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ˇWPC< from the American Atheist Press Catalog: SKEPTIC'S BOOKSHELF ****************************************************************** Ń Abortion and Women's Health by Rachel Benson Gold A statistical analysis of abortion and birth control in the UnitedStates. The Alan Guttmacher Institute. 74 pp. Paperback. Stock #5546. $12.00. Abortion Freedom: A Worldwide Movement by Colin Francome. A survey of abortion laws around the world.George Allen & Unwin. 241 pp. Paperback. Stock #5112. $10.95. Animal Liberation by Peter Singer. A new ethics for the treatment of animals. AvonBooks. 297 pp. Paperback. Stock #5449. $4.95. Chinese Women: Past & Present by Esther S. Lee Yao. A new insight into Chinese history, focusing on women. Ide House. 260 pp. Paperback. Stock #5541. $5.00. The Coors Connection by Russ Bellant. An investigative journalist probes the religious and politicalgroups funded by the beer barons. South End Press. 49 pp. Paperback. Stock #5571. $9.00. Crime and Immorality in the Catholic Church Emmett McLoughlin. A 1962 survey of Catholicism's harmful effects. Lyle Stuart. 288 pp. Hardback. Stock #5316. $10.00. Dale Morgan on Early Mormonism, John Phillip Walker, ed. A collection of the correspondence and writings of aground-breaking specialist in Mormon history. Signature Books.‘ Education of Italian Renaissance Women by Melinda K. Blade. Ide House. 83 pp. Hardback: Stock #5030, $5.00. Paperback: Stock #5031, $3.00. Engines of Creation by K. Eric Drexler. A review of new technology which will effect aging and lifeextension. Anchor Press/Doubleday. 298 pp. Hardback. Stock #5090. $18.00. Euthanasia and Religion by Gerald A. Larue. What do different religions say about the right to die? They laydown their rules in their own words in this book. The HemlockSociety. 55 pp. Paperback. Stock #5548. $10.00. Evangelical Terrorism by Arthur Frederick Ide. Censorship, Falwell, Robertson, and the seamy side of Christianfundamentalism. Scholar Books. 193 pp. Paperback. Stock #5507. $13.00. Fourteen Leading Cases on Education, Religion and FinancingSchools. Complete and unabridged texts of Supreme Court opinions on theseimportant topics up to 1972. Lincoln Research Bureau. 273 pp. Paperback. Stock #5500. $5.00. God Dies by the Nile by Nawal El Saadawi. This novel illustrates the class dimension and oppression of womenand their families in Egypt. Zed Books Ltd. 138 pp. Paperback. Stock #5093. $5.95. Hearts Made Glad by LaMar Petersen. The charges of drunkenness against Joseph Smith, the Mormonprophet. Self-published. 258 pp. Paperback. Stock #5431. $7.50. History of a World by the Visitors. An extraterrestrial looks at humanity and its institutions in thisparable. Libra Publishers, Inc. 245 pp. Hardback. Stock #5428. $5.00. Ideas about the Future, 2d ed. by Burnham P. Beckwith. A history of futurism from 1794 to 1982. Self-published.‘ Inventing Reality by Michael Parenti. A passionate look at how conservative business interests dominatethe mass media. St. Martin's Press. 258 pp. Hardback. Stock #5430. $17.00. The Itty Game by Robert Zechnich, M.D. ITTY (I'm only Trying to Teach You) offersa clear explanation of academic success and failure. Ide House. 88 pp. Hardback: Stock #5562, $12.00. Paperback: Stock #5561, $5.00. Let Us Be Modern (Lasciateci Essere Moderni) by Salvatore Galioto. Rationalist poetry in English and Italian. Grafica Sabaini. 57 pp. Paperback. Stock #5511. $3.00. The Magic Washing Machine by Beverly Slapin. The poignant diary of a woman coping with single motherhood andpoverty. Ide House. 72 pp. Paperback. Stock #5567. $5.00. Nebe by Ignatz Sahula-Dycke. A tale concerning mankind's creation and appearance on earth.Exposition Press. 55 pp. Hardback. Stock #5468. $4.00. Noah and the Ark by Arthur Frederick Ide. A probe into the sexual symbolism in the oldest flood myths.Monument Press. 92 pp. Stock #5570. $10.00. Old Nazis, the New Right, and the Republican Party by Russ Bellant. A journalist gives a provocative expose of the domestic fascistnetworks (including former Nazi collaborators) within theRepublican party. South End Press. 148 pp. Paperback. Stock #5572. $9.00. The Origins and Ideals of the Modern School by Francisco Ferrer, trans. by Joseph McCabe. The father of secular education in Spain explains his ideology.From ``The Atheist Viewpoint'' series. Arno Press & the New YorkTimes. 112 pp. Hardback. Stock #5369. $13.00. Rhetoric and Change, William E. Tanner and J. Dean Bishop, eds. Thirteen essays delivered over a decade at the Symposium in‘ The Right to Die by Derek Humphry and Ann Wickett. An attempt to explain the complexities of euthanasia by thecofounders of the Hemlock Society. Harper & Row, Publishers. 372 pp. Paperback. Stock #5505. $9.95. The Right to Lifers by Connie Paige. Who they are, how they operate, where they get their money. SummitBooks. 286 pp. Hardback. Stock #5424. $14.50. The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie. The novel that the ayatollah told you not to read! Viking PenguinInc. 547 pp. Hardback. Stock #5497. $19.95. Special Sisters: Woman in the European Middle Ages by Arthur Frederick Ide. A look at the lives of women during a time of Church dominance.Ide House. 115 pp. Hardback: Stock #5552, $5.00. Paperback: Stock #5558, $3.00. Spoiled Priest by Gabriel Longo. The autobiography of an ex-priest. University Books, Inc. 252 pp. Hardback. Stock #5228. $6.00. The Ten Commandments by Joseph Lewis. An investigation into the origin and meaning of the Decalogue andan analysis of its ethical and moral value as a code of conduct inmodern society. Freethought Press Association. 644 pp. Hardback. Stock #5220. $42.50. They Dare to Speak Out by Paul Findley. A former congressman investigates the power and influence ofIsrael's lobby in the United States. Lawrence Hill & Company. 362 pp. Paperback. Stock #5106. $9.00. The Vatican Moscow Washington Alliance by Avro Manhattan. Startling revelations of dangerous partnerships. ChickPublications. 382 pp. Paperback. Stock #5328. $8.00. Woman in Ancient Israel under the Torah and Talmud by Arthur Frederick Ide. Ide House.‘Paperback: Stock #5556, $3.00. Woman in the Ancient Near East by Arthur Frederick Ide. Ide House. 100 pp. Hardback. Stock #5551. $5.00. Woman in the Colonial South by Arthur Frederick Ide. Ide House. 113 pp. Hardback: Stock #5553, $5.00. Paperback: Stock #5559, $3.00. Woman in Greek Civilization Before 100 B.C. by Arthur Frederick Ide Ide House. 80 pp. Hardback: Stock #5549, $5.00. Paperback: Stock #5555, $3.00. Woman: A Synopsis, vol. A, by Arthur Frederick Ide. From the dawn of time to the Renaissance. Ide House. 159 pp. Hardback: stock #5554, $5.00. Paperback: Stock #5560, $3.00. Woman in Yorkist England by Darlene Tempelton. Ide House. 88 pp. Hardback: Stock #5564, $5.00. Paperback: Stock #5563, $3.00. Yahweh's Wife by Arthur Frederick Ide. The god of the Old Testament was not always a celibate male, asthis study of ancient theology demonstrates. Monument Press. 112 pp. Paperback. Stock #5569. $15.00.


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