The following two reports are reprinted from GREEN EGG, #77: _ OFFICIAL REPORT OF THE PRES

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The following two reports are reprinted from GREEN EGG, #77: _________________________________________________________________ OFFICIAL REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT TO THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS ON HIS INVESTIGATION OF THE JOHN TODD/LANCE COLLINS AFFAIR IN DAYTON OHIO 1: There is insufficient hard evidence of an unusually harsh harrassment campaign against Todd, on RELIGIOUS GROUNDS, to warrant continued AADL attention or intervention. 2: There is more than sufficient soft evidence to indicate that Todd may be using his own peculiar version of the religion known as Witchcraft as cover for illegal, immoral and/or infiltrative purposes. 3: It would definitely be advisable for as many different Federal, State and Local law enforcement agencies as possible to investigate Todd's past and present activities. 4: We should expect a number of wild accusations from Todd about heinous crimes and attitudes on the part of myself, Dr. Gavin Frost, the Aquarian Anti-Defamation League, Inc., the Church and School of Wicca, the Church of All Worlds, the American Order of the Brotherhood of the Wicca, Inc., and other Pagan, Occult and Witchcraft organizations of an Aquarian nature. 5: Dr. Frost and I have been unable to find a single legitimate Witch, Pagan or Occultist, inside or outside of Dayton, willing to serve as a character reference for Todd. On the contrary, every Aquarian wiht whom we have discussed Todd has emphatically disassociated himself or herself from Todd's beliefs and activities. Todd is NOT representative of the Dayton Aquarian community in any way. 6: Between AADL and the C&SoW, we have spent a great deal of time, energy, and money on this case, for which we have received no positive return. I therefore recommend that we avoid further expenditures of these valuable commodities upon ths matter. Respectfully submitted, this 23rd day of February, 1976 c.e. P.E.I. Bonewits, President, AADL _________________________________________________________________ THE DAYTON CAPER Final Report On Sunday 22 Februrary the following Resolution was passed unanimously by the Board of Trustees of the Church and School of Wicca: Resolution to Rescind School Charter BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Trustees of the Church and School of Wicca that said Religious Association rescind and nullify the Church Charter issued to the "Watchers Church of Wicca" in Dayton, Ohio. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that J.W. Todd aka Lance Collins, and Sheila Spoonmore aka Sheila Todd aka Deona, be defrocked and made unwelcome by the Church. The reasons for this action lie in the investigative reports of Gavin Frost and Isaac Bonewits (Aquarian Anti-Defamation League) who went to Dayton to examine the case. For a copy of the AADL report, write to Isaac Bonewits Box 3720, Minneapolis, 55403, enclosing a donation. Briefly, the investigation showed no evidence of harrassment by law-enforcement agencies but turned up considerable evidence soft evidence that the Todds are using the cover of Witchcraft to corrupt minors. Following is a copy of the report made by Gavin Frost to the Board of Trustees: 1. Despite the fact that the Church has in its hand a notarized sworn statement that the Todds are initiated Witches, there is (1) Evidence that, though emotionally convincing, would not stand up in a court of law. (2) The real relationship between the Todds is unclear. John Todd introduced her as his wife; previously she had been introduced as his sister. No believable evidence that they are or ever have been initiated. Claims by Todd that his mother initiated him while she was a member of Gardner's Isle of Man coven have been checked. No American and no wman by the name of "Todd" was ever a member of this group. 2. The use of "speed" in the Circle is not condoned by our Church. 3. The rituals used by the "Watchers Church" bear little or no resemblence to those of our Church. 4. In careful cross-questioning, it was apparent that Todd had no knowledge of the methodology of the use of kundalini or dance in the raising of power. Thus the sex acts that were apparently performed were purely for the gratification of the Todd's personal sexual perversities. 5. The tradition used is eclectic and is based on a Dianic mythos. Aradia is viewed by John Todd as a "fifteen-year-old bitch." Cernunnos is added as Aradia's brother and an overseeing group of demi-god watchers is added. This mythos is not acceptable to our Church; nor do we know of any other church to which it would be acceptable. 6. The Todds have in the past claimed both to the media and to other pagans that they are "in control of the area." They have no such right. 7. The Todds claim to be "sixth-degree initiates." This methodology is similar to the Satanist Church of the Process and is not acceptable to our Church. 8. It is the stated intention of the Todds to open a public Church of Wicca and to start an occult newspaper. It is our recommendation that neither of these projects be supported by Witches, because the Todds have neither the qualifications nor the knowledge necessary for such endeavors. 9. In closing this report, I would like to thank specifically the various law-enforcement agencies, the Dayton area Witches, and Wes Hill (reporter for the Dayton Daily News) for their cooperation in a rather unpleasant task. Gavin Frost


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