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This is an index into the Pioneer Fund files which are currently available on The Skeptic Tank (818) 335-9601 for download. Last update: 30/August/1995, 10:20 a.m. PION01 TXT "THE PIONEER FUND", an IRS tax-exempt foundation and trust, still located in New York City which was begun in 1937 and was recently mentioned prominently in a book by German Prof. Stefan Kuhl, called "The Nazi Connection" published by The Oxford University Press in 1994. PION02 TXT THE NEW YORK TIMES - Sunday, December 11, 1977 Fund Backs Controversial Study of 'Racial Betterment' by Grace Lichtenstein PION03 TXT Following is a transcript of the ABC World News Tonight story on The Bell Curve and the Pioneer Fund. It aired November 22, 1994. PION04 TXT Details about players within the Pioneer Fund and the various racist organizations which have ties to it either through membership or financial support. PION05 TXT November 3, 1994, LA TImes Thursday, Home Edition COLUMN LEFT/ ALEXANDER COCKBURN In Honor of Charlatans and Racists; 'The Bell Curve' pays tribute to some of history's most notorious pseudoscientific hatemongers. PION06 TXT The North American Right Wing and The Pioneer Fund - WACL nexus of characters. This is a list of various individuals within the racist organization. PION07 TXT Copyright 1994/The Times Mirror Company Los Angeles Times November 6, 1994, Sunday, Home Edition Both Sides Air Ads on Prop. 187 AD WATCH. Campaign '94. One in an occasional series -=- October 27, 1994, Thursday, Valley Edition Dispute Flares Over Planned Radio Spots for Prop. 187 BYLINE: PAUL FELDMAN; TIMES STAFF WRITER PION08.TXT Daniel R. Vining, Jr., Associate Professor, Population Studies Center, suggests that the Pioneer Fund isn't a threat and tries to divert the harsh light of exposure from the Pioneer Fund to the Ford Foundation. PION09.TXT Harry F. Weyher, President of the Pioneer Fund, states outright that his organization isn't racist, that it doesn't finance racist political agendas, and that it supports scientific inquiry. The facts state otherwise. PION10.TXT Daniel R. Vining, Jr., Associate Professor, Population Studies Center, further defends his receipt of funds from the Pioneer Fund (which he states has been some $200,000 over 15 years.) PION11.TXT Judith Rodin states that her University will continue to support Daniel R. Vining's right to solicit and use research funding from whatever source they wish. PION12.TXT Book Review by Richard M. Ebeling. The Nazi Connection: Eugenics, American Racism, and German National Socialism by Stefan Kuhl (New York: Oxford University Press, 1994) 166 pages; $22.00. PION13.TXT The New York Times Book Review (10/16/94) ran a lengthy piece that had a simple message: It's all right to believe that some races are genetically inferior to others.


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