Msg # 415 Date: 12 Oct 91 16:49:51 To: All Subj: Memes and MetaMemes _ Tag: Granny Spider

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Msg # 415 Date: 12 Oct 91 16:49:51 From: David Rice To: All Subj: Memes and MetaMemes ____________________________________________________________________________ Tag: Granny Spider Frm: David Rice GS> "Hello, David! I'm unfamiliar with the term "memes" and can't GS> find it in my trusty dictionaries. Would you please tell me GS> what it means? Bright blessings! Granny Spider" Have you heard the story about the old woman who put her poodle in the microwave oven to dry after a bath? Or the story about the "Mrs. Fields Cookies" recipe being distributed "underground?" Ever been in a UFO "flap," where every one in town has seen a UFO last month, or knows someone who did, or knows someone who knows someone who did? Or hear about the "Fatima Event," where an entire town witnessed Goddess visting three children? A "meme" can be considered a "thought virus." It feeds off of mental energy, and has similar behavior patterns as real viruses, with the exception that a meme lives in "virtual" space (i.e. it is a thought or an idea) and thus does not physically exist. A meme must infect other minds if it is to survive. "Printed money has value" is a meme. There is a "virtual" virus in our capatalistic minds that makes us believe this statement, and it is vital that the meme is passed on. Memes are responsible for Urban Myths such as the poodle-in-the- microwave-oven one, the "Satanic Crime/Conspiracy" myth, and the host of all other Urban Myths. In the context of this echo, a meme is what is responsible for people to worship an old book, and believe what they "know in their heart is true" but have no evidence that their belief is true. "Creation 'Science'" is a meta-meme, as it is trying to destroy and take over the ground that the evolution meme now holds. Usually a meme is based on fiction, such as "creation." It can be considered a "silly notion" or "wives' tale" that "every one knows" or that "the in group knows." Hince religious memes. There is a meme that says "some people win at slot machines." All people who put their money in slot machines believe this meme, even though most have never met someone personally who has done so. It is always "a friend of a friend" who has won money from a slot machine. Memes are tenatious. All evidence that contradicts a meme is often not only ignored, but totally invisible to the infected mind. One example: millions of people believe some godlet died on a tree two thousand years ago, even though there is no record of the event. Another is: we "had" to build a massive nucular deterent because the commies were out to burry us. Another: America was "moral and just" to kill 20,000 children in Iraq, to teach Saddam a lesson. Memes do not lend themselves to scrutiny. If they are seen for what they are, they are easily driven from the infected mind: "How could I have been so STUPID!" is the phrase one exclaims when the infection has been iradicated. Knowledge, information, and critical thinking is the best innoculation, though it is not by any means a prevention against meme infection. Hince, if the infected mind receives a remote, tiny glimmer of the memes' existance as a parasite, the meme goes into over-production of mete-memes to prevent full disclosure. Tell an infected mind "Jezuz never existed" and it will yank out an old book to "prove" otherwise. Tell an infected mind "sodom and gamorah never existed" and they will point to New York or LA as "proof." A meme fights very hard to stay alive, and will sometimes cause the infected mind to attemp such things as killing other people who are not infected with the same meme, and thus gain a very secure nitch. The "I support our troops" meme. The "witch" burning meme. The "she wanted me to rape her" meme. The "damn niggers are the cause of our troubles" meme. The nationalism and patriotism meme that says "We're number one!" A meme can and do mutate. Someone infected in a down-town bar may believe the meme "The Rams are the best football team." Another individual infected with the same but mutated meme, will believe "The Raiders are the best football team." This example shows how various religious "denominations" come into being. A meme mutated while it was passed from one mind to another. It is the cause of many a bar-room fight and racial genocide, as each meme fights it out for the same nitch. Blessed Be! --- Opus-CBCS 1.13 * Origin: VOTE FOR PEACE: VOTE AGAINST GEORGE BUSH! (6:8842/4.0) SEEN-BY: 102/851 901 152/20 374/1 14 98 8842/1 3 4 PATH: 8842/4 102/901 374/14


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