The Following 'Thought - Provoking' Books Are Available through Emissary Publications. ( A

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The Following 'Thought - Provoking' Books Are Available through Emissary Publications. ( Address and Phone # given at end of file ) _*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_ All prices from publishers' information and subject to change without notice. BOCHE AND BOLSHEVIK $3.00 Nesta Webster - Background information on WW1 and it's aftermath. SOCIALIST NETWORK $4.00 Nesta H. Webster WORLD REVOLUTION $5.00 Nesta H. Webster - Story of the Illuminati SECRET SOCIETIES AND SUBVERSIVE MOVEMENTS $6.00 Nesta H. Webster - The author traces the history and origins of many Cults and Secret Orders from the beginning of the Christian Era. THE FRENCH REVOLUTION $6.00 Nesta H. Webster - One of the worlds bloodiest revolutions as recorded by the pen of this Famous Historian. Unmistakably different than the versions given by Burke, Carlyle, Dickens, and others. SURRENDER OF AN EMPIRE $5.00 Nesta H. Webster - An examination of the forces that were at work in Britain to weaken her imperialistic ties around the world. _____________________________________________________________________________ JIMMY CARTER - JIMMY CARTER $2.00 Gary Allen - The real story about how the President came "from nowhere" to become the Chief Executive. KISSINGER - The Secret side of the Secretary of State $1.50 Gary Allen NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY $1.00 Gary Allen THE ROCKEFELLER FILE $2.00 Gary Allen TAX TARGET: WASHINGTON $2.45 Gary Allen - Shows how the taxpayers are being "Taken to the Cleaners." TED KENNEDY - IN OVER HIS HEAD $5.00 Gary Allen - Here is the complete story of the hard-drinking, hard driving playboy whose political career has been dedicated to promoting socialism at home, catering to enemies abroad, and voting to dismantle America's defenses. Lays bare how the Kennedy clan operates in its insatiable lust for power. TEDDY BARE - THE LAST OF THE KENNEDY CLAN $5.00 Zad Rust - The REAL story behind Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick. _____________________________________________________________________________ ADAM WEISHAUPT A HUMAN DEVIL $2.50 Gerald B. Winrod - An indepth look at the founder of the Illuminati. THE CULT OF THE ALL-SEEING EYE $2.50 Keith Spenser - An explanation of the symbols used on our money and on the Great Seal of the United States. Also give a behind-the-scenes look at the United Nations. EMPIRE OF "THE CITY" (WORLD SUPERSTATE) $5.00 E.C. Knuth - The amazing story of "The City" of London and Rothschild's world empire. Published 1946. Limited Supply. THE ESTABLISHMENT - C.F.R (CASSETTE TAPE) $6.00 Gary Allen - Narrated by John Carradine. An in-depth look at the "Invisible Government" that controls the United States. THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM - IT'S PURPOSE AND FUNCTIONS $3.00 Comments by S.W. Adams - A reprint of a suppressed public document. THE FEDERAL RESERVE CONSPIRACY $3.00 Eustace Mullins - The Federal Reserve Conspiracy by Eustace Mullins has served for the past twenty years as one of the most definitive works exposing the plot behind the passage of the Federal Reserve Act. THE FEDERAL RESERVE HOAX $4.00 Wickliffe Vennard - A hard-hitting expose of the privately owned central bank that is systematically destroying our nation. THE FEDERAL RESERVE MONSTER $2.00 Sam Clark and Wallace Campbell - The facts about the "Fed". First published in 1922. THE FINAL SECRET OF PEARL HARBOR $6.00 Rear Admiral Robert A. Theobald, USN. Ret. FOUNDATIONS - THEIR POWER AND INFLUENCE Cloth $12.00 Rene Wormser - A definitive in-depth study of foundations made during congressional investigations of these tax-free organizations. This book is a "must" for all serious students of the International Conspiracy. FOURTH REICH OF THE RICH $6.00 Des Griffin - In these critical days it is VITALLY IMPORTANT that you be not only a "watcher" of world events but one who really UNDERSTANDS what is happening on the international scene. In this fast-moving, easy to read, easy to understand book, the author takes the lid off world affairs and give the reader a startling "behind-the-scenes" look at what is really taking place. The chilling facts he represents amply demonstrate the AWFUL TRUTH of Benjamin Disraell's famous statement: "The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes." FRENCH REVOLUTION IN SANTA DOMINGO $5.00 Lothrop Stodaed - 1914. The story of how Haiti was transformed from a happy, prosperous land into a poverty-stricken, hate filled prison. An excellent book. Reviewed in the Jan. 1978 American Opinion Magazine. GUN CONTROL MEANS PEOPLE CONTROL $2.00 Phoebe Courtney - The author shows how gun control legislation is designed to make America a 'Captive Nation'. HERBERT ARMSTRONG'S TANGLED WEB $6.00 David Robinson - An insiders view of the strife-torn Worldwide Church of God. What is Herbert Armstrong's real power base? Is he really backed by God as he claims? Or, like the Wizard of Oz, is he operating on image? What about Stan Rader's Jewish connection? Tales of sex and the single apostle - incest! The author writes from firsthand knowledge with deep disappointment and has come to agree with Solomon who advised against putting trust in men. HENRY KISSINGER - SOVIET AGENT $3.00 Frank Capell. HISTORY OF MONETARY CRIMES $2.00 Alexander Del Mar - The famous author covers the period from the sixteenth century up to the nineteen hundreds. HOAX OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY $6.00 A.R. Botz - An American scholar takes a closer look at the widespread belief that Hitler tried to exterminate the Jews and concludes that it is a hoax. THE ILLUMINATI -C.F.R (Cassettes) $12.00 Myron Fagan - This famous record set by Myron Fagan, the Hollywood Producer, tells the story of the Illuminati in fascinating detail. A "must" for conspiracy buffs. INVISIBLE GOVERNMENT $4.00 Dan Smoot - The inside story of the Council on Foreign Relations. THE IRON CURTAIN OVER AMERICA $4.00 Dr. John O. Beaty - Documents the historical relationship between American Zionists and the USSR that has led Western Civilization to the brink of total disaster. IT'S VERY SIMPLE - THE TRUE STORY OF CIVIL RIGHTS $2.00 Alan Stang - The story of how agents of the Conspiracy have used the humanitarian cause of "civil rights" to exploit racial differences. Proves the "civil rights" movement was never a grassroots expression of discontent, but was deliberately planned by the conspirators. THE INTERNATIONAL JEW $4.00 Henry Ford, Sr. - Abridged from the four-volume work containing the articles on the Jewish question published in the Dearborn Independent by the Ford Motor Company. THE INTERNATIONAL JEW $24.00 Henry Ford, Sr. - A reprint of the original four-volume set. JUDAISM AND THE VATICAN $3.00 Leon De Poncins. THE LAW $2.00 Fredrick Bastiat - First published in 1850, this masterpiece has stood the test of time! The author shows that socialism is "legalized plunder" and inevitably leads to a totalitarian dictatorship. Contains a 'GRIM' Warning for Modern America. LINCOLN MONEY MARTYRED $3.00 Dr. R.E Search. THE NAKED CAPITALIST $5.00 W. Cleon Skousen - A review and commentary on "Tragedy and Hope" by Dr. Carroll Quigley. NEW MONEY - OR NONE? $3.00 Willard Cantelon - Is money the currency of the future? If not, what will replace it? Willard Cantelon, an expert on financial affairs, points to past and present trends, not only warning of your money's inevitable future, but offering knowing advice on how to prepare for the coming fiscal crisis. A must for all those who want to know where their best security lies. THE OPEN CONSPIRACY $3.00 H.G Wells - A little known work of this prolific writer in which the author presents a frank and forthright outline of his plan to re-shape the world. OLIVER CROMWELL $4.00 Frdk. Harrison - Was he a 'Devil' - or was he a saint? The true story of one of history's most controversial characters. PAWNS IN THE GAME $4.00 Cmdr. Guy Carr - Perhaps the most popular work by this crusading author giving a panoramic view of the world plotters in action. PHILIP DRU - ADMINISTRATOR $4.00 "Col" Edward M. House - First published in 1912. THE POLITITIAN $5.00 Robert Welch - Proves that former President Eisenhower aided the cause of the International Communist Conspiracy. PROOFS OF A CONSPIRACY $5.00 John Robison - First published in 1797 this work is an excellent expose of the Illuminati and their movement. THE PROTOCOLS $4.00 Victor E. Marsden - Contains the original Protocols plus a complete case history and background of this highly controversial document. PEARL HARBOR AFTER A QUARTER OF A CENTURY $6.00 Harry Elmer Barnes - The assult was not a 'Sneak attack': Washington had known several days beforehand. Secretary of State Stimson wrote in his diary that:" The question was how we should maneuver the Japanese into the position of firing the first shot." This is probably the best, most comprehensive book written about "that day of infamy." THE PRESIDENTIAL ZERO-YEAR MYSTERY $3.00 Seven Presidents have met a common fate. Is it a curse or coincidence? QUEST OF A HEMISPHERE (Cloth) $15.00 Donzella Boyle - 650pp - The story of America's developement, Quest uses original sources, such as the documents, diaries, letters, and newspapers of the day, to make American History as interesting and exciting as it was when it happened. 269 illustrations. RED FOG OVER AMERICA $4.00 Cmdr. Guy Carr - The Author expounds on the many-sided facets of the International Conspiracy now closing it's tenacles on America. ROCK $4.00 Bob Larson - Bob's latest book on the current music scene. A special dictionary analyzes the most popular rock songs and singers. Every parent and teenager needs to read it. 140pp. THE ROTHSCHILD MONEY TRUST $4.00 Judge George Armstrong - An interesting book on the Rothschilds and their immense wealth. SATAN SELLER $3.00 Mike Warnke - An excellent true story of a young American who was drawn into the world of drugs and promiscuity and the occult - and how, just before his conversion he discovered that this subculture was controlled by the Illuminati. THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE $4.00 Arthur Koestler - Complete authoritative commentary about the Khazars and their Empire. Explodes widespread ignorance on the supposed origin of the "Jews." TO HARASS OUR PEOPLE $7.00 Congressman George Hansen and Larry Anderson - The IRS "has erected a multitude of new Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers, to harass our people, and eat out their substance." (Declaration of Independance) The most explosive expose of the IRS ever written. TRAGEDY AND HOPE $25.00 Carroll Quigley - A history of the world in our time by an insider for the establishment. THE TWO BABYLONS $8.00 Alexander Hislop - A perennial best seller, this book proves that Papal worship is the same as the worship of Nimrod and his wife. A Classic. THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE $8.00 John Tuit - The author, who was directly involved, give the facts behind the State of California Lawsuit against the strife-torn Worldwide Church of God. Is the Church leadership tied into the Illuminati Conspiracy? Read about Dr. Lochner's secret tapes and allegations of sexual misconduct and perversion. YOUR HERITAGE PROTECTION ASSOCIATION $12.00 This powerful three hour presentation by Armen Condo and Burton "Irish" Conway lays bare the financial and political tyranny that has crept up on our nation in recent times. Provides the listener with vital information that will save you a ton of grief and get the bureaucrats off your back. (2 Cassettes) THE ZIONIST CONNECTION $20.00 Alfred M. Lilienthal - 845 pages. This powerful book should be read by everyone concerned with the status of world peace regardless of any antipathy to the author's viewpoint, since principles opposing his insights have left our Middle East's foreign policy in wreakage for thirty years. THE CONTROVERSY OF ZION $15.00 Douglas Reed - Published posthumously, this is by far the hardest hitting book ever written by this world famous author. It is a "Must" for your personal library. _____________________________________________________________________________ MASONRY FREEMASONRY - AN INTERPRETATION $6.00 Martin L. Wagner - Published in 1912, this 500 page work is recognized as the best of it's kind. Very informative! FREEMASONRY EXPOSED $3.00 Capt. William Morgan - This is the book that created a major stir in America following the murder of it's author in 1827. MAH-HAH BONE (THE MASTER'S CARPET) $5.00 Masonry and Baal worship identical. Edmond Ronayne - written in 1879 the Past Master of the Keystone Lodge No. 639, Chicago, reviews the similarity between Masonry, Paganism and "The Mysteries" and compares the whole with the Bible. THE MYSTERY OF FREEMASONRY UNVEILED $5.00 Cardinal Caro y Rodrigues - former Archbishop od Santiago, Chile. Perhaps one of the most popular dealing with this controversial theme. OCCULT THEOCRASY, VOLUMES 1&2 COMBINED $15.00 Lady Queensborough - A compendium of the occult, secret societies and sundry other movements that have had their impact on the world. The most complete work of it's kind. SHOULD A CHRISTIAN BE A MASON? $2.50 E.M. Storms - Examines masonic teaching and beliefs in the light of Biblical Revelation. THE CHARACTER OF FREEMASONRY $5.00 Rev. C.G. Finney - The character, claims amd practical workings of Freemasonry. An excellent analysis of the subject - written in 1869. Available Jan. 1981. A must for the serious student. _____________________________________________________________________________ HUMANIST MANIFESTOS 1&2 $2.00 These startling documents, which form the "BIBLE" of modern educators reveals the plan to destroy traditional values and morality in America and brainwash our people into an acceptance of the Illuminati's New World Order. RED STARS OVER HOLLYWOOD (2CASSETTES) $12.00 Myron Fagan - The famous Broadway and Hollywood producer strips away the masks of the psycho-political pawns who masquerade as "entertainers". Here are the facts behind the formation of ABC, NBC and CBS and how they brainwash America's millions with RED Propaganda. Here are the startling facts necessary to collapse the facad and fakery of the Red-led entertainment industry. Hear about Ronald Reagan's involvement in this Red cover-up. Made in 1967. THE COSMIC CONSPIRACY $10.00 Stan Deyo - An Emissary Publications exclusive. The Author, a former USAF Officer who is presently forced to live oversees, reveals information that was previously classified 'SECRET'. Stan Deyo's fully documented book included Advanced Flying Saucer Tech- nology, Nicola Tesla's amazing discoveries, weather warfare operations npw in existence and secret codes hidden in the Great Seal Of The United States. The author's knowledge of the Illuminati, and it's connection with these suppressed sciences, has enabled him to write a compendium of information unavailable elsewhere. Undoubtedly, this suppressed book will become a collectors item! _____________________________________________________________________________ SIX MILLION RECONSIDERED $8.00 A special report by the Committee For Truth In History. A vast collection of documentation connecting Zionism with the Social unrest that is sweeping the world. By far the best work of it's kind. WHEAT RECEIPTS (cassette tape) $6.00 Dr. Stuart Crane - In his own inimitable style the economics professor unmasks the phoniness of the "Federal" Reserve's paper "Money." Crane at his best. CHRISTIAN WAKE UP! $2.00 Pat Brooks - An excellent analysis of a Christians responsibilities in a society dominated by God -rejecting Humanism, and occult influences. CHANGE AGENTS IN THE SCHOOLS $10.00 Barbara Morris - An excellent book on the conspirators' efforts to destroy our children and betray our Country through indoctrination. Priority reading. THE COMMUNEZE-ENGLISH DICTIONARY $1.00 Roy Colby - A fascinating study of Communist double-talk. A milestone in the study of Communism. THE CULT OF THE ALL-SEEING-EYE $2.50 Keith Spencer - An explanation of the symbols used on our money and on the Great Seal Of The United States. Also gives a behind-the-scenes look at the United Nations. ERA: EQUALITY IN BONDAGE $2.50 E. Shelley - Shackling the hand that rocks the cradle. Order these and other books by writing or calling: Emissary Publications P.O Box 642 South Pasadina, California 91030 (213) 794-3400


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