1977 NEXT QUESTION: What about Christian ROCK Music? - ANSWER: OK! You are talking about J

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<> 1977 NEXT QUESTION: What about Christian ROCK Music? ---- ----- --------- ---- ----- ANSWER: OK! You are talking about Jesus Rock is that right? I mentioned a church earlier that we spent EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS in two years to build. It is called Calvary Chapel. It's pastor is Chuck Smith and it is in Costa Mesa, Calif. The organization that he created is called MARINOT PRODUCTIONS. They Started Jesus Rock Music! The reason for the eight million dollars was to put ROCK MUSIC in Churches that did not allow Rock Music! It is NOT what is SUNG on the TUNE, it is the MUSIC! I am going to answer two more questions and then I am going to have to turn it over to the pastor. Yes. Can a person being a member of a fundamental Church actually be a witch and not a Christian? ANSWER: Absolutely! They have spent millions of dollars putting 'Plants' in fundamental Churches around the United States! These 'Plants' are trained in Christian beliefs. The newest form of Blasphemy by a witch toward the Christian God, is to sit there and Praise the Lord and act like a Christian, laughing the whole time. Ok? ABSOLUTELY! That's what LuGina, the girl that took my place was. Her main thrust was to keep an eye on Jerry Falwell's Church while she was Witch Queen of Virginia. And she was so good at it, that they made her a Grand Druid when I resigned. So there is a lot of it. In fact the Church that reached me had FOUR High Priestesses attending the Church and had it in a MESS until they started finding what it was all about and took a hand in it and corrected the matter. They have recently tried to get witchcraft, mainly the Ouija Board and Seances, in MANY Christian High Schools because 95% of the people induc- ted into witchcraft in the last couple of years, were inducted by their Jr. High and High School teachers in the Public School Systems. By teachers that were scholarshiped and funded and put through College that were coven members just so they could spread witchcraft. And so we, through many liberal practices in the schools have been using Christian Schools. So now they are trying to get it into the Christian Schools. NEXT QUESTION: You said that a Christian should not have any witchcraft items in their possession. Why then do you carry those Books with you? ANSWER: Those books are not the same books! The two books that I had, and I don't have any with me tonight, one is written by Charles Finney who was saved out of the Masons and the other one was the first man executed by the Illuminati for betraying them, Captain Morgan. This is the reason I carry those two books, because they EXPOSE, but I don't believe that a Christian can have books written by witches in their libraries and get away with it. I don't own any! I burnt all mine when I got saved.


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