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*********************************************************** American Atheist Press P.O. Box 140195 Austin, TX 78714-0195 Telephone: (512) 458-1244 *********************************************************** AMERICAN ATHEIST INTRODUCTORY READING LIST Literature on Atheism is very hard to find in most public and university libraries in the United States -- and most of the time when you do find a book catalogued under the word "Atheism" it is a work *against* the Atheist position. Therefore we suggest the following publications which are available from American Atheist Press as an introduction into the multifaceted areas of Atheism and state/church separation. To achieve the best understanding of thought in these areas the featured publications should be read in the order listed. These by no means represent our entire collection of Atheist and separationist materials. 1. "Why I Am An Atheist, including a history of materialism," by Madalyn O'Hair. Paperback. 56 pp. Product #5416. $6.00. 2. "All the Questions You Ever Wanted to Ask American Atheists with All of the Answers" by Jon Murray and Madalyn O'Hair. Paperback. 248 pp. Product #5356. $9.00. 3. "The Case Against Religion: A Psychotherapist's View" by Dr. Albert Ellis. Stapled. 57 pp. Product #5096. $4.00. 4. "What on Earth Is an Atheist!" by Madalyn O'Hair. Paperback. 288 pp. #5412. $8.00. 5. "An Atheist Speaks" by Madalyn O'Hair. Paperback. 321 pp. Product #5098. $8.00. 6. "All about Atheists" by Madalyn O'Hair. Paperback. 407 pp. Product #5097. $8.00. 7. "Atheist Heroes and Heroines" by Madalyn O'Hair. Paperback. 370 pp. Product #5414. $8.00. 8. "The Atheist World" by Madalyn O'Hair. Paperback. 358 pp. Product #5094. $8.00. 9. "Ingersoll the Magnificent" edited by Joseph Lewis. Paperback. 342 pp. Product #5216. $10.00. 10. "Essays on American Atheism," Vol. I by Jon G. Murray. Paperback. 349 pp. Product #5349. $10.00. 11. "Essays on American Atheism," Vol. II by Jon G. Murray. Paperback. 284 pp. Product #5350. $10.00. 12. "Essays in Freethinking," Vol. I by Chapman Cohen. Paperback. 229 pp. Product #5052. $9.00. 13. "Essays in Freethinking," Vol. II by Chapman Cohen. Paperback. 240 pp. Product #5056. $9.00. 14. "History's Greatest Liars" by Joseph McCabe. Paperback. 176 pp. Product #5524. $6.50. 15. "Atheist Truth vs. Religion's Ghosts" by Robert G. Ingersoll. Stapled. 57 pp. Product #5156. $4.00. 16. "Some Reasons I Am a Freethinker" by Robert G. Ingersoll. Stapled. 37 pp. Product #5184. $4.00. 17. "Fourteen Leading Cases on Education, Religion, and Financing Schools." Paperback. 273 pp. Product #5500. $5.00. 18. "Sex Mythology" by Sha Rocco. Stapled. 55 pp. Product #5440. $4.00. 19. "Women and Atheism, The Ultimate Liberation" by Madalyn O'Hair. Stapled. 21 pp. Product #5420. $3.50. 20. "Ages of Gold and Silver and Other Short Sketches of Human History" by John G. Jackson. Paperback. 331 pp. Product #5201. $14.95. 21. "Christianity Before Christ" by John G. Jackson. Paperback. 238 pp. Product #5200. $9.00. 22. "The Bible Handbook" (All the contradictions, absurdities, and atrocities from the Bible) by G. W. Foote and W. P. Ball, John Bowden, and Richard M. Smith. Paperback. 372 pp. Product #5008. $9.00. 23. "The X-Rated Bible" by Ben Edward Akerley. Paperback. 428 pp. Product #5000. $10.00. All of the above publications are available at a special set price of $141.00 -- a savings of $35.95 off the listed price. Ask for the collection as Stock #5218B. (Price does not include postage and handling.) Texas residents please add applicable percent sales tax. Payment may be made by check, money order, or VISA or MasterCard. Telephone and FAX credit card orders are welcomed; just call our automated ordering service at (512) 467-9525. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Or try our electronic book store on American Atheist Online Services. *********************************************************** Provided by: AMERICAN ATHEIST ONLINE SERVICES (512) 302-0223 P O Box 140195, Austin, TX 78714-0195 Voice: (512) 458-1244 FAX: (512) 467-9525


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