Subject: Re: +quot;Carboniferous human bones+quot; -- last call for Ed to make predictions

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======== Newsgroups:,,,sci.skeptic,alt.catastrophism,alt.chistnet Subject: Re: "Carboniferous human bones" -- last call for Ed to make predictions From: (Fredric L. Rice) Date: Thu, 13 Jun 1996 06:45:08 GMT (Ed Conrad) wrote: > (Andrew MacRae) wrote: >>Okay. This is my last attempt to get some predictions from Ed about the >>results of the thin section prepared for his specimen. This is the >>opportunity to make your case and impress people if the results turn out >>the way you expect. Please respond promptly. [...cuts...] >I am quite perplexed by your questionnaire. >First of all, this could never be your LAST attempt to "get some >predictions" from me concerning the thin section simply because there >really never was a first time, a second time, a third time, a fourth >time, etc., etc. >Have you been smoking anything lately? [...cuts...] Welp, so much for you pretending you're doing science, huh? We all see once and for all that you don't have any intention of answering any questions concerning your _religious_beliefs_ and instead have elected to launch personal attacks against your intellectual superiors. Let's face something here, Ed... You and Ted hold some really silly religious beliefs and you doubtless honestly want to believe that you have finally found something that will vindicate them. Now that science has negated yet one more bit of wishful thinking, it becomes another crushing disappointment to find that your religious beliefs are as yet unwarranted and, sadly, your hopes of _ever_ getting them vindicated become ever more so vanishingly slim. Of course you can parade your rock in front of fellow Creationists and exclaim with amazement how it's fossilized human bone and, granted, everyone will continue to believe you without question. But you'll know it's a rock and Ted will know it's a rock, and not even Uri Geller's superhuman powers can make it anything but a rock. As an aside, might I suggest that you ditch Ted? That certainly can't be very helpful to your career or image. --- The Skeptic Tank direct: (818) 335-9601 Home of the Restored Church of the Star Goat! Capristellar, fata viam invenient / Honi soit qui mal y pense! Creationism redux: Give Equal time for the Flat Earth Theory!


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