General Information and Admissions Polcies Thank you for your inquiry. The Temple of Set i

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General Information and Admissions Polcies Thank you for your inquiry. The Temple of Set is an institution unlike any you have previously encountered.Before you can make an informed decision concerning possible affiliation, it is necessary for you to consider the history of the Temple,its basic tenets, its current design and programs, and the benefits incurred by each Setian. History of the Temple While the Temple of Set was formally incorporated in 1975 CE,its magical and philosophical roots are prehistoric originating in mankind's first apprehension that there is "something different" about the human race-a sense of SELF CONSCIOUSNESS that place humanity apart from and above all other known forms of life. Ancient religions of which those of Egypt are generally acknowledged the eldest- either exalted or feared this self consciousness.Those which exalted it took the position that the human psyche is capable of opposition to and domination of the forces of nature.Those fearing it warned man such a presumption of independence would be sinful and dangerous. Therefore, they said, such "will to power" should be concealed,sublimated -and if necessary punished and exterminated-that mankind might return to an Eden-like "state of nature" untroubled by the burdens of having to take responsibility for decisions,judgements, and actions based upon an essentially personal determination of "good" and evil". The psyche worshipping religions were more intellectually demanding than their nature worshipping counterparts, since it is more difficult to reason a path through one's span of conscious existence than it is to be swept along by a current of semi-rational stimulus and response.The reasoning religions-or schools of initiatory philosophy- attained levels of abstract knowledge that made them mysterious to the masses.In a few societies,such as Egypt and Greece,such groups were respected and admired.More often, however, their exclusive elitism and "supernatural"activities made them objects of resentment and persecution. While all philosophical schools embraced the psychecentric consciousness to some degree,there were very few that made it avowedly and explicitly the focus of their attention.The divine personifications (gods)of such schools have come down to us as symbols of what worshippers of non-consciousness consider the supreme evil: the Prince of Darkness in his many forms. Of these the most ancient is SET, whose Priesthood can be traced to predynastic times.Images of SET have been dated to ca.3200 BCE,with astronomically based estimates of inscriptions dating to ca.5000 BCE. The original Priesthood of Set in ancient Egypt survived 25 recorded dynasties (ca.3200-700 BCE).It was one of the two central Priesthoods in predynastic times,the other being that of HarWer(Horus the Elder). Unification of Egypt under both philosophical systems resulted in the nation's being known as the "Two Kingdoms" and in its Pharoahs wearing the famous "Double Crown" of Horus and Set.


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