POPE PICKET 1994! Sponsored by American Atheists, Inc. Who said Atheist activism couldn't

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POPE PICKET 1994! Sponsored by American Atheists, Inc. Who said Atheist activism couldn't be fun? Join American Atheists for three days of protests, lectures, and get-togethers October 20, 21, and 22, 1994 Newark, New Jersey ******************************************************** A PROUD TRADITION It was back in 1979 that a group of American Atheists first set up a picket line against Pope John Paul II when he visited Chicago, Illinois. Then American Atheist picketers were there in Miami, San Antonio, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Detroit when the pope came again in 1987. In 1993, American Atheists again displayed their displeasure with Vatican imperialism when the pope came to Denver. Now the pope is scheduled to speak to the United Nations in New York City on Friday, October 21 and then hold masses in New Jersey, New York, and Baltimore, Maryland, over the next three days. And American Atheists will again be on hand to let the world know that the pope has no god-given authority to tell everyone how to behave. And that our city and state governments should not be subsidizing his travels. But to do that we need YOUR help. What counts in a picket against a foreign ``head of state'' (which is what government officials call him in order to justify spending your tax dollars on his visits to the U.S.) is numbers. The more bodies and signs on our picket lines the better. YOUR PARTICIPATION WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE! BUT YOU ALSO GET TO HAVE FUN But don't think that the entire weekend of the pope picket will be devoted to earnest Atheist activism. You will revel in the camaraderie of this protest as you get to know other participants and make new Atheist friends from across the country. Board members and national officers of American Atheists will be shoulder to shoulder with you on the picket line -- and at the social get-togethers afterwards. AND EXPAND YOUR KNOWLEDGE You can rest your feet -- but not your mind -- at three presentations during the Pope Picket weekend. "Last-Day Tango on Planet Earth" is Conrad Goeringer's talk. This Arizona-based American Atheist spokesperson will overview the millenialism and doomsday hysteria. As we get closer to the year 2000, you will be hearing more about the Last Days from Christian evangelicals -- and Mr. Goeringer will prepare you for countering that. Chris Allen, who has spearheaded many state/church separation lawsuits in Utah, will present "Understanding Religion" to give you fresh insights on why people stick with ideas that make no sense. And Richard Andrews, a regional representative of American Atheists from Utah, will give you the scoop on "The Pope and the New World Order." DON'T FORGET THE BOOKS! American Atheists will set up a special book display at the Pope Picket Hotel. You will be able to browse and buy a selection of books, booklets, bumper stickers, caps, and -- of course -- the special commemorative Pope Picket 1994 T-shirt. GETTING AROUND No need to rent a car! American Atheists will organize transportation from the official Pope Picket hotel to all protest sites. WHEN TO BE THERE The most important picketing date is FRIDAY, OCTOBER 21 when Pope John Paul II addresses the UN General Assembly in New York City. You should also plan to be on hand for the SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22 picket outside the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Newark, New Jersey. The pope will be speaking or making appearances in other areas, but for logistical reasons American Atheists will sponsor protests only at these two sites. WHAT TO BRING American Atheists will provide signs and banners on the key themes of Atheist displeasure with Vatican pronouncements on world moral, educational, and regulatory issues. All you need to bring is your enthusiasm! WHERE TO STAY American Atheists has arranged economical lodging for picketers in Newark, New Jersey. Complete information on lodging costs, reservations, and roommate matching will be sent to you after you register for Pope Picket 1994. AND THEN THERE'S THE BIG APPLE New York City is world famous as a tourist site -- with many museums, historical sights, restaurants, and shops. You will have plenty of time to visit it on your own (or in the company of fellow Atheists) on Sunday, October 23, after all the pope picketing activities are over. THE SCHEDULE ***Thursday, October 20: John Paul II will be winging his way to New York City during the afternoon -- and Atheists should be making their way to Newark, New Jersey, for Pope Picket preparations. During the afternoon, you can check in with the American Atheists at the official Pope Picket hotel, pick up some anti-papal goodies on sale, and start meeting other Atheists. At 8:30 P.M., there will be a picket orientation meeting. ***Friday, October 21: This is the big day! During the morning the pope will address the General Assembly of the United Nations. American Atheist demonstrators will leave Newark bright and early to travel to Manhattan and picket during the pope's arrival, speech, and departure. Having done their good deed for the day, picketers will then take a break for lunch before returning to New Jersey. Transportation will be provided for registered picketers to and from New York City. But don't think that's it for the day! Conrad Goeringer will delight you with his witty and informative talk on millennialism, last days' hysteria, and doomsday prophesies. Later in the evening, join in a party for activist Atheists! Admittance is free for picketers; everyone else pays $5 for entrance. ***Saturday, October 22: Don't stay up too late carousing with fellow Atheists! You will need to be up early this morning to picket John Paul II as he visits Sacred Heart Cathedral in Newark, New Jersey. Later in the day, join other Atheists to hear two stimulating lectures (there's a $5 fee for these for non-picketers). And don't forget the official pope picket dinner! ***Sunday, October 23: This is a free day for you to return home, explore the Big Apple with newfound friends, or just relax. AIRLINE RATES American Atheists is unfortunately not able to offer an ``official'' Pope Picket 1994 airline with special discounts. If you are traveling by air, we recommend that you fly into the Newark airport, which is near to the lodging accommodations American Atheists has arranged for Pope Picket participants. To find the best airfares, you should book your air travel as early as possible. TRAVEL AGENCY Let the experienced professionals at Four Seasons Travel in Austin, Texas, coordinate your Pope Picket trip without any charge to you. To have them find the deals that best suit your schedule and your budget, call Four Seasons Travel toll-free at 1-800-955-3687 (8:30 A.M.-5:30 P.M. CDT, Monday-Friday) and tell them you are an American Atheist picketer. PICKET REGISTRATION Registering for the picket is important to help American Atheists plan for picket permits, transportation, and necessary supplies (like picket signs!). The nominal fee also helps to cover costs. Registration is just $10 per person. Registration includes transportation to and from picket sites, admittance to lectures, and the Friday night party. Lodging and meal costs are separate. REGISTRATION IS NONREFUNDABLE. Please mail your registration to: American Atheists Convention, P.O. Box 140195, Austin, TX 78714-0195. To register by telephone using VISA or MasterCard, call (512) 458-1244 between 9 A.M. and 5:30 P.M. CDT. You can also register by FAX 24 hours a day; just dial (512) 467-9525. Or use the American Atheist BBS at (512) 302-0223. After you register, you will receive further information on lodging, meals, and other picket activities. QUESTIONS? Call the national office of American Atheists at (512) 458-1244, 9:00 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. CDT, Monday through Friday. Or write: Pope Picket 1994, P.O. Box 140195, Austin, TX 78714-0195. ******************************************************** POPE PICKET '94 REGISTRATION FORM [ ] I'm signing up for registration(s) for ........ person(s) at $10 per person. (Picket registration is nonrefundable.) [ ] I cannot be at the picket, but here is my donation of $........ to help with expenses. Name(s): .................................................. Address: .................................................. City: .......................................... State: ............ Zip: .................................. Daytime Phone: (......) ................................... [ ] Enclosed is a check or money order (payable to American Atheists) for $.......... [ ] Please charge $...... to my [ ] VISA [ ] MasterCard Card #: .............................................. Expiration Date: .......................... Signature:............................................ Ages of persons attending:............... Are you interesting in sharing lodging space: [ ] Yes [ ] No Days you could attend: [ ] Thurs., Oct. 20 [ ] Fri., Oct. 21 [ ] Sat., Oct. 22 [ ] Sun., Oct. 23 [ ] Mon., Oct. 24 Return form to: American Atheists, P. O. Box 140195, Austin, TX 78714-0195 Telephone: (512) 458-1244 FAX: (512) 467-9525 BBS: (512) 302-0223


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