Date: 8 Jul 93 09:58:39 To: All Subj: Lt. Larry Jones _ Hi folks. The following few messag

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Date: 8 Jul 93 09:58:39 From: David Rice To: All Subj: Lt. Larry Jones ____________________________________________________________________________ Hi folks. The following few messages will cover the Christian hate literature writen and published by Lt. Larry Jones of the Boise, Idaho, Police Department. He publishes his hate tracts in the basement of his cult, but uses the police department's address in his cult's publishings, lending it an authoritative stink. Most of his claims were demonstrated wrong at the time he published them. Others have been demonstrated wrong later. Case in point is the "Satanic animal mutilations" which turned out to be left-overs from a New Mexico Young Republicans bar-bee-que. In another case he claimed a high-school football field was used by Satanists who left "occult symbols" written in white chalk in the grass, which wasn't the case at all--- the field had been used by the city Fire Department and Police Department (!) to play a game of Foosh Ball (a Iceland game), and the Police Department drew the symbols in the grass! Both of the above facts in the cases were readily available to Lt. Jones at the time his cult published them. Several people from the -REAL- Religion Motivated Crime interest groups corrected him, but he never (to my knowledge) recanted his claims. Other cases, such as Mike Warnke, he never bothered to check out. Mike Warnke had been proven conclusively to have fabricated every single story he's ever told about "Satanism." Yet Lt. Jones believed every single word. In all of his cult's propaganda, not a single piece of evidence or proof of his claims are included. Most of his claims are so innoculous that they are IMPOSSIBLE to check. This is called "lying by ommition." In one instance he claims that there is to be an "infant sacrafice in Connecticut" and he leaves it at that. Could any sane individual actually take his word on this?! Lt. Jones is hoping that his position in a Police Department will make people believe his in an "authority" in what he write about. He hides the fact that he publishes in the basement of his cult. In fact, he has demonstrated himself to be utterly ignorant on what he writes about. Read the next few messages and judge for yourself. I have quite a lot more of his hate literature here if you are interested in reading it. From: David Rice To: All Subj: FILE 18 NEWSLETTER 1 of 3 ____________________________________________________________________________ CONFIDENTIAL. RESTRICTED ACCESS INFORMATION FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT USE ONLY. Edited By: Lieutenant Larry Jones, Boise Police Department, 7200 Barrister Drive, Boise, Idaho, 83704. Business Phone (208) 377-6748, 6722; Emergency Phone (208) 377-6790 MAY 2, 1986 INTRODUCTION - The topic area of the File 18 Newsletter will include information on cults, sects and deviant movements - C/S/DM - (political and religious), found in the United States. Emphasis will be placed on those which present aggravated law enforcement problems or potential threats. This newsletter is an attempt to establish inter-jurisdictional networking to facilitate the sharing of intelligence and investigative data about C/S/DM activities in your jurisdiction and throughout the nation. Preliminary indications are that all of us have these problem groups operating in our particular locales. Each File 18 Newsletter recipient is expected to handle this information with discretion; to identify interested officers in other jurisdictions and submit their contact information to the Editor for inclusion on the mailing list; to share C/S/DM intelligence and requests for assistance with the Newsletter readers; and to carefully restrict leakage of this information to the news media until it can/should be released appropriately. C/S/DM SEMINAR - The Institute of Police Technology and Management (I.P.T.M.), in Jacksonville, Florida, hosted their first C/S/DM Seminar on March 5 and 6. Thirty-four participants agreed that the presentation was exceptional, but too short. I.P.T.M. has scheduled a three-day repeat on July 29-31, 1986, at a cost of $295 per participant. The primary instructor is Mr. James McCarthy, Sanctuary Institute, P.O. Box 4591, Boulder, Colorado, 80306. He is a wealth of information, re: any C/S/DM topic; his phone (303) 443-1486. Contact I.P.T.M. to get on their mailing list at: University of North Florida, 4567 St. John's Bluff Road, S., Jacksonville, Florida, 32216, phone (904) 646-2722. RITUAL DEATHS IN U.S. - Dr. Al Carlisle, Utah State Prison System, gave a training segment on ritual homicides at the Homicide Investigation Seminar, Las Vegas, Nevada, February 27-28, 1986. He estimated that between 40,000 - 60,000 ritual homicides per year occur in the United States. Dr. Carlisle based this estimate upon the number of satan worshippers believed to be at the level of 'worship', multiplied by the number of such occurrences common in a calendar year. He estimated that as many as 600 such deaths may occur in the Las Vegas area alone. Dr. Carlisle stipulated that this statistic is not verifiable due to the in-grown secrecy of such ritual groups. The Editor contacted Mike Warnke Ministries to get a second opinion. (Warkne, an ex-satanist priest, is now a Christian Evangelist. His book THE SATAN SELLER is very informative). [Note by David Rice: Mike Warnke has been exposed as a liar and his books proven to be complete fabrications.] Mr. Larry Nelson, Research Consultant for Warnke Ministries (158 North Third Street, P.O. Box 1075, Danville, Kentucky, 40422), informed the Editor that - realizing it is difficult to substantiate - Carlisle's statistics seemed to be a reasonable estimate! Policemen are a very skeptical breed. Forty thousand bodies is a lot to hide! However, we KNOW some ritually murdered corpses are located every year. We can ASSUME others have been successfully disposed of. If only 1/10th of Dr. Carlisle's estimate is accurate, law enforcement has a major problem to confront. It is not necessary that we actually believe all this satan stuff. It is only necessary that we realize that psychopaths out there DO believe it and act accordingly. Viewed in conjunction with the number of untraceable people (transients, prostitutes, runaways), in this country who could drop out of sight unnoticed, Dr. Carlisle's statistic becomes a little more possible. (NOTE: Ritual murders in satanic worship generally involve mutilation, mayhem and sexual assault, culminating in the heart being cut out of a living victim strapped to an alter. Heavy drug use and sexual orgies are not uncommon. Victims may be male or female, newborn infants through the elderly. Cannibalism of blood and body parts is often involved.) TELETYPES - Law enforcement agencies are efficiently tied together by NLETS. Please utilize this system for general information releases and requests for information from other jurisdictions. Long-distance telephones and letters should be utilized for sensitive information or lengthy reports. Shortly after the Editor sent the nationwise intelligence alert about 'Walpurgisnacht' (April 30th), I received interested responses from dozens of jurisdictions.0 Most said they weren't aware anyone else had knowledge of circumstances similar to those they had encountered. It should be noted, however, that I also received inquiries from private citizens and the news media, so there is some leakage in the system or among its official users. Be sensitive to that as you compose TXT's. EDUCATION - Organized police training segments concerning C/S/DM material are almost non-existent. It is a new area. As we educate ourselves, the tie-ins between such groups and reported crimes become more apparent. Please formally and informally share what you learn about C/S/DM with fellow officers, administrators, juvenile officers, persons crime detectives, etc. Increased awareness and tracking of persons involved in these movements will ultimately aid in solving some heavy crimes. FUTURE NEWSLETTER TOPICS - This issue has been primarily concerned with satanic worship activities due to the timely nature of the April 30th satanic holiday. Future File 18 Newsletters will discuss orther religious and political groups which are identified by you or otherwise seem to be of special police interest. LOCAL NOTES - We have received information about an Easter satanic revel in the Maine woods, a sacrificed infant in Connecticut, a reformed warlock (male witch) in Massachusetts who had 300+ members in his coven, a New Mexico murder of a father by his teenage son because Dad had taken away the boy's satanic bible. Do you know of other incidents about which you could document information and share with File 18 readers? Muskogee, Oklahoma, also reported ritual happenings in their area; Portales, (New Mexico) Police Department found mutilated animals with satanic signs near the "Grove" area; Holmdel Twp. (New Jersey) Narcotics Agents found a flyer advertising a black mass, apparently for recruitment of members. SIGNS & SYMBOLS - (2 illustrations not reproduced here) FUNDING: There IS no funding for this newsletter as yet. If you want it to continue, please send some postage stamps. Thanks, the Editor. -30- * Origin: Rights On! - Religion Free Always! - Titusville_FL_USA (1:374/14)


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