Speaking Out - Vining on Pioneer Fund The source of this document is Almanac. +quot;/penni

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Speaking Out - Vining on Pioneer Fund The source of this document is Almanac. "/penninfo-srv.upenn.edu/9000/24982/info" More on Pioneer Fund ==================== I am gratified to learn from President Rodin (Almanac, February 14, 1995, p. 7) that I am not personally under attack. But there are some loose ends that need to be cleaned up. Notice that President Rodin did not address herself to (1) The Nazi Connection, which started all this commotion in the first place, (2) the Ford Foundation, or, really, (3) the Pioneer Fund itself. I don't know much about Nazi Germany. The contents of The Nazi Connection will be addressed in a forthcoming book by Robert Gordon, a sociologist at Johns Hopkins University. But I do know a little bit about the present, which is the subject of The Nazi Connection's first chapter. Robert Gordon himself, discussed on pages 3, 8, 9, and 10 of The Nazi Connection, is Jewish. He is presumably sensitive to anti- Semitism. This inconvenient fact is never mentioned in the book. Michael Levin, mentioned on page 8, is also Jewish. This fact is never mentioned in the book. Hans Eysenck, discussed on pages 5 and 10, was a refugee from Nazi Germany. That highly relevant biographical detail is never revealed to the reader. The Ford Foundation was discussed in my previous letter to Almanac (Feb. 14, pp. 6-7). But it is even worse than I thought. This campus is awash in Ford funds. Our former president, Sheldon Hackney, received money from it (Wall Street Journal, January 27, 1995). The Ford Foundation not only funded the National Council of La Raza but may have even created it (La Raza: Ford Foundation Assistance to Mexican Americans, n.d.). This pamphlet helpfully tells us, "the term la raza...mean[s] the race." I think we should have a major investigation into Ford's activities here. As I told you before, the Pioneer Fund is worth about 3.5 million. It is not "wealthy," contra Barry Mehler's assertion in Patterns of Prejudice, Vol. 23, No. 4, Winter 1989-90, p. 1. Five percent, which is a good rate of return, of 3.5 million is about $200,000. As any grantee will tell you, $200,000 is hardly enough to support a single person, let alone a cabal of neo-Nazis and racists named Gordon, Levin, Eysenck, Pearson, Lynn, Gottfredson, Rushton, Jensen, and Vining. Ford's 5 (or is it 6?) billion, on the other hand, could. It is sad to see the president and trustees of a great university go charging off after such a tiny foundation as Pioneer, when there is good reason to investigate a really big one, like Ford. -Daniel R. Vining, Jr., Associate Professor, Population Studies Center


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