looks ASPERSION sprinkling; hence blessing, because before the Reformation benediction was generally accompanied by the sprinkling of holy water ASSAY attempt ASSAY to attempt, test, make proof of ASSINEGO an ass ASSUBJUGATE to subjugate ASSURANCE deed of assurance ASSURED betrothed ATOMY an atom Used in contempt of a small person ATONE to put people at one, to reconcile to agree ATTACH to seize, lay hold on ATTASKED taken to task, reprehended ATTEND to listen to ATTENT attentive ATTORNEY an agent ATTORNEY to employ as an agent To perform by an agent AUDACIOUS spirited, daring, but without any note of blame attached to it AUGUR augury AUTHENTIC clothed with authority AVAUNT int. be gone, a word of abhorrence AVE the Latin for hail; hence acclamation AVE-MARY the angelic salutation addressed to the Blessed Virgin Mary AVERRING confirming AVOID get rid of AWFUL worshipful AWKWARD contrary BACCARE keep back BACKWARD the hinder part; hence, when applied to time, the past BAFFLE embarrass BALKED heaped, as on a ridge BALLOW a cudgel BALM the oil of consecration BAN to curse BANK to sail by the banks BARM yeast BARN a child BARNACLE a shellfish, supposed to produce the sea-bird of the same name BASE a game, sometimes called Prisoners' base BASES an embroidered mantle worn by knights on horseback, and reaching from the middle to below the knees BASILISK a kind of ordnance BASTA enough BASTARD raisin wine BATE to flutter, as a hawk BATE to except To abate BAT-FOWLING catching birds with a clap-net by night BATLET a small bat, used for beating clothes BATTLE army BAVIN used as an a piece of waste wood, applied contemptuously to anything worthless BAWCOCK a fine fellow BAWD procurer BAY the space between the main timbers of the roof BEADSMAN one who bids bedes, that is, prays prayers for another BEARING-CLOTH a rich cloth in which children were wrapt at their christening BEAT to flutter as a falcon, to meditate, consider earnestly BEAVER the lower part of a helmet BEETLE a mallet BEING dwelling BEING since, inasmuch as BE-METE to measure BE-MOILED daubed with dirt BENDING stooping under a weight BENVENUTO (Italian), welcome BERGOMASK a rustic dance BESHREW evil befal BESTRAUGHT distraught, distracted BETEEM to pour out BETID happened BEZONIAN a beggarly fellow BIDING abiding-place BIGGEN a night-cap BILBERRY the whortleberry BILBO a sword, from Bilboa, a town in Spain where they were made BILBOES fetters or stocks BILL a bill-hook, a weapon BIN been, are BIRD-BOLT a bolt to be shot from a crossbow at birds BIRDING part. hawking at partridges BISSON blind BLANK the white mark in the middle of a target; hence, metaphorically, that which is aimed at BLENCH to start aside, flinch BLENT blended BLOOD-BOLTERED smeared with blood BLOW to inflate BOARD to make advances to; accost BOB a blow, metaph. a sarcasm BOB to strike, metaph. to ridicule, or to obtain by raillery BODGE to botch, bungle BODIKIN a corrupt word used as an oath. 'Od's Bodikin,' God's little Body BOITIER VERT green box BOLD to embolden BOLLEN swollen BOLTED sifted, refined BOLTER a sieve BOLTING-HUTCH a hutch in which meal was sifted BOMBARD a barrel, a drunkard BOMBAST padding BONA-ROBA a harlot BOND that to which one is bound BOOK a paper of conditions BOOT help, use BOOT to help, to avail BOOTLESS without boot or advantage, useless BOOTS bots, a kind of worm BORE calibre of a gun; hence, metaph. size, weight, importance BOSKY covered with underwood BOSOM wish, heart's desire BOTS worms which infest horses BOURN a boundary A brook BRACE armour for the arm, state of defence BRACH a hound bitch BRAID deceitful BRAVE handsome, well-dressed BRAVE boast BRAVERY finery Boastfulness BRAWL a kind of dance BREAST voice BREATHE to exercise BREATHING exercising BREECHING liable to be whipt BREED-BATE a breeder of debate, a fomenter of quarrels BREESE the gadfly BRIBE-BUCK a buck given away in presents BRING to attend one on a journey BROCK a badger, a term of contempt BROKE to act as a procurer BROKEN having lost some teeth by age BROKEN MUSIC the music of stringed instruments BROKER an agent BROTHERHOOD trading company BROWNIST a sectary, a follower of Brown, the founder of the Independents BRUIT noise, report, rumour BRUIT to noise abroad BRUSH rude assault BUCK suds or lye for washing clothes in BUCK-BASKET the basket in which clothes are carried to the wash BUCKING washing BUCK-WASHING washing in lye BUG a bugbear, a spectre BULLY-ROOK a bragging cheater BURGONET a kind of helmet BURST to break BUSKY bushy BUTT-SHAFT a light arrow for shooting at a target BUXOM obedient BY'RLAKIN by our little Lady: an oath CADDIS worsted galloon, so called because it resembles the caddis-worm CADE a cask or barrel CAGE a prison CAIN-COLOURED red (applied to hair) CAITIFF a captive, a slave; hence, a witch CALCULATE prophesy CALIVER a hand-gun CALLET a trull CALLING appellation CALM qualm CAN to know, be skillful in CANAKIN a little can CANARY a wine brought from the Canary Islands CANDLE-WASTERS persons who sit up all night to drink CANKER a caterpillar The dog-rose CANSTICK a candlestick CANTLE a slice, corner CANTON a canto CANVAS to sift: hence, metaphorically, to prove CAPABLE subject to Intelligent Capable of inheriting Ample, capacious CAPITULATE make a combined force CAPOCCHIA a simpleton CAPRICIO caprice CAPRICIOUS lascivious CAPTIOUS capacious CARACK a large ship of burden CARBONADO meat scotched for broiling CARBONADO to scotch for broiling CARD the taper on which the points of the compass are marked under the mariner's needle CAREIRE the curvetting of a horse CARKANET a necklace CARL a churl CARLOT a churl CASTILIAN a native of Castile; used as a cant term CASTILIANO VULGO a cant term, meaning, apparently, to use discreet language CATAIAN a native of Cathay, a cant word CATLING cat-gut CAUTEL deceit CAUTELOUS insidious CAVALERO a cavalier, gentleman CAVIARE the roe of sturgeon pickled; metaph. a delicacy not appreciated by the vulgar CEASE decease CEASE put off, made to cease CENSURE judgment CENSURE to judge, criticise CENTURY a hundred of anything, whether men, prayers, or anything else CEREMONY a ceremonial vestment, religious rite, or anything ceremonial CERTES certainly CESS rate, reckoning CHACE a term at tennis CHAMBER a species of great gun CHAMBERER an effeminate man CHANSON a song CHARACT affected quality CHARACTER a letter, handwriting CHARACTER to carve or engrave CHARACTERY handwriting That which is written CHARE a turn of work CHARGE-HOUSE a free-school CHARLES' WAIN the constellation called also Ursa Major, or the Great Bear CHARNECO a species of sweet wine CHAUDRON entrails CHEATER for escheator, an officer who collected the fines to be paid into the Exchequer A decoy CHEQUE a technical term in falconry; when a falcon flies at a bird which is not her proper game she is said to cheque at it CHEQUES perhaps intended for ethics CHEER fortune, countenance CHERRY-PIT a game played with cherrystones CHEVERIL kid leather CHEWIT cough CHILDING pregnant CH'ILL vulgar for 'I will.' CHIRURGEONLY in a manner becoming a surgeon CHOPIN a high shoe or clog CHRISTENDOM the state of being a Christian CHRISTOM clothed with a chrisom, the white garment which used to be put on newly-baptized children CHUCK chicken, a term of endearment CHUFF a coarse blunt clown CINQUE PACE a kind of dance CIPHER to decipher CIRCUMSTANCE an argument CITAL recital CITE to incite CITTERN a guitar CLACK-DISH a beggar's dish CLAP I' THE CLOUT to shoot an arrow into the bull's eye of the target CLAW to flatter CLEPE to call CLIFF clef, the key in music CLING to starve CLINQUANT glittering CLIP to embrace, enclose CLOUT the mark in the middle of a target COAST to advance COBLOAF a big loaf COCK a cockboat COCK a euphemism for God COCK-AND-PIE an oath COCKLE tares or darnel COCKNEY a cook COCK-SHUT-TIME the twilight, when cocks and hens go to roost COG to cheat, dissemble COGNIZANCE badge, token COIGN projecting corner stone COIL tumult, turmoil COLLECTION drawing a conclusion COLLIED blackened. Othello; COLOUR pretence COLOURABLE specious COLT to defraud, befool CO-MART a joint bargain COMBINATE betrothed COMBINE to bind COMMODITY interest, profit COMMONTY used ludicrously for comedy COMPACT compacted, composed COMPARATIVE drawing comparisons COMPARATIVE rival COMPARE comparison COMPASSIONATE moving comparison COMPETITOR one who seeks the same thing, an associate in any object COMPLEMENT accomplishment COMPLEXION passion COMPOSE to agree COMPOSTION composition COMPTIBLE tractable CON to learn by heart To acknowledge CONCEIT conception, opinion, fancy CONCUPY concubine CONDITION temper, quality CONDOLEMENT grief CONDUCT escort CONFECT to make up into sweetmeats CONFOUND to consume, destroy Coriolanus; CONJECT conjecture CONSIGN to sign a common bond, to confederate CONSORT company CONSORT to accompany CONSTANCY consistency CONSTANT settled, determined CONSTANTLY firmly CONSTER to construe CONTEMPTIBLE contemptuous CONTINENT that which contains anything That which is contained CONTINUATE uninterrupted CONTRACTION the marriage contract CONTRARY to oppose CONTRIVE to conspire to wear away CONTROL to confute CONVENT to convene, summon to be convenient CONVERT to change CONVERTITE a convert CONVEY to manage To filch CONVEYANCE theft, fraud CONVICT convicted CONVICTED overpowered, vanquished A doubtful word CONVINCE to conquer, subdue CONVIVE to feast together CONVOY escort CONY-CATCH to cheat CONY-CATCHING poaching, pilfering COOLING CARD used metaphorically for an insurmountable obstacle COPATAIN HAT a high-crowned hat COPE to reward, to give in return COPY theme CORAGIO courage! CORAM an ignorant mistake for Quorum CORANTO lively dance CORINTH a cant term for a brothel CORINTHIAN a wencher CORKY dry like cork CORNUTO a cuckold COROLLARY a surplus CORPORAL corporeal, bodily CORPORAL OF THE FIELD an aide-de-camp CORRIVAL rival COSTARD the head COSTER-MONGER peddling, mercenary COTE a cottage COTE to quote, instance COTE to come alongside, overtake COT-QUEAN an effeminate man, molly-coddle COUCHINGS crouchings COUNT CONFECT a nobleman composed of affectation COUNTENANCE fair shew COUNTERFEIT portrait A piece of base coin COUNTERPOINT a counterpane COUNTERVAIL to counterpoise, outweigh COUNTRY belonging to one's country COUNTY count, earl COUPLEMENT union COURT HOLY-WATER flattery COVENT a convent COVER to lay the table for dinner COWISH cowardly COWL-STAFF the staff on which a vessel is supported between two men COX MY PASSION an oath, a euphemism for 'God's Passion.' COY to stroke, fondle to condescend with difficulty COYSTRIL a kestrel, a cowardly kind of hawk COZEN to cheat COZENAGE cheating COZENER a cheater COZIER a tailor CRACK to boast CRACK a loud noise, clap A forward boy CRACKER boaster CRACK-HEMP a gallows-bird CRANK a winding passage CRANKING winding CRANTS garlands. A doubtful word CRARE a ship of burden CRAVEN a dunghill cock CREATE formed, compounded CREDENT creditable Credible Credulous CREDIT report CRESCIVE increasing CRESTLESS not entitled to bear arms, lowborn CRISP curled, winding CROSS a piece of money, so called because the coin was formerly stamped with a cross CROW-KEEPER one who scares crows CROWNER a coroner CROWNET a coronet CRY the yelping of hounds A pack of hounds A company, use contemptuously CRY AIM to encourage CUE the last words of an actor's speech, which is the signal for the next actor to begin CUISSES pieces of armour to cover the thighs CULLION a base fellow CUNNING skill CUNNING skilful CURB to bend, truckle CURRENTS occurrences CURST CURSTNESS shrewishness CURTAIL a cur CURTAL a docked horse CURTAL-AXE a cutlass CUSTALORUM a ludicrous mistake for Custos Rotulorum CUSTARD-COFFIN the crust of a custard-pudding CUSTOMER a common woman CUT a cheat 'To draw cuts' is to draw lots CYPRESS a kind of crape DAFF to befool To put off; this seems to be a corruption of 'doff.' DAMN to condemn DANGER reach, control, power DANSKER a Dane DARE to challenge DARKLING in the dark DARRAIGN to set in array DAUB to disguise DAUBERY imposition DAY-WOMAN a dairy-maid DEAR dire That which has to do with the affections Piteous Important DEARN lonely DEBOSHED debauched, drunken DECK to bedew. This is probably a form of the verb 'to dag,' now a provincial word DECK a pack of cards DECLINE to enumerate, as in going through the cases of a noun DECLINED fallen DEEM doom, judgment DEFEAT to undo, destroy DEFEAT destruction DEFEATURE disfigurement DEFENCE art of fencing DEFEND to forbid DEFENSIBLE having the power to defend DEFTLY dexterously DEFY renounce DEGREES a step DELAY to let slip by delaying DEMERIT merit, desert DEMURELY solemnly DENAY denial DENIER the 12th part of a French sol coin DENOTEMENT marking Note or manifestation DENY to refuse DEPART departure DEPART to part DEPARTING parting, separation DEPEND to be in service DERIVED born, descended DEROGATE degraded DESCANT a variation upon a melody, hence, metaphorically, a comment on a given theme DESIGN to draw up articles DESPATCH to deprive, bereave DESPERATE determined, bold DETECT to charge, blame DETERMINE to conclude DICH optative mood, perhaps contracted for 'do it.' DIET food regulated by the rules of medicine DIET to have one's food regulated by the rules of medicine DIFFUSED confused DIGRESSING transgressing, going out of the right way DIGRESSION transgression DIG-YOU-GOOD-DEN give you good evening DILDO the chorus or burden of a song DINT stroke DIRECTION judgment, skill DISABLE to disparage DISAPPOINTED unprepared DISCASE to undress DISCONTENT a malcontent DISCOURSE power of reasoning DISDAINED disdainful DISLIMN to disfigure, transform DISME a tenth or tithe DISPARK to destroy a park DISPONGE to squeeze out as from a sponge DISPOSE disposal DISPOSE to conspire DISPOSITION maintenance DISPUTABLE disputatious DISPUTE to argue, examine DISSEMBLY used ridiculously for assembly DISTASTE to corrupt DISTEMPERED discontented DISTRACTION a detached troop or company of soldiers DISTRAUGHT distracted, mad DIVERTED turned from the natural course DIVISION a phrase or passage in a melody DIVULGED published, spoken of DOFF to do off, strip To put off with an excuse DOLT a small Dutch coin DOLE portion dealt Grief, lamentation DON to do on, put on DONE 'done to death,' put to death DOTANT one who dotes, a dotard DOUT to do out, quench DOWLAS a kind of coarse sacking DOWLE the swirl of a feather DOWN-GYVED hanging down like gyves or fetters DRAB a harlot DRABBING whoring DRAUGHT a privy DRAWN having his sword drawn DRAWN drunk, having taken a good draught DRIBBLING weak DRIVE to rush impetuously DROLLERY a puppet-show DRUMBLE to dawdle DRY thirsty DUC-DAME perhaps the Latin duc-ad-me, bring him to me DUDGEON a dagger DULL soothing DULLARD a dull person DUMP complaint DUP to do up, Lift up EAGER sour Harsh Biting EANLING a yeanling, a lamb EAR to plough ECHE to eke out EFT ready, convenient EISEL vinegar ELD old age EMBOSSED swollen into protuberances Covered with foam EMBOWELLED disembowelled, emptied EMBRASURE embrace EMINENCE exalted station EMPERY empire EMULATION jealousy, mutiny EMULOUS jealous ENCAVE to place oneself in a cave END 'Still an end,' continually for ever ENFEOFF to place in possession in fee simple ENGINE a machine of war ENGLUT to swallow speedily ENGROSS to make gross or fat ENGROSSMENT immoderate acquisition ENKINDLE to make keen ENMEW to shut up, as a hawk is shut up in a mew ENSCONCE to cover as with a fort ENSEAMED fat, rank ENSHIELD hidden ENTERTAIN encounter Experience ENTERTAINMENT treatment A disposition to entertain a proposal Service ENTREATMENTS interviews EPHESIAN a toper, a cant term EQUIPAGE attendance EREWHILE a short time since ESCOT to pay a man's reckoning, to maintain ESPERANCE hope, used as a war-cry ESPIAL a scout or spy ESTIMATION conjecture ESTRIDGE ostridge ETERNE eternal EVEN coequal EVEN to equal EXAMINE to question EXCREMENT that which grows outwardly from the body and has no sensation like the hair or nails Any outward show EXECUTOR an executioner EXEMPT excluded EXERCISE a religious service EXHALE to hale or draw out to draw the sword EXHIBITION allowance, pension EXIGENT death, ending EXION ridiculously used for 'action.' EXPECT expectation EXPEDIENCE expedition, undertaking Haste EXPEDIENT expeditious, swift EXPIATE completed EXPOSTULATE to expound, discuss EXPOSTURE exposure EXPRESS to reveal EXPULSE to expel EXSUFFICATE that which has been hissed off, contemptible EXTEND to seize EXTENT a seizure EXTERN outward EXTIRP to extirpate EXTRACTING distracting EXTRAUGHT part. extracted, descended EXTRAVAGANT foreign, wandering EXTREMES extravagance of conduct Extremities EYAS a nestling hawk EYAS-MUSKET a nestling of the musket or merlin, the smallest species of British hawk EYE a glance, oeillad EYE a shade of colour, as in shot silk EYNE eyes FACINOROUS wicked FACT guilt FACTIOUS instant, importunate FACULTY essential virtue or power FADGE to suit FADING a kind of ending to a song FAIN glad FAIN gladly FAIR beauty FAITOR a traitor FAll to let fall FALLOW fawn-coloured FALSE falsehood FALSING deceptive FAMILIAR a familiar spirit FANCY FANCY-FREE untouched by love FANG to seize in the teeth FANTASTIC a fantastical person FAP drunk FAR farther FARCED stuffed FARDEL a burden FARTUOUS used ridiculously for ' virtuous.' FAST assuredly, unalterably FAT dull FAVOUR countenance Complexion Quality FEAR the object of fear FEAR to affright FEARFUL subject to fear, timorous FEAT dexterous FEAT to make fine FEATER comp. degree. more neatly FEATLY nimbly, daintily FEATURE beauty FEDERARY confederate FEEDER agent, servant FEE-GRIEF a grief held, as it were, in fee-simple, or the peculiar property of him who possesses it FEERE a companion, husband FEHEMENTLY used ridiculously for 'vehemently.' FELL the hide FENCE art or skill in defence FEODARY one who holds an estate by suit or service to a superior lord; hence one who acts under the direction of another FESTER to rankle, grow virulent FESTINATELY quickly FET fetched FICO a fig FIELDED in the field of battle FIG to insult FIGHTS clothes hung round a ship to conceal the men from the enemy FILE a list or catalogue FILE to defile To smooth or polish To make even FILL-HORSE shaft-horse FILLS the shafts FILTH a whore FINE end FINE to make fine or specious FINELESS endless FIRAGO ridiculously used for 'Virago.' FIRE-DRAKE Will o' the Wisp FIRE-NEW with the glitter of novelty on, like newly- forged metal FIRK to chastise FIT a canto or division of a song A trick or habit FITCHEW a polecat FIVES a disease incident to horses FLAP-DRAGON raisins in burning brandy FLAP-JACK a pan-cake FLAT certain FLATNESS lowness, depth FLAW a gust of wind sudden emotion, or the cause of it FLAW to make a flaw in, to break FLECKED spotted, streaked FLEET to float To pass away to pass the time FLEETING inconstant FLESHMENT the act of fleshing the sword, hence the first feat of arms FLEWED furnished with hanging lips, as hounds are FLIGHT a particular mode of practising archery FLIRT-GILL a light woman FLOTE wave, sea FLOURISH an ornament FLOURISH to ornament, disguise with ornament FLUSH fresh, full of vigour FOIL defeat, disadvantage FOIN to fence, fight FOISON plenty FOND foolish, foolishly affectionate FOOT-CLOTH a saddle-cloth hanging down to the ground FOR for that, because FORBID accursed, outlawed FORBODE forbidden FORCE to stuff, for 'farce.' FORCED falsely attributed FORDO to kill, destroy To weary FOREIGN obliged to live abroad FOREPAST former FORESLOW to delay FORFEND to forbid FORGETIVE inventive FORKED horned FORMAL regular, retaining its proper and essential characteristic FORSPEAK to speak against FORSPENT exhausted, weary FORTHRIGHT a straight path; forthrights and meanders, straight paths and crooked ones FORWEARY to weary, exhaust FOSSET-SELLER one who sells the pipes inserted into a vessel to give vent to the liquor, and stopped by a spigot FOX a sword; a cant word FOX-SHIP the cunning of the fox FRAMPOLD peevish, unquiet FRANK the feeding place of swine FRANKED confined FRANKLIN a freeholder, a small squire FRAUGHT freighted FRAUGHTAGE freight FRAUGHTING to fraught. loading or constituting the cargo of a ship FRESH a spring of fresh water FRET the stop of a guitar FRET to wear away To variegate FRIEND to befriend FRIPPERY an old-clothes shop FROM prep. contrary to FRONT to affront, oppose FRONTIER opposition FRONTLET that which is worn on the forehead FRUSH to break or bruise FRUSTRATE frustrated FUB OFF to put off FULFILL to fill full FULL complete FULLAM a loaded die FULSOME lustful FURNISHED equipped FURNITOR furnitory, an herb GABERDINE a loose outer coat, or smock frock GAD a pointed instrument, a goad Upon the gad, with impetuous haste, upon the spur of the moment GAIN-GIVING misgiving GAIT going, steps GALLIARD a kind of dance GALLIASSE a kind of ship GALLIMAUFRY a ridiculous medley GALLOW to scare GALLOWGLASS the irregular infantry of Ireland, and the Highlands of Scotland GAMESTER a frolicsome person A loose woman GARBOIL disorder, uproar GARISH gaudy, staring GARNER to lay by, as corn in a barn GAST frightened GAUDY festive GAZE an object of wonder GEAR matter of business of any kind GECK a fool GENERAL the generality, common people GENERATIONS children GENEROSITY noble birth GENEROUS noble GENTILITY good manners GENTLE gentlefolk GENTLE noble GENTLE to ennoble GENTRY complaisance, conduct becoming gentlefolk GERMAN akin Appropriate GERMEN seed, embryo GEST period GIB a he-cat GIFTS talents, endowment GIGLOT a wanton girl GILDER a coin of the value of 1s. 6d. or 2s GILT money State of wealth GIMMAL double GIMMOR contrivance GING gang GIRD to gibe GIRD a sarcasm or gibe GLEEK to scoff GLEEK a scoff GLOSE to comment; hence, to be garrulous GLUT to swallow GNARL to snarl GOOD-DEED indeed GOOD-DEN good-evening, contracted from 'Good-even.' GOOD-YEAR or GOOD-JER a corruption of the French goujere; the venereal disease GORBELLIED corpulent GOURD a species of game of chance GOUT a drop GOVERNMENT discretion GRACIOUS abounding in grace Divine GRAINED engrained GRAMERCY int. grand mercy, much thanks GRANGE the farmstead attached to a monastery, a solitary farm-house GRATILLITY used ridiculously for 'gratuity.' GRATULATE to congratulate GRAVE to bury GREASILY grossly GREEK a bawd GREEN immature, fresh, unused GREENLY foolishly GREET to weep GRIZE a step GROSSLY palpably GROUNDLING one who sits in the pit of a theatre GROWING accruing GUARD decoration GUARD to decorate GUARDAGE guardianship GUINEA-HEN the pintado, a cant term GULES red, a term in heraldry GULF the throat GUN-STONE a cannon ball GUST taste, relish GYVE to fetter HACK to become common HAGGARD a wild or unreclaimed hawk HAG-SEED seed or offspring of a hag HAIR course, order, grain HALIDOM holiness, sanctification, Christian fellowship; used as an oath, and analogous to 'By my faith.' HALL an open space to dance in HALLOWMAS All Hallows' Day HAP chance, fortune HAPPILY accidentally HANDSAW perhaps a corruption of Heronshaw; a hern HARDIMENT defiance, brave deeds HARLOCK charlock, wild mustard HARRY to annoy, harass HAUGHT haughty HAUNT company HAVING property, fortune HAVIOUR behavior HAY a term in fencing HEADY violent, headlong HEAT of 'to heat,' heated HEBENON henbane HEFT a heaving HEFT furnished with a handle: hence, metaphorically, finished off, delicately formed HELM to steer, manage HENCE henceforward HENCHMAN a page or attendant HENT to seize, take HERMIT a beadsman, one bound to pray for another HEST command HIGH used in composition with adjectives to heighten or emphasize their signification, as, high- fantastical HIGHT called HILD held HILDING a paltry fellow HINT suggestion HIREN a prostitute. with a pun on the word 'iron.' HIT to agree HOISE to hoist, heave up on high HOIST hoisted HOLP to help; helped HOME to the utmost HONEST chaste HONESTY chastity HONEY-STALKS the red clover HOODMAN-BLIND the game now called blindman's-buff HORN-MAD probably, 'harn-mad,' that is, brain-mad HOROLOGE a clock HOT-HOUSE a brothel HOX to hamstring HUGGER-MUGGER secresy HULL to drift on the sea like a wrecked ship HUMOROUS fitful, or, perhaps, hurried HUNT-COUNTER to follow the scent the wrong way HUNTS-UP a holla used in hunting when the game was on foot HURLY noise, confusion HURTLE to clash HURTLING noise, confusion HUSBANDRY frugality Management HUSWIFE a jilt ICE-BROOK an icy-cold brook I'FECKS int. in faith, a euphemism IGNOMY ignominy IMAGE representation IMBARE to bare, lay open IMMEDIACY close connexion IMMOMENT unimportant IMP to graft. to splice a falcon's broken feathers IMP a scion, a child IMPAWN to stake, compromise IMPEACH to bring into question IMPEACH impeachment IMPEACHMENT cause of censure, hindrance IMPERCEIVERANT duff of perception IMPETICOS to pocket IMPORTANCE importunity IMPORTANT importunate IMPORTING significant IMPOSE imposition, meaning command or task imposed upon any one IMPOSITIONS command IMPRESE a device with a motto IMPRESS to compel to serve INCAPABLE unconscious INCARNARDINE to dye red INCENSED incited, egged on INCH-MEAL by inch-meal, by portions of inches INCLINING compliant INCLINING inclination INCLIP to embrace INCLUDE conclude INCONY fine, delicate INCORRECT ill-regulated IND India INDENT to compound or bargain INDEX a preface INDIFFERENT ordinary INDIGEST disordered INDITE to invite To convict INDUCTION introduction, beginning INDURANCE delay INFINITE infinite power INGRAFT to engraff, engrafted INHABITABLE uninhabitable INHERIT to possess INHOOPED penned up in hoops INKHORN-MATE a contemptuous term for an ecclesiastic, or man of learning INKLE a kind of narrow fillet or tape INLAND civilized, well-educated INLY inward INLY inwardly INQUISITION enquiry INSANE that which causes insanity INSCONCE to arm, fortify INSTANCE example Information Reason, proof INTEND to pretend INTENDING regarding INTENDMENT intention INTENTIVELY attentively INTERESSED allied INTERMISSION pause, delay INTRENCHMENT not capable of being cut INTRINSE intricate INTRINSICATE intricate INVENTION imagination INWARD an intimate friend intimate INWARDNESS intimacy IRREGULOUS lawless, licentious ITERATION reiteration JACK a mean fellow JACK-A-LENT a puppet thrown at in Lent JACK GUARDANT a jack in office JADE to whip, to treat with contempt JAR the ticking of a clock JAR to tick as a clock JAUNCE to prance JESS a strap of leather attached to the talons of a hawk, by which it is held on the fist JEST to tilt in a tournament JET to strut JOURNAL daily JOVIAL appertaining to Jove JUDICIOUS critical JUMP to agree to hazard JUMP hazard JUMP exactly, nicely JUSTICER a judge, magistrate JUT to encroach JUTTY a projection JUTTY to jut out beyond JUVENAL youth, young man KAM crooked KECKSY hemlock KEECH a lump of tallow KEEL to skin KEEP to restrain KEISAR Caesar, Emperor KERN the rude foot soldiers of the Irish KIBE a chilblain KICKSHAW a made dish KICKSY WICKSY a wife, used in disdain KILN-HOLE the ash-hole under a kiln KIND nature KINDLE to bring forth young; used only of beasts KINDLESS unnatural KINDLY natural KIRTLE a gown KNAP to snap, crack KNAVE a boy A serving-man KNOT a figure in garden beds KNOW to acknowledge LABRAS lips LACED-MUTTON a courtesan LAG the lowest of the people LAG late, behindhand LAKIN ladykin, little lady, an endearing term applied to the Virgin Mary in the oath, 'By our lakin.' LAND-DAMN perhaps to extirpate; Hanmer thinks it means to kill by stopping the urine LAPSED taken, apprehended LARGE licentious, free LARGESS a present LASS-LORN deserted by a mistress LATCH to smear To catch LATED belated LATTEN made of brass LAUND lawn LAVOLTA a dance LAY wager LEAGUE besieging army LEASING lying LEATHER-COATS a kind of apple LEECH a physician LEER countenance, complexion LEET a manor court LEGE to allege LEGERITY lightness LEIGER an ambassador resident abroad LEMAN a lover or mistress LENTEN meagre That which may be eaten in Lent L'ENVOY the farewell or moral at the end of a tale or poem LET to hinder to binder LET hindrance LETHE death LEVEL to aim LEVEL that which is aimed at LEWD ignorant, foolish LEWDLY wickedly LEWDSTER a lewd person LIBBARD a leopard LIBERAL licentious LIBERTY libertinism LICENCE licentiousness LIEF dear LIFTER a thief LIGHT O' LOVE a tune so called LIGHTLY easily, generally LIKE to please LIKE to liken, compare LIKE likely LIKELIHOOD promise, appearance LIKING condition LIMBECK an alembick, a still LIMBO or Limbo patrum, the place where good men under the Old Testament were believed to be imprisoned till released by Christ after his crucifixion LIME bird-lime LIME to entangle as with bird-lime To smear with bird-lime To mix lime with beer or other liquor LIMN to draw LINE to cover on the inside To strengthen by inner works LINSTOCK a staff with a match at the end of it used by gunners in firing cannon LIST a margin, hence a bound or enclosure LITHER lazy LITTLE miniature LIVELIHOOD appearance of life LIVERY a law phrase, signifying the act of delivering a freehold into the possession of the heir or purchaser LIVING lively, convincing LOACH a fish so called LOB a looby LOCKRAM a sort of coarse linen LODE-STAR the leading-star, pole-star LOFFE to laugh LOGGATS the game called nine-pins LONGLY longingly LOOF to lull, bring a vessel up to the wind LOON a low contemptible fellow LOT a prize in a lottery LOTTERY that which falls to a man by lot LOWT a clown LOWT to treat one as a lowt, with contempt LOZEL a spendthrift LUBBER a leopard LUCE n. the pike or jack, a fresh-water fish LUMPISH duff, dejected LUNES fits of lunacy LURCH to defeat, to win LURCH to shift, to play tricks LURE a thing stuffed to resemble a bird with which the falconer allures a hawk LUSH juicy, luxuriant LUSTIG lusty, cheerful LUXURIOUS lascivious LUXURY lust LYM a limer or slow hound MADE having his fortune made MAGNIFICO the chief magistrate at Venice MAGOT-PIE a magpie, a pie which feeds on magots MAIL covered as with a coat of mail MAIN-COURSE a sea-term MAKE to do up, bar To do MALKIN a familiar name for Mary; hence a servant wench MALLECHO mischief MAMMERING hesitating MAMMETS a woman's breasts A doll MAMMOCK to break, tear MAN to tame a hawk MANAGE management MANDRAGORA or Mandrake a plant of soporiferous quality, supposed to resemble a man MANKIND having a masculine nature MARCHES frontiers, borders MARCHPANE a kind of sweet biscuit MARGENT margin MARRY TRAP an oath MARTLEMAS the Feast of St. Martin, which occurs on the 11th of Nov. when the fine weather generally ends; hence applied to an old man MATCH an appointment MATE to confound, dismay MEACOCK tame, cowardly MEALED mingled MEAN instrument used to promote an end MEAN the tenor part in a harmony MEAN opportunity, power MEASURE reach A stately dance MEAZEL a leper, spoken in contempt of a mean person MEDAL a portrait in a locket MEDICINE a physician MEED reward, hire Merit MEHERCLE by Hercules MEINY retinue MELL to mix, to meddle MEMORISE to cause to be remembered MEPHISTOPHILUS the name of a familiar spirit MERCATANTE a foreign trader MERELY simply, absolutely MESS a company of four METAPHYSICAL supernatural METE-YARD measuring-wand MEW UP to confine MICHER a truant MICKLE much MILL-SIXPENCE a milled sixpence MINCE to do any thing affectedly MINCING affected MISCREATE illegitimate MISDOUBT to suspect MISERY avarice MISPRISE to despise To mistake MISPRISION mistake MISSIVE messenger MISTEMPERED angry MISTHINK to think ill of MISTRESS the jack in bowling MOBLED muffled MODERN commonplace MODULE a model, image MOE and more. Of frequent occurrence MOIETY a portion MOME a stupid person MOMENTANY momentary MONTHS-MIND a monthly commemoration of the dead, but used ludicrously to mean a great mind or strong desire MOOD anger MOON-CALF a nick-name applied to Caliban MOONISH inconstant MOP nod MORISCO a Moor MORRIS-PIKE Moorish-pike MORT death, applied to animals of the chase MORT-DU-VINAIGRE a ridiculous oath MORTAL fatal, deadly Murderous MORTIFIED ascetic MOSE a doubtful word, applied to some disease in a horse MOTION solicitation Emotion MOTION a puppet MOTIVE one who moves That which moves MOTLEY or the many-coloured coat of a fool, or a fool MOTLEY-MINDED foolish MOUSE-HUNT a weasel MOW to make grimaces MOY a coin, probably a moidore MUCH int. significant of contempt MUCH used ironically MURE a wall MUST a scramble MUTINE to mutiny MUTINE a mutineer NAPKIN a handkerchief NATURAL an idiot NAYWARD towards denial NAYWORD a catch-word, by-word NEB the beak NEELD a needle NEIF hand NEPHEW a grandson NETHER-STOCKS stockings NEXT nearest NICE foolish NICK score or reckoning NICK to brand with folly NIGHTED black as night NIGHT-RULE nightly solemnity NINE MEN'S MORRIS a place set apart for a Moorish dance by nine men NINNY a fool, jester NOBILITY nobleness NOBLE a coin, worth 6s. 8d NODDY a dolt NONCE for the nonce, corrupted from 'for then once,' for the occasion NOOK-SHOTTEN indented with bays and creeks NOURISH a nurse NOVUM a game at dice NOWL head NUTHOOK a hook for pulling down nuts, hence a thief O a circle OAR to row as with oars OBSEQUIOUS behaving as becomes one who attends funeral obsequies OBSEQUIOUSLY funereally OBSTACLE ridiculously used for 'obstinate.' OCCUPATION persons occupied in business OCCURENT an incident OD'S BODY | 'Od's in these OD'S HEARTLINGS | and all similar | exclamations is OD'S PITTIKINS | a euphemism OD'S PLESSED WILL | for 'God's.' OEILLIAD an amorous glance O'ERPARTED having too important a part to act O'ER-RAUGHT overreached overtasked OFFERING challenging OFFICE benefit, kindness use, function OLD a cant term for great, as we say fine, or pretty ONCE some time ONEYER a banker. A doubtful word OPE open OPE to open to open OPEN plain Public OPEN to give tongue as a hound OPERANT active OPINIONED used ridiculously for pinioned OPPOSITE adversary OPPOSITION combat OR before ORDER measures ORDINANCE rank, order ORGULOUS proud ORT leaving, refuse OSTENT show, appearance OSTENTATION show, appearance OUNCE a beast of prey of the tiger kind OUPHE a fairy OUSEL-COCK the blackbird OUT all out, fully OUT-LOOK to face down OUTWARD not in the secret of affairs OUTWARD outside OWE to own PACK to practise unlawful confederacy PACK a number of people confederated PADDOCK a toad PAID punished PALABRAS words, a cant term, from the Spanish PALE to enclose PALL to wrap as with a pall PALLED impaired PALMER one who bears a palm-branch, in token of having made a pilgrimage to Palestine PALMY victorious PARCELLED belonging to individuals PARD the leopard PARITOR an apparitor PARLE talk PARLOUS perilous keen, shrewd PARTED endowed, gifted PARTIZAN a pike PASH the face PASH to strike violently, to bruise, crush PASS to practise To surpass expectation PASSANT a term of heraldry, applied to animals represented on the shield as passing by at a trot PASSING surpassingly, exceedingly PASSION to have feelings PASSIONATE to suffer PASSY-MEASURE a kind of dance PASTRY the room where pastry was made PATCH a mean fellow PATCHED dressed in motley PATCHERY trickery PATH to walk PATHETICAL affected, hypocritical PATIENT to make patient, to compose PATINE the metal disc on which the bread is placed in the administration of the Eucharist PATTERN to give an example of Afford a pattern for PAUCA VERBA few words PAUCAS few, a cant word PAVIN a dance PAX a small image of Christ PAY to despatch PEAT a term of endearment for a child PEDASCULE a pedant, schoolmaster PEER to peep out PEIZE to balance, weigh down PELTING paltry PERDU lost PERDURABLE durable PERDY a euphemism for Par Dieu PERFECT certain PERFECT to inform perfectly PERIAPTS charms worn round the neck PERJURE a perjured person PERSEVER to persevere PERSPECTIVE a telescope, or some sort of optical glass PEW-FELLOW a comrade PHEEZE to comb, fleece, curry PIA-MATER the membrane covering the brain, the brain itself PICK to pitch, throw PICKED chosen, selected PICKERS (and stealers), the fingers, used ridiculously PICKING insignificant PICKT-HATCH a place noted for brothels. Merry Wives of Windsor PIED motley-coated, wearing the motley coat of a jester PIELED shaven PLIGHT pitched PILCHER a scabbard PILL to pillage PIN a malady of the eye The centre of a target PINFOLD a pound, a place to confine lost cattle PIONED digged PLACKET a petticoat-front PLAIN SONG a simple air PLAITED intricate PLANCHED made of boards PLANTATION colonizing, planting a colony PLAUSIVE plausible PLEACHED interwoven POINT a lace furnished with a tag by which the breeches were held up POINT-DE-VICE faultless POISE balance Doubt POLLED bare POMANDER a perfumed ball POMEWATER a kind of apple POOR-JOHN a herring POPINJAY a parrot PORT pomp, state PORT a gate PORTABLE bearable PORTANCE conduct, behavior POSSESS to inform POTCH to push violently POTENT a potentate POUNCET-BOX a box for holding perfumes POWER forces, army PRACTISE wicked stratagem PRACTISANT a confederate PRANK to dress up PRECEPT a justice's summons PRECIOUSLY in business of great importance PREGNANCY fertility of invention PREGNANT fertile of invention Ready Obvious PRENOMINATE to name beforehand, to prophesy PRE-ORDINANCE old-established law PRESENCE the presence-chamber High bearing PREST ready PRETENCE design PRETEND to portend To intend PREVENT to anticipate PRICK the mark denoting the hour on a dial PRICK to incite To choose by pricking a hole with a pin opposite the name PRICK-SONG music sung in parts by note PRICKET a stag of two years PRIDE heat PRIG to steal PRIME rank, lecherous PRIMER more-important PRIMERO a game at cards PRINCIPALITY that which holds the highest place PRINCOX a coxcomb PRISER a prize-fighter PROCURE to bring PREFACE interj. much good may it do you PROFANE outspoken PROGRESS a royal ceremonial journey PROJECT to shape or contrive PROMPTURE suggestion PRONE ready, willing PROOF strength of manhood PROPAGATE to advance, to forward PROPAGATION obtaining PROPER-FALSE natural falsehood PROPERTIED endowed with the properties of PROPERTIES scenes, dresses, &c. used in a theatre PROPERTY to take possession of PROPOSE to suppose, for the sake of argument To converse PROPOSE conversation PROROGUE to defer PROVAND provender PROVISION forecast PUCELLE a virgin, the name given to Joan of Arc PUDENCY modesty PUGGING thieving PUN to pound PURCHASE to acquire, win PURCHASE gain, winnings PUT to compel PUTTER-ON an instigator PUTTER-OUT one who lends money at interest PUTTING-ON instigation PUTTOCK a kite QUAIL to faint, be languid, be afraid to cause to quail QUAINT curiously beautiful QUAKE to cause to quake or tremble QUALIFY to moderate QUALITY those of the same nature Rank or condition QUARREL a suit, cause QUARRY game, a heap of game QUART D'ECU a quarter crown QUARTER the post allotted to a soldier QUAT a pimple; used in contempt of a person QUEASY squeamish, unsettled QUELL murder QUENCH to grow cool QUERN a hand-mill QUEST enquiry, search, inquest, jury QUESTRIST one who goes in search of another QUICK so far gone in pregnancy that the child is alive QUICKEN to come to life QUIDDIT | a subtle question QUIDDITY | QUILLET quidebet, a subtle case in law QUINTAIN a post for tilting at QUIP sharp jest, a taunt QUIRE to sing in concert QUIT to requite, respond QUIT past tense of the verb to quit, quitted QUITANCE requital QUIVER active QUOTE to note RABATO a ruff RABBIT-SUCKER a weasel RACE breed; inherited nature RACK wreck RACK to enhance the price of anything To drive as clouds RAG a term of contempt applied to persons RAKE to cover RAPT transported with emotion RAPTURE a fit RASCAL a lean deer RASH quick, violent RATE opinion, judgment RATE to assign, to value To scold RATOLORUM a ludicrous mistake for Rotulorum RAUGHT past tense of reach RAVIN ravenous RAVIN to devour RAWLY inadequately RAWNESS unprovided state RAYED arrayed, served RAZED slashed REAR-MOUSE the bat REBATE to deprive of keenness REBECK a three-stringed fiddle RECEIPT money received RECEIVING capacity RECHEAT a point of the chase to call back the hounds RECORD to sing RECORDER a flute RECURE to cure, recover RED-LATTICE suitable to an ale-house, because ale-houses had commonly red lattices RED-PLAGUE erysipelas REDUCE to bring back REECHY smoky, dirty REFELL to refute REFER to reserve to REGIMENT government REGREET a salutation REGREET to salute REGUERDON requital RELATIVE applicable REMEMBER to remind REMORSE pity REMORSEFUL full of pity, compassionate REMOTION removal REMOVED sequestered, remote RENDER to describe you RENDER account RENEGE to renounce, to deny REPAIR to renovate, comfort REPEAL to reverse the sentence of exile. Two Gentlemen of Verona REPROOF confutation REPUGN to resist REQUIEM mass for the dead, so called because it begins with the words, Requiem eternam dona eis, Domine RESOLVE to satisfy To dissolve RESPECT consideration RESPECTIVE respectful, thoughtful RESPECTIVE corresponding RESPECTIVELY respectfully RETAILED handed down RETIRE retreat RETIRE to draw back REVERB to echo REVOLT a rebel RIB to enclose as within ribs RID to destroy RIFT to split to split RIFT a split RIGGISH wanton RIGOL a circle RIPE drunk RIVAGE the shore RIVAL a partner RIVALITY equal rank RIVE to fire ROAD the high road, applied to a common woman ROISTING roistering, violent ROMAGE unusual stir RONVON a term of contempt applied to a woman ROOD the crucifix ROOK a cheater ROPERY roguery ROPE-TRICKS tricks such as are played by a rope-dancer ROUND to whisper To become great with child to finish off ROUND a diadem ROUND unceremonious ROUNDEL a dance or song ROUNDURE an enclosure ROUSE carousal ROYNISH mangy RUBIOUS ruddy RUDDOCK the redbreast RUSH to push RUSHLING rustling SACRIFICIAL reverent, as words used in religious worship SACRING-BELL the little bell rung at mass to give notice that the elements are consecrated SAD serious SADLY seriously SADNESS seriousness SAFE to make safe SAG to hang down SALT lascivious SALT taste SANDED marked with yellow spots SANS without SAUCY lascivious SAW a moral saying SAY silken SAY assay, taste, relish SCAFFOLDAGE the gallery of a theatre SCALD scurvy, scabby SCALE to weigh in scales SCALL a scab, a word of reproach SCAMBLE to scramble SCAMEL probably a misprint for sea-mel, sea-mew SCAN to examine subtly SCANT to cut short, to spare SCANT scanty, short scarcely SCANTLING a small portion SCAPE to escape SCAPE a sally SCATHE injury SCATHE to injure SCATHFUL destructive SCONCE the head SCOTCH to bruise or cut slightly SCRIMER a fencer SCROYLE a scabby fellow SCULL a shoal of fish SCURVY scabby; metaph. mean SEAL to set one's seal to a deed; hence, to confirm SEAM fat SEAMY showing the seam or sewing SEAR scorched, withered SEAR to stigmatise SEARCH to probe; hence, to apply a healing remedy SEATED fixed, confirmed SECT a slip or scion A political party SECURELY inconsiderately SEEL to close SEELING closing, blinding SEEMING seemly, becomingly SEEMING outward manner and appearance SEEN versed, instructed SELD seldom SELF-BOUNTY native goodness SEMBLABLY alike SENIORY seniority SENNET a flourish of trumpets SEPULCHRE to bury SEQUESTRATION separation SERE dry SERJEANT a bailiff SERPIGO a cutaneous disease SERVICEABLE 'serviceable vows,' vows that you will do her service, or be her servant SETEBOS the name of a fiend SETTER one who watches travellers to give information to thieves SEVERAL land which is not common but appropriated SHAME to be ashamed SHAME modesty SHARDS shreds, broken fragments of pottery SHARDS the wing cases of beetles; hence 'sharded,' and 'shard-borne,' SHARKED snatched up, as a shark does his prey SHEEN brilliancy SHEER pure Unmixed SHENT rebuked, blamed Hurt SHERIFF'S-POST a post at the door of a sheriff, to which royal proclamations were fixed SHIVE slice SHOT the reckoning at an ale-house SHOUGHS shaggy dogs SHOULDERED plunged SHOVEL-BOARD game played by sliding metal pieces along a board at a mark SHREWD mischievous SHRIFT confession Absolution SHRIVE to confess SHRIVING-TIME time for confession SHROUD to enshroud oneself, cover oneself up SIDE-SLEEVES loose hanging sleeves SIEGE seat Stool Rank SIGHT an aperture in a helmet SIGHTLESS invisible Unsightly SIGN to give an omen SILLY simple, rustic SIMULAR counterfeit, feigned SINGLE feeble SIR a title applied to a bachelor of arts at the Universities SITH since SITHENCE since SIZES allowances SKAINS-MATES scapegraces SKILL to be of importance SKILLESS ignorant SKIMBLE-SKAMBLE rambling, disjointed SKINKER a drawer of liquor SKIRR to scour SLACK slacken SLAVE to turn to slavish uses SLEAVE floss-silk SLEDDED sledged SLEIDED untwisted, raw, applied to silk (Gower) SLEIGHTS artifices SLIPPER slippery SLIPS a kind of noose, or leash A piece of base money SLIVER to slice SLIVER a slice SLOPS loose breeches SLUBBER to slur over SMIRCHED smeared, soiled SMOOTH to flatter SMOOTHED flattered, fawned upon SNEAP taunt, sarcasm SNEAPED pinched SNECK-UP go hang! SNUFF anger 'To take in snuff' is to take offence SOFTLY gently SOIL spot, taint SOLICIT solicitation SOLIDARE a small coin SOLVE solution SOMETIMES formerly SOOTH truth Conciliation SOOTH true SOREL a buck of the third year SORRIEST most sorrowful SORRY sorrowful, dismal SORT a company Rank, condition Lot 'In a sort,' in a manner SORT to choose to suit To consort SOT fool SOUL-FEARING soul-terrifying SOWL to lug, drag SOWTER name of a dog SPECIALLY a special contract SPED settled, done for SPEED fortune SPERR to bolt, fasten SPIAL spy SPILL to destroy SPILTH spilling SPLEEN violent haste Used of the lightning flash SPRAG quick SPRING shoot, bud Beginning SPRINGHALT stringhalt, a disease of horses SPRITED haunted SPURS roots of trees SQUANDERED scattered SQUARE to quarrel SQUARE the front part of a woman's dress, stomacher SQUARE equitable SQUARER quarreller SQUASH an unripe peascod SQUIER a square or rule SQUINY to squint STAGGERS a disease in horses, attended with giddiness: hence any bewildering distress STAIN to disfigure STALE a decoy A gull A prostitute STALE to make stale, deprive anything of its freshness STAND UPON to be incumbent on STANIEL an inferior kind of hawk STARK stiff STARKLY stiffly STATE a canopied chair STATION attitude Act of standing STATIST a statesman STATUA a statue STATUE image, picture STATUTE security, obligation STATUTE-CAPS woollen caps worn by citizens STAY a cheque STEAD to profit STEELED set or fixed STERNAGE steerage, course STICKLER an arbitrator in combats STIGMATIC a deformed person STIGMATICAL deformed STILL constant STILL constantly STILLY softly STINT to stop to stop STITHY a smith's forge STITHY to forge STOCCADO a stoccata, or thrust in fencing STOCK a stocking STOMACH courage, stubbornness Appetite, inclination STONE-BOW a cross-bow for throwing stones STOUP a cup STOUT strong, healthy STOVER fodder STRACHY A word of doubtful meaning STRAIGHT immediately STRAIN lineage Disposition STRAITED straitened STRANGE foreign Coy, reserved Marvellous STRANGENESS coyness, reserve STRANGER foreigner STRAPPADO a kind of punishment STRICTURE strictness STROSSERS trowsers STUCK a thrust of a sword STUCK IN corruption of stoccata STUFF baggage Material, substance STUFFED filled, stored STY to lodge as in a sty SUBSCRIBE to yield to succumb SUCCESS issue, consequence Succession SUCCESSIVE succeeding SUCCESSIVELY in succession SUDDEN hasty, rash SUDDENLY hastily SUFFERANCE suffering SUGGEST to tempt, entice SUGGESTION temptation, enticement SUITED dressed SULLEN doleful, melancholy SUMPTER a horse that carries provisions on a journey SUPPOSE a trick, imposition SUPPOSED counterfeit SURCEASE to cease SURCEASE cessation, end SURPRISE to capture by surprise SUR-REINED over-worked SUSPECT suspicion SUSPIRE to breathe SWABBER a sweeper of the deck of a ship SWARTH black SWARTH quantity of grass cut down by one sweep of the scythe SWASHER swaggerer SWASHING dashing, smashing SWATH The same as 'swarth.' SWATHLING swaddling SWAY to move on SWEAR to adjure SWEAR OVER to out-swear SWIFT ready, quick SWINGE-BUCKLER a bully TABLE a tablet, note-book TABLE-BOOK note-book TABLES the game of backgammon A note-book TABOUR a small side-drum TABOURER a player on the tabour TABOURINE tambourine, drum TAG the rabble TAINT tainted TAINTURE defilement TAKE to infect, blast, bewitch TAKE IN to conquer TAKE OUT to copy TAKE UP to borrow money, or buy on credit To make up a quarrel TAKING infection, malignant influence TAKING UP buying on credit TALE counting, reckoning TALL strong, valiant TALLOW-CATCH a lump of tallow TANG twang, sound TANG to sound TANLING anything tanned by the sun TARRE to excite, urge on TARRIANCE delay TARTAR Tartarus TASK to tax Challenge TASKING challenging TASTE to try TAWDRY-LACE a rustic necklace TAXATION satire, sarcasm TAXING satire TEEN grief TELL to count TEMPER to mix TEMPERANCE temperature TEMPERED mixed TEND to attend to TENDER to hold, to esteem To have consideration for TENT to probe as a wound TENT a probe for searching a wound TERCEL the male of the goshawk TERMAGANT a ranting character in old plays TESTED pure, assayed TESTERN to reward with a tester, or six-pence THARBOROUGH a constable THEORICK theory THEWES sinews, muscles THICK rapidly THICK-PLEACHED thickly intertwined THIRD-BOROUGH a constable THOUGHT anxiety, grief So 'to take thought' is to give way to grief THRASONICAL boastful THREE-MAN BEETLE a wooden mallet worked by three men THREE-MAN-SONG-MEN singers of glees in three parts THREE-PILE three-piled velvet THRENE lament THRID thread, fibre THROE to put in agonies THRUM the tufted end of a thread in weaving THRUMMED made od coarse ends or tufts TICKLE ticklish TIGHT nimble, active TIGHTLY briskly, promptly TIKE a cur TILLY-VALLY int. an exclamation of contempt TILTH tillage TIMELESS untimely TINCT stain, dye TIRE attire, head-dress TIRE to tear as a bird of prey Hence, metaphorically, to feed TIRE to attire, dress TANG twang, sound TOD to yield a tod of wool TOKENED marked with plague spots TOKENS plague spots TOLL to exact toll To pay toll TOO TOO excessively TOPLESS supreme, without superior TOUCH touchstone for testing gold Trait An acute feeling TOUCHED pricked TOUSE to pull, drag TOWARD nearly ready TOWARDS nearly ready TOYS trifles, foolish tricks TRADE beaten path TRANECT a ferry TRANSLATED transformed TRASH to cheque, as a huntsman his hounds TRAVAIL labour, toil TRAY-TRIP an old game played with dice TREACHERS traitors TREATIES entreaties TRENCHED carved TRICK technically, a copy of a coat of arms; hence, any peculiarity which distinguishes voice or feature TRICK to dress up TRICKED blazoned TRICKING ornament TRICKSY elegantly quaint TRIPLE third TROJAN a cant word for a thief TROL-MY-DAMES the name of a game; also called pigeon-holes TROTH-PLIGHT betrothed TROW to trust, think TRUE honest TRUNDLE-TAIL a long-tailed dog TUCKET-SONANCE a flourish on the trumpet TUNDISH a funnel TURLYGOOD a name adopted by bedlam-beggars TURN to modulate TWANGLING twanging TWIGGEN made of twigs, wicker TWILLED Retained by woven branches TWINK a twinkling TWIRE to peep, twinkle UMBERED stained, dark, as with umber UNANELED without extreme unction UNAVOIDED unavoidable UNBARBED untrimmed UNBATED unblunted UNBOLT to disclose UNBOLTED unsifted, unrefined UNBREATHED unpractised UNCAPE to throw off the hounds UNCHARGED undefended, applied to the gates of a city UNCLEW to unravel, undo UNCOINED unalloyed, unfeigned UNDERGO to undertake UNDERTAKER one who takes up another's quarrel UNDER-WROUGHT undermined UNEATH hardly UNEXPRESSIVE inexpressible UNFAIR to deprive of beauty UNHAPPILY censoriously UNHAPPY mischievous UNHATCHED undisclosed UNHOUSELED without receiving the sacrament UNIMPROVED unreproved UNION a pearl UNJUST dishonest UNKIND unnatural UNLIVED bereft of life UNMANNED untamed, applied to a hawk UNOWED unowned UNPREGNANT stupid UNPROPER common to all UNQUESTIONABLE not inquisitive UNREADY undressed UNRESPECTIVE inconsiderate UNSISTING unresting UNSTANCHED incontinent UNTEMPERING unsoftening UNTENTED unsearchable UNTRADED unused, uncommon UNTRIMMED spoiled of grace or ornament UNTRUE untruth UNVALUED invaluable UPSPRING REEL a boisterous dance URCHIN the hedge-hog USANCE usury USE interest UTIS riotous merriment, which accompanied the eighth day of a festival UTTER to expel, put forth UTTERANCE extremity VADE to fade VAIL to lower VAILING lowering VAINNESS vanity VALANCED adorned with a valence or fringe; applied to the beard VALIDITY value VANTAGE advantage VANTBRACE armour for the front of the arm VARLET a servant, valet VAST properly a waste-place, metaphorically, the dead of night A gulf VASTIDITY immensity VASTLY like a waste VASTY vast, waste VAUNT the van, that which precedes VAUNT-COURIERS forerunners VAWARD the van, vanguard, advanced guard of an army Hence, metaphorically, the first of anything VEGETIVES herbs VELURE velvet VELVET-GUARDS literally, velvet trimmings; applied metaphorically to the citizens who wore them VENEW a bout in fencing, metaphorically applied to repartee and sallies of wit VENEY a bout at fencing VENGE to avenge VENTAGES holes in a flute or flageolet VERBAL wordy VERY true, real VIA int. off with you! VICE to screw VICE the buffoon in the old morality plays VIE to challenge; a term at cards To play as for a wager VIEWLESS invisible VILLAIN a lowborn man VINEWED mouldy VIOL-DE-GAMBOYS a bass viol VIRGINALLING playing as on the virginals, a kind of a spinet VIRTUE the essential excellence valour VIRTUOUS excellent Endowed with virtues VIZAMENT advisement VOLUBLE fickle VOLUNTARY volunteer VOTARIST votary, one who has taken a vow VULGAR the common people VULGAR common VULGARLY publicly WAFT to wave, beckon To turn WAFTAGE passage WAFTURE waving, beckoning WAGE to reward as with wages WAILFUL lamentable WAIST the middle of a ship WANNION 'with a vengeance.' WAPPENED withered, overworn WARD guard Prison WARDEN a large pear used for baking WARDER truncheon WARN to summon WASSAIL a drinking bout Festivity WAT a familiar word for a hare WATCH a watch light WATCH to tame by keeping constantly awake WATER-GALL a secondary rainbow WATER-RUG a kind of dog WATER-WORK painting in distemper WAX to grow WAXEN perhaps, to hiccough WEALTH weal, advantage WEAR fashion WEATHER-FEND to defend from the weather WEB AND PIN the cataract in the eye WEE small, tiny WEE to think WEED garment WEET to wit, know WEIGH OUT to outweigh WELKIN the sky WELKIN sky-blue WELL-LIKING in good condition WELL SAID int. well done! WEND to go WESAND the wind-pipe WHELK a weal WHELKED marked with whelks or protuberances WHEN an exclamation of impatience WHEN AS when WHERE whereas WHERE a place WHIFFLER an officer who clears the way in processions WHILE-ERE a little while ago WHILES until WHIP-STOCK handle of a whip WHIST hushed, silent WHITE the centre of an archery butt WHITELY pale-faced. A doubtful word WHITING-TIME bleaching time WHITSTER bleacher WHITTLE a clasp knife WHOO-BUB hubbub WHOOP to cry out with astonishment WICKED noisome, baneful WIDOW to give a jointure to WIDOWHOOD widow's jointure WIGHT person WILD weald WILDERNESS wildness WIMPLED veiled, hooded WINDOW-BARS lattice-work across a woman's stomacher WINDRING winding WINTER-GROUND to protect (a plant) from frost WIS in the compound 'I wis,' certainly WISH to commend WISTLY wistfully WIT knowledge, wisdom WITHOUT beyond WITS five, the five senses WITTOL a contented cuckold WITTY intelligent WOMAN-TIRED hen-pecked WONDERED marvellously gifted WOOD mad WOODCOCK a simpleton WOODMAN a forester, huntsman A cant term for a wencher WOOLWARD shirtless WORD to flatter or put off with words To repeat the words of a song WORLD 'To go to the world' is to get married So 'a woman of the world' is a married woman WORM a serpent WORSER worse WORSHIP to honour WORTH wealth, fortune WORTS cabbages WOT to know WOUND twisted about WREAK vengeance WREAK to avenge WREAKFUL revengeful, avenging WREST an instrument used for tuning a harp WRIT gospel, truth WRITHLED shrivelled WROTH calamity, misfortune WRUNG twisted, strained WRY to swerve XANTHIPPE Socrate's scolding wife YARE ready, being understood YARELY readily YAW out of control Y-CLAD clad Y-CLEPED called, named YEARN to grieve, vex YELLOWNESS jealousy YELLOWS a disease of horses YEOMAN a sheriff's officer YIELD to reward To report YOND and yonder YOUNKER tyro ZANY a clown, gull


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