= This file was downloaded from a Christian occult = BBS, and should be regarded as suspec

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=========================================================== = This file was downloaded from a Christian occult = = BBS, and should be regarded as suspect in areas of = = factuality. The Christian cult has seldom displayed = = any aversion to lying to achive their agendas. drice = =========================================================== DENVER, Colo. (EP) -- Former Bob Larson Ministries (BLM) employee Robert Cannella has asked the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to determine whether he was discriminated against by BLM. According to Christianity Today, Cannella claims that he was sexually harassed by his supervisor, and was demoted and fired after reporting the harassment to Larson. Cannella, a former production assistant who was later promoted to operations manager, has also asked the Colorado Department of Labor to investigate BLM for failure to pay employees for overtime. Cannella says the sexual harassment by his female supervisor began shortly after he began working for BLM, and culminated when the supervisor left photographs of herself in beach attire on Cannella's desk. Also, Bonnie Bell, a leading public representative of Bob Larson Ministries, has announced that she is leaving BLM and returning to Missouri for "personal reasons." Christianity Today reports that Bell is the fourth top female manager to quit or be fired from BLM since 1992. Christianity Today obtained copies of ministry memos and published excerpts which suggest that the work atmosphere at BLM is tense and stressful, with Larson tightly controlling and browbeating his employees.


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