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Msg # 408 Kill/Sent Date: 09 Jan 93 20:47:00 From: Victor Filepp To: Kevin Cosmic Subj: Rational recovery rules ____________________________________________________________________________ KC> Hello again. Does anybody here have the "12 Rules" summarizing the KC> Guidelines to the Rational Recovery program? That is the KC> AA-type support group for drug abusers that works without the KC> AA-type religion. Hello Kevin, Here are the 13 "More Rational Ideas for Rational Recovery" from appendix B of "The Small Book" by Jack Trimpey pub. Delacorte Press 1. I admit that I have become chemically dependent, and the consequences of that dependency are unacceptable. 2. I accept that, in order to get better, I will have to refrain from any use of alcohol, because any use will very likely lead to more, and then a return to my previous addiction. 3. I accept that I will likely benefit from som e outside help in accomplishing this, because I have been unsuccessful in previous attempts to resist my desire to drink. 4. Although I may have serious personal problems, I stil have the capacity to learn about myself, new ideas, and how to achieve a durable and meaningful sobriety. 5. The idea that I need something greater than myself upon which to rely is only another dependency idea, and dependency os my original problem. 6. I surrender all ideas of perfection, for myself and others, and my first goal is to learn to accept myself as I am, a fallable, yet very worthwhile, human being. 7. I place a high value on the principles of rationality, learning, objectivity, self-forgiveness, and on my own self-interest. 8. Recognizing that others will benefit from a Rational Recovery plan, I may take these ideas to them, as a way of creating a larger society of sober, rational people. 9. Recognizing that there is much more to life than a constant struggle to remain sober, and having gained a reasonable expectation that I can live a meaningful life without alcohol or drugs, I will gradually separate myself from my RR group or thearapist, with the understanding that I may return at any time that I wish. 10. I accept that there are no perfect solutions to life's problems, and that life is a matter of probability and chance, so therefore I am willing to take risks to achieve my self-defined goals. 11. Now certain of my inherent worth, I can take th risk of loving, for loving is far better than being loved. 12. With the passage of time, I find that refraining from mind-altering drugs is no big thing because they little intrinsic appealto a physically and mentally healthy person. 13. In addition to addictive substances, I also to give up th ideas of guilt, blame, and worthlessness as a matter of principle and because they are inappropriate emotions for adults. Anyone can make up ideas for Rational Recovery. Make some up yourself! Rational Recovery isn't written in stone. It is a process of applying reason to human problems. B*) * Origin: Pics OnLine MultiUSR System (609)753-2540 (1:266/22.0)


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