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浜様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様 AMERICAN ATHEIST PRESS A division of the Charles E. Stevens American Atheist Library and Archives, Inc. P.O. Box 140195, Austin, TX 78714-0195 Telephone: (512) 458-1244 Telephone/FAX orders: (512) 467-9525 Winter 1993 Book and Product Flyer 藩様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様 ******Ages of Gold and Silver****** by John G. Jackson Christian leaders often claim that their religion has been a civilizing force throughout its history: that minorities owe their freedoms to the church, that monasteries preserved ancient literature against the barbarian hordes, that our greatest political ideals have their roots in the Bible. But, as John G. Jackson demonstrates, those claims fall far short of the truth. In _Ages of Gold and Silver_ Professor Jackson examines the origins of civilization with special emphasis on the long ignored contributions of non-Whites. Jackson didn't set out to write a Christian-bashing book. It is just that he found it impossible to write a history of society without drawing attention to the distortion and concealment of facts by past historians in order to bolster Christian claims. Jackson taught at the Black Studies Department of Rutgers University, at the University of New York in 1973, and at Northeastern Illinois University as a Visiting Professor. His works include _African Civilizations; A Guide to the Study of African History; Ethiopia and the Origin of Civilization_; _Man, God, and Civilization; Black Reconstruction in South Carolina;_ and the two best-sellers _Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth_ and _Christianity Before Christ_. His unique perspective as a Black and an Atheist allowed him to examine the contributions of non-European cultures fearlessly: he had no need to twist facts to make them fit the Bible or the dogma of any church. Paperback. 331 pages. Stock #5201. $14.95. 敖陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳 Order by phone or FAX (512) 467-9525 Place your Visa or MasterCard order by telephone or FAX 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 青陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳 ******THE AGE OF REASON****** Part Three: Examination of the Prophecies by Thomas Paine edited by Frank R. Zindler Thomas Paine was a hero to our Founding Fathers. His _Common Sense_ has been called the spark which lit our revolutionary fires. Yet Thomas Paine was also dubbed a "filthy little Atheist" by Theodore Roosevelt. Why? Because Thomas Paine dared to examine the Bible in an age in which independent thought on religious matters was a crime punishable under the blasphemy statutes. Paine was no Atheist -- he was a deist who believed in a god -- but he could not accept that every word of the Bible was true. He made his case for that position in _The Age of Reason_. But what is often overlooked is that he also rejected the divinity of Jesus; indeed he even dismissed the existence of the New Testament hero. It is in the seldom-published Part Three of _The Age of Reason_ that Thomas Paine attempted to prove that Jesus was not a man, but a fable. He did so by looking at the prophecies which the New Testament claims that Jesus fulfilled. This edition of Part Three of _The Age of Reason_ is extensively annotated by Frank R. Zindler, an American Atheists' spokesperson. A maverick student of the New Testament, Zindler brings Paine's original text up-to-date with the latest biblical scholarship. Index. Paperback. 95 pages. Stock #5575. $12.00. ******ATHEIST ON BOARD****** auto plaque A proud addition to your car This yellow notice mounts easily on your car's window with its own suction cup. Once there, it is a polite but persistent reply to all those born-again bumper stickers. 6 3/4" by 6 3/4". Auto Plaque. Stock #3215. $3.00. ******AN ATHEIST EPIC****** by Madalyn O'Hair On June 14, 1954, the Pledge of Allegiance was changed to include the words "under God." On July 11, 1955, President Eisenhower made the slogan "In God We Trust" mandatory on all currency. The national motto was changed to the same god phrase on July 30, 1956. And in 1959 a self-admitted Atheist challenged school prayer. The 1950s -- it was the decade of "Father Knows Best" and the Red Scare. A good American was a Christian American -- or at least a religious one. The enemy was "godless communism," and our best weapon against it was the Christianization of American. But a Baltimore woman challenged all that. She simply said "no" to mandatory prayer -- and started a controversy that still rages today. That woman was Madalyn Murray [O'Hair]. And _An Atheist Epic_ is her story, from the first complaint to the public school that required her child to say the Lord's Prayer to the day the Supreme Court gave its decision in the landmark school prayer case _Murray v. Curlett._ New edition; now includes photos. Paperback. 302 pages. Stock $5376. $10.00. ******ANIMAL LIBERATION****** by Peter Singer Whatever your position on the animal rights controversy, you will find _Animal Liberation_ by Peter Singer to be an enlightening book. Widely distributed by America's leading animal rights groups, this work is the philosophical linchpin for much of the activism today. After reading it, you will have a better understanding of the rationale behind the demands such groups make. Just as important, as an Atheist you will find the attacks this book makes on religion to be very informative. Religion, and Christianity in particular, has long denied that humans are animals or the product of evolution. This theology has, according to Singer, been used to promote and endorse use and abuse of our fellow animals. Paperback. 297 pages. Stock #5449. $4.95. ******The U.F.O. of Bethlehem****** by Frank R. Zindler Each time Christmas rolls around, newspapers carry articles purporting to be factual discussions of the Star of Bethlehem, quoting astronomers and religious writers. How reliable are such proofs of the story of Jesus' miraculous birth? Not very reliable at all, explains Frank Zindler in this short essay. A science writer and New Testament scholar, he ably demonstrates that the story of the three Magi and the Star of Bethlehem is not only scientifically impossible, it is biblically implausible. Stapled. 15 pages. Stock #5568. $3.00. ******Reprints from the American Atheist Magazine****** BLACK ATHEIST ISSUE: The February 1987 issue of the _American Atheist_ focused on Black Atheists. This special reprint of the section includes interviews with contemporary Black Atheists and articles on Black Atheists in history. Feb. 1987 Reprint. Stock #9401. $2.00. THE FUNERAL ISSUE: "Plotting Atheist Funerals" was the theme of the November 1986 issue of the _American Atheist._ The reprinted section features hints and how-tos on planning a secular funeral. Examples of services and suggested readings are also given. Nov. 1986 Reprint. Stock #9702. $2.00. THE WEDDING ISSUE: You don't need to go to church to have a perfectly beautiful -- and legal -- wedding. This reprint of articles from the June 1986 issue of the _American Atheist_ includes samples of readings and structures for secular weddings. June 1986 Reprint. Stock #9402. $2.00. ******POLITICAL WOMEN 1800****** Ruth & Edmund Frow, editors "Where are the Atheist hospitals?" is a common Christian taunt. But if the truth were known, Atheists have led the world in reform for everyone. It was they who fought so valiantly for freedom of speech, for freedom of the press, for freedom for the development of science and of education, for improved working and living conditions. But the most valiant fight of all was for the sexual and political rights of women. _Political Women 1800-1850_ is the record of how Atheists inspired and helped the betterment of women's lives in England. Now you can read the actual words of Robert Owen, George Holyoake, Charles Southwell, Richard Carlile, Robert Taylor, Charles Bradlaugh, Annie Besant, and other Atheist and freethought advocates. They fought not only for Atheism, but for the rights of women to have their own labor unions and humane working conditions. Hardback. 220 pages. Stock #5114. $12.50. ******INGERSOLL THE MAGNIFICENT****** Joseph Lewis, editor In 1957, Joseph Lewis (1889-1967, publisher of the _Age of Reason,_ an Atheist magazine) decided to research the writings of Robert Ingersoll to cull out his principal statements, especially in respect to religion, and to assemble them into a single volume. Ingersoll was, of course, one of the great orators of the United States and the most eloquent representative of Atheism in the nineteenth century. This is Lewis' selection divided into twenty-four chapters. Each concerns a special subject that Ingersoll treated, including "The Holy Bible," "Christianity," "The Church," "Origin, Design, and Destiny," "Myth and Miracle," "The Great Infidels," and "The Natural and The Supernatural." These essays have been often printed separately because of their beautiful and eloquent presentation. Lewis has done an excellent job; this is Ingersoll at his best, in a very easy to read, excerpted form. Paperback. 342 pages. Stock #5216. $10.00. ******ANTIQUARIAN CORNER****** The two works we offer in this section are very special. They are the original publications -- not the reprints -- of works distributed by pioneering Atheist and freethought publishers. We have acquired a limited number of each to offer to you. The copies we offer are unused and in good condition, but both were printed more than forty years ago. Like all older books, they are starting to show their age with some yellowing of the paper and/or fading of the covers. Some do have staining, but we will send the best copy available to each customer. Limit one per customer. THE TEN COMMANDMENTS by Joseph Lewis God or no god, the Ten Commandments are a good idea, right? Wrong. Joseph Lewis uncovers the superstitions, blood taboos, and ignorance which lay behind the development of the Ten Commandments. From "Thou shalt have no other gods before me" through the rest of the list, this Atheist writer tears apart the Commandments, stripping them of any fiber of authenticity or human concern. Lewis concludes with a plea that, instead of the Ten Commandments, we should seek and use universal concepts of justice which can be applied to all persons equally. Index. Bibliography. Published in 1946 by the Freethought Press Association. Our copies lack dust jackets. Hardback. 644 pages. Stock #5220. $42.50. AM I AN ATHEIST OR AN AGNOSTIC? by Bertrand Russell Includes articles and book reviews by Prof. J. B. S. Haldane, Dr. D. O. Cauldwell, John D. McInerney, Dr. Jerome Davis, C. A. Willis, Bryan Fulks, and Victor S. Yarros. Issued by Haldeman-Julius Publications in 1950. Stapled. 32 pages. Stock #5444. $4.50. ******END ANTIQUARIAN CORNER****** ******Margaret Sanger Bookplate****** Dress up your books with this appealing bookplate. Made from self-adhesive paper for easy mounting, it is 3 11/16" by 4 1/4". Sold in sets of 24. Features the quote "No God, No Master" from the masthead of Margaret Sanger's magazine _The Woman Rebel_ and a drawing of Sanger. Black on white. Stock #4000. $2.50. ******Pansy Bookplate****** For hundreds of years, the pansy was the symbol of freethought. That tradition is continued in this purple and black bookplate. Self-adhesive. 3 11/16" by 4 1/4". Sold in sets of 24. Stock #4003. $2.50. ******ATHEISTS: THEIR DILEMMA****** by Madalyn O'Hair Her 1993 C-SPAN address What is it like to be an Atheist in a Christian culture? In a speech given before the 1993 Convention of American Atheists, Madalyn O'Hair addressed the problem of the terrible loneliness of the Atheist position in this day and age. Drawing on the history of the suppression of Atheist thought, she outlined the special challenges which Atheists face in all aspects of life: love, relationships, child-rearing, careers, even death. But the closet Atheist should seek no sympathy here, for she finds the pervasive discrimination against Atheism to be the very reason for championing it. Dr. O'Hair's speech, in its entirety, was broadcast on C- SPAN, the international cable channel. Reproduced in this booklet is her prepared text. Stapled. 11 pages. Stock #5408. $3.00. ******VIDEO VERSION!****** of Atheists: Their Dilemma Madalyn O'Hair is a captivating, dramatic, witty speaker who has fascinated audiences on college campuses from Harvard to the University of Texas and thrilled debate audiences. Now see her in this reproduction of her 1993 speech to the Annual National convention of American Atheists. Captured by American Atheists' own television crew, the footage is just like that broadcast by C- SPAN. 60 minutes. Stock #9204 (VHS) or #9205 (BETA). $20.00 ******AN ATHEIST PRIMER****** by Madalyn O'Hair What are religion and Atheism all about? Adults have spent thousands of years in complex philosophical arguments about "causation" and the "nature of god." With all the fancy words on both sides of the argument, it might seem hopeless to Atheist parents to explain to youngsters what their position on religion is. That is why Madalyn O'Hair created _An Atheist Primer._ In easy to understand language, she explains the basic tenets all religions have in common. Accompanied by warm and humorous illustrations, the text makes it clear that it is downright silly to believe in a made-up god. The booklet is written for preschool and elementary children, but its succinct and simple look at god concepts will help adults have a clearer view of religion. Grades 2-4. Stapled. 30 pages. Stock #5372. $4.00. ******WOMAN IN YORKIST ENGLAND****** by Darlene Tempelton The U.S. is a product of its past -- including the origins of its laws in merry old England. But the picture Darlene Tempelton paints of that land is not rosy. Yorkist England was a place in which a woman legally remained a minor her entire life and in which she could be traded like livestock for political and economic alliances between families. All the while church rulings sanctioned the laws against her. Index. Bibliography. Paperback. 89 pages. Stock #5563. $3.00. ******WOMEN IN GREEK CIVILIZATION BEFORE 100 B.C.****** by Arthur Frederick Ide Religion has always shaped the lives of women -- limiting what they could do and how they could live. Ancient Greece was no exception to this rule. This slim volume gives an interesting overview of the use and abuse of women in Greece. This area of study is particularly important to Western Atheists, since many Greek ideas about women were adopted by early Christian theologians. Index. Paperback. 80 pages. Stock #5555. $3.00. ******THE X-RATED BIBLE****** by Ben Akerley Fed up with all those religious prigs who want the world to live by the scriptures? Then it's time you brought the Christian censors in your life up short by telling them all about these and other Bible basics: incest, rape, bestiality, adultery. _The X-Rated Bible_ will take you and the prudes on a verse by verse, chapter by chapter, tour of the sexual sickness of the "Good Book." Don't go to that next Sunday school session without it! Paperback. 428 Pages. Stock #5000. $10.00. ******MANUAL OF A PERFECT ATHEIST****** by Rius If you have been looking for a book which succinctly explains the Atheist position, demolishes the idea of god, and polishes off claims that the Bible is historically accurate or doctrinally pure . . . If you have searched for a book to counter religion's claim to be the source of ethics. . . Then the _Manual of a Perfect Atheist_ is the answer to your quest. This easy-to-read work by Mexican cartoonist Rius does all this and more -- with a laugh and a sense of humor. Notorious in Mexico for his political and social cartoons, Rius has been published in nearly every magazine and newspaper of his country. In the _Manual_, his pen deflates the claims of religion entirely. Don't expect only humor from Rius, however. He weaves history and philosophy into his narrative. Some of the topics he tackles are: ** Arguments against the idea of god ** The origin of the idea of deities ** The similarities and differences between religion ** How the Bible was developed ** Arguments for positive Atheism Along the way, Rius also highlights carefully chosen quotes from the greatest minds which have embraced Atheism. _Manual of a Perfect Atheist_ is a wonderful introduction to Atheism for those curious about it. Atheists, on the other hand, will find it to be a valuable tool when answering the inquiries of believers. Paperback. 156 pages. Stock #5441. $13.00. ******DEVILISHNESS: A BOOK OF ALL THE DEVILS****** by Rius In a series of gently humorous cartoons, Rius takes on the most feared person in Christian theology: the Devil. The results are sure to crack a smile even on the face of a priest. Paperback. 70 pages. Stock #5438. $9.00. ******THE MYTH OF THE VIRGIN OF GUADALUPE****** by Rius Today one of the most sacred and beloved Roman Catholic shrines is that of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico, where the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared. In this illustrated book, Rius goes after this myth and shows how the church built it lie by lie to feed its own political ambitions in the New World. Paperback. 69 pages. Stock #5439. $9.00. ***************************************************************** TIRED OF BEING DELUGED WITH ONE PIOUS PERIODICAL AFTER ANOTHER? WE HAVE THE ALTERNATIVE YOU'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR: AMERICAN ATHEIST NEWSLETTER Founded by Atheist leader Madalyn O'Hair, the _American Atheist Newsletter_ is a twelve-page, monthly newsletter devoted to keeping Atheists informed about the past, present, and future of Atheism -- and religion. It is filled to the brim with updates from the state/church separation front; religious pronouncements and debacles; and news of Atheist activism. A year's worth of this unique monthly newsletter is just $20 ($30 for subscriptions abroad). American Atheists, Inc., P.O. Box 140195, Austin, TX 78714-0195. Telephone: (512) 458-1244. FAX: (512) 467-9525. Free sample copy. ************************* ************************* Postage and handling not included. See accompanying file ORDER.AAP for order form and information.


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