Date: Wed, 15 Feb 1995 16:21:46 -0800 Subject: Pioneer Fund, 187 and Eugenics The Pioneer

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Date: Wed, 15 Feb 1995 16:21:46 -0800 From: Nathan Newman Subject: Pioneer Fund, 187 and Eugenics The Pioneer Fund and Proposition 187, partners in repressive legislation. ============================================================================= Question: What do the following interrlated things have in common? 1) Proposition 187 on the California Ballot: The Illegal Immigrants Law? 2) Oliver J. North, the current Va. Senatorial candidate and convicted felon? 3) The current book: "The Bell Curve" by Chas. Murray and Richard Hernnstein? 4) Adolph Hitler's Laws against the Prevention of Hereditarily Ill Progeny? 5) Numerous acts of Civil Rights violence during the 1960's and 1970's? 6) William Shockley's studies on the alleged genetic inferiority of blacks? 7) The Lynchburg Colony in Va. where over 8,000 were involuntarily sterilized? 8) All of the successful Senate campaigns of North Carolina Sen. Jesse Helms. 9) The attempted takeover of CBS in 1985 led by Jesse Helms and Thomas Ellis. 10) The violent strike busting tactics that occurred at J.P. Stevens in N.C.? 11) American Mercury, the anti-everything Birchite magazine of Liberty Lobby? 12) Human Events, the reactionary right-wing publication of the 40's and 50's? 13) International Association for the Advancement of Eugenics and Ethnology? 14) The McCarran-Walter Act, the McCarran-Wood Act, the Taft-Hartley Act? 15) The character assassination plot against Alger T. Hiss by Nathaniel Weyl? 16) Pogroms by Joseph McCarthy, HUAC and Senate Internal Security Committees? 17) The plot to terminate with prejudice the President of the United States? 18) The Liberty Lobby, the John Birch Society and the Constitution Party? Answer: They ALL received funding, either partly or completely, from: "THE PIONEER FUND", an IRS tax-exempt foundation and trust, still located in New York City which was begun in 1937 and was recently mentioned prominently in a book by German Prof. Stefan Kuhl, called "The Nazi Connection" published by The Oxford University Press in 1994. The Pioneer Fund was also the subject of a magazine article in Rolling Stone Magazine on October, 20, 1994 and The New Republic's "Race and IQ" issue which discussed "The Bell Curve". The founder of the Pioneer Fund, Wickliffe P. Draper, was a reactionary Hitler supporter who also funded numerous other anti-immigration, anti-union, anti- minority, anti-feminist, anti-Semitic and anti-United Nations efforts during his long lifetime. Wickliffe Draper permitted one of the original house organs of The Liberty Lobby, called American Mercury, to be published using his funding at 250 West 57th Street in New York City as the editorial offices during the early 1960's and also financed Frank C. Hanighen's reactionary publication called Human Events from Hanighen's Georgetown townhouse at 4745 Reservoir Road, Washington, D.C. during the period from 1944-1964, when Hanighen died. Question: What do you get when you combine: 1) a reclusive multi-millionaire from Hopedale, Massachusetts, Wickliffe P. Draper, whose uncle was a former Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, (Eben S. Draper 1900-1906) and another relative, Leverett Saltonstall, and a distant cousin, was Massachusets Governor then Senator during 1940- 1960's... 2) ...with a private foundation which still exists today in New York City, whose current president is Harry F. Weyher, that believes in such Hitler era concepts as "involuntary sterilization", and "racial betterment and improvement of the master race" through "elimination of all hereditary undesirables" whose founders helped Goebbels and Hitler write the German laws on the "Prevention of Hereditarily Ill Progeny" which led to the Holocaust justification? 3) ... and a cast of some of the most nefarious and sinister of characters representing some of the most racist believers in "White Aryan Supremacy", anti-Civil Rights legislation and violent actions in order to prevent de-segregation from becoming a reality like Sen. Jesse Helms, Sen. James Eastland, Francis E. Walter, Richard Arens and John B. Trevor, Jr. whose father was responsible for causing alien and sedition charges to be brought against his comrades on The American Coalition of Patriotic Societies during World War II? Answer: Perhaps one of the highest impact stories of this, or any other decade, in the current century. See: article in recent issue of Rolling Stone magazine, dated October 20, 1994, p. 106-114 called Academia's Dirty Little Secret: "Professors of Hate" about The Pioneer Fund, and also the New York Times article of December 11, 1977 on page 76, by Grace Lichtenstein, ocalled: "Private Foundation believes in concept of Racial Betterment" which describes the associations of Ronald Reagan, Sen. James Eastland and Sen. Jesse Helms with The Pioneer Fund, the ultra fascist World Anti- Communist League, the House Un-American Activities Committee and Billy James Hargis' Christian Crusade as well as John B. Trevor's American Vigilante Intelligence Federation founded jointly with Harry S. Jung. These articles and the book barely scratch the TIP of the iceberg in this deeply rooted and all pervasive story which spans over 3 generations of like minded Hitler collaborators, supporters and Nazi sympathizers. These same people are now backing candidate Oliver J. North in the Virginia Senate race. This organization, The Pioneer Fund has sponsored research by none other than pseudo academics like William B. Shockley, "Inherent Inferiority of Minorities", Arthur Jensen, "Genetics is the only determinant of Intelligence", and J. Phillippe Rushton "Brain size has an effect on determination of native born intelligence". The current incarnation of these theses can be revisited in the controversial new book called: "The Bell Curve" by Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein. But the REAL story lies in the association of the Fund with racialist Senator Jesse Helms' former campaign manager in 1972, Thomas F. Ellis, who today serves on The Council for National Policy with none other than Senatorial candidate Oliver J. North of Virginia. Thomas F. Ellis was on the Board of Directors of The Pioneer Fund from 1973-1977, until he was exposed in The New York Times article of 12/11/77. Ellis was also President of The Council For National Policy in Baton Rouge, LA. in 1982-1983 and remains a member of this most surreptitious, conspiratorial and nefarious organization to this day along with Oliver J. North, Nelson Bunker Hunt, Jesse Helms and Marion G. "Pat" Robertson. The Fund also sponsored election campaigns for former Senator James O. Eastland of Mississippi, (deceased) and Rep. Francis E. Walter of Pennsylvania (deceased), the notorious McCarthyites and racists who were the respective chairmen of the Senate Internal Security Subcommitee and the House Committee on Un-American Activities, a/k/a H.U.A.C. Ironic, is it not, that it will ultimately be proven that they were the ones in fact most guilty of continuously promulgating un-American activities, attitudes and actions while consorting with some of the worst fascists, and neo-Nazis in the history of America. Oliver J. North associations' during the Iran-Contra events with Tom Posey, who is a neo-nazi follower of Art Jones America First group in Chicago should disqualify him from serious consideration as a Senator of the United States of America for all eternity. Two of Art Jones' followers attended the JFK conference in Dallas and Providence in 1993. There are some other researchers and investigative reporters who have definitively associated the Pioneer Fund and the nefarious crew who received financing from the Fund with an infamous political assassination of the 1960's of a well known and respected elected leader. Proving this association has been the most arduous of tasks, but the end is in sight. That assassination involved President John F. Kennedy. The Draper Corporation, formerly a thriving textile operation and the largest worldwide manufacturer of automated textile loom equipment during the 20th Century was purchased by Colonel Willard F. Rockwell of Boston, Massachusetts on behalf of Rockwell-Standard, an aerospace, military and defense contractor, in 1967 at a greatly inflated price, almost $100,000,000 for the Draper family holdings. The announcement of the proposed merger appeared in the New York Times Index on 3/22/67. When you look up the article in the NY Times Index, you will be amazed to see the indexed entry that is actually present there: Mr 22, 6 1:1 which decomposes to: 3 22 6 1:1 which contains the 11/22/63 date when President John F. Kennedy was actually assassinated, only scrambled. The attempt at entering the diversified textile markets by an aerospace contractor failed of course, as expected, and the entire company was sold in pieces during the next 10-12 years for undisclosed prices, but at a quite substantial loss for Rockwell-Standard which later became Rockwell International, one of the largest defense contractors and a Pentagon ally. Recently released information from the CIA files regarding the presence of a "deliberately inflated missile gap" only lends additional credence to these arguments. During a conference held at the JFK School of Government at Harvard University on December 4, 1994 both of the Rockwell missile systems, the MX missiles in the early 1960's and the Minuteman missiles around the late 1970's were cited for being used as prime examples of deliberate distortion on the part of both Air Force intelligence and the CIA in order to assure additional funding for these programs. The Draper division of Rockwell was later discarded at a nominal value by Rockwell International between 1976 and 1980. The net loss which was over $70 million dollars was, of course, made up by later greatly inflating the value of aerospace contracts. Rockwell has since been indicted or accused SEVEN times, during the 70's and the 80's of huge cost over-runs on projects ranging from the Apollo astronauts rocket booster programs, the MX Missile Program, the Space Shuttle, the Minuteman Missiles and several other projects. The Draper Company Town, which was known as the "birthplace of the Industrial Revolution" is Hopedale, MA., well reknowned as the "model company town" and the FIRST company town in the history of the Industrial Revolution in the U.S.A. It is only about 25 miles from the Lexington Battle Green which is where the first shots were fired by the Minutemen which began the American Revolution. Three of Wickliffe Draper's direct relatives marched to Lexington from the Hopedale, MA area and actually fought as Minutemen on the Lexington Battle Green. They actually fired the "shots heard round the world" in Lexington in 1776 and later, his nefarious associates participated in the next round of "shots heard round the world" in Dallas, TX on November 22, 1963. Which series of shots heard round the world had a more profound effect on our history, do you believe, the first American Revolution or the second? When you hear WHY the Drapers and the Draper Corporation were chosen for what I believe to be the most massive illegal kickback or payback program of the 1960s and 1970s, you will not be able to believe your ears or be able to comprehend the immensity of what your mind will be telling you. The evidence is fully supportive of this thesis and can be independently verified whenever required. Check out the "Richard Giesbrecht" incident in the current JFK literature which is available from Dr. Jerry Rose, State College at Fredonia, Fredonia, NY 14063. Draper's company and some eventual members of the World Anti-Communist League and other international neo-nazi and quasi- fascist organizations from both Canada and Australia were also involved with this meeting that took place in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in February of 1964. Richard L. Giesbrecht himself 'solved' what he described as the mysterious identities of the meeting's participants and left enough clues for anyone else to retrace his steps. I have been able to determine their identities. Rockwell International is the company that was also in the news recently regarding the National Reconaissance Office complex in Northern Virginia which was apparently being built without the knowledge of the Congressional Budget Office, the Senate Intelligence Committee or anyone else in Congress. It is a top secret spy satellite installation which was originally developed to obstruct the previously large Russian and Communist threats from the Cold War. Their corporate logo was the one chosen to appear as a cover for the building which was being surreptitiously constructed in Chantilly, Virginia. The cornerstone at the entrance to the office park read: "Rockwell International" when in fact it was to become the headquarters for the Pentagon's secretive National Reconnaissance Office, as the spy satellite headquarters. The address used while the Chantilly building was being built was the Richardson, Texas offices of Collins Radio, another division of Rockwell International. The Charles Stark Draper Labs at MIT were also involved with the Apollo rocket booster programs and Charles Draper, who died in 1987, is circuitously related to Wickliffe P. Draper but in a somewhat more distant capacity than Eben S. Draper or Leverett Saltonstall, both of whom were former Governors of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts during the 20th Century. The saga of the Charles Start Draper Labs is described in the book "Inventing Accuracy" by the MIT Press written about 12 years ago. This is a MAJOR Massachusetts and National story with incredible implications and is the sort of stuff that Pulitzer Prizes were actually intended for when Joseph Pulitzer created them during the Depression era, I believe. Failure to investigate this story will only make you look somewhat foolish and guarantee that you will be scooped by everyone else. These former World Chairmen of the World Anti-Communist League, (WACL) and former Presidents of The Council For National Policy, whose meetings Jesse Helms attended from their respective inception and forward to the present, are high up on my list of suspects in complicity to perform a ritualized character assassination on President John F. Kennedy and perhaps much, much worse. Some of them have been identified as Iran-Contra principals as well. Former World Chairmen of the ultra-Fascist World Anti-Communist League: Ray Steiner Cline, former D.D.O. in the CIA, Dr. Roger Pearson, formerly of Queens College in Charlotte, N.C., a Helms associate and confidante and a recipient of over $1,000,000 in Pioneer Fund grants over the last 20 years, Yaroslaw Stetsko, a Waffen SS officer in the 14th Galician division in the Ukraine, and Maj. General John K. Singlaub, who was removed by President Jimmy Carter as head of United Nations forces in South Korea just like Douglas A. MacArthur was by President Truman in the early 1950's. The battle for dominance of Foreign Policy and military defense budgets and the actual terms of the defense procurement process between the Military and the Executive/Congressional branches of Government has once again been thrust into the forefront for our analysis and discussion. It will be a controversial topic for the balance of this ending millennium and well into the Third Millenium. If we as citizens can not wrest control of this process from the Pentagon and their allies in the Senate and House we will all be destined to live under the aegis of a combined alliance among the Pentagon, the Aerospace and the Defense contractors which was a product of our own creation. It is roughly equivalent to a Frankenstein monster gone wild. The acronym chosen for this Pentagon-Aerospace-Defense alliance, PAD, was intended to be indicative of the foremost tactic within their arsenal of weapons. They PAD their development estimates and contracts, PAD their analysis of the missile gap, PAD their pockets and that of the defense contractors, PAD their requests for defense budgets and PAD their assessments of the threats which may be emanating from adversaries, real or imagined, friend or foe, domestic or foreign, planetary or inter-planetary. Remember that the Frankenstein monster was just a completely misunderstood soul created by an associate of Dr. Josef Mengele, the race eugenicist who was attempting to improve on the master race using macabre human engineering. The combination of Josef Mengele and Dr. Frankenstein in America was none other than Wickliffe P. Draper of Hopedale, Massachusetts. Former Presidents of The Council for National Policy: Nelson Bunker Hunt, Thomas F. Ellis, Marion G. "Reverend Pat" Robertson and currently, Edwin A. Meese, former staff director for President Ronald Reagan. Former members of The American Security Council of The Liberty Lobby: Maj. General Charles A. Willoughby, fired by President Truman during Korea just before General Douglas A. MacArthur was sacked, Maj. General Edwin A. Walker, fired by President John F. Kennedy for his "pro-Blue" programs in West Germany, James J. Angleton, who utilized his "Honetel 14" program in his attempt to rip the CIA asunder internally and scatter it to into the winds, Robert Morris, former McCarthyite and patriarch of every right-wing cause. Citations: "End Liberal Bias" Is CBS Takeover Aim (by the Jesse Helms/Thomas Ellis crew) The Washington Post February 17, 1985, p. E-3 Academia's Dirty Secret: "Professors of Hate", by Adam Miller Rolling Stone Magazine, October 20, 1994 p. 106-112 "Helms Controlled Money Machine Bankrolling Fairness in Media" The Washington Post, Thomas Edsall and David Vise, March 31, 1985, p. A-1 "Fund Backs Controversial Study of Racial Betterment" Grace Lichtenstein The New York Times, December 11, 1977, page 76 The Nazi Connection, Professor Stepan Kuhl, published by Oxford University Oxford University Press, (London and New York, 1994) "Race vs. IQ", the continuing controversy over 'The Bell Curve' The New Republic, October 31, 1994, entire magazine devoted to the subject "IQ, Is It Destiny?", Newsweek Magazine, October 24, 1994 subtitled: "A Hard Look at a Controversial New Book on Race, Class and Success" "Pioneer Fund is primary source for backing of Proposition 187 in California" Los Angeles Times and San Francisco Chronicle, various articles, October, 1994"


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