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Msg # 403 Date: 15 Feb 92 18:40:45 From: Christopher Baker To: All Subj: Priest/King George is still at it [sigh] [Part I & Part II] ____________________________________________________________________________ nothing like using your official, supposedly secular, position to foist a little more religion on the country. check this out... Presidential Documents Proclamation 6397 of December 20, 1991 National Sanctity of Human Life Day, 1992 By the President of the United States of America A Proclamation Throughout our Nation's history, Americans have treasured these timeless words from our [whenever one of these Declaration of Independence: "We hold these holy government types truths to be self-evident, that all men are wants to tie the state created equal, that they are endowed by their and religion together, Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that they ALWAYS drag out among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit this old chestnut.] of Happiness." These stirring words summarize the fundamental moral vision of the United States, a vision that affirms the inestimable [sez who? Pastor dignity and worth of every human being, each George? if this is HIS of whom is made in the image of God. They were 'vision', maybe he not words uttered lightly. Signers of the needs a new Declaration pledged to uphold them with their prescription on those lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. rose-colored glasses?] [the occasion of further On this occasion, we reflect on the first and perversion of our most fundamental right enumerated by our Constitution, that is.] Nation's founders: the right to life. [he's big on fundamentalism, yes?] [here comes the first big distortion.] Thomas Jefferson noted that "the God who gave us [not that Pastor George life gave us liberty at the same time," and much cares much about the of his writing reflects his belief that "the liberty part.] care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only legitimate [Pastor George implies object of good government." Thus, respect for Jefferson ever thought the sanctity of human life is deeply rooted in about fetuses as 'human the American tradition. life' thusly government should be involved in the 'right-to-life' movement according to Jefferson. that this negates Jefferson's true beliefs about government intervention in privacy matters doesn't faze ol' King George.] [obviously indicated by Thus, respect for the sanctity of human life is the number of states deeply rooted in the American tradition. with an active death penalty. obviously indicated by George's cavalier attitude toward women and minorities. obviously indicated by King George's charge of the 'thousand points of light brigade' into Panama, Grenada and Kuwait.] Today we Americans are rightfully proud of our [even though he has physicians and scientists, who have helped lead gagged them from the way in the fight against disability and speaking of abortion even when health is at issue. even though he suppresses reports that do not support his flimsy premises.] [still trying to get disease; proud of the thousands of American some mileage out of his service members and volunteers who have responded 'sanctity of life' to calls for help around the world; and grateful raids on other cultures] [like protecting our to the many fire fighters and law enforcement innocent citizens from officers who work to protect the public safety. abuse and harrassment fostered by right-wing reactionaries such as himself, i guess?] These are just a few of the millions of Americans who demonstrate, through their daily labors, our [right on, George.] Nation's traditional reverence for human life. While the United States boasts a long and honorable tradition of respect for human life and the rights of individuals, one key issue [and why is it related to the sanctity of life is a divisive devisive, George? one in America today: the issue of abortion. because the vocal minority want to run the lives of those who wish to make their own choices that are supported by the majority?] Fewer than 20 years after the 1973 Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade, the prevalence of [obviously, George, abortion on demand in the United States stands since abortion on in stark contrast to our Nation's most deeply demand is legal and held values and beliefs. While sincere persons supported by the may disagree, my position is that the lives of majority of Americans.] both the mother and child must be cherished and protected. [your 'position'? take your 'position' and leave it at home. it's not the President's job to inject his personal 'morality' into government.] Advances in science and technology continue to [personality? c'mon, provide evidence that the child developing in George. there hasn't the mother's womb is a distinct, living been anything new in individual who bears all the basic attributes of fetal development human personality. studies that backs up that assertion. personality is a condition of consciousness and awareness as well as learning. are you suggesting that a fetus has a personality in the womb?] [it's ironic you'd use How terribly ironic that an ironic.] unborn child in one medical facility may be carefully treated as a patient while at another facility--perhaps just a few blocks away--another [metaphors won't mix, unborn child will become the innocent victim of George.] abortion. [i.e., religiously Women and men who operate crisis pregnancy funded and motivated centers across the country recognize the fear and anti-abortion terrorist centers would be more accurate. they've been exposed on national t.v.] [and capitalize on it desperation that compel some women to consider to an extreme of inter- abortion. Yet they also know that, in a Nation as ference with choice.] prosperous as ours, where people are known for their open hearts and their unfailing generosity, [and must be stopped by this tragic choice is unnecessary. any means, right, George?] On this occasion, we acknowledge the selflessness and compassion of all those volunteers who offer emotional, physical, and financial support to women facing crisis pregnancies. We also salute [on pain of everlasting those courageous women who choose life for their hell-fire or under unborn children and thank the dedicated 'crisis center' coercion?] [who aren't allowed to counselors, social workers, and other talk about abortion as a choice by the kind and compassionate administration that puts women and other minorities so high on their list of protected 'life'?] [the line's around the professionals who, where needed, offer block in the inner city assistance in adoption. As a Nation, we must filled with 'godly' continue to dismantle legal, financial, and souls waiting to adopt attitudinal barriers to adoption, to make the unwanted but forced adopting easier for families who want children children.] and will give them loving homes--particularly [of crack mothers and children with special needs. HIV positive mothers who were prevented from choosing abortion? like those with severe defect or retardation or terminal disease?] [yep, the Republicans On this ninth National Sanctity of Human Life have done this eight Day, let us renew our determination to ensure times before. pretty soon, they'll be using this string of unopposed preachments to claim a precedent for the continuing perversion of our Constitution.] [whoa! stop the that all, born and unborn, receive the protection stop the presses! they and care they deserve. Together, let us choose are exactly the same, eh, George? too bad you learned nothing from those doctors and scientists you were so proud of earlier.] [we'll give you all Together, let us choose life, so that America the ordnance you can might always be known as a good and giving Nation, eat in our respect for human life.] [so long as there is a nation where the stranger is welcomed and the no thinking or choice for him/herself.] [usually to the needy are served with dignity and kindness. establishment with relish] That is the sure and noble path chosen at our [nice twist but no Nation's founding and the path to which we must cigar] always return. NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE BUSH, President of the [both of which forbid United States of America, by virtue of the your mingling of your authority vested in me by the Constitution and religion in our state] laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim [why not just call it Sunday, January 19, 1992, as National Sanctity of National Anti-Abortion Human Life Day. I call on all Americans to reflect Day?] [meaning fetal 'cause on the sanctity of human life in all its stages that's a human being just like you and i, right, George?] [the government is and to gather in homes and places of worship to now, officially, give thanks for the gift of life and to reaffirm telling you to worship.] [presumably to your mother who didn't abort you?] [whether they are an our commitment to respect the life and dignity of actual human being or every human being. not] IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this twentieth day of December, in the year of [we have no lords or our Lord nineteen hundred and ninety-one, and of ladies in this country. that's one of the reasons our forefathers came over here in the first place, George.] [though our the Independence of the United States of America independence is in the two hundred and sixteenth. serious jeopardy with this kind of religious crap being legitimized and accepted as 'harmless' ritual.] Signed, George Bush -30- wake up America! it's not too late to stop this continuing perversion of our laws and ideals! protest these religious intrusions into our government! write letters! do it NOW! 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