In this archive are files relating to a Library of Congress exhibit of materials from the

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In this archive are files relating to a Library of Congress exhibit of materials from the newly opened Soviet archives. The images do not comprise the complete documents; they are sample pages from the documents. The files are grouped by topic. First listed is a background statement (.bkg files) setting the scene for the accompanying English translation of the Soviet document(s) (.doc files). The filenames and brief captions follow: (revised 7/30/92) ************************************************* Original 25 Documents from the Soviet Archives (Loaded ca. 6-17-92) ************************************************* INTERNAL WORKINGS OF THE SOVIET SYSTEM a0intro.bkg REPRESSION AND TERROR: STALIN IN CONTROL a1stalin.bkg a2rykov.doc REPRESSION AND TERROR: KIROV MURDER AND PURGES b1kirov.bkg b2bukhar.doc b3centcm.doc SECRET POLICE c1police.bkg c2unprss.doc GULAG d1gulag.bkg d2presid.doc COLLECTIVIZATION AND INDUSTRIALIZATION e1collect.bkg e2livest.doc ANTI-RELIGIOUS CAMPAIGNS f1relcam.bkg f2gorky.doc ATTACKS ON INTELLIGENTSIA: EARLY ATTACKS g1attack.bkg g2aleks.doc ATTACKS ON INTELLIGENTSIA: RENEWED ATTACKS h1renatt.bkg h2novel.doc ATTACKS ON INTELLIGENTSIA: CENSORSHIP i1censor.bkg i2list.doc ATTACKS ON INTELLIGENTSIA: SUPPRESSING DISSIDENTS j1dissid.bkg j2paster.doc j3suslov.doc UKRAINIAN FAMINE k1famine.bkg k2grain.doc DEPORTATION l1deport.bkg l2tartar.doc JEWISH ANTIFASCIST COMMITTEE m1antfas.bkg m2antfac.doc CHERNOBYL' n1chernb.bkg n2constr.doc PERESTROIKA o1perest.bkg o2gorby.doc THE SOVIET UNION AND THE UNITED STATES p1intro.bkg EARLY COOPERATION: AMERICAN FAMINE RELIEF q1usrelf.bkg q2politb.doc EARLY COOPERATION: ECONOMIC COOPERATION r1ecncop.bkg r2commss.doc SOVIET AND AMERICAN COMMUNIST PARTIES s1comprt.bkg s2gitlow.doc WORLD WAR II: WARTIME ALLIANCE t1warall.bkg t2molot.doc WORLD WAR II: AMERICAN POW's AND MIA's u1uspow.bkg u2powtab.doc COLD WAR: POSTWAR ESTRANGEMENT v1pstwar.bkg v2telegr.doc COLD WAR: SOVIET PERSPECTIVES w1sovper.bkg w2compar.doc COLD WAR: CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS x1cuba.bkg x2jfk.doc ************************************************* Six Additional Documents from the Soviet Archives (Added ca. 7-24-92) ************************************************* COLLECTIVISATION AND INDUSTRIALIZATION: CONDITIONS ON A COLLECTIVE FARM aa1feign.bkg aa2feign.doc PERESTROIKA: "UNITY--FOR LENINISM AND COMMUNIST IDEALS" ab1unity.bkg ab2unity.doc SUPPRESSING DISSIDENTS: POLITICAL PRISONERS ac1sakh.bkg ac2sakh.doc KULAKS ad1kulak.bkg ad2kulak.doc ACTION AGAINST "BLACK HUNDREDS" CLERGY ae1bkhun.bkg ae2bkhun.doc KGB REPORT OF PUBLICATIONS HOSTILE TO SOVIET GOVERNMENT af1bdlit.bkg af2bdlit.doc ************************************************* PRINTING THE ONLINE BROCHURE ************************************************* The online brochure of the "Revelations from the Russian Archives" exhibit is available in two formats: a DOS print file called hndbook.iii to be sent to a LaserJetIII printer, and hndbook.pst to be printed to a postscript printer on either the DOS or Macintosh platform. Since the brochure was created on DOS platform, using a LaserJetIII printer, the best results are achieved by printing the online brochure to a LaserJetIII printer using the DOS copy command (copy/b filename lpt1).


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