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--- Following message extracted from ANEWS @ 1:374/14 --- By Christopher Baker on Tue Oct 04 16:18:01 1994 From: Randy Edwards To: All Date: 03 Oct 94 19:23:48 Subj: [CDR] Larouche and the Cairo Conf. [*******PNEWS CONFERENCES*********] [See also on PeaceNet] /* Written by markalf in igc:publiceye */ /* ---------- "CDR: Larouche and the Cairo Conf." ---------- */ Center for Democratic Renewal P.O. Box 50469 Atlanta, GA 30302 (404) 221-0025 LYNDON LAROUCHE AND THE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON POPULATION AND DEVELOPMENT On January 26, 1994, Lyndon H. LaRouche was released from federal prison after serving five years of a fifteen-year sentence for his convictions on tax evasion and mail fraud. These activities stemmed from illegal fundraising during his political campaigns. On June 29, 1994, it was evident that he was back in the political fray when he published an advertisement in The Washington Post with 275 local, national and international signatures demanding active opposition to the upcoming International Conference on Population and Development. The five years spent in prison obviously had no impact on LaRouche's style of dirty politics. Filled with lies, innuendoes, and twists on familiar political buzzwords--family values, moral decline, abortion, euthanasia, and Hitleresque eugenics--the advertisement was designed to provoke a hysterical reaction and fear among anyone who is legitimately concerned about these issues and their relationship to the Population and Development Conference. CDR has been monitoring LaRouche for the past 15 years. These tactics are not new among LaRouchians--their opposition to this conference is but the latest in a long line of issues exploited by LaRouche and his cult followers to win support for their own racist and neo-fascist agenda. LaRouche must be taken seriously because of his assault on democracy and pluralistic values important to our society. LAROUCHE AND AFRICAN AMERICANS As part of this agenda, LaRouche and his followers have orchestrated an extensive campaign to establish inroads into the African American community. The number of prominent African Americans on the signature ad indicate their degree of success. LaRouchians have launched vicious attacks through front groups against religious, community and civil rights leaders while at the same time maintaining ties with racists such as the Ku Klux Klan and Liberty Lobby. They attempt to drive a wedge between the leaders and the rank-and-file members of national civil rights organizations like the NAACP and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). LaRouche is building on attempts by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon who wooed black clergy and leaders to oppose the civil rights movement through shared opposition to lesbian and gay rights, drugs and crime, and reproductive rights. Many of the same people caught up previously in Moonie politics now appear in the LaRouche advertisement. Perhaps the most cynical stance taken by LaRouche was the staging of a 1985 Martin Luther King Day rally in Washington, D.C. LaRouche used Dr. King's name to attract a sizable crowd, which found itself rallying for Ronald Reagan's Star Wars weaponry system, rather than for Martin Luther King. During election campaigns in the 1980s and early 1990s, LaRouchians fielded slates of mostly black candidates in local elections around the country. The campaigns in Georgia were typical: seasoned LaRouche organizers from out of town convinced local black residents unfamiliar with the cult to run for city council. The slate could not win, but LaRouche gained a platform and an apparently credible position from which to insult and harass legitimate black leaders through violently-worded distorted, criticisms of Jesse Jackson, Julian Bond, and Andrew Young. LaRouchians often attend national conventions of large black organizations like the NAACP and SCLC to disrupt or verbally assault conferees. His recruiters claim to have "basically taken over the civil rights movement in the United States." However, LaRouche cannot legitimately claim to represent the spirit and values of the civil rights movement and also work with Klansmen and other racists at the same time. THE LAROUCHE AGENDA What is the LaRouche agenda? The only clear answer to emerge from the conflicting, contradictory stances and tactics he and his followers take is power. A perennial presidential candidate, LaRouche again vowed, after his release from prison, that he would run in 1996. In switching from communist tendencies in the 1950s and 1960s to alliances with the far right in the 1970s, LaRouche recognized that he would never achieve significant influence within the left, and that on the right, he could gain access to many more potential followers and the wealth of the radical right. Described as a neo-Nazi, a fascist, and a totalitarian, LaRouche has used both overt and covert deceptions to advance himself in the political sphere over the past three decades. His platforms on issues such as labor, the farm crisis, and civil rights has been a mishmash of a public "party" lines designed to garner support from workers, farmers, and African-Americans, and a private hatred and denigration of these same groups that emerge upon closer examination of the man and his politics. For example, although LaRouche claims to support African Americans, as far back as 1973, LaRouche members worked with the Ku Klux Klan through what was then their main political arm, the National Caucus of Labor Committees. They were linked with the followers of convicted school bus bomber Robert Miles, a former Michigan United Klans of America Grand Dragon. In the Klan newsletter, Miles applauded LaRouche as being "a white racist to the core." In 1974, LaRouchians ran Michigan Klansman Vernon Higgins as a candidate for the Michigan House of Representatives. LAROUCHIAN TACTICS FROM THE PAST Even as LaRouche traveled the gamut from the far-left to the far-right on the political continuum, his political thrust has always been based on anti-Jewish conspiracy theories. While these bizarre notions are similar to those of other white supremacist groups (Jewish-led banking interests control the United States and the world), the anti-Semitic stance taken by LaRouchians is often cloaked by euphemisms. The Rothschilds and "British imperialism" are cited as the cause of America's woes. His connections to the Liberty Lobby, the Ku Klux Klan, Holocaust-deniers, Georgia segregationist Tom McCrary, and his support for apartheid forces in South Africa further enforce his anti-Semitic image, and reveal as well his racism. The racist and anti-Semitic basis of Larouchian ideologies is often hidden from the public in the quest for political power. Over the years, various front organizations have duped the public into supporting his mixture of far-right and far-left politics. The National Caucus of Labor Committees (NCLC), the official organization of the LaRouchian cult, has stretched its tentacles under various fronts. The National Democratic Policy Committee (NDPC), the National Anti-Drug Coalition, the Fusion Energy Foundation, and the Lafayette Foundation for the Arts and Sciences are just some of the LaRouchian arms that have made significant inroads into mainstream American politics. Each raises funds and gains support by pretending to be what they are not in order to advance the political power of their leader and his followers, who sometimes run for political office as well. Beginning in the 1970s, LaRouchians staged a campaign to win support from labor unions that was, at the same time, an attempt to destroy the unions from without and from within. The NCLC attempted to persuade workers that strikes were useless and virtually un-American and used smear tactics, vicious personal attacks, lies, and fear to debilitate union leaders. The purpose was to undermine union opposition to capitalist managerial practices and divert workers' attention to fighting Jewish "usury" and "Zionism," under LaRouche's leadership. Construction workers were wooed under the guise of pro-nuclear power rhetoric when the underlying motivation was to discredit and weaken support for environmentalists. The 1980 elections saw LaRouchians blatantly misrepresent union leaders to make it appear that LaRouche had their political support. This tactic of overt exploitation and accompanying covert destruction of existing institutions has been used again and again throughout the years by LaRouche supporters and front organizations. The farm crisis of the 1980s is an example. His "Food for Peace" campaign was designed to lead farmers to believe that he offered the solution to the farmers' problems. In reality, this program did little for the farmer and attempted to enfeeble more legitimate activist farm groups. The blame for the farmers' crisis was laid at the feet of international conspirators, a thinly veiled anti-Semitic reference. The NDPC, the Schiller Institute, and the International Civil Rights Movement-Solidarity are LaRouchian political arms that have courted the support of people of color and indigenous nations at the same time that they have claimed that "99 and 4/100ths of the human race" is composed of a "bestial mass." "We do not regard all cultures and nations as equally deserving of sovereignty and survival," wrote LaRouche in The Case of Walter Lippman, speaking specifically about Native American claims to tribal lands. Support of black candidates during past elections has hidden LaRouchian support of South African apartheid. The Schiller Institute and LaRouche newspapers published a barrage of written attacks on leading anti-apartheid activists, including Randall Robinson, the director of TransAfrica, and Rev. C.T. Vivian, CDR's board chair. LaRouche's organization was paid to produce private intelligence reports on the U.S. anti-apartheid movement for the South Africa Bureau of State Security, according to the October 7, 1979 issue of The New York Times. The goal of these efforts was to weaken and destroy the disinvestment campaign of the anti-apartheid movement. LAROUCHIAN IDEOLOGY Through this confusing mixture of deception, trickeries, smear tactics, and outright lies, it is difficult to ascertain exactly what LaRouche and his supporters stand for. The themes that underlie whatever policy LaRouche supports at any given time, however, are strikingly clear to CDR which closely examines the inner-workings of white supremacist politics. Anti-Semitism and racism, intolerance of any person or idea opposed to their own, totalitarian rule within the organization, a neo-Nazi belief in a master race (LaRouche and his supporters) that will someday rule the world, and a fascist reaction to existing American and international institutions are always present underneath the rhetoric. Claimed by neither legitimate conservative nor liberal political forces, LaRouchians have used tactics that include attempted infiltration of and the appearance of support by standing institutions or organizations, such as trade unions and the Democratic Party. The sanitization of LaRouchian racist and anti- Semitic beliefs takes place in local as well as national political arenas under cover of "traditional American values." However, according to journalist Nick Gallo, LaRouchian politics aim for "preservation of Western Civilization, purity of culture and youth, elimination of Jewish and homosexual influence, suspicion of international banking conspiracies" (The Seattle Weekly). This xenophobic, homophobic, anti-Semitic, and racist agenda is common in far-right circles in the U.S. today, but LaRouchians are, at times, more clever in disguising their intent than many other white supremacist organizations. Professor Richard Hofstadter sees the periodical rise of conspiracy-minded groups related to economic, social, or political crises ("The Paranoid Style in American Politics"). Groups like the NCLC prey on people's fear of political and economic instability. LaRouche and his followers have become experts in choosing volatile issues and exploiting them to their own advantage. Their latest attack on the International Conference on Population and Development echoes earlier campaigns using fear and the twisting of facts to promote hysteria and lure the fearful into their camp. THE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON POPULATION AND DEVELOPMENT (ICPD) The ICPD, sponsored by the United Nations, will be held in Cairo, Egypt in September 1994. The purpose is "to forge a new international consensus that population concerns should be at the centre of all economic, social, political, and environmental activities." The conference aims to do so within the confines of "universally recognized principles of human rights and sovereignty" and with the goal of "respect[ing] the rights and choices of individuals." This noble pursuit recognizes the impact of population growth on individual lives, communities, and nations. Widely accepted and reputable research in population, consumption and development and their effect is the basis for this concern. LaRouchians, however, have turned this notion on its head in the recently published advertisement condemning the conference. Claiming that the dangers of population growth are not just exaggerated but blatantly false, and that the earth can support an unlimited number of people, LaRouchians call for a "shut down" of the Cairo conference. They claim that the aim of the conference is to "slash population growth rates to zero over the next decades through the rampant spread of abortion, sterilization, and euthanasia." LaRouche compares UN organizers of this conference with Hitler, and claims the conference will bring on the death of the "family" worldwide. The ad espouses the "sacredness of human life" and claims that "billions of people must die to meet the ICPD's population goals." This is, of course, based purely on the imagination and political savvy of LaRouche. The great irony in this particularly twisted and manipulative tactic is that LaRouche's true beliefs on the sanctity of human life have been documented and are actually the antithesis of his claims in the ad. In 1987, LaRouche was a proponent of mass screening and complete quarantine of AIDS victims. He wrote that, unless this were to take place, "other ways of reducing the number of carriers will become increasingly popular. . . [T]he only solution [to AIDS] is either public health measures including isolation as necessary, or 'accelerated death' of carriers" (New Solidarity). Even though this proposal was reportedly to "save the human species from extinction," this is hardly the viewpoint of one who holds human life sacred. The anti-conference ad also implies a respect for people the world over and rails against the use of eugenics that the conference would supposedly employ. LaRouche's often quoted sentiments belie this notion. A man who sees a large proportion of the human race as composed of subhuman types, fit only to be conquered and dominated, cannot expect to be believed when he professes a concern for the oppressed majority of the world's population. The Chinese people, according to LaRouche, are a "paranoid" people who share, with "lower forms of animal life," a "fundamental distinction from actual human personalities." African Americans who insist on equality, LaRouche says, are obsessed with "zoological specifications of micro-constituencies' self-interests" and with "distinctions...which would be proper to the classification of monkeys and baboons." Tribal peoples have a "likeness to the lower beasts" and ancient civilizations in Africa and America declined because they fell into "an 'heritable' moral degeneration." One might wonder, then, why LaRouche is now possessed with a concern for worldwide human life. The real agenda is revealed in the second part of the advertisement when LaRouche accuses the conference of being "part and parcel of a larger game plan to make the United Nations the centerpiece of a new world empire...a United Nations world dictatorship." This is the crux of LaRouchian politics that has been consistent through the years of twisting political manipulation. This time, the reference to "international financial networks" is slight, yet his carping on the "one-worldists who run the United Nations" as the perpetrators of a conspiracy to rob the world of "the family as we know it" and who have "the same contempt for human life that drove Hitler's extermination camps" expose his fanaticism. LaRouche's global conspiracy to rule the world is a grave threat to human rights worldwide. This appeal to the public is as inconsistent with true LaRouchian ideologies as it is calculated to stir fear in the hearts of those already concerned with "family" issues, individual autonomy, and the U.S. position of power in a rapidly changing world structure. LaRouche again has chosen an issue to exploit in order to put himself at the forefront of the battle against international and national "conspirators." His totalitarian, neo- Nazi, fascist, anti-Semitic, and racist beliefs are cleverly hidden in an outrageous ad that cannot be taken lightly. LaRouche is again making himself a part of American politics and must continue to be monitored and exposed as a charlatan and demagogue who is nevertheless a threat to progressive American politics and to democracy itself. The Center for Democratic Renewal (CDR) is a national non-profit clearinghouse for information on white supremacist groups throughout the world. Founded in 1979 as the National Anti-Klan Network, CDR monitors hate groups such as the Ku Klux Klan and researches how racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic views affect the mainstream of American society. As part of the U.S. Network for Cairo, CDR provides information and analysis about how the goals of the ICPD are subverted by far-right attacks from the religious right, ultra-conservatives, and white supremacists. This report was prepared by Loretta J. Ross, Program Research Director, and Mary Ann Mauney, Research Assistant. ################################################################ PEOPLE BEFORE PROFITS! ################################################################ There are 5 -*PNEWS CONFERENCESs*- [P_news on FIDONET], [p.news and p.news.discuss on PEACENET] & [pnews.d-L and pnews-L on INTERNET], ***SEVERAL conferences are gated together*** ----------------------------------------------------------------- On FidoNet, ask your sysop to also carry P_news. 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