Welcome to the NATIONAL SATANIC BBS. Although we are a Satanic religious institution, we d

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Welcome to the NATIONAL SATANIC BBS. Although we are a Satanic religious institution, we do not advocate principles or behaviour contrary to conventional morality. It is rather our purpose to instill in our Initiates a profound sense of responsibilty for their own ethical decisions after which they are entrusted with practical and theoretical Knowledge of the Black Arts. Our Temple is consecrated by the Egyptian God Set, source of the Individual psyche. our Initiatory system incorporates our own philosophy and the Wisdom of the great Satanic traditions of history. For further info write to the: EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR TEMPLE OF SET P.O. BOX 29271 SAN FRANCISCO, CA. 94129 or call...(415)-771-9155 or...appeal to the sysop for a higher access level on this BBS, in which case you have to speak directly to the sysop and be verified for a security clearance. If you are a Compuserve subscriber you can learn more about the Temple by entering the religion forum, going into the "New Age" data library and downloading the file "tsinf.txt". You will find parts of that document included in this BBS. A FURTHER CLARIFICATION Much of the vicious propaganda concerning medieval Satanism became self fulfilling prophecy as ignorant would be witches and sorcerors superstitiously experimented with cannibalism, drugs,grave robbing, church desecration, and sexual violenc.Regretfully there still exist some individuals whose idea of "Satanism" is largely a simple minded synthesis of Christian propaganda and Hollywood horror movies. The Temple of Set enjoys the colorful legacy of the Black Arts, and we use many forms of historical Satanic imagery for our stimulation and pleasure.But we have not found ANY interest or activity which an enlightened,mature intellect would regard as undignified,sadistic criminal,or depraved as desirable,much less essential to the Temple's work. The Temple of Set is an evolutionary product of human experience.Such experience includes the magical and philosophical work of many occult organizations and orders which have preceded us.Some of these groups were socially acceptable by contemporary or modern standards; others were not. Some individuals or groups who made brilliant discoveries in one field of interest while blighting their reputations with shocking excesses in others.In examining the secret and suppressed corners of history for valuable and useful material, the Temple must be at pains to INSIST upon its ethical presentation and use of such discoveries as it makes.Members of theTemple of Set -or Setians- who are in any doubt as to the ethics involved in any of the fields which we explore should seek counsel from the Priesthood of Set. All Setians are further expected to display a high measure of common sense in this area. The Black Arts are DANGEROUS in the same way that working with volatile chemicals is dangerous.This is most emphatically NOT a field for unstable,immature,or otherwise emotionally OR intellectually weak minded people.Such are a hazard to themselves and to others with whom they come into contact.The Temple endeavors to not admit them in the first place.If such an individual should gain admittance and later be exposed, he will be summarily expelled.In cases of doubt the Temple may be expected to place the burden of proof on the individual,for the sake of all Setians and the Temple's integrity. The Temple of Set evaluates conventional religions as erroneous in principle and therefore unworthy of peer status.We feel no need to concern ourselves with their activities,or for that matter to maintain any sort of "diplomatic relations"with them[as in councils of churches].Our position is that they may serve a useful social function as purveyors of soothing myths and fantasies to humans unable to attain Setian levels of self-consciousness. Hence we ignore conventional religious/occult organizations unless they intrude upon our affairs. These warnings are not intended to be oppressive or intimidating,but they should be taken seriously.The Temple of Set is a forum for the investigation of many subjects which conventional society finds odd, mysterious and even frightening The Temple will be tolerated only to the extent that it is known to be pursuing its interests carefully,expertly,and responsibly.It occupies a delicate position in a world which is largely unhappy with itself,and which is ceaselessly searching for scapegoats.Hence the Temple must take care to maintain its social balance with prudence and dignity. END


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