The following is the research statement released in 1978 by Dr Walter Martin's Christian R

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The following is the research statement released in 1978 by Dr Walter Martin's Christian Research Institute, PO Box 500, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92693. _____________________________________________________________________ JOHN TODD: DIVIDING THE BRETHREN In the past few months, we have received numerous inquiries concerning the claims of John Todd, who says that he is an ex-witch who has become a Christian and is now warning Christians of the occultic conspiracy he was privy to and which is in the process of controlling the world and the Church. Since Todd asserted that he was a Christian, we did not immediately speak out against him in public, although our brief investigation showed that his story was not completely true. Our ministry is to expose those outside the Church, not within it. However, Todd's actions in recent months have been anything but Christian. He has constantly torn down members of the Body of Christ, has caused division between churches, has slandered the names of men and women God has used mightily, and, perhaps most sad of all, he has duped countless trusting Christians into believing his fabrications. We are in the process of a full-length, fully documented research project on all of Todd's claims but the urgency of this attack on the Church necessitates this brief and preliminary report. Our findings as presented here are accurate, and our ongoing research indicates that this is just the beginning of documentation showing conclusively that Todd is wrong. If our quick investigation uncovered all of this material, it is logical to assume that Todd's allegations are without foundation and are completely false. Todd claims that he was once a "Grand Druid" witch with connections to the Illuminati, an organization he claims is occultic, is headed by the Rothschilds (said to be demons in human form), and which is going to take over the world and destroy the Church. Some Christians have taken his words so seriously that whole congregations have armed themselves in preparation for the "witch's war." Todd claims that witchcraft such as he was involved in is over 8,000 years old and is a tightly run network worldwide in scope. ILLUMINATI AND THE ROTHSCHILDS Conspiracy theories often attract a following, and perhaps the most popular of our day is that on which implicates some of the world's most wealthy and influential families (e.g., the Rockefellers, the Kennedys, the Onassises, and most notably, the Rothschilds) in a conspiracy aimed at securing worldwide domination through pitting the major political powers against each other. It should be clearly understood that John Todd is not unveiling any essentially new ideas (however mistaken they are) when he expounds upon a secret "world takeover plan." With a few colorful and personal additions and alterations, he is enunciating the same conspiracy theory that is soberly detailed in right-wing extremist Gary Allen's _None Dare Call It Conspiracy_, and other, less popular works. The conspiracy is understood to have begun on May 1, 1776, when Adam Weishaupt reportedly founded the Illuminati in Europe. According to Todd, and some other advocates of the conspiracy theory, the Illuminati has always been a society whose god is Lucifer, whose religion is witchcraft, and whose unyielding goal is total political dominion of the world in order to establish a one-world government, headed by the son of Lucifer (the Antichrist) as ruler. However, while historical data does confirm that the Illuminati was an anti- government organization, history flatly contradicts the occultic nature of the group, and many of Todd's assertions about it. ADAM WEISHAUPT Weishaupt founded the Illuminati on the basis of his own philosophy of anarchy and primitive utopia. Because of his anarchistic beliefs, it is little wonder that the Bavarian government confiscated his works: The first stage in the life of the whole human race is savagery, rough nature, in which the family is the only society, and hunger and thirst are easily satisfied, which man enjoys the two most excellent goods, Equality and Liberty, to their fullest these was his usual condition...Happy men, who were not yet enough enlightened to lose their peace of mind and to be conscious of the unhappy mainsprings and causes of our misery, love of power...envy... illnesses and all the results of imagination. Adam Weishaupt quoted in Nesta H. Webster's _Secret Societies and Subversive Movements_, London, Britons Publishing Company, p. 213. Weishaupt reasoned that the cause of man's problems was the development of civilization and government, as these destroyed both freedom and equality. Hence the solution to the human dilemma for Weishaupt was for men to learn total independence. On the basis of this out look, the political goal of the Illuminati was to create anarchy: That man should govern himself and rulers should be gradually done away with. But his is careful to deprecate all ideas of violent revolution--the process is to be accomplished by the most peaceful methods. ibid., p. 213. Quite obviously, the goal of the Illuminati was not, as Todd claims, one world government, but _no_ government! Rather than holding witchcraft as its religion and Lucifer as its god, Weishaupt's Illuminati had a basic abhorence of the occultic arts and practitioners: For all forms of 'theosophy;' occultism, spiritualism, and magic Weishaupt expresses nothing but contempt, and the Rose- Croix masons are bracketed with the Jesuits by the Illuminati as enemies it is necessary to out wit at every turn. Consequently no degree of Rose-Croix finds a place in Weishaupt's systems, as in all the other masonic orders of the day which drew their influences from Eastern or Cabalistic sources...the more we penetrate into his system, the more apparent it becomes that all the formulas he employs which derive from any religious source...merely serve to disguise a purely material purpose, a plan for destroying the existing order of society. ibid., pages 201, 202. While Weishaupt himself was not an occultist, he used the current popularity of occultic secret societies as an effective cover for his subversive designs. His followers penetrated the inner circles of Freemasonry, and he devised "mysteries," and "degrees" of initiation similar to Rosicrucianism, in order to lure men into his society, from whom he could choose the ones who would be truly useful to the Illuminati. It should be noted that even this bogus occultism was not witchcraft in its classical sense, nor in the manner in which John Todd describes it. The Illuminati was effectively suppressed in Bavaria by the government in March of 1785. The exact role of the Illuminati in history after this has been a hotly debated issue. Many historians agree with Mervyn Jones that "No further authentic record of the Illuminati remains." [MacKenzie, Norman, ed., _Secret Societies_, New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, p. 170.] Theories that perceive further subversive activities by the Illuminati range from the reasonable to what must be regarded as paranoid fancy. According to people like Todd, the Illuminati has control of almost every aspect of our political, social, economic, and religious life, and current world and national events are practically all the unfolding of a master plan for world domination. The information Todd asserts could easily have been obtained through reading of popular conspiracy literature rather than from his so-called "secret first-hand knowledge." THE ROTHSCHILD FAMILY The Rothschild family, who through their banking empire have exerted tremendous influence in Europe over the last two hundred years, have been identified by Todd and others as the actual creators and undisputed rulers of the Illuminati. The fact that the Rothschilds have definitely had a powerful hand in European politics, particularly in the nineteenth century, makes them easy targets for suspicion of worldwide conspiracy. However, the allegations made by Todd seem difficult to prove indeed. For example, it is significant that in our research we found that the more respectable historians, even those looking for a conspiracy, did not even mention the Rothschilds in their treatment of the Illuminati. WITCHCRAFT The practice of witchcraft is ancient, but not in the form it is popularly identified with today. In primitive cultures, witches often served as mediators between the unseen and seen realms, and received their powers through voluntary spirit possession. John Todd claims that the rites performed by his witches coven are 8,000 years old. However, as M. G. Marwick notes in the 1978 edition of Encyclopedia Britannica: The incorrect use of the term refers to persons claiming to be witches who are reported to belong to covens, to assemble on appropriate calendrical occasions for sabbats at which they perform rituals of as long a tradition as the coven leaders claim descent from earlier witches...These so-called witches claim to be adherents of an ancient religion, the one to which Christianity is regarded as a counterreligion...These practitioners usually turn out to be sincere but misguided people who have been directly or indirectly influenced by Margaret Murray's article "Witchcraft," in the 14th edition of Encyclopedia Britannica (1929), which put forth in its most popular form her theory that the witches of western Europe were the lingering adherents of a once general pagan religion that has been displaced, though not completely, by Christianity. This highly imaginative but now discredited theory gave a new respectability to witchcraft. DIVIDING THE BRETHREN John Todd has accused Christian leaders of all kinds of occultic involvement and spiritual apostasy. He seems especially hateful towards the Charismatic movement. We are not sure at this stage in our investigation of the reasons behind this animosity for a part of the Body of Christ. However, we are following some leads which could prove very embarrassing for Todd and which would give the emotional reaction necessary for such a condemnation by Todd of the charismatic community. Among the Christian leaders Todd has attacked are Walter Martin, director of Christian Research Institute and professor at Melodyland School of Theology, Rev. Ralph Wilkerson, pastor of Melodyland Christian Center, Pastor Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, and Maranatha! Music, also of Costa Mesa. We have contacted each of these leaders and asked them to respond to the charges Todd has made. Their responses follow. It is a serious matter to denounce a man or a ministry God is using to further his kingdom. All of these objects of Todd's scorn love God and serve his son faithfully. All are grieved at Todd's false accusations, and all would pray that Christians would investigate those accusations, see the truth of the matter, and pray that God would bring Todd to obedience to his omnipotent will. The statement which follow should silence the rumors effectively. [see file JTCLETT.TXT] CONCLUSION Paul instructs us: "Reject a factious man after a first and second warning, knowing that such a man is perverted and is sinning, being self condemned" (Titus 3:10,11), and "Now I urge you, brethren; keep your eye on those who cause dissensions and hindrances contrary to the teachings which you learned and turn away from them. For such men are not slaves of our Lord Jesus Christ but of their own appetites; and by their smooth and flattering speech they deceive the hearts of the unsuspecting" (Romans 16:17,18). John Todd has been confronted and warned many times about the errors and falsehoods he is promulgating. The body of Christ is arising and judging his ministry for its lack of good fruit (Matthew 7:15-20). His ministry has created fear, suspicion, and division among the members of the church. Many of his claims have been proven false. Christians should not allow themselves to be disturbed by what he has said. Christian Research Institute is in agreement with the discernment being reached by believers across the country, that because John Todd has not responded to the warnings delivered to him by men and women of God, he should be avoided and rejected by the body of Christ until such time as he does repent. _______________________________________________________________________ MELODYLAND opposite Disneyland Ralph Wilkerson, pastor STATEMENT CONCERNING JOHN TODD To Whom it May Concern: Because there have been numerous reports that have come to our office, of necessity we have felt that we must answer some of the charges that have been made by a person that we do not even know. I can fully assure you that this man has lied in stating that he has given a large check to me or Melodyland. In no way has anybody associated with the occult given us financial assistance. This same charge was made against Pastor Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa and has been made against others. Also John Todd states that we have reservations about the miracles in the Old Testament. Upon request I will be glad to furnish any information on our doctrinal statement for both the school of theology and the church. Also John Todd went on to state that I believe God cannot save a person in the occult or cannot save witches. Perhaps we have had more people converted from these areas of evil than any other group. I might also suggest that you secure my new book _ESP Or HSP_ which totally destroys John Todd's argument about our belief in the occult, for may have considered this book one of the most drastic steps against the occult. Sincerely for souls, (signed) Pastor Ralph Wilkerson 10 Freedman Way.PO Box 6000.Anaheim, California 92806.(714)MELODY1 ______________________________________________________________________ CRI CHRISTIAN RESEARCH INSTITUTE POST OFFICE BOX 500 San Juan Capistrano, CA 92693 Prof. Walter Martin, Director October 5, 1978 TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: I have heard accusations made by John Todd concerning me and other Christian leaders. Those accusations are not true and are causing very serious division in the Body of Christ. This is not the fruit of a Christ-centered ministry. I believe the Bible to be the complete and absolute Word of God, correct in all that it states in all areas. I would never, as I have been accused of, state that the Bible was wrong and I was right. I stand with my brothers in Christ, Ralph Wilkerson, Chuck Smith, and Chuck Fromm, in admonishing the Church to beware of this false teacher, John Todd, who is spreading rumors and lies about those of us whom God is using to save souls. It is not for me or any other man to judge the soul of John Todd. If he is a Christian, God help him, for he knows better and God will require these actions of him on the judgment day. If he is not a Christian, I would pray that the Holy Spirit would touch his soul and that he would turn from his deceitful ways and come to Christ, the healer of men and saver of souls. Because of the numerous concerned requests we all have received about the claims of John Todd, and because our investigation has shown those claims to be false, we believe that this report is necessary. Let us look to the author of all Truth, Jesus Christ, in these last days when rumors abound and God's people are called upon to unite in one body, to become one even as the Father and Son are one (John 17). In the fellowship of the Master, (signed) Walter Martin Director WM/gp _____________________________________________________________________ MARANATHA! MUSIC October 3, 1978 TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: This is the position of Maranatha! Music regarding the claims of John Todd concerning Maranatha! Music and its supposed relationship to a group known as the Illuminati. Maranatha! Music is a non-profit organization grossing approximately 1.1 million dollars annually. It was started in connection with Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa in 1971 (incorporated as a separate organization in 1972) with a loan from Pastor Chuck Smith of under $3000. That money was used to produce the first Maranatha! Music album, which sold over 200,000 copies. The money from those sales furthered the ministry and was the source for funds to produce more albums. Today, fifty per cent of our sales are from our _Praise_ albums. We have been audited by the Internal Revenue Service, out books have been declared accurate, and we welcome further audits from any reputable, qualified firm. Our organization is governed by a board of directors, who serve without pay. On the basis of the above facts, I state that the claims of John Todd concerning Maranatha! Music are not true. Maranatha! Music was not started with $8 million, given through Todd by the Illuminati to promote Christian rock music, which Todd says is occultic. We did not at any time sue Todd and certainly did not withdraw a suit when Todd told us such a suit would confirm his allegations. The Calvary Chapel choir director was not given two checks for $4 million each for Maranatha! Music by Todd. Calvary Chapel has no choir and no choir director. We pray that Christians will discern the truth in this matter and will seek documentation such as that presented above to disprove Todd's statements concerning Maranatha! Music and the other Christian ministries he has spoken against. In the love of Christ, (signed) Chuck Fromm, President MARANATHA! MUSIC, P.O. BOX 1396, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, 714-979-8536 ____________________________________________________________________ calvary chapel of costa mesa 3800 Fairview Road Santa Ana, CA 92704 979-4422 October 5, 1978 To Whom It May Concern, This is a statement made with God as my witness and without any fear of refutation that John Todd in his declaration that Calvary Chapel, or Maranatha Productions, or Maranatha Music, or myself personally, or any associate of mine has ever at any time received any amount of money from him--$4 million, $8 million, or any other amount- -is an absolute total lie, and it is totally without any evidence or substantiation upon his part. Any monies of this amount would be major transactions in any bank, and it would be easy for him to proof his allegations with canceled checks. If he could do so, I would be happy to give him $50,000, which I don't have, but I would obligate myself to it and would be willing to do so for any kind of evidence that he could produce to show that his statement has even one shred of truth to it. It is a total fabrication and a complete lie. I am not a wealthy man under any standards. I have always believed in living a very simple life, and I receive a smaller salary than does a brick layer. I do not own any apartment complexes. I do not own any apartments or condominiums. I own the house that I am living in, or rather the savings and loan company owns the house I am living in. I drive a Chevrolet car that was sold to me at dealer's cost because the dealer is a member of Calvary Chapel. I have never driven fancy cars; I do not believe in driving fancy cars. I have always driven used cars up until the dealer offering me a new car at his cost. I did not want to finance construction of a Baptist church. I know nothing about offering any amount of money to any Baptist church for construction purposes. Calvary Chapel, out of our loan fund, loaned the 1st Baptist Church in Costa Mesa $250,00.00 to save the church from foreclosure. It was necessary that we borrow that money from the bank in order to loan it to the 1st Baptist Church, but because of our excellent credit standing with Lloyd's Bank, we borrowed the money from them to loan to the Baptist church. This is all a matter of record and can be proven easily. It was a gesture of our Church Board to show how we feel body of Christ is one and should never be divided by scurrilous lies such as John Todd is making around the country. The man is an absolute liar and anybody is insane who listens to him or gives any credence to what he has to say. I believe that it is time that the truth be established, and John Todd be declared for what he is--an absolute liar in league with Satan and going around doing a damning work within the church, seeking to divide the body rather than bring it together. If it were not for the scripture concerning going to law with a brother, I would have sued John Todd long ago for liable and slander; because I do obey the scriptures and seek to obey them, I have not filed this suit against him but the statements that he makes are totally false. Maranatha Music was actually started with my own personal investment of $3000.00. The first album was made on a 4-track tape recorder. The first distribution was out of the trunk of the car to the local book stores. If we had had a $1 million budget, or $4 million budget, or $8 million budget, you can believe we would have started out fancier than we did. The Love Song were never into witchcraft, though they were into some of the Eastern religions, and mainly into drugs, and were saved out of a life of drugs, and were never trained by any witches, nor were they involved in witchcraft as he again slanderously lied against these beautiful brothers in Jesus Christ. Maranatha Music has grown as we have attempted to bring the music in a way that will communicate to people today to the church, and we praise the Lord for the way the music has blessed thousands of people, and has been instrumental in conversion of many thousands to Jesus Christ. Even to the present date, Maranatha Music has not done a total of $8 million in business, and this also can be easily verified and confirmed, and any reputable person is welcome to look at the books of both Calvary Chapel and Maranatha Music in order to prove the statements that I make are correct. Calvary Chapel has never received, nor any of our associate ministries has never received any major contribution from any single source. Calvary Chapel has been supported from the beginning solely by the tithes and the offerings of our own local constituency. We have never gone outside of our own local constituency for any monies at any time, and every dollar can be accounted for on our tithe records which have been kept for the purposes of the Internal Revenue Service, so that we can easily prove where every dollar has come from that has gone into the ministry here. We have always been extremely careful and frugal in the spending of God's money, and as a result, Calvary chapel has been able to use the resources that have come in through our tithes to do many wonderful things for the Lord. All of our facilities are totally paid for, and we rejoice that we are able to help now other churches in their financial needs. We have built radio stations in mission fields, and have been able to do many marvelous things for God, because He has provided so abundantly just through the tithing members here at Calvary. John Todd is an unmitigated liar, a deceiver, a divider within the body of Christ, and needs to be exposed. Sincerely, in Christ Jesus (signed) Pastor Charles W. Smith ______________________________________________________________________


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