Date: Thu, 2 Mar 1995 07:39:42 -0800 Subject: The North American Right Wing and The Pionee

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Date: Thu, 2 Mar 1995 07:39:42 -0800 From: Nathan Newman Subject: The North American Right Wing and The Pioneer Fund - WACL nexus of characters (fwd) Norman, Just thought your people would be interested in both the Old Farmer's Almanac listserver and this article which I downloaded from there a few months ago. Notice how almost the entire American Pioneer Fund crew is tied in with the Canadian far right, the Church of the Creator crowd, George Wallace of The American Independent Party, and the Western Guard and Tom Metzger neo-Nazi crowds. The entire North American right is closely allied and has used Wickliffe Draper and The Pioneer Fund as the focal point for their activities for over 35 years now. Ken McVay at the Almanac server has hundreds of great files primarily on the Holocaust Denial crowd but many on Liberty Lobby, Fascism, Nazis, and other far right extremists. The World Anti-Communist League linkages back to Draper and Pioneer are for me the most dangerous and interesting. Date: Wed, 21 Dec 94 22:12 PST From: [] Subject: GET FASCISM/CANADA CANADA.RIGHT Archive FASCISM/CANADA: file canada.right, part 1/1, size 14148 bytes: ------------------------------ Cut here ------------------------------ Archive/File: fascism/canada canada.right Last-Modified: 1994/06/19 Date: Tue, 14 Jun 1994 13:04:50 -0400 (EDT) From: Linda Wayne Subject: Re: academic link-ups To: Ken McVay The following is a directory of far-right groups and their academic link-ups in and around the University of Western Ontario. THE (NEO) RIGHT DIRECTORY KEY: supports = supported by person under whose listing it appears * = university, college or school affiliation NEO-RIGHT INDIVIDUALS: Andrews, Donald * secondary school teacher Edmund Burke Society co-founder Nationalist Party leader Western Guard co-founder W.Droege (supports) see P.Fromm Ankney, Davison * U.of Western Ontario Intelligence journal board member SAFS board member see A.Jenson (thanks in work) see P.Rushton (thanks in work) Baker, Steve pseudonym see Steve Dumas Balch, Stephen H. * CUNY Campus Coalition for Democracy head Barrett, Harry F.CAFE president '83 Cornerstone Alliance advisory committee see P.Fromm see M.Ross Bauer, Mark Aryan Resistance Movement leader Canada Awake! producer Beattie, W. John British People's League Canadian Nazi Party founder '65-78 see M.Weiche Bewley, Judge Les C-FAR contributor see P.Fromm Bloom, Alan * U.of Chicago Olin Foundation funding Brimelow, Peter C-FAR contributor Forbes assoc. editor The Financial Post columnist see P.Fromm Brown, Grant * U.of Lethbridge Fraser Institute contributer Buckley, William F. Combat bulletin National Review publication '68-72 Young Americans for Freedom founder '60 Burdi, George Church of the Creator head CDN chpt. Heritage Front member RaHoWa lead singer Rev.Eric Hawthorne (pseudonym) P.Fromm (supports) B.Klassen (supports) J.R.Taylor (supports) E.Zundel (supports) Butz, Arthur * Northwestern U. prof. engineering Hoax of the Twentieth Century author Institute for Historical Review member Journal of Historical Review editor Cameron, Elinor alias see Ann Hartmann Chisholm, Robert Mackenzie Institute contributor Christie, Doug Canadian Free Speech League C-FAR contributor Up Front contributor Western Canada Concept founder D.Irving (legal counsel for) J.Keegstra (legal counsel for) E.Zundel (legal counsel for) see Heritage Front Cline, Ray Georgetown Center for Strategic & Internat. Studies CIA CSIS Csorba, Les Acuracy in Academia executive dir. see R.Irvine see J.LeBoutillier Dashko, Fernando Opus Dei spokesperson Dooley, D.J. * U.of Toronto Opus Dei (supports) Draper, Wycliffe Pioneer Fund founded '37 US House Un-American Activities Com. '50s see H.Weyher Droege, Wolfgang Heritage Front founder '89 Knights of the Ku Klux Klan member Northern Foundation (supports) Reform Party expelled member Western Guard former member P.Manning (bodyguard - 2 occations) see D.Andrews see A.Hartmann see J.McQuirter D'Souza, Dinesh American Enterprize Institute member Madison Center for Educational Affairs funding Olin Foundation fellow R.Reagan (sr. domestic policy analyst for '87-88) SAFS (keynote speaker 1993) see Collegiate Network see W.Simon see Note after Organizations Directory Duke, David Knights of the Ku Klux Klan founder '75-80 Nat.Assoc. for Advancment of White People founder Up Front columnist J.McQuirter (supports) see Heritage Front Dumas, Steve Steve Baker (pseudonym) Heritage Front member Northern Foundation research officer Up Front columnist see A.Hartmann see Heritage Front Ellis, Thomas Fairness in Media founder J.Helms (former strategist for) Pioneer Fund former dir. Fletcher, Joseph * U.of Toronto prof. poly sci Heritage Front (invited into classroom) Fromm, Paul * secondary school teacher Alternative Forum secretary Cafe Quarterly publication Campus Alternative publication '73 Canadian Assoc. for Free Expression (CAFE) founder Catholics Against Terrorism Christians Against Terrorism Church of the Creator (?) Church Watch tabloid Citizens for Foreign Aid Reform (C-FAR) co-founder Committee to Stop Bill 7 Cornerstone Alliance advisory committee Countdown publication '72 Down the Drain? co-author Edmund BurkeSociety co-founder '68 Heritage Front (supports) '90 Metro Separate School Board trustee '76-78 Ont. Secondary School Teachers Fed. Dist.10 chair PC-Metro (forced to resign) St.Mikes Coll. Student Admin. Coun.(impeached) Social Credit member K.Hilborn's The Cult of the Victim (wrote preface) Western Guard co-founder W.Shockley (supports) World Anti-Communist League see D.Andrews see G.Burdi see J.Hull Furedy, John J. * U.of Toronto - psych Fraser Institute contributor Gendron, Gilbert C-FAR contributor see P.Fromm Gostick, Ron Canadian League of Rights leader Canadian Intelligence Publications A.Butz (supports) Griffin, Des Emissary Publications owner The Throne of the Anti-Christ co-author O'Driscoll see O'Driscoll Gruhn, Ruth * U.of Alberta Fraser Institute contributor Gross, Barry NAS treasurer SAFS - attended conference '93 Hartmann, Ann Elinor Cameron (alias) P.Hartmann (spouse) Rita Ann Kelly (maiden name) Northern Foundation president Real Women of Canada (director) Reform Party expelled member see G.Burdi see W.Droege see S.Dumas Hartmann, Eric Heritage Front member Northern Foundation (supports) Up Front contributor A.Hartmann (mother) Hartmann, Paul Cornerstone Alliance member Western Guard treasurer see D.Andrews see H.Barrett see P.Fromm see A.Hartmann Hawthorne, Rev.Eric (pseudonym) see G.Burdi Hilborn, Kenneth * U. of Western Ontario Canadian Journal of History contributor C-FAR contributor Freedom Council of Canada member Human Events contributor London Free Press contributor Mackenzie Institute member Queen's Quarterly contributor SAFS member Washington Inquirer contributor World Anti-Communist League member see Fromm Hodgkinson, Christopher * U.of Victoria Fraser Institute contributer Hull, James P. Alternative Forum meetings dir. Campus Alternative publication president C-FAR co-founder and director CAFE exec. committee Down the Drain? co-author see P.Fromm see G.Robinson Irvine, Reed Accuracy in Media founder Accuracy in Academia founder '85 World Anti-Communist League former member see Les Csorba see J.LeBoutillier Irving, David UK revisionist see D.Christie see Heritage Front see T.Long Jarvis, Robert C-FAR contributor see P.Fromm Jenson, Arthur * U. of California-psych. Mankind Magazine contributor Pioneer Fund funding see D.Ankney see R.Pearson see P.Rushton Keestra, Jim denies affiliations see D.Christie Kimura, Doreen * U. of Western Ontario Fraser Institute (financial assist. '93) Royal Society of Canada member Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship founder see D.Ankney see SAFS Klassen, Ben American Independent Party (US) chair Church of the Creator (US) founder John Birch Society former member Nature's Eternal Religion author The White Man's Bible author see D.Burdi see G.Wallace Klatt Heinz-Joachim * U.of Western Ontario Kristol, Irving Institute for Educational Affairs co-founder Olin Foundation funding see W.Simon Lane, David Silent Brotherhood (US) member The Order (US) (supports) Laughlin, Harry * Heidelberg U. Hon.Phd in eugenics Pioneer Fund incorp. '37 see Osborn LeBoutillier, John Accuracy in Academia president US Congress former member World Anti-Communist League leader '85 Lefever, Ernest W. Ethics & Public Policy Center founder '76 Long, Terry Aryan Nation leader Christian Defence League president Western Canada Concept member D.Irving (supports) see D.Christie Macdonald Ian D. CDN Knights of the KKK policy adviser Society for Free Expression member see J.McQuirter Mason, Gen.Suarez World Anti-Communist League chair '80 (Argentine army leader during Dirty War) McQuirter, James CDN Knights of the Ku Klux Klan founder Western Guard member W.Droege (supports) J.R.Taylor (supports) see D.Andrews see D.Duke Metzger, Tom White Aryan Resistance (US) leader John Birch Society member California Knights (US) founder Mukerji, Suman Foundation for Culture and Ed. controller Opus Dei (supports) Newcombe, Pat C-FAR contributor see P.Fromm O'Driscoll, Robert * U.of Toronto prof. english The Throne of the Anti-Christ co-writer D.Griffin The New World Order in N.A. co-writer J.R.Taylor "Another Voice of Freedom" (interviewed) see J.R.Taylor see E.Zundel Osborn, Frederick Pioneer Fund incorp. '37 see Laughlin Pearson, Roger Mankind Magazine editor Pioneer Fund funding World Anti-Communist League member Ratcliffe, Marjorie * U.of Western Ontario SAFS Riche, W.Harding le C-FAR contributor see P.Fromm Robinson, Greg Alternative Forum president Young Americans for Freedom CDN see W.F.Buckley Ross, Malcolm CAFE (is supported by) The Real Holocaust author Spectre of Power author Web of Deceit author R.Gostick (is supported by) see P.Fromm Rushton, Phillipe * U. of Western Ontario C-FAR contributor Mankind Magazine contributor Pioneer Fund funding '82-83 SAFS member A.Jenson (cites in work) see D.Ankney see P.Fromm see R.Pearson Sasakawa, Ryoichi self proclaimed fascist York U. accepted $1m donation '90 Scott, Ralph * U.of Northern Iowa, prof. ed.psych Pioneer Fund funding '70s Shockley, William * Stanford U. Pioneer Fund funding Simon, William Institute for Educational Affairs co-founder Olin Foundation president Treasury Secretary US former see I.Kristol Smith, Leigh Reform Party member Edmund Burke Society former member see D.Andrews see P.Fromm Swan, Donald * U. of Southern Mississippi assist. prof. Mankind Magazine contributor Pioneer Fund funding World Anti-Communist League member see R.Pearson Taylor, John Ross Aryan Nation former leader British People's League Canadian Nazi Party (supports) Western Guard former leader His Excellency J.J.Wills pseudonym R.O'Driscoll (wrote 2 chpts for) see D.Andrews see P.Fromm see T.Long Walker, Michael Faser Institute executive dir. '93 Wallace, George Americal Independent Party member see B.Klassen Weber, Mark * Indiana U. former teacher (denied by U.) Journal for Historical Review editor National Youth Alliance former member Weiche, Martin Canadian Nazi Party leader '67 Church of the Creator (?) Western Guard member see D.Andrews see G.Burdi see P.Fromm Weyher, Harry W.Draper (legal counsel to in '50s-60s) Fairness in Media (legal counsel to) Pioneer Fund pres. '94 see T.Ellis Wilkinson, Paul Mackenzie Institute Yaqzan, Matin * U. of New Brunswick assist. prof. math M.Ross (supports) C.Paglia (is supported by) J.Van der Linde (is supported by) Zundel, Ernst "Another Voice of Freedom" radio/tv program CAFE (is supported by) "Did 6 Million Really Die?" author Up Front contributor J.Keestra (supports) see H.Barrett see D.Christie see P.Fromm see Heritage Front ORGANIZATIONS DIRECTORY: Canadian Intelligence Pubs - Canadian Intelligence Service pub - On Target publication Campus Coalition for Democracy - IEA funds Church of the Creator (COTC) - Racial Loyalty publication Citizens for Foreign Aid Reform (C-FAR) - World Anti-Communist League affiliate Collegiate Network - IEA founded and funds - Olin Foundation funding - runs network of 64 college & university newspapers inc. Dartmouth Review (the first), Berkeley Review Edmund Burke Society - Western Guard (renamed) - Straight Talk publication chapters at: - U.of Toronto (central) - York U. - Concordia U. - Carleton U. - McGill U. Ethics & Public Policy Center - IEA funds Front National (France) - Renouveau Etudiant - Collectif Nationaliste Etudiant - Group Union-defense Heritage Front - Northern Foundation conf.'89 (est. at) - RaHoWa (played at founding rally) - Up Front publication - D.Irving (supports) Heritage Foundation - Scaife Foundation funds see Note Inst. for Educational Affairs (IEA) - funded pub.s at U.of Toronto, McGill,Queens - Olin Foundation start-up funds - Scaife Family Trusts start-up funds - JM Foundations start-up funds - Smith-Richardson Found. start-up funds - doners inc.: Betchel, Coca-Cola, Dow Chemical, Ford Motor Co., General Electric, K-Mart, Mobil, Nestle see MCEA see Heritage Foundation Inst. for Historical Review - Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust Inst.for the Study of Conflict (CSIS) - CIA (founded by) National Assoc. of Scholars (NAS) - Olin Foundation funds - Smith-Richardson funds - founded '87 - caususes in American Sociological Assoc., American Historical Assoc., MLA Madison Center for Edu. Affairs (MCEA) - formerly IEA to '90 Rand Corporation - US Airforce (private think-tank) Resistance Records - Aggravated Assault (signed) - Aryan (signed) - Nordic Thunder (signed) - RaHoWa (signed) - Voice (signed) Society for Academic Freedom & Scholarship (SAFS) - NAS (start-up funds) World Anti-Communist League (WACL) - founded in South Korea '66 - CIA start-up funds see WLFD World League for Democracy - formerly WACL *Note: The four largest think tanks in the US are: Heritage Foundation CSIS American Enterprise Institute (AEI) Hoover Institution


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