Brice the Molester?? What follows is a series of 8 exchanges in alt.atheism between Brice

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Brice the Molester?? What follows is a series of 8 exchanges in alt.atheism between Brice Wellington and others in alt.atheism. The name of the Thread is "Masturbation!!! (What's with you people???)". Brice apparently admitted that he sexually examined his teenage daughters to make sure that they were still virgins. Apparently, he saw too many daytime talk shows on teen-sex issues, and got paranoid. Now it does appear that Brice admits and gives detailed information on how he examined his daughters' hymens, but according to Brice in private Email, he made the whole thing up and it got out of hand. I like to take this all with a grain of salt. People sent me Email of the conversations and I was shocked. Many of them informed Netcom (the service Brice uses in most of this conversation), and others asked me for the police department's phone number. Brice doesn't seem to understand that his idea of examining his daughter's vaginas is repulsive to most people, atheist, Christian, or otherwise. He really doesn't understand just how taboo a thing it is -- that it constitutes child molestation or statutory rape in most states (most countries, as well). He thinks that our outrage at this information he is giving us is "overly emotional", and that we are over-reacting unjustifiably. Unfortunately, Brice still doesn't seem to realize that his entire "better way of life" that he promotes is totally repulsive to most people, even to other Christians. Brice's bizarre beliefs about sex, women, and parental responsibilities are just off the wall paranoid, and really sad, when you consider the psychological damage he must have done to his family, bringing them up on these beliefs. So without any more intros, here is the story, from it's seemingly innocuous beginning until 10-2-95. We still may not have heard the end of this. It all started a long time ago, with "Dr. Brice Westheimer", as we liked to call him in this thread, dispensing lots of BIZARRE Brice-advice and information on sex. We learned some interesting new things about sex from brice, such as the following: Women are ready most of the time or they wouldn't fondle you. Sat Sep 23 The man may need fondling to get an errection but a woman doesn't require it. Nipples on a woman are for infants, men doing it is a perversion. Sat Sep 23 I had a life before my going back to the Lord, I was a stud, with woman. It so happens I was very much in demand. 24 Sep 1995 Only the husband can leave the wife, given just cause. Serving the Lord is one and the best reason for doing so. Thu Sep 28 I know how woman feel and think, and I don't hate woman. The fact of the matter is, women have messed up things since Eve. Women were assighned a role in life and they are ignoring it. Men can't form clubs anymore, they invaded the YMCA, Boys Clubs and are now going to militry acadamys, re: Citidel. Women are like children when we get them to stay at home our babies will be better off and crime will be reduced. 29 Sep 1995 The sperm has a soul, thus the fetus has a soul, as we all have souls. Sat Sep 23 As you can see -- this was a fun thread. But then the subject of teen sex came up, and triggered the avalanche of Brice's alleged child molesting. Here is the concise conversations, and the probing questions (no humor intended on that one!) which took alt.atheism by storm: (1)----------------------------------------------------------- > >From: (Braindance) writes: > >Brice, a word to the wise: studies have shown that children >raised in very strict religious traditions are more likely to >engage in premarital sex than those from more liberal traditions. >I am hunting up the reference now, and will post it as soon as I >have found it. > Brice's Response was: My daughters are bonified Virgins, thats all I'll say about it! (2)------------------------------------------------------------ > >st86m@Rosie.UH.EDU (slobbering skeleton) writes: > >Isn't a bonified virgin a contradiction in tems, WecirB? >And I hate to ask, but how do you know they are virgins? > Brice's response to this was: I checked, for medical reasons. (3)----------------------------------------------------------- > > (Samuel Laker) writes: > >Have you checked their hymens recently? > Brice's Response was: As a matter of fact, when this topic came up I did, I checked one and I'll check the other when I see her, SOON! I feel bad that I didn't trust her when she said she didn't, but as you suggest, you never really know. I think that I will "know". (4)---------------------------------------------------------- > >st86m@Rosie.UH.EDU (slobbering skeleton) writes: > >Couldn't you at least get your wife to do it? You unspeakable >bastard! > Brice's Response was: There is no need for name calling! No need to call the wife, its right there where I could see it! (5)---------------------------------------------------------- > >"K. Tewson" ( writes: > >For the record: Would it be true to assert that you have personally >inspected your daughters' genitalia to confirm their virginity and/or >to check for disease? > Brice's Response was: Since this started I have read posts from so many that think they know everything, and that what I do as a father is wrong. If fathers starting taking care of their family the way I do things would be much better in this world, I don't shirk responsibility. No daughter of mine will bring a child into this world without being married, I can't say the same about other families. Yes, as part of my duties I did check, one was OK the other wasn't. She explained she used the tampex thing which is why it was the way it was. Knowing her father, I have no reason to not believe her. (6)---------------------------------------------------------- > > (Your Name) writes: > >What are you goung to do Brice? throw her down and jam a magnifying >glass into her vagina? THAT IS EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! > Brice's Response was: What are you talikng about! All you have to do is look, maybe insert a finger just a little you can tell! You think I'm going all the way up! JESUS! (7)--------------------------------------------------------- > > (Rian B. Jensen) writes: > >You have no right to know. You have no right to check. > Brice's Response was: You know not of which you speak, they are minors. In Mass. and soon around the country the parent is responsible for the minor children, and I'm talking as old as 19 or older with welfare reform. I'm not on welfare but the laws are directed at me and other parents. We are subject by law to take care of them, the baby and mother. We will have to take care of the rug rat until she is done with school and working. I can't expect support from the boy father who is in school, no way. Even if he sent a couple of bucks, you know what it costs to raise a baby? I have every right, to check for anything, common colds, hemmroids or WHATEVER, it is not an invasion of privacy because I am responsible and I am the parent. Thats why kids are out there killing each other, robbing and stealing, because people like you let them make the rules, like on what is private or not. No, my kids are honest and above average in school and respect adults etc etc. (8)-------------------------------------------------------------- > > (Rian B. Jensen) writes: > >Do the world a favor. Die. > Brice's Response was: Thats one thing we Christians don't do, HATE. If I had a boy I'd check his butt to make sure, just pretend I'm looking for hemmroids. I'd ask key questions to get answers he wouldn't know unless he was with a girl. This isn't a matter of gender, its a matter of a parent taking care. =================================================================== There you have it -- the first 8 exchanges that rocked alt.atheism. Since I compiled this immediately after exchange #8 from a dump of the thread, there is bound to be more in store on this matter, especially if any legal action ensues. You can judge for yourself if Brice diddled his kids or not. I personally think that it's all Brice's own big-mouthed bullshitting, and that he didn't really do anything. He made it all up the way he makes up "God's word", "common knowledge", lessons on anatomy, ect. The whole notion of Brice as a child molester is the fault of Brice's own stupidity. But there is always the possibility that this is true, and that Brice actually did check his daughters "under the hood", and that Brice's claim that he made it all up is actually the lie. I've known many religious maniacs in my days, many of whom committed unspeakable acts in the name of their god. Brice gives all of the indications that he is such a paranoid person, who HAS TO KNOW if his kids are having sex, and would do such weird things, especially after a dose of paranoid and sensationalistic daytime talk shows on television. Whatever the case, let's see what becomes of this. Watch the newspapers, or wait to hear from Brice about his next trip to the happy house to see some doctors who ask him strange questions! I think this about does it for now. Consider this story complete, unless you have suggestions for additional material. Please include the headers with all submissions, in the most RAW format -- no editing. I'd like to thank the following people for either sending me Brice's quotes from the net, or for asking just the right question to get a shocking answer out of Brice. You people did a great job, and thanks for all that "fan mail" I've been getting! (Braindance) st86m@Rosie.UH.EDU (slobbering skeleton) (Samuel Laker) "K. Tewson" ( (Your Name) (Rian B. 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