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Holocaust and fascism file index of files which are in Ken McVay's extensive archives. This file describes how to retrieve specific files from the archives and where to go if you don't have direct access to them. ************************************************************************* * If you are Internet capable and want files: * * * ************************************************************************* My Holocaust and Fascism archives contain about fifty megs of text files and gifs. All of these files are available to you through my list server, which permits you to retrieve them by mail. [See appended Note for accessing these archives via InterNet Gopher.] Because there are a zillion listservers out there, many with sophisticated command sets, most of which will not work with my software, I have decided to provide some help from time to time, in order to provide better service. All you need to remember are three commands: GET, INDEX, and HELP. With those three, you should be able to get any file in the archives. SEND, which works wonders on many servers, won't get you squat here :-) To retrieve material from our server, use the commands noted below. --> List servers come in many flavours, and commands that work for one may not work for another, so pay attention :-) Everything appearing in [square brackets] below is optional; everything appearing inside is mandatory. Recognized requests are: HELP [topic] -------------- Without arguments, sending HELP will get you this file. To get specific information on a selected topic, send HELP [topic]. Example: HELP Example: HELP HOLOCAUST HELP GET GET HELP won't get squat, other than an error message from the server - if you need help, just yell HELP. INDEX [archive] --------------- Get a list of files in the selected archive, or the master archive if no archive was specified. This is the command to start with - with it, you can obtain a current list of files in specified archives, or a complete list of all files available in all of the archives. Example: INDEX holocaust # Gets Holocaust archive list Example: INDEX IRVING # Gets the David Irving archive list Example: INDEX fascism # Gets Fascism archive list Example: INDEX # Gets the whole list (All archives) [NOTE: The complete INDEX runs over 140K in size. The Holocaust INDEX now exceeds 100K in size. Either one of these files may exceed the limits imposed upon your mailbox size. If you have a problem of that sort, please contact me and let me know what you are looking for, so I can help.] NOTE: The GET command is not needed, and does not work, when retrieving INDEX files. I.e. "GET INDEX" will only result in an error message. WARNING: The complete INDEX for the HOLOCAUST archives exceeds 79KBytes, which may be beyond the capacity of your mailer to handle, or in excess of system-imposed limits on the size of your inbound mail. The COMPLETE INDEX, including both Holocaust and Fascism archives, now approaches 100KBytes. If size limitations exist on your system, your INDEX request may fail, as your system will simply refuse to accept the file, and return it to me. If you suspect this is occuring, contact me by private email, and I will help you obtain the indices that you need. GET [/password] [parts] ---------------------------------------------------------- Get the requested file from the specified archive. Certain subparts may be obtained by specifying them as optional arguments. Example: GET auschwitz auschwitz.faq1 Example: GET auschwitz auschwitz.faq2 Note: If the form shown above fails, try including the full archive designation, i.e.: GET HOLOCAUST/AUSCHWITZ AUSCHWITZ.FAQ1 GET HOLOCAUST/REINHARD/SOBIBOR SOBIBOR.11 NOTE: Our Holocaust archives are also available via InterNet Gopher. Use "gopher jerusalem1.datasrv.co.il" and select "Holocaust Archives" from the menu. Veronica word searches are supported as well. Followups directed to email. /^\__/^\ / @ @ \ The Old Frog's Almanac: ListServer ( ) listserv@oneb.almanac.bc.ca \ ~~~~ / _|{ >--< }|_ ************************************************************************* * If you are FidoNet capable and want file: * * * ************************************************************************* 1) Address a network message to the user 'UUCP' at the network address of a FidoNet<===>UUCP Gateway near you. (They are flagged in the nodelist.) 2) On the first line of the message put exactly as shown: To: listserv@oneb.almanac.bc.ca 3) Insert a blank line 4) Use the INDEX, HELP, and GET commands as indicated above 5) Send the message to the FidoNet<===>UUCP Gateway 6) Your file will be sent to you in the forum of a network message (or multiple messages.) You should POLL the FidoNet<===>UUCP Gateway you used in a couple of days to see if it has arived. ************************************************************************* * If you are a User or don't have access to a FidoNet<===>UUCP Gateway * * and want some flies: * * * ************************************************************************* Let the operator of The Skeptic Tank (FidoNet 1:102/890.0, telephone number (818) 335-9601) know the name of the file you're interested in and he will get it and make it available for download. ************************************************************************* * Start of the archive index * * * ************************************************************************* From mcws!oneb!server@port.island.net From: listserv@oneb.almanac.bc.ca To: port!bengal.oxy.edu!mcws! f890.n102.z1.fidonet.org!fredric.rice@bengal.oxy.edu Date: Sun, 8 Jan 95 18:46 PST Cc: kmcvay@oneb.almanac.bc.ca Archive: LISTSERV (path: listserv) -- Files: info (1 part, 1315 bytes) -- Info about the master archive refcard (1 part, 301 bytes) -- List of available requests This is a brief listing of all recognizable requests Subarchive: FASCISM (path: fascism) -- Files: antizionist.co (1 part, 2107 bytes) -- Report on "Antizionist World Congress" announced in Sweden (Nov 24, 1992) belhumeur.mart (1 part, 100 bytes) -- Martin Belhumeur XREF file biblio.pra (1 part, 9664 bytes) -- Neo-fascism bibliography (PRA) biblio.01 (1 part, 100 bytes) -- Neo-fascism bibliography brazil.102192 (1 part, 5194 bytes) -- Article regarding neo-Nazi violence in Brazil (Globe and Mail) carto.willis (1 part, 138 bytes) -- Willis Carto XREF file (Request ihr ihr.faq1 and ihr ihr.faq2) chr-iden.01 (1 part, 37837 bytes) -- The Christian Identity movement chr-iden.02 (1 part, 7038 bytes) -- Boston Globe article on white Christian NECC meeting, November, 1992 chr-iden.03 (1 part, 6568 bytes) -- Montana's Racist Politics docheff.ivan (1 part, 83 bytes) -- Ivan Docheff XREF file fascism (1 part, 36611 bytes) -- general discussion - meaning of "fascist" flist.1192 (2 parts, 65491, 22903 bytes) -- Nov. 92 list archive flist.1292 (2 parts, 19754, 22903 bytes) -- Dec. 92 list archive flist.0193 (1 part, 29665 bytes) -- Jan 93 list archive flist.feb93 (3 parts, 65510, 65526, 40624 bytes) flist.apr93 (1 part, 10110 bytes) galdau.florian (1 part, 125 bytes) -- Florian Galdau XREF file hvasta.john (1 part, 130 bytes) -- John Hvasta XREF file heaslip.stepha (1 part, 2050 bytes) -- Boston Globe article about Heaslip's resignation from seminary after accusations of racism. klan (1 part, 15654 bytes) -- The (KKK) Klan klanwatch (1 part, 1176 bytes) -- Contact Address/Phone for Klan Watch lauck.gary (1 part, 100 bytes) -- Gary Lauck XREF file LDS.press (1 part, 6950 bytes) -- Press reports of LDS action re right wing members liberty.lobby (1 part, 20251 bytes) -- (UseNet) Liberty Lobby thread (See IHR FAQ in Holocaust sub-archive IHR) mahon.dennis (1 part, 80 bytes) -- Dennis Mahon XREF file melianovich.wa (1 part, 69 bytes) -- Walter Melianovich XREF file metzger.tom (1 part, 1604 bytes) -- Tom Metzger XREF file mohr.jack (1 part, 99 bytes) -- Jack Mohr XREF file mullins.eustace (1 part, 69 bytes) -- Eustace Mullins XREF file nadjuik.cheslav (1 part, 80 bytes) -- Cheslav Nadjuik XREF file nalliance.PRA (1 part, 58272 bytes) -- New Alliance, Newmanites & Fulani nazarenko.nicolas (1 part, 134 bytes) -- Nicolas Nazarenko XREF file new.alliance (1 part, 1592 bytes) -- Info file on New Alliance Party NWO.and.Throne (1 part, 5174 bytes) -- Warning about "The New World Order and the Throne of the Anti-Christ" organizations (1 part, 2666 bytes) -- comprehensive list of right-wing organizations P-2 (1 part, 280 bytes) -- P-2 Masonic XREF file paprikoff.geor (1 part, 80 bytes) -- George Paprikoff XREF file pasztor.laszlo (1 part, 98 bytes) -- Laszlo Pasztor XREF file pike.npn (1 part, 4154 bytes) -- National Prayer Network - Theodore Pike populist.party (1 part, 82 bytes) -- Populist Party XREF file project.rpt (5 parts, 65531, 65508, 65536, 65483, 29131 bytes) -- "The Project" newsletter protocols.001 (1 part, 5244 bytes) -- Russian court rules Protocols forgeries, November, 1993. protocols.zion (1 part, 7398 bytes) -- Danny Keren's excellent precise of the history of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion - a "must read" radio.f-americ (1 part, 2527 bytes) -- Radio Free America s/w report racist.bbs (1 part, 63731 bytes) -- (Offensive) Material downloaded from racist bbs's in 1985 by Chip Berlet raikin.spas (1 part, 78 bytes) -- Spas T. Raikin XREF file rami.ahmed (1 part, 103 bytes) -- Ahmed Rami XRef file right.w.left (5 parts, 65487, 65509, 65525, 65496, 50981 bytes) -- Chip Berlet's 46-part article "Right Woos Left," as published to UseNet in January, 1994 (Concatenated version) russell.biblio (1 part, 2875 bytes) -- Flyleaf notes from "Return of the Swastika?" by Lord Russell of Liverpool (1968) slavoff.radi (1 part, 95 bytes) -- Radi Slavoff XREF file stankievich.ra (1 part, 95 bytes) -- Raisa Stankievich XREF file stella.frank (1 part, 252 bytes) -- Frank Stella XREF file stockholm.1192 (1 part, 3715 bytes) -- Jewish cemetary in Stockholm desecrated by vandals. Second story relating to so-called "World Anti-Zionist Congress" which was scheduled for Stockholm during this period. swc.oprep (1 part, 44614 bytes) -- Simon Wiesenthal Center Infiltration Report (Germany) trifa.valerian (1 part, 184 bytes) -- Valerian Trifa XREF file valentine.tom (1 part, 70 bytes) -- Tom Valentine data article (1 part, 70 bytes) -- racism etc in British Columbia weems.robert (1 part, 150 bytes) -- Bob Weems XREF file Subarchive: AUSTRALIA (path: fascism/australia) -- Files: australia.001 (1 part, 5659 bytes) -- General information concerning the state of antisemitism in Australia during 1993, by Jeremy Jones. Report to annual meeting of Executive Council of Australian Jewry nexus.001 (1 part, 7564 bytes) -- General information from Australian magazine NEXUS, including strongly-favourable reviews of David Irving's books and video. nexus.002 (1 part, 5681 bytes) -- General information about Nexus magazine, including subscription information and general description of magazine by editor Duncan Roads Subarchive: AUSTRIA (path: fascism/austria) -- Files: ap.120593 (1 part, 4059 bytes) -- News about Austrian letter-bombing campaign. Mayor of Vienna and others hurt in series of xenophobic bombings reuters.092993 (1 part, 4242 bytes) -- News about Austrian neo-Nazi receiving ten-year sentence upi.121093 (1 part, 4558 bytes) -- News about Austrian extremist, wanted in connection with recent letterbombings, caught at the German border with weapons Subarchive: CANADA (path: fascism/canada) -- Files: canada.right (1 part, 14148 bytes) -- List of far-right individuals and associations connected to Canada's academia christie.0293 (1 part, 3469 bytes) -- Article "Law Body Won't Punish Christie" (included in christie.doug) fisher.eric (1 part, 118 bytes) -- Eric Fisher XRef file gm.081194 (1 part, 2818 bytes) -- Article from the Toronto Globe and Mail relating to anti-Semitic tract being used in support of a "kosher food tax" deduction. The tract, claiming that millions was collected and funnelled to Jewish and Israeli groups through a secret "kosher food tax", surfaces from time to time, and apparently originated in British Columbia. grujicic.001 (1 part, 1396 bytes) -- Article from the Canadian Press re Radislav Grujicic's trial, which was stayed due to ill health. The Canadian director of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre accuses the Justice Department of deliberately losing the case, and they deny it. hoolans.jason (1 part, 118 bytes) -- Jason Robert Hoolans XRef heritage.front (1 part, 1350 bytes) -- Canada: Heritage Front maynard.drew (1 part, 79 bytes) -- Maynard Drew XRef file mcaleer.tony (1 part, 109 bytes) -- Tony McAleer (Canada) nerland.carney (1 part, 1303 bytes) -- Hearing into Sask. supremacist Carney Nerland (Canadian Press) shallit.paper (1 part, 14890 bytes) -- Jeffrey Shallit's paper on Canadian Holocaust denial, Zundel, Rothe, Irving, more. smith.jason (1 part, 102044 bytes) -- "Jason Smith" articles from alt.skinheads and alt.revisionism during the period from December, 1993 to April, 1994. discussing Quebec skinhead activity, aims, etc. and recent (Spring, 1994) alt.revisionism articles by Mr. Smith. smith.j.0494 (2 parts, 65461, 56930 bytes) -- Jason Smith UseNet articles, April, 1994 smith.j.0594 (3 parts, 65498, 65505, 44457 bytes) -- Jason Smith UseNet articles, May, 1994 smith.j.0694 (5 parts, 65523, 65483, 65497, 65488, 5119 bytes) -- Jason Smith UseNet articles, June, 1994 smith.j.0794 (2 parts, 65478, 38458 bytes) -- Jason Smith UseNet articles, July, 1994 zundel.ernst (1 part, 100 bytes) -- Ernst Zundel (Canada) Subarchive: ALBERTA (path: fascism/canada/alberta) -- Files: keegstra.01 (1 part, 984 bytes) -- News brief on the conviction of Keegstra in Canada keegstra.02 (1 part, 713 bytes) -- News brief on the decision of the government of Alberta to appeal the Alberta Court of Appeal's overturning Keegstra's second conviction (promoting hatred against Jews) to the Supreme Court of Canada. Sept. 1994 keegstra.03 (1 part, 1851 bytes) -- News brief on the Alberta appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada relating to Keegstra's second conviction of promoting hatred, and the subsequent reversal by Alberta's Supreme Court. (Reuters, Sept. 1994) keegstra.scc.1 (1 part, 94852 bytes) -- Supreme Court of Canada ruling on Regina v. Keegstra et al., Dec. 13, 1990, part one of four. Court rules against the Government of Alberta, upholds the Appeal Court ruling that the laws under which Keegstra was convicted are unconstitutional. keegstra.scc.2 (1 part, 94852 bytes) -- Supreme Court of Canada ruling on Regina v. Keegstra et al., Dec. 13, 1990, part two of four. keegstra.scc.3 (1 part, 90191 bytes) -- Supreme Court of Canada ruling on Regina v. Keegstra et al., Dec. 13, 1990, part three of four. keegstra.scc.4 (1 part, 88854 bytes) -- Supreme Court of Canada ruling on Regina v. Keegstra et al., Dec. 13, 1990, part four of four. Subarchive: BC (path: fascism/canada/bc) -- Files: can.lib.net (1 part, 3926 bytes) -- Canadian Liberty Net (see also vancouver.0493) cristie.001 (1 part, 2667 bytes) -- December 1994 article in which Doug Christie refers to the CSIS watchdog report as a lapdog report, and which cites his allegation that Grant Bristow and another Heritage Front member tried to enlist him into some sort of violent harrassment campaign against some Canadian Jews. collins.001 (1 part, 3123 bytes) -- Article regarding protest concerning Canada 125 Medal awarded to Doug Collins hagen.0793 (1 part, 4347 bytes) -- Education Minister Anita Hagen's op. ed. piece regarding the new B.C. Human Rights legislation, July, 1993. (British Columbia) hra.001 (1 part, 889 bytes) -- Part 1, Subsections 1 and 2, of the Human Rights Act of British Columbia. This section deals with the publication of discriminatory material - i.e. hate literature. hra.017 (1 part, 2455 bytes) -- Part 1, Subsection 17 of the Human Rights Act of British Columbia. This section deals with the powers available to a Board of Inquiry, when it has arrived at a finding with regard to a complaint. salmon_arm.001 (1 part, 9800 bytes) -- Letter from David Lethbridge, Salmon Arm, regard suit brought against him by local racists, and an appeal for help. salmon_arm.002 (1 part, 6702 bytes) -- Article from Toronto arts paper re Pressler suit against SACAR valentine.tom (1 part, 70 bytes) -- Tom Valentine data article (1 part, 70 bytes) -- racism etc in British Columbia vancouver.0193 (1 part, 2961 bytes) -- Vancouver, B.C. press reports re Tony McAleer et al. vancouver.0493 (1 part, 2354 bytes) -- Vancouver, B.C. press report re WAR hate line and Canadian Liberty Net victoria.0293 (1 part, 27308 bytes) -- Victoria, B.C. "Monday Magazine" article on racism etc in British Columbia victoria.0794 (1 part, 1429 bytes) -- Report of white supremacist material from "Canadian Front" showing up in Victoria. Subarchive: ONTARIO (path: fascism/canada/ontario) -- Files: ara.0694 (1 part, 48646 bytes) -- ARA (left-wing Ontario-based organization) bulletin re Zundel, Droege, et al fromm.paul (1 part, 11943 bytes) -- Bio for Paul Fromm (Toronto) gm.090294 (1 part, 1593 bytes) -- Supreme Court overturns appeal court's release of Moyer, rules his actions "constituted acts of defilement and callous disrespect towards the remains of individuals buried" under monuments Moyer and a skinhead youth had defiled in a Jewish cemetery. Sept/94 (Globe and Mail) toronto.0193 (1 part, 799 bytes) -- Dennis Mahon arrested in Toronto toronto.0693 (1 part, 9684 bytes) -- Racial violence in Toronto by neo-nazis toronto.0694 (1 part, 2500 bytes) -- Droege and other Heritage Front members convicted of contempt of federal court order relating to "Equal Rights for Whites" telephone hotline. Subarchive: QUEBEC (path: fascism/canada/quebec) -- Files: montreal.0193 (1 part, 1363 bytes) -- Montreal synagogues defaced with swastikas montreal.0393 (1 part, 1016 bytes) -- Klan, Nazis, protest sentence given to Belhumeur Subarchive: DENMARK (path: fascism/denmark) -- Files: christoph.001 (1 part, 5270 bytes) -- Thies Christopherson, Danish Holocaust denier and neo-nazi, discussed in AP report. The man is described as a former SS officer, and claims he was a guard at Auschwitz during WWII. Interesting story which touches on Danish feelings regarding their open press, right-wing propaganda, etc. (November, 1994) Subarchive: ITALY (path: fascism/italy) -- Files: gm.060294 (1 part, 7283 bytes) -- Concerning the Alliance government and its Fascist roots, 'nazi-sins,' etc. Toronto Globe and Mail, June 2, 1994 Subarchive: JAPAN (path: fascism/japan) -- Files: hitler.book.01 (1 part, 2460 bytes) -- News article concerning new book using Hitler as political role model. June '94 Subarchive: GERMANY (path: fascism/germany) -- Files: adelson.001 (1 part, 11348 bytes) -- Report ("The Nazi Revival") by Howard Adelson. Jewish Press, June 24, 1994. adl.120392 (1 part, 4132 bytes) -- ADL Press Rel re "Rock-O-Rama" racist/neo-nazi rock label adl.012993 (1 part, 5906 bytes) -- ADL press release (01/29/93) regarding their investigation of neo-Nazi racism in Germany. ap.121093 (1 part, 1967 bytes) -- AP story about sentencing of two neo-nazis for killing of Turkish immigrants. (See also Michael Peters and Lars Christiansen, in the fascism dossier archives) ap.011294 (1 part, 3046 bytes) -- AP story about attack upon a young handicapped student by German neo-nazi thugs (The wounds were later determined to be self-inflicted, according to some radio reports heard in Canada - i.e. a strange hoax) ap.050694 (1 part, 3231 bytes) -- AP story about court decision regarding "Auschwitz Lie" and law against expressing it in public ap.072294 (1 part, 2664 bytes) -- AP story about three young right-wing Germans who were sentenced to prison for hate group activities in Magdeburg, i.e. a "foreigner hunt" ap.072494 (1 part, 2664 bytes) -- AP story about riots at the site of the Buchenwald concentration camp initiated by 22 neo-Nazi demonstrators. bg.061294 (1 part, 19878 bytes) -- Boston Globe stories about increasing use of computer networks by neo-Nazi elements in Germany. (June 12, 1994) ch.020294 (1 part, 2617 bytes) -- News about German Neo-Nazi computer network, Thule cologne.0193 (1 part, 3254 bytes) -- Cologne demonstration by handicapped against neo-Nazi violence cp.092394 (1 part, 2152 bytes) -- African man stabbed and beaten by neo-Nazi skinheads (Sept. 94) and thrown from moving commuter train. ctrib.041494 (1 part, 5175 bytes) -- Article claiming US diplomat calls Germany racist nation - Chicago Tribune, Apr. 14, 1994 dignity.021594 (1 part, 6724 bytes) -- Article concerning "anti-antifa" terrorism campaign spearheaded by German neo-Nazis. The Dignity Report, February, 1994. dpa.0494 (1 part, 5928 bytes) -- Newspaper article regarding arson attack on Turkish women and children in Goettingen, Germany (April '94), and comments on the trial in Solingen for murder of five Turks there in May, 1990. dolgenbrodt (1 part, 3189 bytes) -- Newspaper article regarding skinhead claim that citizens of Dolgenbrodt paid them to torch hostel gcf.banned (1 part, 977 bytes) -- Lower Saxony bans German Comradship Federation. germany.af (1 part, 7822 bytes) -- AF/ATS article concerning neo-nazi activity in Germany gm.052194 (1 part, 8600 bytes) -- Globe and Mail article concerning new German law making Holocaust denial a criminal offense. Discusses Gunter Deckert, Leuchter, Ernst Zundel. germany.poll (1 part, 3569 bytes) -- German poll (9/93) regarding fears of Nazi return in US and Germany (news report) hartung.001 (1 part, 2404 bytes) -- Article relating to Chancellor Kohl's appointment of Erhard Hartung to diplomatic assignment. iod.0894 (1 part, 1104 bytes) -- Article about German police officer jailed for the beating of a Vietnamese refugee. no.banned (1 part, 1207 bytes) -- Germany bans National Offensive nyt.102193-1 (1 part, 6858 bytes) -- Germans begin to sense strength of neo-Nazi threat nyt.102193-2 (1 part, 2653 bytes) -- Use of comic book designed for use in German schools to teach about Nazis halted reuters.082693 (1 part, 2998 bytes) -- Germans concerned over political violence reuters.091393 (1 part, 2154 bytes) -- Young boys admit to damaging Jewish cemetary in Wriezen, [East] Germany reuters.092793 (1 part, 5387 bytes) -- News about German anti-Nazi comic book being introduced into classrooms to combat German neo-Nazi movement reuters.121593 (1 part, 2668 bytes) -- News about German neo-nazi use of computer networks to improved communications, and coordinate their activities, the Thule Network, siezure of "The Peasantry" for illegal Holocaust denial activity, etc. reuters.031694 (1 part, 3578 bytes) -- News about German court ruling that denying the Holocaust did not, in itself, constitute incitement to racial hatred. sachsenhausen (1 part, 3711 bytes) -- UPI article (93/08/29) regarding neo-nazi defacing memorials at Sachsenhausen concentration camp SWC.oprep (1 part, 44614 bytes) -- Simon Wiesenthal Center Infiltration Report (Germany) upi.121093 (1 part, 1107 bytes) -- UPI article regarding capture of escaped neo-nazi prisoners. voa.061294 (1 part, 2535 bytes) -- Voice of America article about German measures to combat neo-Nazi violence on the occasion of the anniversay of the death of Rudolf Hoess in Spandau prison. Authorities condemn nazi violence, court's handling of Deckert case - Chancellor Kohl suggests action might be taken against the Deckert judges. Subarchive: DECKERT (path: fascism/germany/deckert) -- Files: deckert.001 (1 part, 2731 bytes) -- Voice of America report of criticism of German court for its handling of the case of Gunter Deckert, in which a sentence was suspended. Deckert had been convicted of Holocaust denial-related offenses. deckert.002 (1 part, 2962 bytes) -- UP report of German Chancellor Kohl's condemnation of court's action in suspension of Deckert's sentence. deckert.003 (1 part, 2831 bytes) -- UP report of German condemnation of Deckert's suspended sentence, and the language employed in the Court's decision. deckert.004 (1 part, 2236 bytes) -- AP report of Deckert's conviction after it was originally overturned in Germany's courts. June 25, 1994 deckert.005 (1 part, 2171 bytes) -- Reuters report of Deckert's resentencing for promulgating the "Auschwitz Lie" June 22, 1994. deckert.006 (1 part, 2834 bytes) -- UPI report of condemnation of court's handling of Deckert case deckert.007 (1 part, 2349 bytes) -- Reuters report of condemnation of court's handling of Deckert case deckert.008 (1 part, 2550 bytes) -- Voice of America report on reaction to Deckert decision, Aug. 10, 1994. deckert.gunter (1 part, 571 bytes) -- Gu"nter Deckert fined Subarchive: DOSSIER (path: fascism/dossier) -- Files: aksenov.alex (1 part, 86 bytes) -- Alex Aksenov althans.ewald (1 part, 986 bytes) balco.method (1 part, 179 bytes) -- Method Balco XREF file beam.lr (1 part, 99 bytes) -- L.R. Beam XREF file beckman.red (1 part, 98 bytes) -- Red Beckman XREF file burwitz.gudrun (1 part, 781 bytes) busse.friedhel (1 part, 1497 bytes) butler.eric (1 part, 100 bytes) -- Eric Butler (Victoria, BC) degrelle.leon (1 part, 1045 bytes) chennault.anna (1 part, 95 bytes) -- Anna Chennalt XREF file christiansen.l (1 part, 220 bytes) -- Lars Christiansen XREF file see FASCISM/GERMANY/AP.121093 for detail christie.doug (1 part, 8455 bytes) -- Victoria (BC) lawyer Doug Christie dickson.sam (1 part, 100 bytes) -- Sam Dickson, Marietta, Georgia Attorney, Atlanta Committee for Holocaust Review dietz.george (1 part, 100 bytes) -- George Dietz XREF file fields.ed (1 part, 100 bytes) -- Ed Fields, Cobb County, Georgia geller.otto (1 part, 227 bytes) godenau.roy (1 part, 2236 bytes) goering.edda (1 part, 551 bytes) graber.rudolf (1 part, 385 bytes) guarino.philip (1 part, 116 bytes) -- Philip A. Guarino XREF file hammelback.wg (1 part, 804 bytes) harrelson.cr (1 part, 100 bytes) -- C. Ray Harrelson, Populist Party of Geogia, KKK juchem.wolfgan (1 part, 2372 bytes) kempkens.wolfg (1 part, 799 bytes) klaren.friedri (1 part, 1164 bytes) klaus.ewald (1 part, 502 bytes) kleim.milton (1 part, 99528 bytes) -- UseNet's "hermann:" (Milton John Kleim, Jr.), with sample neo-nazi postings demonstrating the inherent racism and avoidance of rational discussion. A valuable vision of the breed, and its lack of communication skills. koeberich.wilh (1 part, 1047 bytes) kopps.reinhold (1 part, 1386 bytes) krause.karl (1 part, 464 bytes) marliany.ernst (1 part, 851 bytes) mayer.constant (1 part, 1045 bytes) moyer.paul (1 part, 45 bytes) -- (Canada) Paul Moyer XRef mueller.curt (1 part, 656 bytes) -- Curt Mueller (Germany) neubauer.haral (1 part, 500 bytes) -- (Germany) otten.herman (1 part, 2944 bytes) -- Herman Otten, publisher of Christian News (New Have, Missouri) peters.michael (1 part, 708 bytes) -- (Germany) Michael Peters XREF file - see FASCISM/GERMANY/ap.121093 for details about Peters' life sentence for the murder of Turkish immigrants during a firebombing reisz.heinz (1 part, 888 bytes) rennicke.frank (1 part, 655 bytes) roeder.manfred (1 part, 1289 bytes) schenk.sigrid (1 part, 838 bytes) schoenborn.mei (1 part, 1185 bytes) stoner.jb (1 part, 157 bytes) -- J.B. Stoner thies.christop (1 part, 697 bytes) thrun.bernd (1 part, 653 bytes) tonningen.flor (1 part, 1686 bytes) walendy.udo (1 part, 544 bytes) -- (Germany) walz.doris (1 part, 467 bytes) warmt.d (1 part, 599 bytes) weidner.norber (1 part, 855 bytes) -- (Germany) williams.kelln (1 part, 492 bytes) Subarchive: SERBIA (path: fascism/serbia) -- Files: belgrade.001 (1 part, 9156 bytes) -- Feb. 1993 article (Boston Globe) about public beating of Muslim by fascist thugs. Subarchive: SKINHEADS (path: fascism/skinheads) -- Files: skinheads.rvw (1 part, 7169 bytes) -- Article on Skinheads, in review of Milton Kleg's "Hate, Prejudice and Rascism." Subarchive: SWITZERLAND (path: fascism/switzerland) -- Files: legal.092594 (1 part, 1524 bytes) -- legal.092594 Synopsis of new Swiss anti-racism law. Subarchive: USA (path: fascism/usa) -- Files: bellant.pt1 (1 part, 47624 bytes) -- Bellant Report 1/3 bellant.pt2 (1 part, 67810 bytes) -- Bellant Report 2/3 bellant.pt3 (1 part, 72136 bytes) -- Bellant Report 3/3 bellant.a01 (1 part, 11302 bytes) -- Bellant Report, Appendix 1 of 4 bellant.a02 (1 part, 3606 bytes) -- Bellant Report, Appendix 2 of 4 bellant.a03 (1 part, 11553 bytes) -- Bellant Report, Appendix 3 of 4 bellant.a04 (1 part, 9073 bytes) -- Bellant Report, Appendix 4 of 4 bellant.biblio (1 part, 4632 bytes) -- Bellant Report, Bibliography bellant.conclu (1 part, 4423 bytes) -- Bellant Report, Conclusion bellant.end-no (1 part, 55807 bytes) -- Bellant Report, End Notes bellant.intro (1 part, 8410 bytes) -- Bellant Report, Introduction bellant.prefac (1 part, 18394 bytes) -- Bellant Report, Preface bowery.0594 (6 parts, 65527, 65521, 65527, 65509, 65498, 17129 bytes) -- Jim Bowery's Usenet articles, May, 1994 duke.072388 (1 part, 17779 bytes) -- Speech, July 23 1988 duke.032891 (1 part, 9505 bytes) -- Radio interview, March 28 1991 duke.david (1 part, 2284 bytes) -- UseNet articles jdl.0794 (1 part, 23810 bytes) -- JDL White Paper calling for the outlawing of Neo-Nazi extremist groups in the United States. war.001 (1 part, 7244 bytes) -- David Lane's "Wotan" piece, from White Aryan Resistance (WAR) book "Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict." yockey.001 (1 part, 37200 bytes) -- Review of Yockey's "Imperium" by Georgia Neighbors Network. See also the file holocaust/usa/ihr carto.002, which deals with Yockey's work and its promotion by Willis Carto. Subarchive: BACORR (path: fascism/usa/bacorr) -- Files: bacorr.001 (1 part, 23034 bytes) -- Bay Area Coalition for Our Reproductive Rights' report documenting connection between extremist right-wing organizations and radical anti-abortion groups. Outlines terror tactics and networking between radical groups. Subarchive: CALIFORNIA (path: fascism/usa/california) -- Files: pendragon.1193 (1 part, 74668 bytes) -- Usenet posts from Authur LeBouthillier, White supremacist pendragon.1293 (1 part, 21638 bytes) -- Usenet posts from Authur LeBouthillier, White supremacist pendragon.0194 (1 part, 38891 bytes) -- Usenet posts from Authur LeBouthillier, White supremacist pendragon.0494 (1 part, 16003 bytes) -- Usenet posts from Authur LeBouthillier, White supremacist pdragon.0594 (3 parts, 65473, 65527, 63198 bytes) -- UseNet posts from Authur LeBouthillier, White supremacist sacto.1093 (1 part, 4049 bytes) -- UPI article re firebombings in Sacramento by "Aryan Liberation Front." Subarchive: GEORGIA (path: fascism/usa/georgia) -- Files: cobb.001 (1 part, 80926 bytes) -- The Shadow of Hatred, a report on hate group activity in Cobb County, Georgia, by the Neighbors' Network. A comprehensive overview of Klan and neo-Nazi activities in the area, with brief descriptions of the primary players. Subarchive: GRITZ (path: fascism/usa/gritz) -- Files: almost.heaven (1 part, 11175 bytes) -- Dignity Report article on Bo Gritz and "Almost Heaven," his "Christian Covenent" community plan, neo-Nazi connections, etc. Spring, 1994. gritz (7 parts, 65512, 65529, 65485, 65507, 65504, 65507, 41185 bytes) -- UseNet discussions re Bo Gritz (unsorted) gritz.01 (1 part, 2469 bytes) -- Christian Identity speech (1991) gritz.02 (1 part, 16387 bytes) -- America First Series (article) gritz.003 (1 part, 1825 bytes) -- Gritz leaves Mormon Church, October 21, 1994 gritz.021093 (1 part, 3121 bytes) -- Idaho Falls Post Register article summary regarding piece on Gritz gritz.beacon (1 part, 5886 bytes) -- (Boston) Mensa journal regarding Gritz & Randy Weaver et al gritz.bo (1 part, 110 bytes) -- XRef file, Bo Gritz gritz.chr (1 part, 28300 bytes) -- Gritz: Christian Identity speaker gritz.lds (1 part, 1977 bytes) -- Mormons warn re Gritz et al gritz.PAC (1 part, 3583 bytes) -- Gritz & Populist Action Committee gritz.PART (1 part, 30349 bytes) -- PART paper on Bo Gritz gritz.st0992 (1 part, 7114 bytes) -- Seattle Times re Nazi salute Subarchive: IDAHO (path: fascism/usa/idaho) -- Files: idaho.041494 (1 part, 1815 bytes) -- News report of "Aryan Supremacy" recruiting activity in the Idaho Falls area. idaho.042094 (1 part, 6504 bytes) -- News report of continuing response to story first noted in idaho.041494. kamiah.001 (1 part, 11175 bytes) -- Dignity Report article on Bo Gritz and "Almost Heaven," his "Christian Covenent" community plan, neo-Nazi connections, etc. Spring, 1994. See also GRITZ archives Subarchive: IDENTITY (path: fascism/identity) -- Files: army.of.israel (1 part, 3389 bytes) -- The Christian Identity movement "Army of Israel," based in Utah. Posted by an "Ayran" skinhead chr-iden.01 (1 part, 37837 bytes) -- The Christian Identity movement chr-iden.02 (1 part, 7038 bytes) -- Boston Globe article on New England Concerned Christians (racist Identity group) chr-iden.03 (1 part, 6568 bytes) -- Montana's Racist Politics chr-iden.04 (1 part, 2477 bytes) -- Background on Identity (Diamond) chr-iden.05 (1 part, 3634 bytes) -- Background on Identity - early history chr-iden.06 (1 part, 31520 bytes) -- Arcticle on Identity from the Christian Research Journal, Fall, 1992 ppeters.001 (1 part, 1960 bytes) -- Pete Peters (Diamond) rs.0494.z (2 parts, 65492, 8872 bytes) -- Rick Savage's vitriolic Identity propaganda and responses (alt.revisionism), April, 1994 rs.0694.z (3 parts, 65492, 65534, 25130 bytes) -- Rick Savage, June 1994 rs.0794.z (1 part, 44480 bytes) -- Rick Savage, July 1994 salaman.01 (1 part, 2707 bytes) -- Subarchive: LAROUCHE (path: fascism/larouche) -- Files: eir.122892 (1 part, 78933 bytes) -- Typical LaRouche economic blather, with anti-Semitic jabs at "monetarists" thrown in for good measure (request larouche larouche.011) eir.010693 (1 part, 5512 bytes) -- ADL Accused of being "front for Dope Lobby" eir.020193 (1 part, 38487 bytes) -- LaRouche on Clinton & the economy. Anti-gay, "New York bankers" (euphemism for "Jews") eir.020893 (1 part, 37430 bytes) -- LaRouche expounds on his favourite paranoia, the "threat of WW III looming over the horizon" eir.021893 (1 part, 39728 bytes) -- eir.030893 (1 part, 37189 bytes) eir.032393 (1 part, 37543 bytes) -- LaRouche on SDI, advocating massive military spending, in keeping with his need for first strike capacity (see Dennis King's excellent book) eir.033093 (1 part, 42322 bytes) eir.040893 (1 part, 38998 bytes) eir.041493 (1 part, 38997 bytes) eir.042193 (1 part, 37543 bytes) eir.v20n5-1 (1 part, 39377 bytes) -- Long ramblings regarding Christian economics eir.051393 (1 part, 37109 bytes) eir.v20n5-2 (1 part, 39014 bytes) -- Long ramblings regarding Christian economics klenetsky.mel (1 part, 1611 bytes) -- Mel Klenetsky, top LaRouche activist and sometime political candidate in the 80s larouche (7 parts, 65534, 65490, 65495, 65502, 65501, 65501, 32208 bytes) -- UseNet threads (LaRouche) larouche.03239 (1 part, 8892 bytes) -- LaRouche on Vancouver Summit, Russian economic problems, etc. larouche.009 (1 part, 6000 bytes) -- Dennis King on LaRouche and the IHR, Jewish question, etc. larouche.010 (1 part, 11310 bytes) -- Dennis King on LaRouche and his method of dealing with his Jewish followers regarding his own anti-Semitic publications larouche.011 (1 part, 6065 bytes) -- Dennis King on LaRouche and his Grand Design. larouche.012 (1 part, 5200 bytes) -- Dennis King on LaRouche - organizational notes from King's introduction. larouche.013 (1 part, 807 bytes) -- Dennis King on LaRouche - the NBC libel suit which LaRouche lost (1984) larouche.014 (1 part, 14168 bytes) -- Dennis King on LaRouche - anti-Semitic tactics and examples larouche.015 (1 part, 1742 bytes) -- Dennis King on LaRouche - example of anti-Semitic smear campaign approved by LaRouche's 1980 presidential campaign committee. larouche.016 (1 part, 4821 bytes) -- Dennis King on LaRouche - euphemisms and 'tricks of the trade' larouche.017 (1 part, 31409 bytes) -- Dennis King on LaRouche - The British, how they control everything. LaRouche on LaRouche re British larouche.018 (1 part, 2846 bytes) -- Dennis King on LaRouche - Racial attitudes/quotes, Platonism vrs. LaRouche's distorted views larouche.PRA1 (1 part, 28690 bytes) -- LaRouchians as Fascists, 1 of 3 larouche.PRA2 (1 part, 27100 bytes) -- LaRouchians as Fascists, 1 of 3 larouche.PRA3 (1 part, 12873 bytes) -- LaRouchians as Fascists, 1 of 3 larouche.free (1 part, 6151 bytes) -- Free LaRouche statement larouche.ihr (1 part, 6415 bytes) -- Dennis King's material linking LaRouche with Willis Carto's Liberty Lobby and IHR larouche.tv2 (1 part, 46266 bytes) -- October 1992 TV speeches larouche.witt (1 part, 11611 bytes) -- Wit & Wisdom of Lyndon LaRouche ll+bevel (5 parts, 65535, 65504, 65489, 65505, 53737 bytes) -- Lyndon Larouche campaign text, 10/92 Subarchive: MINNESOTA (path: fascism/usa/minnesota) -- Files: Subarchive: MONTANA (path: fascism/usa/montana) -- Files: billings.001 (1 part, 5920 bytes) -- Jerusalem Post article about citizen response to skinhead activity in Billings Subarchive: OREGON (path: fascism/usa/oregon) -- Files: american.front (1 part, 242 bytes) -- "American Front" telephone system info, racist text files posted by Dan Gannon, of Portland's B-CPU bulletin board fame. medford.0693 (1 part, 2500 bytes) -- Dignity Report article concerning racist incidents in the Medford-Grants Pass area during the summer of 1993. Leif Barge, Laura Daily, Mike Beregren, Drew Bostwick, Tom Metzger, WAR, Dave Mazzella, Amy (nee Warren) Bostwick. portland.1092 (1 part, 4870 bytes) -- Report on Oct. 92 skinhead activity, re Holocaust denial, David Irving, etc. Refs: Reinhold Gast Clinton, aka Michael Thomas Clinton, Robert Heick, American Front, Thomas Schribner Johnson (Albany) Siegfried Society, Willis Carto, IHR, Liberty Lobby Subarchive: PENNSYLVANIA (path: fascism/usa/pennsylvania) -- Files: langhorn.001 (1 part, 719 bytes) -- Article regarding neo-Nazi cable tv access Subarchive: WASHINGTON (path: fascism/usa/washington) -- Files: cdr.0794 (1 part, 37300 bytes) -- Center for Democratic Renewal report on "White Supremacy in the 1990s," beginning with the arson at the New Hope Baptist Church in Seattle, and using that example as lead-in to an examination of a change in tactics by white supremacist organizations, as they increasingly target gays and lesbians. Hate groups, increase in hate crimes, use of environmental movement, etc. explored in depth. populist.001 (1 part, 6700 bytes) -- Dignity Report article (3/94) about neo-Nazi and Klan control of the Washington State Populist Party. Subarchive: HOLOCAUST (path: holocaust) -- Files: INDEX (1 part, 45000 bytes) -- Recent index of Holocaust archives (l -R output) NOTE: This is a current list of the Holocaust archives and sub-archives. It may contain errors, and it is constantly subject to revision, as the archives are being reorganized to make them more useful. If you are unable to obtain files listed here, it would be worthwhile to request another INDEX, to make sure that the file you are requesting is where you thought it was :-) GET Syntax: get HOLOCAUST/ENGLAND/IRVING IRVING.CANADA ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ | | | | | | | +---> Filename | +----+--------> SUB-archive names +---------------------> ARCHIVE name In the example above, the command GET IRVING IRVING.CANADA should also work - i.e. the primary archive name can be excluded. Common problems for command rejection include: 1. Incorrect or non-present archive name 2. Incorrect filename 3. System or disk errors on oneb.almanac.bc.ca The most often seen failures are the result of incorrect syntax, or linking the requested file with the wrong archive. Users are urged to send INDEX, _without_ using 'get', in order to obtain an up-to-date, accurate, list of available files AND AVAILABLE ARCHIVES AND SUB-ARCHIVES. If a retrieval command fails, and you cannot fathom the reason, please contact kmcvay@oneb.almanac.bc.ca for assistance. -------------------------------NOTE------------------------------ The primary HOLOCAUST archive is a termporary holding area. Files listed immmediately below are likely to be _moved_ without notice, in the course of routine archival maintenance. If requests for files in the HOLOCAUST archive itself fail, users should request an updated INDEX HOLOCAUST from the server, and locate the file in its new archive area, then request it again. ----------------------------Begin Index-------------------------- alexander-cock (1 part, 7232 bytes) -- Alexander's full letter to the Nation regarding Alexander Cockburn's accusations against him. bahr.t01 (1 part, 1065 bytes) -- Wilhelm Bahr testimony bulgaria.01 (1 part, 4461 bytes) -- [Marrus] Regarding Bulgarian Jews & resistance canada.number (1 part, 584 bytes) -- Brief data on Jewish immigration from Canadian perspective canlibnet.01 (1 part, 1528 bytes) -- JTA article about Canadian Liberty Net conclusion (1 part, 5378 bytes) -- Judith Miller's conclusion to her book "One by One by One..", in which she discusses her feelings about the results of her research. The book views modern national responses to the Holocaust, and is highly recommended to anyone with interest in sociology and the Holocaust. criminal.006 (1 part, 1165 bytes) -- Dr. Ernst Grawitz criminal.007 (1 part, 1459 bytes) -- Dr. Rolf Rosenthal denial.guide (1 part, 8771 bytes) -- Michael Philips' Revisionist Guidebook. Mr. Philips uses humour to outline 19 steps to becoming a Holocaust Revisionist, and takes a telling swipe at the net's leading deniers in the process. diet.01 (1 part, 3706 bytes) -- re starvation diet (T4) - see also HOLOCAUST/FARBEN FARBEN.002 for data on the same general subject. encyclopaedia (1 part, 9749 bytes) -- Encyclopaedia Holocaust section figures (1 part, 2547 bytes) -- Anglo-American Committee estimates of number of victims during Holocaust, with country-by-country breakdown france.001 (1 part, 2105 bytes) -- The fate of the French Jews ger.pub.01 (1 part, 5088 bytes) -- Public opinion during Nazi period... good.days (1 part, 1286 bytes) hitler.quote (1 part, 4430 bytes) -- Quotations from Adolf Hitler homosexuals (1 part, 5625 bytes) -- The fate of the homosexual hungary.01 (1 part, 3611 bytes) -- The reduction of Hungary's Jews imagine.hitler (1 part, 4239 bytes) -- Alvin Rosenfeld on Holocaust denial, from his "Imagining Hitler," published in 1985. jin.intro (1 part, 2496 bytes) -- Comments from author's introduction, regarding Holocaust denial (Justice at Nuremberg, Robt. E. Conot) luitjens.001 (1 part, 2748 bytes) -- Jacob Luitjens to receive Canadian pension cheque minsk.001 (1 part, 3629 bytes) -- Liquidation of the Minsk ghetto minsk.002 (1 part, 1478 bytes) -- Belarus officials commemorate 50th. anniversary of the destruction of the Minsk ghetto (Reuters, 10/20/93). nazi.quotes (1 part, 15703 bytes) -- Nazi sources - quotes from war documents notin.001 (1 part, 1048 bytes) -- Bernard Notin suspended from teaching at Lyon III University after demonstration by French Union of Jewish students notin.bernard (1 part, 100 bytes) -- Bernard Notin XRef file raf.vs.nazis (1 part, 3744 bytes) -- Curious article puporting to be from the Red Army Faction rami.ahmed (1 part, 100 bytes) -- Ahmed Rami XREF file rauff.letter (1 part, 2319 bytes) -- Letter from Just to Rauff regarding testing of gas vans schacht.exam (1 part, 3473 bytes) -- Schact's comments about Hitler during Nuremberg testimony schiffer.nikol (1 part, 5980 bytes) -- Article re Nikolas Schiffer's loss of citizenship for being Nazi camp guard scrolls.refute (1 part, 3162 bytes) -- Response to Winston's \ nonsense (1 part, 3162 bytes) -- scrolls (Winston, aka Dan Gannon) seyss-inquart (1 part, 965 bytes) -- shallit.paper (1 part, 14890 bytes) -- Jeffrey Shallit's paper on Canadian activity skeptic.002 (2 parts, 1130, 45212 bytes) -- Michael Shermer's article "Proving the Holocaust" has been moved to the HOLOCAUST/USA archive. You will find it there in fifteen parts. This file, skeptic.002, now contains instructions for retrieving all 15 parts from the server. slovakia.1 (1 part, 4935 bytes) -- Arad - Deportations from Slovakia soap.1 (1 part, 5168 bytes) -- References to soap manufacturing from European sources soap.2 (1 part, 7084 bytes) -- Soap story rebuttal soap.3 (1 part, 9273 bytes) -- Soap story rebuttal soap.4 (1 part, 1866 bytes) -- Re article in Polish Monthly Review published in 1945 soap.05 (1 part, 17621 bytes) -- IHR's Greg Raven on the soap issue, from UseNet alt.revisionism, August 1994 stockholm.1192 (1 part, 842 bytes) -- Article re "Antizionist World Congress" weisel.01 (1 part, 2726 bytes) -- Elie Weisel's moving prolog - Mengele, burning bodies winston.refute (1 part, 5351 bytes) -- Various articles refuting "Ralph Winston" wisliceny.001 (1 part, 8920 bytes) -- Wisliceny's testimony at Nuremberg re "final solution" skeptic.002 (1 part, 10 bytes) -- Retrieval instructions for 15-part Skeptic magazine article Subarchive: DENIERS (path: holocaust/deniers) -- Files: dg.idx.1994 (1 part, 3222 bytes) -- Index to Subject: matter contained within "doyalg" files for 1994. doyalg.0594 (1 part, 2261 bytes) -- "Chuck Doyal" articles, UseNet alt.revisionism, May, 1994. doyalg.0794 (1 part, 15134 bytes) -- July, '94 doyalg.0894 (1 part, 10194 bytes) -- August, '94 doyalg.0994 (1 part, 28915 bytes) -- September, '94 doyalg.1094 (1 part, 33640 bytes) -- UseNet articles and threads initiated by "Thomas Doyal," October, 1994. Advertising for David Irving videotapes, etc. doyalg.1194 (1 part, 53629 bytes) doyalg.1294 (1 part, 56653 bytes) dumas.1094 (1 part, 33897 bytes) -- Steve Dumas, Carleton University (Canada). Articles and threads for 10/94 dumas.1194 (1 part, 8940 bytes) -- Steve Dumas dumas.1294 (2 parts, 65512, 50410 bytes) -- Steve Dumas dumas.idx.1994 (1 part, 1358 bytes) -- Index to Subjects of 1994 Steve Dumas files. hoffman.0994 (1 part, 6992 bytes) -- Michael Hoffman II, Editor of the "Revisionist Researcher" of Dresden, N.Y. UseNet alt.revisionism articles, Sept. 1994 hoffman.1094 (7 parts, 65491, 65536, 65514, 65469, 65534, 65503, 54771 bytes) -- Michael Hoffman's quick descent from rational discourse to rabid anti-semitism and unsupported innuendo displayed in his October, 1994 postings to UseNet's alt.revisionism and elsewhere. hoffman.skepti (1 part, 2947 bytes) -- Michael Hoffman's crude letter to Skeptic Magazine - a classic example of anti-semitic claptrap, and an enlightening insight into the mind of Mr. Hoffman II. kleim.1093 (1 part, 51160 bytes) -- Milton Kleim (Minnesota) UseNet articles/responses, October, 1993 kleim.0394 (1 part, 44912 bytes) -- Milton Kleim, March, 1994 kleim.0494 (1 part, 50487 bytes) -- Milton Kleim, April, 1994 kleim.0594 (2 parts, 65527, 6621 bytes) -- Milton Kleim, May, 1994 kleim.0694 (1 part, 34398 bytes) -- Milton Kleim, June, 1994 kleim.0794 (1 part, 5246 bytes) -- Milton Kleim, July, 1994 kleim.0894 (3 parts, 65532, 65536, 50625 bytes) -- Milton Kleim, August, 1994 kleim.0994 (2 parts, 65528, 56257 bytes) -- Milton Kleim, September, 1994 kleim.1094 (5 parts, 65492, 65500, 65519, 65519, 32223 bytes) -- Milton Kleim, October, 1994 kleim.1194 (2 parts, 65499, 64161 bytes) -- Milton Kleim, November, 1994 kleim.1294 (3 parts, 65505, 65461, 56134 bytes) -- Milton Kleim, December, 1994 kleim.idx.9394 (1 part, 14954 bytes) -- Index to Subjects found in Milton Kleim files for 1993-1994 lg.1294 (2 parts, 65405, 19317 bytes) -- Canada's "Les Griswold" lg.idx.1294 (1 part, 1764 bytes) -- Index to lg.1294 Subjects mh2.1194 (14 parts, 65517, 65482, 65511, 65467, 65499, 65490, 65530, 65505, 65494, 65515, 65502, 65525, 65517, 33663 bytes) -- Michael Hoffman II's UseNet articles and related responses, November, 1994. See mh2.idx.1194 for a list of Subjects from this file. mh2.1294 (7 parts, 65525, 65475, 65473, 65483, 65513, 65534, 42275 bytes) -- Michael Hoffman II's UseNet articles and related responses, December, 1994. See mh2.idx.1294 for a list of Subjects from this file. mh2.idx.1094 (1 part, 2940 bytes) -- List of Subjects contained within hoffman.1094 mh2.idx.1194 (1 part, 15293 bytes) -- List of Subjects contained within mh2.1194 mh2.idx.1294 (1 part, 3267 bytes) -- List of Subjects contained within mh2.1294 rj.1194 (1 part, 33397 bytes) -- England's Ricardo Joshua, November, 1994 - articles and responses. rj.1294 (1 part, 34696 bytes) -- Ricardo Joshua, December, 1994, articles and responses. tmc.0894 (4 parts, 65487, 65527, 65475, 26674 bytes) Tim (4 parts, 65487, 65527, 65475, 26674 bytes) -- (New York)\ Articles (4 parts, 65487, 65527, 65475, 26674 bytes) -- responses, August, 1994 tmc.0994 (2 parts, 65530, 58706 bytes) -- Tim McCarthy, Articles and responses, September, 1994 tmc.1094 (2 parts, 65474, 44472 bytes) -- Tim McCarthy, Articles and responses, October, 1994 tmc.1294 (1 part, 4969 bytes) -- Tim McCarthy, Articles and responses, December, 1994 tmc.idx.1994 (1 part, 10418 bytes) -- Index to Subjects contained in Tim McCarthy articles and threads for 1994 wmm.0494 (1 part, 8070 bytes) -- Wm. Michael v. Peters UseNet articles and threads, April, 1994. Denial propaganda and responses. wmm.0694 (2 parts, 65443, 2682 bytes) -- Wm. Michael v. Peters UseNet articles and threads, June, 1994. Denial propaganda and responses. wmm.0794 (2 parts, 65527, 35846 bytes) -- Wm. Michael v. Peters UseNet articles and threads, July, 1994. Denial propaganda and responses. wmm.0894 (1 part, 9561 bytes) -- Wm. Michael v. Peters UseNet articles and threads, August, 1994. Denial propaganda and responses. wmm.1094 (1 part, 27718 bytes) wmm.1194 (1 part, 60583 bytes) wmm.1294 (1 part, 1967 bytes) wmm.idx.1994 (1 part, 2081 bytes) -- Index of Subjects contained in v. Peters' articles for 1994. Subarchive: HOLOCAUS (path: holocaust/holocaus) -- Files: log9304.z (2 parts, 65492, 22686 bytes) -- Proceedings of the HOLOCAUS mailing list, April, 1993. ***************************************************************** For information about the HOLOCAUS mailing list, contact Jim Mott (JIMMOTT@spss.com), moderator. ***************************************************************** log9305.z (1 part, 55202 bytes) -- Proceedings of the HOLOCAUS mailing list, May, 1993 log9306.z (3 parts, 65492, 65534, 13126 bytes) -- Proceedings of the HOLOCAUS mailing list, June, 1993 log9307.z (3 parts, 65492, 65534, 42358 bytes) -- Proceedings of the HOLOCAUS mailing list, July, 1993 log9308.z (3 parts, 65492, 65534, 13894 bytes) -- Proceedings of the HOLOCAUS mailing list, August, 1993 log9309.z (2 parts, 65492, 34028 bytes) -- Proceedings of the HOLOCAUS mailing list, September, 1993 log9310.z (3 parts, 65492, 65534, 31866 bytes) -- Proceedings of the HOLOCAUS mailing list, October, 1993 log9311.z (1 part, 62522 bytes) -- Proceedings of the HOLOCAUS mailing list, November, 1993 Subarchive: AUSTRALIA (path: holocaust/australia) -- Files: nexus.001 (1 part, 8119 bytes) -- Article containing strongly biased reviews of David Irving's work, and a request for information about their source, Nexus Magazine, published in Australia and the United States. (Cross-linked with FASCISM/AUSTRALIA NEXUS.001) reuters.050694 (1 part, 1872 bytes) -- David Irving again refused entry into Australia because of his Holocaust denial. Subarchive: AUSTRIA (path: holocaust/austria) -- Files: mauthausen.01 (1 part, 2277 bytes) -- Misfiled article re Hungarian Jews and Eichmann mauthausen.02 (1 part, 2521 bytes) -- General info relating to Mauthausen and "the parachutists" story mauthausen.03 (1 part, 2193 bytes) -- UseNet article citing court testimony regarding gassings at Mauthausen waldheim.001 (1 part, 1447 bytes) -- News article dealing with Waldheim's Papal knighthood. Reuters, July 6, 1994 waldheim.002 (1 part, 5475 bytes) -- News article dealing with Waldheim's Papal knighthood. New York Times, August 6, 1994. Subarchive: BELSEN (path: holocaust/belsen) -- Files: belsen.01 (1 part, 1628 bytes) -- Belsen, towards war end fania.02 (1 part, 1628 bytes) -- Bergen-Belsen - comments about conditions and morale Subarchive: BIBLIOGRAPHY (path: holocaust/bibliography) -- Files: biblio.1 (1 part, 55037 bytes) -- Bibliographic source for Holocaust research, Part 1 biblio.2 (1 part, 16920 bytes) -- Bibliographic source for Holocaust research, Part 1 biblio.3 (1 part, 44154 bytes) -- Bibliographic source for Holocaust research, Part 3 biblio.4 (1 part, 26065 bytes) -- Annoted bibliography from Political Research Associates biblio.5 (1 part, 5842 bytes) -- 1991 Yad Vashem Publications List biblio.6 (1 part, 1720 bytes) -- 1993 Harvard Library on-line listing re Gypsies & Holocaust biblio.7 (1 part, 27651 bytes) -- 1993 Harvard Library on-line listing re Dachau biblio.08 (1 part, 7476 bytes) -- 1993 Harvard Library on-line listing re Sachsenhausen biblio.09 (1 part, 8663 bytes) -- 1993 Harvard Library on-line listing re Belsen biblio.10 (1 part, 3791 bytes) -- 1993 Harvard Library on-line listing re Belzec biblio.11 (1 part, 5088 bytes) -- 1993 Harvard Library on-line listing re Birkenau (Auschwitz II) biblio.12 (1 part, 2589 bytes) -- 1993 Harvard Library on-line listing re Gusen biblio.13 (1 part, 3791 bytes) -- 1993 Harvard Library on-line listing re Maidanek biblio.14 (1 part, 11019 bytes) -- 1993 Harvard Library on-line listing re Mauthausen biblio.15 (1 part, 2641 bytes) -- 1993 Harvard Library on-line listing re Sobibor biblio.16 (1 part, 2641 bytes) -- 1993 Harvard Library on-line listing re Buchenwald biblio.17 (1 part, 11644 bytes) -- 1993 Harvard Library on-line listing re Ravensbruck biblio.18 (1 part, 2377 bytes) -- 1993 Harvard Library on-line listing re Dora biblio.19 (1 part, 7409 bytes) -- Mengele Resource list biblio.20a (1 part, 92003 bytes) -- Paper dealing with the subject of the acquisition of Holocaust denial material by libraries. Well researched, with extensive bibliography biblio.20b (1 part, 44096 bytes) -- Bibliographic reference for biblio.20a. biblio.21 (1 part, 45616 bytes) -- Information concerning the National (U.S.) Archives Trust Board Fund library of captured German recordings - includes list and descriptions of material available. biblio.INDEX (1 part, 2451 bytes) -- Bibliography Index children (1 part, 40820 bytes) -- Article about Holocaust books written for children, including reviews of well-known works and extensive bibliography holocaust.oed (1 part, 6892 bytes) -- Dan Gannon's original article claiming that the Jews claimed a Holocaust of Six Million during WWI, and OED data concerning the use of the word holocaust prior to WWII. See also holocaust/b-cpu lie.06, which cites the article and refutes Gannon's assertions about it. ijgj.dbase (1 part, 2451 bytes) -- Information about massive Procite bibliographic database, available from the Institute on the Holocaust and Genocide in Jerusalem. (Dec. 1993) posen.001 (1 part, 1406 bytes) -- Information about using the on-line Felix Posen Anti-Semitism/Holocaust bibliography ssss.books-1 (1 part, 26668 bytes) -- Educational tools available from the Social Studies School Service in book form. See also ssss.video-1 and ssss.books-2 ssss.books-2 (1 part, 35409 bytes) -- Educational tools available from the Social Studies School Service in book form. See also ssss.video and ssss.books-1 ssss.video-1 (1 part, 22366 bytes) -- Educational tools available from the Social Studies School Service in video form. See also ssss.books-1[2] ssss.video-2 (1 part, 35393 bytes) -- Educational tools available from the Social Studies School Service in video form. See also ssss.books-1[2] ushmm.video (1 part, 50889 bytes) -- Extensive Annotated Videography from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. ushril.justice (1 part, 30161 bytes) -- Extensive bibliographical search of the online catalog of the US Holocaust Research Insitute Library on the topic "National Socialism & Justice." An invaluable research tool. Subarchive: CANADA (path: holocaust/canada) -- Files: collins.002 (1 part, 2855 bytes) -- Vancouver's Doug Collins comes out of the closet and denies the Holocaust occurred, or that 6,000,000 million died. (10/94) power.062694 (1 part, 21901 bytes) -- Zundel's "Power" newsletter, June 26, 1994. tc.072994 (1 part, 2294 bytes) -- Zundel's second application for Canadian citizenship brought this editorial response from Victoria, B.C. zundel.0193 (1 part, 1127 bytes) -- Zundel seeks compensation from Ontario government zundel.sccj (4 parts, 65521, 65520, 65527, 38249 bytes) -- Exhaustive Supreme Court of Canada decision on the appeal of Ernst Zundel of his "false news" conviction, in which the judgement is reversed. This judgement is important reading for those dealing with the legal issues addressed by Zu"ndel, Keegstra, et. al, and for those who make false representations concerning the reality of Canadian law within such areas. Subarchive: CZECHOSLOVAKIA (path: holocaust/czechoslovakia) -- Files: czech.001 (1 part, 3716 bytes) -- General comments concerning the Jews of Upper Silesia, and a petition presented to the League of Nations relating to violations of Jewish civil rights there, contrary to the 1922 German-Polish agreement. Interesting for a quote calling for a petition supported "on legal evidence," rather than on unsubstantiated "atrocities," which provides a basis for refutation of neo-Nazi claims relating to Jewish falsification of evidence relating to the treatment of European Jewry. czech.002 (1 part, 8801 bytes) -- Eichmann's early efforts regarding emigration in the Czech protectorate. Includes Eichmann threat to arrest 300 Jews daily and send them to Dachau, where they would soon "develop a keen interest in emigrating." czech.003 (1 part, 1394 bytes) -- Citation regarding Gestapo requirement that Jewish communities provide census and other data - this relates to those trying to research how accurate German estimates (as per Wannsee, for instance) of the Jewish population were. Subarchive: THERESIENSTADT (path: holocaust/czechoslovakia/theresienstadt) -- Files: terezin.001 (1 part, 3291 bytes) -- Background information about the "Jewish Resort" of Terezin terezin.002 (1 part, 5779 bytes) -- The children of Terezin - a transport of 1260 children from the Bialystok district arrives, and is eventually shipped to Auschwitz, where all are murdered. theresien.01 (1 part, 3232 bytes) -- Theresienstadt theresien.02 (1 part, 1863 bytes) -- Theresienstadt theresien.03 (1 part, 5726 bytes) -- Theresienstadt background data from Bondy's "Elder of the Jews." Notes Eichmann's initial inspection of the fortress, and the Jewish community's report on using the site as a ghetto for the Jews of the Protectorate, details about the commandant appointed, and the process by which Edelstein became the leader of the Council of Elders for the proposed ghetto. theresien.04 (1 part, 2396 bytes) -- Bondy discusses the separation of the children, contrary to the planned community the Jewish leaders had been led to expect, and the separation of the men and women - and the realization that the camp was to be a labor camp, not the city they had expected. theresien.05 (1 part, 4155 bytes) -- Bondy notes the shock of the announcements that transports of Jews to Poland would continue, and include Theresienstadt's Jews. Edelstein's dissolusionment with promises from Czech government... theresien.06 (1 part, 2036 bytes) -- The first executions (by hanging) discussed by Bondy. "Crimes" listed. theresien.07 (1 part, 4482 bytes) -- The German deceptions practiced to strip elderly Jews of all their worldly possessions, in exchange for lifetime care in a restful and safe facility, long-term care contracts and expectations vrs. ugly reality. theresien.08 (1 part, 2328 bytes) -- The plight of the elderly and mentally ill at the ghetto, the death toll, shipments of the mentally ill to Poland. theresien.09 (1 part, 7984 bytes) -- The fate of 1,500 children from the Bialystok ghetto is described. The callous and cynical disregard for human life evidenced by the Nazi regime is displayed within this story in a particularly cruel example. theresien.10 (1 part, 8696 bytes) -- The preparations for the visit of the Danish Red Cross, the results of that visit, which led to the liquidation of the family camp at Birkenau, and the fate of 3,000 Jews sent to German concentration camps as slave labourers (750 survived the war). Subarchive: DENMARK (path: holocaust/denmark) -- Files: denmark.001 (1 part, 32208 bytes) -- UseNet discussions (From soc.culture.jewish.holocaust) relating to Denmark, the story of the King wearing the yellow star, etc. Subarchive: EDUCATION (path: holocaust/education) -- Files: children (1 part, 40820 bytes) -- Article about Holocaust books written for children, including reviews of well-known works and extensive bibliography curric.misc (1 part, 43050 bytes) -- A variety of course outlines and related material, college level. curriculum.nj (1 part, 17776 bytes) -- New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education's proposed Holocaust & Genocide curriculum outline. research.cntrs (1 part, 2822 bytes) -- Major Holocaust research centres listed in this Gopher document from Mirium Weiner Subarchive: ENGLAND (path: holocaust/england) -- Files: joshua.0194 (1 part, 3205 bytes) -- Ricardo Joshua/ posts (1 part, 3205 bytes) -- responses, January, 1994 joshua.0294 (1 part, 3205 bytes) -- Ricardo Joshua/ posts (1 part, 3205 bytes) -- responses, February, 1994 joshua.0394 (1 part, 3205 bytes) -- Ricardo Joshua/ posts (1 part, 3205 bytes) -- responses, March, 1994 joshua.1094 (1 part, 3205 bytes) -- Ricardo Joshua/ post (1 part, 3205 bytes) -- October, 1994, wherein he states that Stalin was a Jew. Subarchive: CHURCHILL (path: holocaust/england/churchill) -- Files: churchill.001 (1 part, 3893 bytes) -- Quotes from Winston Churchill's books re the persecution of Hungarian Jews, and also a speech from 1941 regarding the suffering of the Jews of Europe churchill.002 (1 part, 3174 bytes) -- Quotes from Richard Lamb's "Churchill As War Leader" regarding Jewish immigration to Britain, Palestine, and the United States. churchill.003 (1 part, 992 bytes) -- Brief citation regarding Churchill request to Sinclair for the bombing of Auschwitz. Subarchive: IRVING (path: holocaust/england/irving) -- Files: anne.frank.001 (1 part, 7029 bytes) -- Documented material about David Irving's deceit regarding the Diary of Anne Frank. ausrotten.001 (1 part, 19713 bytes) -- Michael Shermer's discussion (in Skeptic Magazine - see HOLOCAUST/SKEPTIC.002 for the complete article and citations) of David Irving's tactics in trying to explain the meaning of the word "ausrotten." A brilliant piece which demonstrates the lengths to which Irving and deniers often go in order to twist meanings to fit their agenda. fulford.intro (1 part, 3050 bytes) -- Robert Fulford's introduction to "Irving's Hitler" hitlers.war (1 part, 3628 bytes) -- Quotes from Irving's book blaming everyone but Hitler for extermination program irving.1 (1 part, 3577 bytes) -- David Irving irving.2 (1 part, 3832 bytes) -- irving.3 (1 part, 1586 bytes) -- irving.4 (1 part, 5689 bytes) -- irving.05 (1 part, 9721 bytes) -- irving.06 (1 part, 17738 bytes) -- Partial script regarding Irving, from Michael Schmidt, called Warheit Macht Frei irving.07 (1 part, 8912 bytes) -- Altogether convincing Dawidowicz refutation of Irving's "thesis" regarding Hitler irving.08 (1 part, 2968 bytes) -- Letter from Irving to Australian Jewish News (London), Sept. 29, 1992 irving.aus (1 part, 2895 bytes) -- David Irving to visit Australia? irving.aus2 (1 part, 1861 bytes) -- David Irving's racist comments to Australian media irving.aus.003 (1 part, 18343 bytes) -- JHR article concerning Irving's battle with Australian immigration authorities, and Irving's entry visa irving.aus.004 (1 part, 3485 bytes) -- Article dealing with ACE-TV's reversal of plans to air Irving's movie, which denied the Holocaust. (September, 1994) irving.aus.005 (1 part, 10420 bytes) -- Article dealing with the book "The Case for David Irving," published by an Australian Holocaust denier, Nigel Jackson. irving.canada (1 part, 1651 bytes) -- David Irving Denied Entry (Canada) irving.data (1 part, 3256 bytes) -- interesting stuff about Geobbels Diaries and Irving's role irving.eichman (1 part, 2488 bytes) -- Reuters article, reprinted in "Der Gauleiter", suggesting Irving may have to rethink his postition re Hitler and the Holocaust, after reading Eichmann papers irving.nz (1 part, 2612 bytes) -- Article re Irving's entry to New Zealand irving.ore.001 (1 part, 1764 bytes) -- Article dealing with demonstration against appearance of David Irving, in Portland, Oregon, Oct. 10, 1994. irving.ore.002 (1 part, 4903 bytes) -- Article dealing with Irving's Portland appearance from a supporter's perspective, and offer to sell videos. Posted under an assumed name by a Seatlle, Wash. Holocaust denier. irving.shallit (1 part, 4944 bytes) -- Jeff Shallit's brief \ about (1 part, 4944 bytes) -- Interesting and concise. irving.ucb (1 part, 3729 bytes) -- News report of Irving appearance at Univ. of California, Berkeley, on October 13, 1994. irving.victoria (1 part, 2553 bytes) -- Victoria, B.C. article re Irving jackel.001 (1 part, 12978 bytes) -- Eberhard Ja"ckel's Essays on David Irving's "Hitler's War." 1 of 3 jackel.002 (1 part, 10215 bytes) -- Eberhard Ja"ckel's Essays on David Irving's "Hitler's War." 2 of 3 jackel.003 (1 part, 19441 bytes) -- Eberhard Ja"ckel's Essays on David Irving's "Hitler's War." 3 of 3 jhr.v13n1 (1 part, 32689 bytes) -- Journal of Historical Review article regarding David Irving. (Jan/Feb 1993) kirk.ps (1 part, 33218 bytes) -- H. David Kirk's post-script to his translation of the Ja"ckel essays in "David Irving's Hitler." reuters.050694 (1 part, 1872 bytes) -- David Irving again refused entry into Australia because of his Holocaust denial. Subarchive: FARBEN (path: holocaust/germany/farben) -- Files: farben.001 (1 part, 4048 bytes) -- The SS ordered indicator odor removed from Degesch shipments of Zyklon B farben.002 (1 part, 2695 bytes) -- I.G. Auschwitz farben.003 (1 part, 3587 bytes) -- The Nuremberg Indictment against Farben management (summary) farben.004 (1 part, 6445 bytes) -- Economic concerns farben.005 (1 part, 4266 bytes) -- Economic concerns farben.006 (1 part, 3042 bytes) -- Nuremberg testimonies farben.007 (1 part, 5144 bytes) -- Nuremberg testimonies farben.008 (1 part, 4950 bytes) -- Farben's takeover of the Austrian chemical industry, anti-Semitism, etc. farben.009 (1 part, 1356 bytes) -- Farben's compensation of Auschwitz Buna survivors leads to scholarship fund Subarchive: FRANCE (path: holocaust/france) -- Files: ap.102193 (1 part, 2579 bytes) -- Paul Touvier, Nazi collaborator, to be tried for the execution of seven Jewish hostages in Lyon, 1944. french.memoria (1 part, 1645 bytes) -- Undated AP story about President Mitterand's dedication of a Holocaust memorial to the 16,000 Jews rounded up and killed by the Nazis during WWII Subarchive: GERMANY (path: holocaust/germany) -- Files: aschaffen.001 (1 part, 916 bytes) -- Description of early Bavarian concentration camp, Aschaffenburg bormann.0743 (1 part, 555 bytes) -- Bormann order re public discussion of "Jewish Question" climate.001 (1 part, 3266 bytes) -- Eva Fogelman's description of the political and social climate during the rise of Hitler to power, and the consequences of that climate. climate.002 (1 part, 2943 bytes) -- Rabbi Baeck's comment Germany's "day of greatest cowardice," in April 1933, when the Nazi boycott of Jewish business began. climate.003 (1 part, 810 bytes) -- Rabbi Baeck mentioned in the context of warning Berlin's Jews to leave Germany. daimler.001 (1 part, 1500 bytes) -- News article concerning new book about use of slave labor by Daimler-Benz during WWII, from June, 1994. documents.001 (1 part, 10737 bytes) -- Early policy regarding measures against Jews (1933-1938) documents.005 (1 part, 14877 bytes) -- Kristallnacht (1/3) documents.006 (1 part, 9142 bytes) -- Kristallnacht (2/3) including government decrees and background documents.007 (1 part, 11168 bytes) -- Kristallnacht (3/3) including government decrees and background documents.008 (1 part, 11266 bytes) -- Restrictions against Jews in the Berlin area after Kristallnacht elections.001 (1 part, 6779 bytes) -- Article re Weimar elections and results gained by Nazi Party, Hitler's presidential vote, etc. emigrate.001 (1 part, 1793 bytes) -- Brief background material about Nazi emigration policy, from Bondy (Czechoslovakia) europa.001 (1 part, 12726 bytes) -- Poliakov's discussion of the Europa Plan to ransom Hungarian Jewry in exchange for trucks and medical supplies. Shows Himmler's self-serving attempts to improve his image in the midst of Germany's collapse. This citation also includes German documentation regarding the destruction of the Jews, in the form of a report asking Himmler to stop the deportations in Hungary, and insure that imprisoned Hungarian Jews not be exterminated, but instead viewed as valuable assets. himmler.001 (1 part, 3198 bytes) -- Quotations from Felix Kersten's "Memoirs," from Himmler, essentially painting Himmler as innocent of complicity in extermination program. himmler.002 (1 part, 1154 bytes) -- Report from Himmler to Hitler (1942) about mass executions in the East. hitler.veg (1 part, 727 bytes) -- Brief background material concerning the roots of Hitler's vegetarianism. hossbach.001 (1 part, 4551 bytes) -- Brief background material about the Hossbach Meeting (Conot) kristalln.01 (1 part, 2574 bytes) -- Kristallnacht - the destruction of the synagogues kristalln.02 (1 part, 18003 bytes) -- Kristallnacht - background perspective from Conot's "Judgement at Nuremberg" press.001 (1 part, 2084 bytes) -- Conot's brief discussion regarding early Nazi control of the media program.01 (1 part, 4044 bytes) -- /germanyIdeology in the Twenties - Nazi plan clear even then program.02 (1 part, 3201 bytes) -- Links government with deliberate plan program.03 (1 part, 4954 bytes) -- program.05 (1 part, 2898 bytes) program.06 (1 part, 3637 bytes) program.07 (1 part, 5283 bytes) -- Sachar's exploration of Nazi motivation/behavior sturmer.003 (1 part, 8576 bytes) -- Der Stu"mer background, discussion of antisemitic content by germany/kristallnacht topf.001 (1 part, 5576 bytes) -- Two articles dealing with the filing of compensation claim by heirs of Topf, the German firm that built the crematoria at Auschwitz. The first deals with the filing of the claim itself, and the second with its rejection. wannsee.001 (1 part, 3795 bytes) -- General data concerning the Wannsee Conference. Source unknown - does not include estimated Jewish population breakdown. witten.001 (1 part, 2945 bytes) -- Personal testimony from American Army officer Subarchive: BUCHENWALD (path: holocaust/germany/buchenwald) -- Files: buchenwald.01 (1 part, 4857 bytes) -- Background, liberation buchenwald.02 (1 part, 5079 bytes) -- Liberation of Buchenwald murrow.1 (1 part, 894 bytes) -- Edward R. Murrow quote from Buchenwald broadcast Subarchive: DACHAU (path: holocaust/germany/dachau) -- Files: dachau.biblio (1 part, 32299 bytes) -- Dachau bibliographic references (Linked to biblio.7 in BIBLIOGRAPHY archive.) dachau.01 (1 part, 4725 bytes) -- The liberation of Dachau dachau.02 (1 part, 4313 bytes) -- Dachau entries in Breitman. dachau.003 (1 part, 1769 bytes) -- Dachau reflections by retired U.S. Army Colonel Hackworth regarding Dachau existing as a reminder to the German people as to the reality of their history. dachau.004 (1 part, 4347 bytes) -- References to medical experimentation at Dachau. holzl.001 (1 part, 1204 bytes) -- Report by Dr. Holzloehner, Dr. Rascher & Dr. Finke regarding cooling experiments at Dachau. October 1942 rascher.001 (1 part, 1201 bytes) -- Report by SS Unterstormfu"hrer Rascher on medical cooling experiments at Dachau rascher.002 (1 part, 1681 bytes) -- Report by Rascher to Brandt regarding warming/cooling experiments status at Dachau. weber.001 (1 part, 2483 bytes) -- Hauptsturmfuehrer Weber Subarchive: DEPORTATIONS (path: holocaust/germany/deportations) -- Files: deport.001 (1 part, 6794 bytes) -- Report from Poliakov's "Harvest of Hate" regarding deportation of Jews from Greater Germany (Germany, Austria, Bohemia & Moravia). Includes anon. personal account of how young Jewish girls were used to locate and round up Jewish orphans, accounts of letters from Kube to Lohse regarding the Jews deported to Minsk, and their destruction. deport.002 (1 part, 5200 bytes) -- Description from Martin Gilbert's "Final Journey" which describes how Polish Jews resident in the Reich, about to become stateless, were rounded up and delivered to various deportation centres. deport.003 (1 part, 2559 bytes) -- Description of 122 Jews being packed into freight cars for deportation from Hamburg to Lublin. (Martin Gilbert, Final Journey) deport.004 (1 part, 1979 bytes) -- Description from Eva Brewster of her deportation from Berlin, in a cattle car containing 100 young people. deport.005 (1 part, 3528 bytes) -- Description of transportation schedules, destinations, etc. for deportation trains in February, 1943. deport.006 (1 part, 1566 bytes) -- Citation concerning Jews of Frankfurt being forbidden to leave the city. Subarchive: DOCUMENTS (path: holocaust/germany/documents) -- Files: documents.004 (1 part, 4092 bytes) -- Additional laws restricting Jewish life in Germany (names, etc.) frank.d.001 (1 part, 2495 bytes) -- Entry from the Office Diary of Hans Frank, mentioning a specific order that the Jews must be exterminated. frank.d.002 (1 part, 2177 bytes) -- Entry from the Office Diary of Hans Frank, discussing how the liquidation of the Jews in Poland has worked against policy by leading the Poles to feel that they would be next, after the Jews were all dead. no-365 (1 part, 2617 bytes) -- Letter, Wetzel to Lohse, October 25, 1941. Design and construction of gassing devices, need for secrecy, gassing of those not fit for work, Brack, Kallmayer, Eichmann, condemns open shootings (Vilna) no-2710 (1 part, 1456 bytes) -- Nazi order regarding public discussion of the "Jewish question" Subarchive: EICHMANN (path: holocaust/germany/eichmann) -- Files: eichmann.bio (1 part, 2433 bytes) -- Snyder's bio eichmann.001 (1 part, 11578 bytes) -- Interrogation records regarding Eichmann's emigration operation in Vienna, prior to the war. eichmann.002 (1 part, 8533 bytes) -- Interrogation records eichmann.003 (1 part, 7259 bytes) -- Interrogation records regarding Eichmann's visit to Auschwitz, numbers killed... eichmann.004 (1 part, 3036 bytes) -- Interrogation records regarding Eichmann's visits to Treblinka and Heydrich's advising him of Hitler's order regarding the "final solution" eichmann.005 (1 part, 13278 bytes) -- Interrogation records regarding statistics of numbers killed, and Ho"ttl's Nuremberg statement. eichmann.006 (1 part, 11892 bytes) -- Interrogation records regarding the acquisition of skulls and skeletons for 'research' eichmann.007 (1 part, 2107 bytes) -- Interrogation record dealing with Eichmann's witnessing of killing of Jews by using a gas-van, bodies being thrown out of van, teeth being pulled eichmann.008 (1 part, 8801 bytes) -- Eichmann's early efforts regarding emigration in the Czech protectorate. Includes Eichmann threat to arrest 300 Jews daily and send them to Dachau, where they would soon "develop a keen interest in emigrating." Subarchive: EUTHANASIA (path: holocaust/germany/euthanasia) -- Files: 14f13.01 (1 part, 9309 bytes) -- From T4 to 14f13 - the chain of evidence 14f13.02 (1 part, 3570 bytes) -- ditto + gassings in Germany towards the end of the war 14f13.03 (1 part, 2833 bytes) -- some figures (numbers killed) 14f13.04 (1 part, 7021 bytes) -- German correspondence & testimony regarding euthanasia/T4 program 630-PS (1 part, 478 bytes) -- Hitler's order re euthanasia authority brack.001 (1 part, 2760 bytes) -- Testimony from Brack regarding the gassing (CO, from steel cylinders) of euthanasia victims, victims photographed entering gas chamber, which they were told was shower room, bodies examined and cremated, victims nude. brack.002 (1 part, 23600 bytes) -- Testimony from Brack, Nuremberg. More extensive than brack.001 brandt.001 (1 part, 10346 bytes) -- Testimony from Brandt, Nuremberg. Deals with Hitler's part in the establishment of the legal framework for the euthanasia program, additional testimony about the setup, etc. euthanasia.01 (1 part, 2205 bytes) -- Quote from Irving book euthanasia.02 (1 part, 4233 bytes) -- Falsification of death certificates in medical killing centers euthanasia.03 (1 part, 1047 bytes) -- Instruction sheet from euthanasia questionnaire euthanasia.04 (1 part, 26633 bytes) -- Jamie McCarthy article outlining the basis for the euthanasia programs and providing some interesting data relating to those programs. frick.001 (1 part, 7364 bytes) -- Euthanasia program laid at Frick's feet - origins of Grafeneck killings .. grafeneck.01 (1 part, 8463 bytes) -- Euthanasia program at Grafeneck and Wirth's early gas chambers hadamar.01 (1 part, 3369 bytes) -- Celebrating the ten-thousandth victim at Hadamar hitler.01 (1 part, 3547 bytes) -- Material linking Hitler with "mercy killing" of children program.04 (1 part, 5828 bytes) program.08 (1 part, 5546 bytes) -- Medical killing tied to extermination plans program.09 (1 part, 6650 bytes) -- the `end' of the T4 (Euthanasia) program soldau.001 (1 part, 3131 bytes) -- Concerning the killing of euthanasia patients collected at Soldau, in 1940, with the use of Lange's gas vans. Rediess, Koppe, Rasch. Mentions the attempts by Rediess to charge for each killing, at the rate of 10 marks per body. trust.revw (1 part, 6645 bytes) -- Book Review: BY TRUST BETRAYED Subarchive: GOEBBELS (path: holocaust/germany/goebbels) -- Files: goebbels.001 (1 part, 3558 bytes) -- UseNet article noting discovery of Goebbels comments to German press in 1942 about the Jews remaining in Berlin, and their certain extermination. goebbels.002 (1 part, 5996 bytes) -- Quotes from The Goebbels Diaries Subarchive: HOESS (path: holocaust/germany/hoess) -- Files: hoess.01 (1 part, 3451 bytes) -- Hoess - Auschwitz commandant hoess.02 (1 part, 6364 bytes) -- Capture and fate hoess.03 (1 part, 3054 bytes) -- Quotes from autobiog bragging about extermination record hoess.intro.01 (1 part, 11547 bytes) -- Steven Paskuly's introduction to DEATH DEALER, including the full text of hoess.intro.02 hoess.intro.02 (1 part, 6625 bytes) -- Steven Paskuly's introductory comments regarding Holocaust denial, and the assertion that Ho"ss's memoirs are a fake (contained in hoess.intro.01) hoess.statemen (1 part, 12454 bytes) -- Rudolf Hoess statement and confession, in German, with translation Subarchive: IFZ (path: holocaust/germany/ifz) -- Files: ifz.001 (1 part, 8049 bytes) -- German estimates of victim count from Institut Fuer Zeitgeschicthe (Munich) Subarchive: LANGUAGE (path: holocaust/germany/language) -- Files: ausrotten.001 (1 part, 20269 bytes) -- Discussions relating to the use and meaning of AUSROTTEN. Dictionary citations, context discussions. Thorough and convincing. Subarchive: NUREMBERG (path: holocaust/germany/nuremberg) -- Files: blaha.001 (1 part, 3015 bytes) -- Nuremberg references to the tanning of human skin, tattooing, etc. at Dachau commissar.001 (1 part, 26326 bytes) -- Hitler's Commissar Order (Barbarossa) - overview. conspire.001 (1 part, 2745 bytes) -- Documents presented during the American conspiracy case relate to planning the war well in advance of the invasion of Russia. Hitler quoted as predicting the death (by starvation) of millions as the result of\ using (1 part, 2745 bytes) -- resources for German needs. east.001 (1 part, 3856 bytes) -- Witnesses for the Russian presentation of the charge "Crimes Against Humanity" in Eastern Europe describe death camp experiences, and defense cousels decline cross-examination. frick.001 (1 part, 7364 bytes) -- Euthanasia program laid at Frick's feet - origins of Grafeneck killings .. goering.001 (1 part, 3471 bytes) -- Goering admitting Germany was bankrupt, discussing need for forced labour. (Conot) morgen.001 (1 part, 2456 bytes) -- Affidavit of SS judge Georg Konrad Morgen (from SS-65, IMT Vol. 42) nuremberg.001 (1 part, 3471 bytes) -- Nuremberg Law: Protecting the blood... nuremberg.002 (1 part, 3532 bytes) -- Summary of Nuremberg Laws (from Holocaust Research List) nuremberg.003 (1 part, 11651 bytes) -- Nuremberg Laws - Full text, from Noakes. partisan.001 (1 part, 7117 bytes) -- Discussion of Hitler's Partisan Order (Barbarossa) partisans.001 (1 part, 11787 bytes) -- Discussion of treatment of partisans in Poland and the Soviet Union, including Hitler's directive regarding same. Touches on Warsaw uprising quotes.001 (1 part, 1517 bytes) -- Documented quotes introduced into evidence by the prosecution at Nuremberg. (Conot) ribbentrop.001 (1 part, 605 bytes) -- Brief look at what others thought of Ribbentrop (Conot) rosenberg.001 (1 part, 6825 bytes) -- Rosenberg's testimony at Nuremberg (Conot) schacht.001 (1 part, 3022 bytes) -- Conot's brief mention of Warburg, and Schacht's comments about the Nazis after Kristallnacht, in which he referred to them as criminals. schacht.002 (1 part, 6179 bytes) -- Schact on the state of the economy prior to the war. (Conot) schacht.003 (1 part, 4551 bytes) -- Background material about the Hossbach Meeting (Conot) tattoo.001 (1 part, 4516 bytes) -- Citation regarding evidence presented of tattoos made into "household objects." (Conot) tattoo.002 (1 part, 5046 bytes) -- Citation regarding tanning of tattooed human skin at Buchenwald, _after_ Koch had been removed as Commandant. waffen-ss.001 (1 part, 2749 bytes) -- Brief citation regarding Tribunal rejection of attempts to exclude the Waffen-SS from SS organizational charges, and the refusal of the Tribunal to accept the U.N. War Crimes Commission report summarizing charges against the Waffen-SS. west.001 (1 part, 3957 bytes) -- Damning statistics during the French presentation of the charge of "Crimes Against Humanity" in Western Europe, which demonstrate the extent to which Nazi pillaging left Europe incapable of feeding itself or a defeated Germany. west.002 (1 part, 2690 bytes) -- Testimony during the French presentation which mentions Allied airmen killed at Mauthausen, contrary to denial assertions that the Nazis treated western POW's according to international law. wisliceny.001 (1 part, 8920 bytes) -- Wisliceny's testimony at Nuremberg re "final solution" Subarchive: RAVENSBRUCK (path: holocaust/germany/ravensbruck) -- Files: braunsteiner.h (1 part, 2821 bytes) -- Hermine Braunsteiner - Ravensbruck nielson.001 (1 part, 4410 bytes) -- Tale of a Danish Jew sent to Ravensbruck rosenthal.001 (1 part, 1459 bytes) -- Dr. Rolf Rosenthal Subarchive: SACHSENHAUSEN (path: holocaust/germany/sachsenhausen) -- Files: sachsenhsn.001 (1 part, 10149 bytes) -- The testimony of Jack Goldman, a Polish Jew imprisoned at Auschwitz during the 1944 uprising. March to Dachau, killing of Soviet POW's, destruction of the ovens, Sachsenhausen. (Linked to auschwitz.015) schmidt.deport (1 part, 2807 bytes) -- (US) Justice Dept. release re: deportation of Michael Schmidt, an SS guard at Sachsenhausen (SS Death's Head Btn) Subarchive: SPOILS (path: holocaust/germany/spoils) -- Files: leipzig.001 (1 part, 1210 bytes) -- Brief description of how effects left behind by German Jews were disposed of. Leipzig auction. (Hilberg, Perpetrators) Subarchive: WARNINGS (path: holocaust/germany/warnings) -- Files: lemmer.001 (1 part, 1066 bytes) -- Brief citation regarding Lemmer's early warnings to Swiss officials about gas chambers. schulte.001 (1 part, 1066 bytes) -- Brief citation regarding warnings to Allied consulates about planned extermination of the Jews (1942). These files refute deniers who claim that nothing was said or known about the extermination plans until after the end of the war. sommer.001 (1 part, 1066 bytes) -- Brief citation regarding warnings from German officer about extermination plans. Subarchive: GIFS (path: holocaust/gifs) -- Files: audoc001.gif (2 parts, 65495, 62218 bytes) -- Document - Letter to SS General Kammler showing total numbers that furnaces can destroy in 24 hours as 4,756 aukdoor.gif (6 parts, 65494, 65534, 65534, 65534, 65534, 30048 bytes) -- Door probably used as gas chamber door at Auschwitz aupit001.gif (7 parts, 65495, 65534, 65534, 65534, 65534, 65534, 14602 bytes) -- Photo [Pressac] of bodies being burned in Auschwitz pit auplan.gif (2 parts, 65491, 47404 bytes) -- Plan for Krema II showing air extraction ducts and ventilation system c_krema4.gif (3 parts, 65495, 65534, 33368 bytes) -- Close-up photograph of Krema IV showing Zyklon-B introduction slits in wall furnaces.gif (6 parts, 65495, 65534, 65534, 65534, 65534, 6770 bytes) h.window.gif (2 parts, 65495, 13036 bytes) -- The photographs preceeded with 'h.' were taken from the Documentary "Selling Murder - Killing Films of the Third Reich", written and researched by Michael Burleigh, produced by Domino Films for Channel 4, BBC, 1991. The documentary claims that the footage is of a gas chamber and crematorium, constructed by the SS in the Hadamar asylum in Hadamar, Germany, as part of the T4 "euthanasia" program. h.window.gif shows the interior of the chamber, the tiled walls, and a window well above head level. h.door1.gif (2 parts, 65494, 16358 bytes) -- Shows the interior gas-tight door. h.door2.gif (2 parts, 65494, 19058 bytes) -- The exterior gas-tight door (it is a user's supposition that there are two doors, the narration doesn't state it, and its impossible to determine for certain from the footage). h.crema.gif (2 parts, 65494, 20724 bytes) -- The crematory oven, located a few yards down the hall from the gas chamber. himmler.gif (1 part, 21208 bytes) krema3.gif (2 parts, 65493, 46698 bytes) -- Aerial view of Krema III (25 Aug 1944) showing Zyklon-B introduction vents krema4.gif (5 parts, 65493, 65534, 65534, 65534, 19396 bytes) [Pressac, (5 parts, 65493, 65534, 65534, 65534, 19396 bytes) -- 417] The gas chambers of Krema IV in Auschwitz. As opposed to Kremas II and III, these gas chambers were above ground, and the Zyklon-B was introduced through small openings in the wall (visible in the photograph). For a picture of a shutter for such an opening, see "Shutter.gif". resett.gif (3 parts, 65493, 65534, 47474 bytes) Subarchive: ITALY (path: holocaust/italy) -- Files: priebke.001 (1 part, 34305 bytes) -- Multiple news stories about SS Captain Erich Priebke, sought by Italian law enforcement for war crimes, and currently living in Argentina. Subarchive: LATVIA (path: holocaust/latvia) -- Files: latvia.001 (1 part, 6164 bytes) -- Description of over-all picture of Latvian nationals co-operating with Nazi police and military in the destructions of the Jews. Riga Ghetto, mass shootings (Arajs), Stahlecker's Einsatzgruppe A, Hilfspolizei, Selbstschutz, Schutzmannschaft, Riga, Liepaja, Daugavpils, Jelgava. Subarchive: LITHUANIA (path: holocaust/lithuania) -- Files: kedainiai.001 (1 part, 1474 bytes) -- Brief story of individual resistance during slaughter of 2000+ Lithuanian Jews, near Kedainiai, August, 1941. (Hilberg) Subarchive: MEDICAL (path: holocaust/medical) -- Files: medical.001 (1 part, 1659 bytes) -- Brack to Himmler, June 23, 1942 re sterilization medical.002 (1 part, 1202 bytes) -- Pokorny to Himmler, October, 1941, re sterilization medical.003 (1 part, 1589 bytes) -- Clauberg to Himmler, June 7, 1943, re sterilization medical.004 (1 part, 1577 bytes) -- Brandt memorandum of meeting between Himmler, Gebhart, Gluecks and Clauberg, to discuss sterilization medical.005 (1 part, 945 bytes) -- Brandt to Clauberg, regarding sterilization, Ravensbru"ck medical.006 (1 part, 475 bytes) -- Himmler to Brack, re sterilization medical.007 (1 part, 944 bytes) -- Blankenburg to Himmler, re x-rays and sterilization at Auschwitz Subarchive: NETHERLANDS (path: holocaust/netherlands) -- Files: anne.frank.001 (1 part, 7029 bytes) -- Documented material about David Irving's deceit regarding the Diary of Anne Frank. holland.001 (1 part, 3758 bytes) -- Mrs. Florentine von Tonningen - background, pension issue holland.002 (1 part, 10447 bytes) -- Holland's 'canonization' of Anne Frank, the record of the destruction of the Netherlands Jewish community holland.003 (1 part, 10447 bytes) -- The Diary of Anne Frank - background, verification data lstein.001 (1 part, 3626 bytes) -- Survivor article in conjunction with the announcement of the opening of the Vancouver, B.C. (Canada) Holocaust Education Centre. weidner.001 (1 part, 4843 bytes) -- Obituary notice for John Weidner, member of the underground responsible for saving the lives of over a thousand persons during the war. Subarchive: POLAND (path: holocaust/poland) -- Files: ab.aktion (1 part, 1392 bytes) -- "Vignette" file from "Encyclopedia of 3rd. Reich" alicia.001 (1 part, 5993 bytes) -- An informal review of "Alicia: My Story," the story of a thirteen-year-old Polish girl from the village of Buczacz, and how she survived while her entire family perished. ciemna.street (1 part, 3254 bytes) -- Kracow deportation account, taken from a survivor's memoirs diplomatic.001 (1 part, 5631 bytes) -- Background notes from Weitz's von Ribbontrop biography relating to Poland and German diplomatic activity. frank.01 (1 part, 1647 bytes) -- Speech: Liquidate them yourselves! frank.02 (1 part, 1894 bytes) -- The Jews aren't dying fast enough frank.03 (1 part, 1887 bytes) -- Quote from Frank speech, brief information about Frank's "diary", used as evidence at Nuremberg. kolin.001 (1 part, 764 bytes) -- April, 1994 news article dealing with discovery of mass suicide plans at Kolin work camp. ostrow.index (1 part, 688 bytes) -- INDEX to Yizkor Book of Ostrow-Lubelski (Incomplete - work in progress) ostrow.01 (1 part, 5918 bytes) -- Introduction to the Yizkor Book of Ostrow-Lubelski ostrow.02 (1 part, 18009 bytes) -- History of the Ostrow Lubelski district ostrow.03 (1 part, 24149 bytes) -- Survival through the war years (Mother and infant) ostrow.04 (1 part, 30523 bytes) -- Survival through the war years (Jewish male) ostrow.05 (1 part, 6338 bytes) -- To Remember and To Tell plac.zgody (1 part, 2686 bytes) -- Children shot in the street plac.zgody.2 (1 part, 2136 bytes) -- 700 shot in the street, 2000 deported poland.001 (1 part, 4888 bytes) -- Citation from Poliakov's "Harvest of Hate" which includes report (1941) from Wetzel saying that gassing machines were not availble in sufficient quantity in Germany, showing F. Berg's assertion that the Nazis would have used CO generators rather than diesel engines (Operation Reinhard) is complete nonsense. poland.002 (1 part, 18373 bytes) -- Citation from Poliakov, containing Gernstein statement and general information about the Polish camps, and their effectiveness and eventual destruction. slonim.01 (1 part, 1996 bytes) -- Liquidation of Slonim (Poland) Ghetto vilna.1 (1 part, 2387 bytes) -- Liquidation of the Vilna ghetto vilna.2 (1 part, 3437 bytes) -- Liquidation of the Vilna Ghetto warsaw.001 (1 part, 6414 bytes) -- The ghetto, deportation figures, etc. wlodawa.index (1 part, 963 bytes) -- INDEX to Yizkor book of Wlodawa wlodawa.001 (1 part, 7109 bytes) -- Remember and do not Forget wlodawa.002 (1 part, 12754 bytes) -- Sobibor wlodawa.003 (1 part, 21708 bytes) -- With the Partisans wlodawa.004 (1 part, 10001 bytes) -- The Partisan Founders wlodawa.005 (1 part, 6028 bytes) -- Testimony against Nitshke wlodawa.006 (1 part, 4205 bytes) -- The Third Action wlodawa.007 (1 part, 15718 bytes) -- Sobibor Revolt wlodawa.008 (1 part, 3923 bytes) -- Sobibor Revolt wlodawa.009 (1 part, 4002 bytes) -- The Tombstone Street wlodawa.010 (1 part, 16688 bytes) -- The Destruction of Wlodawa wlodawa.011 (1 part, 33890 bytes) -- Untitled ghetto history wlodawa.012 (1 part, 15252 bytes) -- Partisan memoirs wlodawa.013 (1 part, 17886 bytes) -- Experiences in the ghetto and Sobibor - (continued in Wlodawa.014) wlodawa.014 (1 part, 7768 bytes) -- Experiences in the ghetto and with the partisans - liberation wlodawa.015 (1 part, 12927 bytes) -- Experiences of a young girl wlodawa.016 (1 part, 13095 bytes) -- The Sobibor Trial wlodawa.017 (1 part, 26411 bytes) -- Almost A Legend The escape from Sobibor wlodawa.018 (1 part, 1878 bytes) -- Leaves In Memoriam zwodau.01 (1 part, 4800 bytes) -- Zwodau Concentration Camp zwodau.02 (1 part, 4800 bytes) -- Zwodau Concentration Camp Subarchive: AUSCHWITZ (path: holocaust/poland/auschwitz) -- Files: auschwitz.01 (1 part, 15319 bytes) -- Hitler's Death Camps - descriptions of Auschwitz horrors auschwitz.02 (1 part, 7308 bytes) -- A moving personal account (Erna Rubinstein) auschwitz.03 (1 part, 2156 bytes) -- Mala Zimetbaum's tragic vignette auschwitz.04 (1 part, 2449 bytes) -- German documentation from Pressac auschwitz.05 (1 part, 10474 bytes) -- Salmen Lewtal's manuscript auschwitz.06 (1 part, 6091 bytes) -- Origins of Auschwitz auschwitz.07 (1 part, 6481 bytes) -- Weczler-Vrba Report auschwitz.008 (1 part, 8785 bytes) -- SS men discuss the gassings at Auschwitz (From German Auschwitz trials) auschwitz.009 (1 part, 2604 bytes) -- The liquidation of the Gypsy camp at Auschwitz (from German Auschwitz trials) auschwitz.010 (1 part, 7544 bytes) -- German court testimony regarding the killing of prisoners at Auschwitz by injection auschwitz.011 (1 part, 2650 bytes) -- German court testimony related to Auschwitz - see auschwitz.010 auschwitz.012 (1 part, 2650 bytes) -- German court testimony related to Auschwitz, and SS officers who resisted the exterminations auschwitz.013 (1 part, 1872 bytes) -- German court testimony related to Auschwitz. (SS Private Boeck) Gassings, SS men "climbing on roof" to administer Zyklon B, Birkenau Bunker II, death came in "about ten minutes," etc. auschwitz.014 (1 part, 6539 bytes) -- The children of Auschwitz (includes testimony from Nuremberg regarding the practice of estimating the numbers of children killed by the numbers of prams left outside the crematoria - accounts of children burned alive. auschwitz.015 (1 part, 10149 bytes) -- The testimony of Jack Goldman, a Polish Jew imprisoned at Auschwitz during the 1944 uprising. March to Dachau, killing of Soviet POW's, destruction of the ovens, Sachsenhausen. auschwitz.016 (1 part, 776 bytes) -- Brief citation stating that furnaces were to be designed to make use of body fat as a fuel; from Gilbert. auschwitz.017 (1 part, 1006 bytes) -- Brief citation containing Belsen trial testimony of Dr. Charles Bendel regarding work of the Sonderkommando, and the time required to process corpses. auschwitz.xref (1 part, 24593 bytes) -- Cross-reference file containing references to Auschwitz in Holocaust archives ("grep Auschwitz /u/pd0/text.holocaust >> auschwitz.xref" produced the file) auschwitz.faq1 (1 part, 43582 bytes) -- Auschwitz FAQ, part01 auschwitz.faq2 (1 part, 38616 bytes) -- Auschwitz FAQ, part02 bahr.001 (1 part, 1139 bytes) -- Testimony of SS Unterscharfu"hrer Wilhelm Mahr about the gassing (Zyklon B) of 200 Russian POW's bialystok.1 (1 part, 2600 bytes) -- Liquidation of the ghetto bischoff.002 (1 part, 1726 bytes) -- Letter from SS-Sturmbannfu"hrer Bischoff to Kammler regarding completion of Krema II bischoff.01294 (1 part, 638 bytes) -- Letter from SS-Sturmbannfu"her Bischoff re Krema II readiness buky.001 (1 part, 884 bytes) -- Brief quote from testimony of Milton Buky. brothel.001 (1 part, 375 bytes) -- Very brief mention of the brothel in a memoir from Eva Brewster, a survivor. cannibal.01 (1 part, 2965 bytes) -- Micheel's account of cannibalism at Auschwitz capo.01 (1 part, 2407 bytes) -- Fania Fenelon relates discussion about capos at Auschwitz. churchill.003 (1 part, 992 bytes) -- Brief citation regarding Churchill request to Sinclair for the bombing of Auschwitz. clauberg.karl (1 part, 1639 bytes) -- Dr. Karl Clauberg cole.texan.ltr (1 part, 10744 bytes) -- Letter from David Cole to Daily Texan complaining about their refusal to accept Smith ad about his videotape. Feb. 19, 1993 cyanide.001 (1 part, 44622 bytes) -- Brian Harmon's excellent paper about cyanide - technical details written in an easily understood and well-organized manner. (c) Brian Harmon, 1994. cyanide.002 (1 part, 17464 bytes) -- Brian Harmon's excellent paper on Prussian Blue. (c) Brian Harmon, 1994 dachau.02 (1 part, 4313 bytes) -- Breitman references to Dachau, which also mention Auschwitz deathcamp.03 (1 part, 5008 bytes) -- Hitler's Death Camps ref denial, Leuchter, etc. eichmann.003 (1 part, 7259 bytes) -- Interrogation records regarding Eichmann's visit to Auschwitz and numbers killed fania.01 (1 part, 2229 bytes) -- Arrival at Auschwitz, purpose revealed fejkiel.001 (1 part, 1366 bytes) -- Testimony of, Polish Doctor about killing by phenol injection (Frankfurt trials) gambit.001 (1 part, 11389 bytes) -- Discussion of the Soviet figure of 4.1 million victims, which was changed upon the fall of communism in Eastern Europe. gassing (1 part, 5123 bytes) -- Various Nazi reports dealing with gassings (1 part, 5123 bytes) -- Auschwitz gebhardt.karl (1 part, 1148 bytes) -- Dr. Karl Gebhardt glossary (1 part, 2038 bytes) -- Glossary glowacki.001 (1 part, 968 bytes) -- Testimony of Warsaw doctor about condition of corpses after gassings glowacki.002 (1 part, 1105 bytes) -- Testimony of Warsaw doctor re phenol injections. glowa.001 (1 part, 2077 bytes) -- Testimony re phenol injections. gricksch.rpt (1 part, 3539 bytes) -- SS Report dealing with selection and killing process. gypsies.01 (1 part, 2517 bytes) -- Overview of the fate of the European Gypsies gypsies.02 (1 part, 6431 bytes) -- Overview of the fate of the European Gypsies gypsies.03 (1 part, 3436 bytes) -- Overview of the fate of the European Gypsies hilberg.01 (1 part, 13656 bytes) -- "Two hours to live" (1/2) hilberg.02 (1 part, 13379 bytes) -- "Two hours to live" (2/2) hoess.01 (1 part, 3451 bytes) -- Hoess - Auschwitz commandant hoess.02 (1 part, 6364 bytes) -- Capture and fate hoess.03 (1 part, 3054 bytes) -- Quotes from autobiog bragging about extermination record hoess.statemen (1 part, 12454 bytes) -- Rudolf Hoess statement and confession, in German, with translation hoessler.001 (1 part, 888 bytes) -- Snippet of Belsen Trials testimony (concerning Auschwitz) of SS Obersturmfu"hrer Hoessler. Selections, complaint to Hoess about treatment of prisoners hungary.01 (1 part, 3611 bytes) -- The reduction of Hungary's Jews jahrling.may43 (1 part, 728 bytes) -- Letter containing estimate of oven capacity klehr.001 (1 part, 224 bytes) -- Testimony of SS man Klehr re phenol injections. klein.001 (1 part, 696 bytes) -- Testimony of SS Dr. Fritz Klein (from "The Belsen Trial") regarding selection process. klodzinski.001 (1 part, 224 bytes) -- Testimony of Polish physician re phenol injections. kramer.josef (1 part, 1906 bytes) -- Josef Kramer krema-I.001 (1 part, 5788 bytes) -- Section 2.1 from auschwitz.faq1, regarding Krema I and experimental gassings kremer.001 (1 part, 5137 bytes) -- Diary notes from Auschwitz "doctor" Kremer kremer.002 (1 part, 1371 bytes) -- Testimony from Dr. Kremer about witnessing gassing, "anus mundi" statement. lofler.001 (1 part, 716 bytes) -- Testimony from Siegbert Lofler concerning unloading children from the transports. Brief. mandel.maria (1 part, 943 bytes) -- Maria Mandel mengele.josef (1 part, 1648 bytes) -- The Angel of Death - brief muench.001 (1 part, 3593 bytes) -- Testimony from Dr. Hans Muench. Secrecy concerning events at Auschwitz discussed, "show blocks" and how tour groups like the IRC were kept from seeing incriminating sections of the camp, witness to gassings muller.001 (1 part, 13791 bytes) -- Brutality muller.002 (1 part, 18297 bytes) -- Crematorium muller.003 (1 part, 16639 bytes) -- Crematorium muller.004 (1 part, 26865 bytes) -- Gassings described muller.005 (1 part, 4046 bytes) -- Prisoners also shot if transports delivered small groups of Jews muller.006 (1 part, 1775 bytes) -- Doctors take human parts for medical experimentation muller.007 (1 part, 6865 bytes) -- Birkenau crematoria selection process described, gassings, shower rooms, etc. muller.008 (1 part, 6134 bytes) -- Birkenau crematoria described in some detail muller.009 (1 part, 1769 bytes) -- Birkenau crematoria installs lab for extraction of dental gold from victims. Process described by survivor muller.010 (1 part, 13637 bytes) -- Birkenau muller.011 (1 part, 2101 bytes) -- Birkenau muller.012 (1 part, 4683 bytes) -- Birkenau muller.013 (1 part, 13591 bytes) -- Birkenau muller.014 (1 part, 4851 bytes) -- Birkenau muller.015 (1 part, 19376 bytes) -- Birkenau no-1257 (1 part, 3948 bytes) -- Document NO-1257, regarding quantity of clothing/textile salvage taken from Auschwitz and Lublin ghetto. S/Pohl, SS Obergruppenfu"hrer and General of the Waffen SS. nyt.091845 (1 part, 3278 bytes) -- New York Times article mentioning the figure of four million killed at Auschwitz, September, 1945. From testimony of Joseph Kremer, during the Belsen trial. nyt.111289 (1 part, 6674 bytes) -- New York Times article ("An Israeli Scholar's Case," by Peter Steinfels) quoting Bauer's rejection of the 4-million death toll figure at Auschwitz, and his confirmation of the total of six million Jews killed during the Holocaust. This letter, often quoted out of context, is cited by deniers in an attempt to prove that Bauer rejects the six-million figure. oberhauser.her (1 part, 1046 bytes) -- Dr. Herta Oberhauser piper.letter (1 part, 4276 bytes) -- Dr. Franciszek Piper's letter, written in response to the David Cole videotape about Auschwitz. Dr. Piper addresses Cole's lies about several matters. October 21, 1993. pressac (1 part, 11796 bytes) -- Information about Pressac and his latest work, brief background information, etc. prufer.001 (1 part, 2950 bytes) -- Testimony from Kurt Prufer, Senior Engineer with firm Topf & Sohne, concerning the construction of the Auschwitz furnaces. reference.term (1 part, 1163 bytes) -- List of commonly used research references (National Archive designations, etc.) reuters.112593 (1 part, 3388 bytes) -- British gov't releases new material relating to Auschwitz, death toll known for Aug. 42 as 8000 sander.001 (1 part, 1592 bytes) -- Testimony of Fritz Sander, about design of Auschwitz crematoria scherpe.001 (1 part, 1172 bytes) -- Testimony of SS man Scherpe re phenol injections. schultze.001 (1 part, 1765 bytes) -- Testimony of Karl Schultze, about design of ventilation systems in Auschwitz gas chambers and crematoria. schumann.horst (1 part, 1005 bytes) -- Dr. Horst Schumann spotlight.0193 (1 part, 21372 bytes) -- Spotlight article re Auschwitz and rebuttal from Holocaust mailing list regarding Eichmann's visit to Auschwitz stark.t01 (1 part, 1121 bytes) -- Stark (statement) starotska.001 (1 part, 2420 bytes) -- Starotska testimony from Belsen Trials regarding Auschwitz selection process, treatment of prisoners. sterilization (1 part, 2420 bytes) -- German references to medical experiments at Auschwitz and Ravensbruck victims.001 (1 part, 2420 bytes) -- Australian magazine article (May, 1991) concerning the controversy over the death toll at Auschwitz. Beginning with the removal of the Soviet-inspired memorial tablet citing 4,000,000 victims, discusses the research upon which the number was based, Reitlinger's view of the relationship between the Soviet figures and those produced by his own research in the Fifties, Hillberg's research and more. A comprehensive guide to the question of the "Four Million." wetzel.102541 (1 part, 1369 bytes) -- Letter from Dr. Erhard Wetzel to Reichskommisar Lohse re Auschwitz construction. Subarchive: EINSATZGRUPPEN (path: holocaust/poland/einsatzgruppen) -- Files: babi-yar.01 (1 part, 3553 bytes) -- Sachar's account of the Kiev massacre babi-yar.02 (1 part, 2800 bytes) -- continuation of Sachar's Babi-Yar account blobel.01 (1 part, 5256 bytes) -- Blobel & Babi Yar einsatzkommand (1 part, 22427 bytes) -- Einsatzgruppen established, report from SD commander on effectiveness jager.report (1 part, 20910 bytes) -- Einsatzgruppen report on Jews killed (Jager) esg.sep39 (1 part, 997 bytes) esg.oct41 (1 part, 1344 bytes) esg.kiev.may42 (1 part, 1171 bytes) esg.may42 (1 part, 522 bytes) esg.nuremberg (1 part, 33608 bytes) -- Conot's discussion about the Einsatzgruppen, and the Nuremberg testimony re same. esg.reports (1 part, 13330 bytes) gas.vans (1 part, 3023 bytes) -- Citation regarding the manufacture and testing of extermination vans minsk.jul42 (1 part, 832 bytes) ostland.aug41 (1 part, 1390 bytes) ostland.dec41 (1 part, 2505 bytes) ostland.nov41 (1 part, 761 bytes) roedl.nov41 (1 part, 1351 bytes) wehrmacht.0924 (1 part, 526 bytes) Subarchive: MAIDANEK (path: holocaust/poland/maidanek) -- Files: maidanek.01 (1 part, 2199 bytes) -- Majdanek camp maidanek.02 (1 part, 6088 bytes) -- "Harvest Festival" and Himmler's "A-1 Jew" speech maidanek.03 (1 part, 4204 bytes) -- Discussion of widely divergent figures for numbers killed at Majdanek maidanek.004 (1 part, 56592 bytes) -- Report of Soviet Committee of Inquiry regarding their findings concerning the nature and purpose of Maidanek camp. Includes documented testimony, death toll estimates in excess of one million, etc. Valuable and rare source, found in the Hoover War Library at Stanford University. This file has been reformatted to make it easier to read - the original document, as submitted to the archives by the researcher, is available as MAIDANEK.005 maidanek.005 (1 part, 56592 bytes) -- See Above. Subarchive: STUTTHOF (path: holocaust/poland/stutthof) -- Files: stutthof.001 (1 part, 3003 bytes) -- Description of treatment of Jews shipped to Stutthof, near Danzig, by a surviving Polish Socialist, Stefan Krakowski. (Gilbert, "The Holocaust") Subarchive: REINHARD (path: holocaust/poland/reinhard) -- Files: appendix.arad (1 part, 4135 bytes) -- General remarks, Operation Reinhard bialystok.1 (1 part, 2600 bytes) -- Arad's brief introduction regarding the Bialystok District in Nazi-occupied Poland demjanjuk.001 (1 part, 1198 bytes) -- US will not seek Supreme Court order barring Demjanjuk from re-entering the United States. deport.prep (1 part, 5317 bytes) -- Preparations for Reinhard deportations epilog.arad (1 part, 2971 bytes) -- Epilog from Arad's "Belzec" german.jews (1 part, 4249 bytes) -- Operation Reinhard goebbels.01 (1 part, 1902 bytes) -- Goebbels quote re Operation Reinhard minsk.001 (1 part, 3727 bytes) -- Liquidation of the Minsk ghetto preface.arad (1 part, 2072 bytes) -- Preface from Arad's book prolog.arad (1 part, 5063 bytes) -- General remarks, Operation Reinhard reinhard.001 (1 part, 1646 bytes) -- Hitler comments about his orders to Himmler reinhard.faq1 (1 part, 27071 bytes) -- Operation Reinhard Research Guide (FAQ), Part 1 of 2 reinhard.faq2 (1 part, 33446 bytes) -- FAQ: Operation Reinhard, Part 2 yvs.camps.01 (1 part, 18026 bytes) -- Yad Vashem Studies IV: The Nazi Concentration Camps (Yitzhak Arad) yvs.camps.02 (1 part, 26558 bytes) -- Yad Vashem Studies IV: The Nazi Concentration Camps (Yitzhak Arad) yvs.camps.03 (1 part, 20542 bytes) -- Yad Vashem Studies IV: The Nazi Concentration Camps (Yitzhak Arad) yvs.camps.04 (1 part, 45220 bytes) -- Yad Vashem Studies IV: The Nazi Concentration Camps (Yitzhak Arad) Revolt and Escape yvs16.index (1 part, 823 bytes) -- Index to yvs16 series yvs16.01 (1 part, 4849 bytes) -- Yad Vashem Studies XVI: Operation Reinhard: Background & Introduction yvs16.02 (1 part, 5083 bytes) -- Yad Vashem Studies XVI: Operation Reinhard: Personnel of Operation Reinhard yvs16.03 (1 part, 11948 bytes) -- Yad Vashem Studies XVI: Operation Reinhard: The Construction of Belzec yvs16.04 (1 part, 9970 bytes) -- Yad Vashem Studies XVI: Operation Reinhard: The Construction of Sobibor yvs16.05 (1 part, 4559 bytes) -- Yad Vashem Studies XVI: Operation Reinhard: The Construction of Treblinka yvs16.06 (1 part, 10863 bytes) -- Yad Vashem Studies XVI: Operation Reinhard: Belzec, from March 17 to June 1942 yvs16.07 (1 part, 5965 bytes) -- Yad Vashem Studies XVI: Operation Reinhard: Sobibor, from May to July 1942 yvs16.08 (1 part, 7665 bytes) -- Yad Vashem Studies XVI: Operation Reinhard: Treblinka, from July 23 to August 28, 1942 yvs16.09 (1 part, 8106 bytes) -- Yad Vashem Studies XVI: Operation Reinhard: The Construction of Larger Gas Chambers yvs16.10 (1 part, 5883 bytes) -- Yad Vashem Studies XVI: Operation Reinhard: The Attempt to Remove Traces yvs16.11 (1 part, 6389 bytes) -- Yad Vashem Studies XVI: Operation Reinhard: The Liquidation of the Camps Subarchive: BELZEC (path: holocaust/poland/reinhard/belzec) -- Files: belzec.01 (1 part, 2958 bytes) -- The beginnings [Sachar] belzec.02 (1 part, 7575 bytes) -- The story of Kurt Gerstein - see also Pfannenstiel's testimony, in this archive. belzec.03 (1 part, 2643 bytes) -- Deportations to Belzec, March, 1942 belzec.04 (1 part, 2557 bytes) -- Deportations to Belzec, April, 1942 belzec.05 (1 part, 3701 bytes) -- Deportations to Belzec, May, 1942 belzec.06 (1 part, 2432 bytes) -- Deportations to Belzec, June, 1942 belzec.09 (1 part, 3772 bytes) -- Deportations to Belzec, September, 1942 belzec.10 (1 part, 3489 bytes) -- Deportations to Belzec, October, 1942 belzec.11 (1 part, 12196 bytes) -- Breitman's discussion of early evidence of Himmler's complicity in planning camp, and Globocnik's extermination methods before the gas chambers were built. belzec.13 (1 part, 3504 bytes) -- Closing Belzec & destroying the evidence belzec.gas (1 part, 3874 bytes) -- belzec.schluch (1 part, 6048 bytes) -- Killing procedures and court records relating to same (and Treblinka trials) bolender.001 (1 part, 1138 bytes) -- Testimony of SS Oberscharfu"hrer Kurt Bolender about witnessing gassings at Belzec. Michel's welcome speech, Erich Bauer, "Emil" (Ukrainian) cornides.001 (1 part, 6550 bytes) -- Excerpts from the diary of German NCO Wilhelm Cornides relating to his observation of transports heading for Belzec, and of the camp itself. deathcamp.02 (1 part, 8228 bytes) -- Hitler's Death Camps (Belzec) deportations (1 part, 3407 bytes) -- Summary of deportation lists from Arad (Belzec) killing.cntr (1 part, 8044 bytes) -- General comments about Reinhard Camps and their purpose oberhauser.001 (1 part, 3078 bytes) -- The testimony of SS Untersturmfu"hrer Oberhauser mentioning use of bottled gas for killings during first phase of exterminations pavli.001 (1 part, 16239 bytes) -- The Soviet interrogation excerpt of Nikolai Pavli, who served as an SS Wachman at Sobibor and Belzec, as well as Flossenburg and elsewhere. Convicted by the Soviets, he was sentenced to 25 years in a work camp. pfannen.001 (1 part, 6791 bytes) -- The testimony of Wilhelm Pfannenstiel before the Darmstadt Court, June, 1950, regarding Belzec and the Gernstein statement. Mentions victims dying of asphyiation in diesel gas chamber. pfannen.002 (1 part, 4098 bytes) -- The testimony of Phaffenstiel regarding witnessing gassing of Jews at Belzec in August of 1942. Spinning mills, discussion of gas chambers themselves, etc. wirth.01 (1 part, 3188 bytes) -- Christian Wirth (Belzec) Subarchive: CHELMNO (path: holocaust/poland/reinhard/chelmno) -- Files: becker.001 (1 part, 2218 bytes) -- Dr. August Becker to SS Obersturmbannfu"hrer Rauff concerning the gas vans used for mobile killing. chelmno.001 (1 part, 8044 bytes) -- The Reinhard camps - Konnilyn Feig's Hitler's Death Camps chelmno.002 (1 part, 8044 bytes) -- Established by Lange chelmno.003 (1 part, 4238 bytes) -- Testimonies of SS man Malzmueller, and gas-van driver Walter Burmeister regarding gassings of Jews, utilizing the gas vans. kulmhof.001 (1 part, 2030 bytes) -- Testimony of Walter Burmeister, gas-van driver, about gassings at Kulmhof Subarchive: SOBIBOR (path: holocaust/poland/reinhard/sobibor) -- Files: ap.101593 (1 part, 2588 bytes) -- Sobibor memorial gathering by Jewish survivors (AP, October 15, 1993) chelmo.001 (1 part, 8044 bytes) -- General data regarding Reinhard camps dchenko.001 (1 part, 13783 bytes) -- Soviet interrogation of Danil'chenko, primarily regarding his service as SS Wachman (guard) at Sobibor, and placing Ivan Dem'yanyuk at the camp, describing processing, Dem'yanyuk's duties. dchenko.002 (1 part, 15722 bytes) -- Soviet interrogation of Danil'chenko, in which he lists other SS Wachmans known to him, including Ivan Demjanjuk and others. dchenko.003 (1 part, 5171 bytes) -- Soviet interrogation of Danil'chenko, in which he notes Sobibor was a death camp, designed for human extermination. fuchs.t01 (1 part, 1480 bytes) -- Testimony of SS Scharfu"hrer Erich Fuchs, during the Sobibor-Bolender Trial held in Dusseldorf. Fuchs describes the gas chamber engine's installation, states that it was a petrol engine (this is disputed by Soviet interrogation records of the questioning of Vasily Pankov, who stated that the Sobibor engine was diesel powered); describes gassing. The testimony in this file may also be found in Yad Vashem Studies XVI, file yvs16.04. ostland.1 (1 part, 4811 bytes) -- Bialystok district & Ostland pankov.001 (1 part, 12008 bytes) -- Soviet interrogation record of Vassily Pankov, his capture by German forces, his selection and training as Wachman at the Trawniki camp, and his subsequent service as guard at Sobibor, Auschwitz and Buchenwald. razgonayev.001 (1 part, 33267 bytes) -- Soviet interrogation record of Mikhail Affanaseiwitch Razgonayev regarding his service as Wachman and Oberwachman at the Sobibor death camp sobibor.01 (1 part, 3096 bytes) -- Introduction and editorial comments [from Sachar] sobibor.02 (1 part, 3917 bytes) -- The revolt at Sobibor sobibor.05 (1 part, 1994 bytes) -- Deportation data, Sobibor, May 42 sobibor.06 (1 part, 1736 bytes) -- Deportations to Sobibor, June 42 sobibor.07 (1 part, 3334 bytes) -- General description of layout & train sobibor.08 (1 part, 3395 bytes) -- Fallaster's train, burning the bodies sobibor.09 (1 part, 2931 bytes) -- Administrative changes, summer '43 sobibor.10 (1 part, 1845 bytes) -- Deportations to Sobibor, October 42 sobibor.11 (1 part, 3735 bytes) -- The winter of 42-43 sobibor.bal (1 part, 2373 bytes) -- Balance of deportations sobibor.gas (1 part, 3689 bytes) -- Gas chambers in first stage of camp operation sobibor.gas2 (1 part, 2110 bytes) -- Construction of new gas chambers at Sobibor in Fall of 1942 sobibor.welcom (1 part, 3223 bytes) -- "Welcome to Sobibor!" stangl.01 (1 part, 2540 bytes) -- Franz Stangl, Kommandant vilna.1 (1 part, 2387 bytes) -- Liquidation of Vilna ghetto wagner.gustav (1 part, 3071 bytes) -- Gustav Wagner (Sobibor) Wlodawa.002 (1 part, 12692 bytes) -- From the Yizkor book of Wlodawa Subarchive: TRAWNIKI (path: holocaust/poland/reinhard/trawniki) -- Files: trawniki.001 (1 part, 1139 bytes) -- Brief description of the camp, location near Lublin, end of camp Subarchive: TREBLINKA (path: holocaust/poland/reinhard/treblinka) -- Files: bialystok.1 (1 part, 2604 bytes) -- Liquidation of the ghetto bialystok.2 (1 part, 2714 bytes) -- Liquidation of the Bialystok ghetto on Himmler's order dorofeyev.001 (1 part, 6033 bytes) -- Testimony placing Fedorenko at the Trawniki training camp. (US Dept. of Justice) eichmann.004 (1 part, 7000 bytes) -- Eichmann's interrogation regarding visits to Treblinka franz.001 (1 part, 1025 bytes) -- Franz discusses Treblinka, in "The Good Old Days." german.court (1 part, 6180 bytes) -- Treblinka - the German court findings goncharov.001 (1 part, 1262 bytes) -- Extract from 1951 (Soviet) interrogation of Pyotr Nazarovich Goncharov, placing Ivan Marchenko at Trawniki and Treblinka (U.S. Department of Justice) hajda.001 (1 part, 3532 bytes) -- United States Department of Justice press release regarding denaturalization proceedings brought against Bronislaw Hajda, who they assert was a Trawniki-trained SS Wachman at Treblinka. kairys.liudas (1 part, 3369 bytes) -- Liudas Kairys Deportation announcement (from U.S.) korotkikh.001 (1 part, 12873 bytes) -- Excerpt from Soviet interrogation of Dmitriy Nikolayevich Korotkikh, SS guard trained at Trawniki camp. Chelm, Treblinka, Franz, Fedorenko, gas chambers, "tunnel" to gas chambers. Source: The United States Department of Justice. leleko.001 (1 part, 10245 bytes) -- Testimony of Pavel Vladimirovish Leleko, Feb. 1945, to Soviet interrogator. Deals with extermination process at Treblinka, description of camps, layout of gas chambers. Interesting in that this testimony claims two German diesels were installed in the newer of the two gas chamber buildings, rather than Soviet tank engines. Whether this is true, or reflects the political realities of the time, is unknown to me. Source: The United States Department of Justice. leleko.002 (1 part, 19367 bytes) -- Testimony of Pavel Vladimirovish Leleko, Feb. 1945, to Soviet interrogator. Deals with extermination process at Treblinka, estimated death toll, examples of cruel treatment by German SS and Ukrainian police. Notes presence of Ivan MARCHENKO. Source: United States Department of Justice malagon.001 (1 part, 13535 bytes) -- Testimony from Nikolai Petrovich Malagon, March, 1978, relating to training at the SS' Trawniki camp, and duty at Treblinka. Marchenko and Fedorenko placed at Treblinka. Source: The United States Department of Justice. malagon.002 (1 part, 7346 bytes) -- Testimony from Nikolai Petrovich Malagon, October, 1979, placing Ivan Demjanjuk at the Treblinka death camp. Travniki, Buchenwald. Dem. described as cook, then, later, as gas chamber operator. Source: The United States Department of Justice. malagon.003 (1 part, 2718 bytes) -- Testimony of Malagon as identifying photograph of Federenko as being a man he met at the Trawniki and Treblinka camps. This document contains what I believe to be a translation/transcription error in which Malagon says he cannot identify photos 1 or 2, but can identify "No.2" - this should probably read "No.3" but I have been unable to confirm the source of the error. Source: The United States Department of Justice. mentz.001 (1 part, 2511 bytes) -- Testimony from Willi Mentz about his experiences at Treblinka savenko.001 (1 part, 1795 bytes) -- Testimony by Yakov Savenko, placing Fedor Fedorenko at both Trawniki (for training) and at Treblinka. Source: The United States Department of Justice. shevchenko.001 (1 part, 1795 bytes) -- Testimony from Shevchenko which places Fedorenko at Treblinka (1942-7/1943), and which accuses him of beating and shooting Jews. Source: The United States Department of Justice. [Note: A GIF of the Russian original will eventually be available from these archives. knm, 10/04/1994] siedice.001 (1 part, 2146 bytes) -- Citation from the diary of Hubert Pfoch, an Austrian soldier, regarding his observation of the treatment of a transport of Jews observed at the Siedice railway station loading platform. The transport was apparently headed for Treblinka siedice.002 (1 part, 1353 bytes) -- Testimony from the diary of Pfoch continues regarding the deportation train he observed and photographed during his journey from Austria to the Eastern front. streltsov.001 (1 part, 1911 bytes) -- Testimony of Anton Ivanovich Streltsov, placing Fedor Fedorenko at the Treblinka camp, and accusing him of shootings, gassings. Source: United States Department of Justice. stangl.01 (1 part, 2540 bytes) -- Franz Stangl, Kommandant stangl.t01 (1 part, 697 bytes) -- Stangl testimony treblinka.01 (1 part, 7738 bytes) -- Excerpts from Treblinka (Frankfurt) trials treblinka.02 (1 part, 1679 bytes) -- treblinka.07 (1 part, 2772 bytes) -- "Intro" from Sachar's work - 'mechanized' treblinka.08 (1 part, 1843 bytes) -- von Euren & Globocnik treblinka.10 (1 part, 9138 bytes) -- Oct. 1942 Deportations to Treblinka treblinka.11 (1 part, 5437 bytes) -- Nov. 1942 Deportations to Treblinka treblinka.gas (1 part, 2516 bytes) -- treblinka.gas2 (1 part, 4166 bytes) -- treblinka.gas3 (1 part, 3951 bytes) -- treblinka.gas4 (1 part, 3683 bytes) -- treblinka.laza (1 part, 2840 bytes) -- The Treblinka Lazarett treblinka.new (1 part, 3043 bytes) -- vasilenko.001 (1 part, 2984 bytes) -- Excerpt from the 1961 Soviet interrogation of Sergey Stepanovich Vasilenko, placing Fedorenko and Yeger at the Treblinka camp. yeger.001 (1 part, 5142 bytes) -- Excerpt from the 1948 Soviet interrogation of Aleksandr Ivanovich Yeger, dealing with composition of the guards companies and their treatment of the prisoners, fate of the working (Jewish) crews. Source: The United States Department of Justice. yeger.002 (1 part, 7552 bytes) -- Excerpt from 1948 interrogation of A.I. YEGER, Treblinka guard. Describes layout of camp, treatment/processing of arriving trainloads of Jews. Source: The United States Department of Justice. yeger.003 (1 part, 2132 bytes) -- Excerpt from 1948 interrogation of A.I. YEGER, Treblinka guard. Describes Fedorenko's involvement in the shooting of Jews at Treblinka. Source: The United States Department of Justice. Subarchive: DEMJANJUK (path: holocaust/poland/reinhard/demjanjuk) -- Files: demjanjuk.6ap (1 part, 67746 bytes) -- The Court of Appeals Appendices (See DEMJANJUK.6COA for the Judgement) demjanjuk.6coa (1 part, 74688 bytes) -- The findings of the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit with regard to the charge of fraud against the Court brought against the government. The court found that fraud - this document is an interesting read, as it also provides lots of details concerning Demjanjuk's activities during the war, in concert with Soviet testimonies which are also archived here (see TREBLINKA and SOBIBOR archives). demjanjuk.s1-1 (1 part, 29211 bytes) -- The Demjanjuk Case: Factual and Legal Details (1 of 2). For Soviet interrogation records placing Demjanjuk (Dem'yanyuk) at Treblinka, See the INDEX for TREBLINKA (holocaust/poland/reinhard/treblinka) and the INDEX for SOBIBOR, both of which contain records placing Dem'yanyuk in Reinhard death camps. demjanjuk.s1-2 (1 part, 27391 bytes) -- The Demjanjuk Case: Factual and Legal Details (2 of 2) demjanjuk.s2 (1 part, 20185 bytes) -- The Demjanjuk Case: The Appeal Summary demjanjuk.s3 (1 part, 2189 bytes) -- The Demjanjuk Case: Statement Concerning the Decision, from the Minister of Justice, Professor David Liba'l demjanjuk.s4 (1 part, 29211 bytes) -- The Demjanjuk Case: Unofficial Summary of Supreme Court Decision nyt.100494 (1 part, 2720 bytes) -- The New York Times commentary on the SC judgement. Excerpted article, and I would appreciate having the original, complete text, rather than this file, which was edited by Wayne McGuire and published to alt.revisionism in November, 1994. Subarchive: REVIEWS (path: holocaust/reviews) -- Files: bard.001 (1 part, 2136 bytes) -- Review: Mitchell Bard's "The Abandonment of Americans in Hitler's Camps" discussed briefly in this UseNet article, September, 1994 breitman.001 (1 part, 13804 bytes) -- Review: Breitman's "The Architect of Genocide: Heinrich Himmler and the Final Solution," by Jacob Heilbrun breitman.002 (1 part, 12016 bytes) -- Review: Breitman's "The Architect of Genocide," and Peter Padfield's "Himmler," by Larry Thompson, Professor of History, United States Naval Academy. (Chicago Tribune, May 19, 1991) Note: Linked to padfield.001 breitman.003 (1 part, 7217 bytes) -- Review: Breitman's "The Architect of Genocide: Heinrich Himmler and the Final Solution," by Sol Gittleman, Professor of German, Provost & Sr. V.P., Tufts. evidence.evil (1 part, 5306 bytes) -- Review: Evidence of Evil, by T.W. Ryback (New Yorker, 1993/11/15) false.witness (1 part, 29993 bytes) -- Review: An Eye For An Eye: The Untold Story of Jewish Revenge Against Germans, by John Sack, reviewed by Daniel Goldhagen in the New Republic, 12/27/93. good.old.days (1 part, 7408 bytes) -- Review of "The Good Old Days" mayer.001 (1 part, 19096 bytes) -- Review of Arno Mayer's book "Why Did the Heavens Not Darken?" by V.R. Berghahn, Brown University Dept. of History. (New York Times, Feb. 19, 1989) mayer.002 (1 part, 6395 bytes) -- Review of Arno Mayer's book "Why Did the Heavens Not Darken?" by Alan Lichtman; includes commentary on Anne Summit's "A Season for Healing." (Washington Post, Feb. 19, 1989) nicholls.001 (1 part, 11245 bytes) -- Review of "A History of Hate," by Wm. Nicholls, written by Edward Alexander for the Congress Monthly (American Jewish Congress, by permission) padfield.001 (1 part, 12016 bytes) -- Review: Breitman's "The Architect of Genocide," and Peter Padfield's "Himmler," by Larry Thompson, Professor of History, United States Naval Academy. (Chicago Tribune, May 19, 1991) NOTE: Linked to breitman.002. shadow.death (1 part, 4613 bytes) -- A book review of Horwitz's "In the Shadow of Death" (Mauthausen) Subarchive: RUMANIA (path: holocaust/rumania) -- Files: jassy.001 (1 part, 3082 bytes) -- Eyewitness testimony regarding the deportation of Rumanian Jews, which began on June 21, 1941. The witness is not identified by Gilbert. jassy.002 (1 part, 1716 bytes) -- Gilbert discusses the fate of the Jassy Jews, the death toll, Rumanian police reports, and Killinger's report to Berlin that 4,000 had died. Subarchive: USA (path: holocaust/usa) -- Files: conspiracy.001 (1 part, 3254 bytes) -- Regarding the failure of the Wagner-Rogers Children's Rescue Bill to pass Congress conspiracy.002 (1 part, 3196 bytes) -- Regarding the Paul report to Secretary (Treasury) Morgenthau about State Dept obstruction of efforts to rescue European Jews. conspiracy.003 (1 part, 8769 bytes) -- Regarding the Rumanian offer to free 70,000 Jews in exchange for money, and the U.S. and British efforts to scuttle the deal. eisenhower.001 (1 part, 2282 bytes) -- eisenhower.002 (1 part, 1906 bytes) -- humanist.0993 (1 part, 12048 bytes) -- Humanist Magazine article about Holocaust denial. Irving, Carto. Author, Brian Siano. Mentions Mark Weber getting caught in the Simon Wiesenthal Center's sting operation, demonstrating his ties to German Nazi organizations. humanist.0793 (1 part, 15564 bytes) -- Humanist Magazine article on Holocaust denial, primary focus on Fred Leuchter. Mentions Roper poll, Paul Rassinier, Carto, The IHR, Henry Barnes, Zundel, etc. nyt.031185 (1 part, 5722 bytes) -- New York Times article describing how Nazi war criminal and scientists' records were changed or withheld from the State Department in order that the people concerned could be brought to the United States to work\ within (1 part, 5722 bytes) -- military's missile programs. sb.122793 (1 part, 10121 bytes) -- Sacramento (Calif) Bee article by Dan Carter, dealing with David Duke, Holocaust denial - general op ed piece skeptic.1 (1 part, 5231 bytes) -- Dr. Michael Shermer's _Skeptic_ magazine article, "Proving the Holocaust," in 15 parts skeptic.2 (1 part, 6232 bytes) -- Dr. Michael Shermer's _Skeptic_ magazine article, "Proving the Holocaust," in 15 parts skeptic.3 (1 part, 5239 bytes) -- Dr. Michael Shermer's _Skeptic_ magazine article, "Proving the Holocaust," in 15 parts skeptic.4 (1 part, 15029 bytes) -- Dr. Michael Shermer's _Skeptic_ magazine article, "Proving the Holocaust," in 15 parts skeptic.5 (1 part, 7366 bytes) -- Dr. Michael Shermer's _Skeptic_ magazine article, "Proving the Holocaust," in 15 parts skeptic.6 (1 part, 10470 bytes) -- Dr. Michael Shermer's _Skeptic_ magazine article, "Proving the Holocaust," in 15 parts skeptic.7 (1 part, 8502 bytes) -- Dr. Michael Shermer's _Skeptic_ magazine article, "Proving the Holocaust," in 15 parts skeptic.8 (1 part, 9894 bytes) -- Dr. Michael Shermer's _Skeptic_ magazine article, "Proving the Holocaust," in 15 parts skeptic.9 (1 part, 13212 bytes) -- Dr. Michael Shermer's _Skeptic_ magazine article, "Proving the Holocaust," in 15 parts skeptic.10 (1 part, 11708 bytes) -- Dr. Michael Shermer's _Skeptic_ magazine article, "Proving the Holocaust," in 15 parts skeptic.11 (1 part, 4180 bytes) -- Dr. Michael Shermer's _Skeptic_ magazine article, "Proving the Holocaust," in 15 parts skeptic.12 (1 part, 14981 bytes) -- Dr. Michael Shermer's _Skeptic_ magazine article, "Proving the Holocaust," in 15 parts skeptic.13 (1 part, 5356 bytes) -- Dr. Michael Shermer's _Skeptic_ magazine article, "Proving the Holocaust," in 15 parts skeptic.14 (1 part, 7197 bytes) -- Dr. Michael Shermer's _Skeptic_ magazine article, "Proving the Holocaust," in 15 parts skeptic.15 (1 part, 2410 bytes) -- Dr. Michael Shermer's _Skeptic_ magazine article, "Proving the Holocaust," in 15 parts usnw.022493 (1 part, 3966 bytes) -- Review of ADL's (then) newly-released "Hitler's Apologists," from the ADL willenbring.01 (1 part, 22700 bytes) -- Academic paper - "The Case Against the Gas Chambers" by Willenbring. Discusses history of Auschwitz and Holocaust denial, concludes that the gas chambers existed. Subarchive: BACQUE (path: miscellany/usa/bacque) -- Files: BACQUE: Sorry, archive out of date. Subarchive: CALIFORNIA (path: holocaust/usa/california) -- Files: irvine.001 (1 part, 3878 bytes) -- LA Times article (Sept. 1994) regarding Richard Prystrowsky's Holocaust study group at Irvine Valley College; Mel Mermelstein's Auschwitz memorial, Mermelstein and Prystrowsky's project for a county Holocaust study center. Subarchive: CODOH (path: holocaust/usa/codoh) -- Files: anarchy.001 (1 part, 3419 bytes) -- Letter from Bradley Smith to Anarchy Magazine which employs the "Four Million Varient" of the Auschwitz Gambit. arno.1 (1 part, 2120 bytes) -- Quotes from Arno Mayer's "Why the Skies Did Not Darken," in response to CODOH advertisement suggesting Arno supported Smith's contentions in the adv. arno.book (1 part, 2956 bytes) -- Full-context quotes from Arno's book (original UseNet article which contains the same text found in arno.1, plus comments.) brandeis.bs (1 part, 6719 bytes) -- Bradley Smith letter to Brandeis 'Justice" concerning their editorial comments upon the publication of his advertisement re Holocaust Memorial Museum bs.0794 (1 part, 32684 bytes) -- Bradley Smith's articles, and responses, from UseNet's alt.revisionism, July 1994. bs.0894 (3 parts, 65509, 65480, 7391 bytes) -- Bradley Smith's articles and responses - UseNet alt.revisionism, August 1994 bs.0994 (2 parts, 65503, 40470 bytes) -- Bradley Smith's articles and responses - UseNet alt.revisionism, Sept. 1994 cmelon.001 (1 part, 6803 bytes) -- Carnegie-Melon University's response to CODOH's "The Case for Open Debate." codoh.001 (1 part, 21064 bytes) -- News report detailing Holocaust denial, the IHR vrs. Mermelstein case, Smith's ad campaign, Oregonian's comments on their publication of Smith's ad, etc. (Newsday, Nassau & Suffolk Edition, 2/24/94) codoh.museum (1 part, 7518 bytes) -- CODOH's (aka Bradley Smith) advertisement regarding the Holocaust Memorial Museum, in Washington, D.C. codoh.oregonia (1 part, 13287 bytes) -- CODOH's ad regarding the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., along with a curious rant from Dan Gannon about "truth". cpd.040994 (1 part, 9800 bytes) -- Cleveland Plain Dealer article about Bradley Smith's appearance on Donahue, April, 1994 duke.001 (1 part, 3654 bytes) -- Duke University History faculty advertisement re CODOH's "The Case for Open Debate." harvard.001 (1 part, 5258 bytes) -- Harvard Crimson editorial re CODOH's "The Case for Open Debate," and the Harvard Crimson's decision not to print it. mit.001 (1 part, 10024 bytes) -- MIT editorial comment on CODOH's "The Case for Open Debate," and their decision not to print it. msu.001 (1 part, 2455 bytes) -- MSU Letter to Editor, from Donald Gochberg, concerning CODOH "Museum" ad msu.002 (1 part, 1904 bytes) -- MSU Letter to Editor, from John-Paul Checkett, concerning CODOH "Museum" ad msu.003 (1 part, 2885 bytes) -- MSU Editorial regarding CODOH ad re Holocaust memorial museum in Washington, D.C. museum.answers (1 part, 33062 bytes) -- Some UseNet responses to Bradley Smith's Museum advertisement. (March, 1994) newsday.022494 (1 part, 22378 bytes) -- Newsday article dealing with Holocaust denial in general, Schindler's List, Willis Carto's ouster from the IHR, Bradley Smith's CODOH campaign, etc. nwu.001 (1 part, 7688 bytes) -- NWU Professor of German and History, Peter Hayes, addresses the CODOH ad "The Case for Open Debate," which was printed in Northwestern's "Daily Northwestern." oregonian.net (1 part, 6318 bytes) -- UseNet responses to Gannon's recent comments, which accompanied yet another reprinting of Bradely Smith's (CODOH) advertisement about the Holocaust Memorial Museum. rv.0794 (5 parts, 65536, 65519, 65495, 65523, 1594 bytes) -- Ross Vicksell's articles and related responses, UseNet alt.revisionism, July, 1994 rv.0894 (3 parts, 65520, 65526, 11251 bytes) -- Ross Vicksell's articles and related responses, UseNet alt.revisionism, August, 1994 rv.0994 (5 parts, 65521, 65376, 65481, 65359, 10909 bytes) Vicksell's (5 parts, 65521, 65376, 65481, 65359, 10909 bytes) -- and related responses, UseNet alt.revisionism, September, 1994 rv.1094 (7 parts, 65530, 65474, 65526, 65491, 65465, 65502, 60511 bytes) -- Ross Vicksell's articles and related responses, UseNet alt.revisionism, October, 1994 tampa.001 (1 part, 5221 bytes) -- Editorial regarding Smith's museum advertisement, and how to respond to it, from _The Tampa Tribune_ (Publication date unknown) ubuffalo.001 (1 part, 5053 bytes) -- Buffalo News report concerning rejection of CODOH ads by U. Buffalo. umiami.001 (1 part, 2871 bytes) -- Reuters report about CODOH and University of Miami protests umiami.002 (1 part, 2871 bytes) -- Richard Cohen column about University of Miami running CODOH's "Museum" advertisement. vicksell.0394 (1 part, 72558 bytes) -- UseNet: Ross Vicksell (CODOH functionary) articles from Usenet, March, 1994 vicksell.0494 (1 part, 39405 bytes) -- UseNet: Ross Vicksell (CODOH functionary) articles from Usenet, April, 1994 vicksell.0594 (1 part, 32992 bytes) -- UseNet: Ross Vicksell (CODOH functionary) articles from Usenet, May, 1994 vicksell.06941 (1 part, 95713 bytes) -- UseNet: Ross Vicksell (CODOH functionary) articles from Usenet, June, 1994 (1 of 2) vicksell.06942 (1 part, 83339 bytes) -- UseNet: Ross Vicksell (CODOH functionary) articles from Usenet, June, 1994 (2 of 2) See rv.mmdd for following months - (filename changed to accommodate software glitches with SCO XENIX) rv.0994 (5 parts, 65521, 65376, 65481, 65359, 10909 bytes) rv.1094 (7 parts, 65530, 65474, 65526, 65491, 65465, 65502, 60511 bytes) Subarchive: EISENHOWER (path: holocaust/eisenhower) -- Files: eisenhower.001 (1 part, 2212 bytes) -- Quotes from Eisenhower's "Crusade in Europe" regarding a concentration camp near Gotha. eisenhower.002 (1 part, 1814 bytes) -- Quotes from Ike the Soldier, re Buchenwald. Subarchive: IHR (path: holocaust/usa/ihr) -- Files: about.smith (1 part, 10351 bytes) -- ADL's info about Bradley Smith app.001 (1 part, 2815 bytes) -- Background information about App, discussion of early activities (Lipstadt) app.002 (1 part, 2482 bytes) -- Austin App and his defense of the Nazi destruction of Lidice (Lipstadt) app.003 (1 part, 6007 bytes) -- Austin App and the deniers' "numbers game." Lipstadt discusses App's claims about Jewish refugees and survivors in Germany after the war. butz.001 (1 part, 969 bytes) -- NWU Associate Professor of Modern German History, Peter Hayes, comments on Butz's work as it related to the Sarich affair. butz.002 (1 part, 6710 bytes) -- Brief article by Auschwitz survivor and author/lecturer Lilli Kopecky regarding confrontation with Butz during CNN's "Freeman Reports" in 1981. butz.003 (1 part, 4883 bytes) -- Background information about Butz and the tone of his work. (Lipstadt) butz.004 (1 part, 4500 bytes) -- Comments about Butz's assertion that the Holocaust "hoax' was a massive conspiracy, and relating to massive numbers of forgeries created by members of this conspiracy in secrecy.(Lipstadt) butz.005 (1 part, 2220 bytes) -- Butz and "Jewish control of the media" (Lipstadt) butz.006 (1 part, 14135 bytes) -- Butz response to Ken McVay's posting of butz.002 (see above). The short answer: the story is true as related. Butz' obfuscation provides interesting insight into the denier mindset. carto.001 (1 part, 5398 bytes) -- Review of Carto writing, other bio information carto.002 (1 part, 69397 bytes) -- 1971 National Review article regarding Carto, and Yockey. [unproofed.] carto.003 (1 part, 15882 bytes) -- LA Times article (May 8, 94) concerning Carto's ouster from the IHR. carto.004 (1 part, 37209 bytes) -- Neighbors Network (Georgia) review of Yockey's "Imperium" (linked to fascism/usa/yockey yockey.001) carto.005 (1 part, 7500 bytes) -- Dignity Report article on Carto's expulsion from the IHR and Noontide Press, March 1, 1994. carto.006 (1 part, 4935 bytes) -- Report on Carto- IHR split, US Newswire, October, 1994. cole.video (1 part, 9690 bytes) -- IHR advertisement for Cole's video, as posted by Dan Gannon. dershowitz (1 part, 9690 bytes) -- Dershowitz article from the Times diesel.001 (1 part, 6144 bytes) -- User response to Berg's "The Diesel Gas Chambers: Myth Within a Myth," as published in the jhr, v5, number 1, and available here as jhr.v5n1. felderer.news (1 part, 1909 bytes) -- Ditlieb Felderer (News clips) flash.point (1 part, 43132 bytes) -- Excerpt from "Flash Point," a book published by the IHR which blames the Jews for Kristallnacht george.will (1 part, 5482 bytes) -- George Will's column (August 29th., 1993, Austin American-Statesman) on Mark Weber and Holocaust denial - good read. ihr.applicant (1 part, 2864 bytes) -- Application to IHR conference asking for verifiable "references" ihr.data (1 part, 15013 bytes) -- ihr.faq1 (1 part, 21567 bytes) -- IHR FAQ (1/2) ihr.faq2 (1 part, 30119 bytes) -- IHR FAQ (2/2) ihr.hatch (1 part, 3832 bytes) -- Data regarding Carto's background and Mark Weber from "Express" and "Z" ihr.0492n86 (1 part, 8007 bytes) -- Bradley Smith - CODOH ihr.0792n88 (1 part, 27944 bytes) -- David Irving jhr.index (2 parts, 65522, 63917 bytes) -- Index of Journal of Historical Review through 1993 jhr.reviews (1 part, 47436 bytes) -- jhr reviews of Lipstadt et al, posted to the net by Dan Gannon. (Published in jhr.v13n6) jhr.v5n1 (1 part, 79075 bytes) -- Berg's "Diesel Myth" paper jhr.v11n1 (2 parts, 65511, 35264 bytes) -- Faurisson on Pressac (1 of 2 - continued in jhr.v11n2) jhr.v11n2 (5 parts, 65491, 65479, 65499, 65519, 53891 bytes) -- Review of Mermelstein movie "Never Forget," Butz' "Introduction to Holocaust revisionism, Faurisson on Pressac, Part 2, Faurisson on "The Myth of the Gassing of Serbs during WWI," and Enrique Aynat on Pressac and Auschwitz . jhr.v12n3 (1 part, 146472 bytes) -- Degrelle's apologia for Hitler jhr.v12n4 (1 part, 80412 bytes) -- Mark Weber on David Irving, Luftl report, Gernstein report & related Holocaust denial, Leuchter jhr.v13n1 (1 part, 13029 bytes) -- Doug Collins re Zundel and David Irving, Irving's comments jhr.v13n2 (1 part, 118437 bytes) -- re Faurisson's conviction, David Irving info, David Irving re Eichmann papers, race relations, Cole visit to Auschwitz jhr.v13n3 (1 part, 20029 bytes) -- "Liberators" called fraud jhr.v13n4 (1 part, 48019 bytes) -- Faurisson, IHR gets boot from OAH journal, Weber cries "Foul!" jhr.v13n5 (1 part, 63341 bytes) -- Dr. Paul Rose's alleged expulsion of a student asking questions about "revisionist" views jhr.v13n6 (3 parts, 65494, 65503, 21809 bytes) -- Bergen-Belsen Weber's reviews of Lipstadt et al, Faurisson response to critique (1982) jhr.v14n1 (1 part, 19088 bytes) -- Diatribe about Mermelstein ihrintro.text (1 part, 16107 bytes) -- IHR "introduction" posted on B-CPU bulletin board lat.051594 (1 part, 15284 bytes) -- Los Angeles Times article about the IHR coup d'etat which ousted Willis Carto. Mentions weapons used by staff, lawsuits, the Edison $10-million bequest battle, staff complaints, etc. larouche.ihr (1 part, 6415 bytes) -- Dennis King's discussions linking Lyndon LaRouche with Carto and the Liberty Lobby. Background information on Willis Carto. mermelstein.txt (1 part, 26733 bytes) -- The Mermelstein court findings re suit against the IHR museum.ihr (1 part, 20595 bytes) -- IHR article decrying the opening of the American Holocaust museum. Written by O'Keefe newsday.022494 (1 part, 22378 bytes) -- Newsday article dealing with Holocaust denial in general, Schindler's List, Willis Carto's ouster from the IHR, Bradley Smith's CODOH campaign, etc. PAC.ihr (1 part, 6953 bytes) -- Information regarding the PAC and the British fascist movement raven.000 (1 part, 12200 bytes) -- Greg Raven, IHR editor, responds to Dr. Keren's documented citations in a typical example of obfuscation. See raven.002 for a joint response. raven.001 (1 part, 701 bytes) -- Greg Raven, IHR editor, on Adolf Hitler. raven.002 (1 part, 33783 bytes) -- Joint response to Raven's request for discussion of the "best evidence" proving the Holocaust. raven.003 (1 part, 48475 bytes) -- Joint response to Raven's "best evidence" response. Published to the net May 31, 1994, by Ken McVay, Danny Keren, Jamie McCarthy and Michael Stein. raven.0494 (1 part, 62898 bytes) -- Greg Raven's articles (alt.revisionism), April, 1994... raven.0594 (1 part, 47148 bytes) -- Greg Raven's articles (alt.revisionism), May, 1994 raven.0694 (1 part, 10884 bytes) -- Greg Raven's articles (alt.revisionism), June, 1994 raven.0794 (7 parts, 65536, 65531, 65473, 65491, 65518, 65479, 17133 bytes) -- Raven articles and responses, July 1994 raven.0894 (9 parts, 65509, 65509, 65508, 65487, 65503, 65532, 65536, 65466, 27491 bytes) -- Raven articles and responses, August, 1994 raven.0994 (6 parts, 65488, 65524, 65486, 65492, 65535, 29044 bytes) -- Greg Raven's UseNet alt.revisionism articles and responses, September, 1994 raven.1094 (11 parts, 65501, 65532, 65447, 65481, 65532, 65521, 65500, 65480, 65528, 65530, 36316 bytes) -- More Raven, and threads, October, 1994 raven.1194 (3 parts, 65536, 65507, 13717 bytes) -- Greg Raven, UseNet articles and responses, November, 1994 raven.1294 (7 parts, 65495, 65526, 65506, 65499, 65501, 65465, 19679 bytes) -- Greg Raven's UseNet articles and responses, December, 1994. See raven.idx.1294 for complete Subject: listing. raven.idx.1194 (1 part, 2533 bytes) -- Subject listing for articles contained within raven.1194 raven.idx.1294 (1 part, 5816 bytes) -- Subject listing for articles contained within raven.1294 salaman.01 (1 part, 2707 bytes) -- Regarding Maureen Salaman's ties to Willis Carto and the IHR (Christian broadcaster) seidel.001 (1 part, 38643 bytes) -- Seidel's discussion of Faurisson, his beliefs, background, and trial sfc.091193 (1 part, 2096 bytes) -- Simon Wiesenthal Center's Aaron Breitbart's response to Mark Weber's letter to the San Francisco Chronicle, September, 1993 spotlight.0193 (1 part, 21372 bytes) -- Auschwitz "expose" spotlight.0493 (1 part, 18411 bytes) -- ADL Spy Scandal and attack on Museum of the Holocaust, written by "Andrew Arnold" tm.051594 (1 part, 15603 bytes) -- LA Times-Mirror article about the ouster of Willis Carto from the IHR - good background detail. webers.feet (1 part, 15012 bytes) -- Chana Braun's article dealing with Mark Weber's deliberate misrepresentation of his refusal to debate on an open computer forum webers.letter (1 part, 5315 bytes) -- The letter the IHR refuses to print (also shown in webers.feet, above) wikoff.001 (1 part, 2951 bytes) -- ADL thumbnail sketch of Jack Wikoff, New York white supremecist and Holocaust denial publisher/writer wp.100393 (1 part, 11600 bytes) -- Washington Post response to Holocaust denial, from Lipstadt, survivors, etc. dealing (1 part, 11600 bytes) -- Holocaust denial in general, Schindler's List, Willis Carto's ouster from the IHR, Bradley Smith's CODOH campaign, etc. Subarchive: BERG (path: holocaust/usa/ihr/berg) -- Files: berg.0694.z (2 parts, 65494, 11832 bytes) -- Friedrich Berg's UseNet arcticles, and responses, from June, 1994 berg.0794 (2 parts, 65477, 62946 bytes) -- Berg's UseNet articles, and responses, for July, 1994 Subarchive: LEUCHTER (path: holocaust/usa/leuchter) -- Files: ihr.v12n4 (2 parts, 65522, 58810 bytes) -- Three articles from the IHR Newsletter regarding Leuchter Report leuchter.01 (1 part, 2303 bytes) -- Leuchter shown to be liar about his "expertise" leuchter.02 (1 part, 5407 bytes) -- Leuchter admits he isn't an engineer, and is ordered to quit publishing his report, which claims he is an engineer. leuchter.03 (1 part, 1988 bytes) -- Leuchter's testimony at the Zu"ndel trial that he is not an engineer leuchter.04 (1 part, 3590 bytes) -- Leuchter's testimony at the Zu"ndel trial about HCN concentrations required for killing insects vrs. that required to kill humans leuchter.05 (1 part, 7743 bytes) -- Leuchter's arrest in Germany - translation of German newspaper article, 11/05/93 - an interesting response to Gannon's allegations regarding the man's arrest. leuchter.faq1 (1 part, 34736 bytes) -- Guide to the Leuchter Report and other denial claims - Part One of two leuchter.faq2 (1 part, 42686 bytes) -- Guide to the Leuchter Report and other denial claims - Part Two of two leuchter.patents (1 part, 3979 bytes) -- Refutation of the "Leuchter Report," discussion of Leuchter patents luftl.report (1 part, 62606 bytes) -- Luftl Report, supporting Leuchter Report. (Journal of Historical Review v12n4) prussian.blue (1 part, 4409 bytes) -- Refutation of the "Leuchter Report" wpost.061891 (1 part, 5484 bytes) -- Washington Post article concerning Consent Decree in which Leuchter agrees that he is not an engineer, and that he will stop disseminating reports identifying himself as such. Subarchive: LIPSTADT (path: holocaust/usa/lipstadt) -- Files: csm.081193 (1 part, 3707 bytes) -- Judith Bolton-Fasman's review of Lipstadt's Denying the Holocaust, from the Christian Science Monitor, August 11, 1993 lipstadt.001 (1 part, 2538 bytes) -- The basis for German reparations to Israel lipstadt.002 (1 part, 7354 bytes) -- Nazi emigration policy discussed; Madagascar Plan, denial duplicity in this regard lipstadt.003 (1 part, 7329 bytes) -- Denial misrepresentation of the ICRC report, accurate quotes from the report, examples of duplicity citing the report lipstadt.004 (1 part, 5411 bytes) -- David Irving lipstadt.005 (1 part, 2027 bytes) -- Fred Leuchter lipstadt.006 (1 part, 7503 bytes) -- Historical relativism as a tool of Holocaust denial lipstadt.007 (1 part, 3961 bytes) -- Lipstadt addresses how she views legitimizing denial by engaging it in discussion or debate. lipstadt.008 (1 part, 51256 bytes) -- IHR review of Lipstadt's "Denial", by O'Keefe... soap.05 (1 part, 5657 bytes) -- Lipstadt's letter to the Los Angeles Times (16 May 1981) in which she says the soap stories are not true. wp.071193 (1 part, 8362 bytes) -- Washington Post review of Denying the Holocaust, by Paul Johnson wt.071893 (1 part, 6313 bytes) -- Washington Times review of Denying the Holocaust, by Alvin Rosenfeld Subarchive: MARYLAND (path: holocaust/usa/maryland) -- Files: tmc.0894 (4 parts, 65486, 65527, 65475, 26674 bytes) -- Tim McCarthy, "Landpost Press," UseNet alt.revisionism articles and responses, August, 1994 tmc.0994 (2 parts, 65507, 58661 bytes) -- Tim McCarthy, "Landpost Press," UseNet alt.revisionism articles and responses, September, 1994 Subarchive: MURUNGU (path: holocaust/usa/murungu) -- Files: murungu.1094 (4 parts, 65465, 65531, 65495, 22285 bytes) -- "murungu" posts to UseNet alt.revisionism, October, 1994, with responses. Vitriolic Holocaust denial. Subarchive: OREGON (path: holocaust/usa/oregon) -- Files: Cannot obtain directory information. Subarchive: B-CPU (path: holocaust/usa/oregon/b-cpu) -- Files: b-cpu.001 (1 part, 23854 bytes) -- Dan Gannon's Agenda using examples from text files residing on b-cpu, and Gannon's descriptions of those files. b-cpu.anti-sem (1 part, 3500 bytes) -- Rabidly anti-Semitic nonsense endorsed by Gannon as a "must read" file b-cpu.faq (1 part, 28677 bytes) -- Generic B-CPU FAQ (obsolete) b-cpu.files (1 part, 49798 bytes) -- Dan Gannon's (partial) file lists, from b-cpu, June, 1993 b-cpu-kill.faq (1 part, 3490 bytes) -- Generic B-CPU FAQ dealing with KILL files, etc. banished.scj (1 part, 11616 bytes) -- Information relating to Gannon's summary ejection from soc.culture.jewish for violations of the group's charter. (April 12, 1994) big.lie (1 part, 10834 bytes) -- Response to Gannon's article asserting that Nazis did not advocate the "big lie" technique, (original article included) blasted.001 (4 parts, 65497, 65481, 65527, 2733 bytes) -- Response to Gannon's "BLASTED TO BITS" articles, January, 1994, including full text of Faurisson article from JHR, retrieved from Gannon's server. christian.news (1 part, 26587 bytes) -- Gannon posting of articles from "Christian News" in 1989 regarding a Holocaust debate which did not occur. Article contains text touting Leuchter as an "expert," which provides an accurate view of its spin throughout. dg0194.z (5 parts, 65491, 65534, 65534, 65534, 38720 bytes) -- Gannon's articles (alt.revisionism) as received in alt.revisionism at this site, January, 1994 dg0294.z (2 parts, 65491, 14320 bytes) -- Gannon's articles Gannon's articles (alt.revisionism) as received in alt.revisionism at this site, February, 1994 dg0394.z (3 parts, 65491, 65534, 37190 bytes) -- Gannon's articles (alt.revisionism) as received at this site during March, '94. dg0494 (1 part, 57568 bytes) -- Gannon, articles and replies, April, 1994 dg0594 (1 part, 59270 bytes) -- Gannon, articles and replies, May, 1994 dg0694 (2 parts, 65513, 13813 bytes) -- Gannon, articles and replies, June, 1994 dg0794 (5 parts, 65489, 65530, 65311, 65504, 9675 bytes) -- Gannon, articles and replies, July, 1994 dg0894 (1 part, 4338 bytes) -- Gannon, articles and replies, August, 1994 dg0994 (1 part, 40982 bytes) -- Gannon, articles and replies, September, 1994 gannon (1 part, 3671 bytes) -- Evidence proving "Maynard" is Dan Gannon gannon.words (1 part, 67223 bytes) -- Exchange between Gannon and b-cpu user, which user titles "In His Own Words." Examples of Gannon's approach to "free speech." gannon.001 (1 part, 9054 bytes) -- Dan Gannon's failed attempt to mailbomb my site gannon.002 (1 part, 4926 bytes) -- Dan Gannon's performance on UseNet prompted one user's response. It was concise and to the point, which is why I saved it. It's an ideal model for responding to Gannon's propaganda, and expresses feelings common to all of us. gannon.0708 (1 part, 23935 bytes) -- Dan Gannon's performance on b-cpu regarding Holocaust issues gannon.0714 (1 part, 44776 bytes) -- Dan Gannon's performance regarding nature of Zyklon-B - full text of conversation with b-cpu user gannon.0730 (1 part, 50223 bytes) -- Gannon's posts regarding blacks, racial tension in Los Angeles, etc. with copies of headers from extensive cross-posting of identical articles gannon.answers (1 part, 84359 bytes) -- Dan Gannon's lame response to the "Ten Questions" repeatedly asked of him, for over a year, by Ken McVay, Danny Keren, Jamie McCarthy and others. gannon.gas (1 part, 21221 bytes) -- Exchange between Gannon and user regarding Zyklon B (quite amusing) gannon.schindler (1 part, 8056 bytes) -- Gannon on Schindler's List, along with thoroughly refuted John Ball ("photo expert") article "proving" the movie lied about historic facts. liberators (1 part, 11081 bytes) -- Review of documentary (PBS "Liberators" special) discussing historical inaccuracies and racism from New Republic, via Dan Gannon liar (1 part, 25158 bytes) -- Gannon's lies reviewed and archived, with documented proofs. lie.04 (1 part, 3134 bytes) -- Gannon's lie (#4) regarding Churchill and Eisenhower challenged by Dr. Keren. lie.06 (1 part, 6042 bytes) -- Gannon's lie (#6) regarding an abscure article in American Hebrew Magazine which, he claimed, asserted that there was another Holocaust _claimed_ during WWI - Gannon's claim, and a copy of the actual magazine citation, are included in this classic example of duplicity. lie.07 (1 part, 10569 bytes) -- Gannon's lie (#7) regarding Seberbian deaths in WWI, and Jamie McCarthy comments on Lie #6 - see also Lie.06 lie.9-11 (1 part, 5897 bytes) -- Gannon adds three new lies to an article posted to alt.revisionism on Mar. 18, 1994. lie.12 (1 part, 3927 bytes) -- Gannon repeats the Krakowski lie, and creates additional documentation for Lie #12, on Mar. 21, 1994 liberators (1 part, 11081 bytes) -- Review of documentary (PBS) martin.exposed (1 part, 28515 bytes) -- Chana Brown's devastating rebuttal of "George Martin" newyorker.1220 (1 part, 3914 bytes) -- Reflections from Letters section of the New Yorker regarding the Holocaust (Roper) poll pfaust-bcpu (1 part, 7767 bytes) -- Postings on B-CPU by "pfaust" players.faq (1 part, 3840 bytes) -- unused FAQ file (Obsolete) porter.schindl (1 part, 5227 bytes) -- Gannon post of Carlos Porter's "review" of Schindler's List question.11 (1 part, 17459 bytes) -- Unanswered question to Gannon regarding the meaning of "Special handling" and similar terms with reference to the extermination of the Jews. scrolls.refute (1 part, 3162 bytes) -- Response to Winston's nonsense on UseNet walendy.001 (1 part, 2810 bytes) -- Article from user regarding flaws in Udo Walendy's "expose" of forged photographs, which Gannon published to the net. Demonstrates that Walendy is ignorant about photography, and how to reproduce features which Walendy claims "prove" forgery. winston.refute (1 part, 5351 bytes) -- Various articles refuting "Ralph Winston" dg0994 (1 part, 40982 bytes) Subarchive: WASHINGTON (path: holocaust/usa/washington) -- Files: Subarchive: USSR (path: holocaust/ussr) -- Files: kube.001 (1 part, 888 bytes) -- Letter from Generalkommisar for White Russia, Kube, to Reichkommissar of the Ostland Lohse (July 1942) stating that 55,000 Jews have been killed in the past ten weeks. oss.report (1 part, 4185 bytes) -- 1944 OSS report on the validity of Soviet atrocity claims against the Nazis. It concludes that "the Germans have extended to occupied Russia their policy of liquidating the Jewish population of Europe." pow.001 (1 part, 3853 bytes) -- Material regarding the fate of Soviet prisoners of war at the hands of the Nazis, excerpted from Berenbaum's "A Mosaic of Victims." Subarchive: UKRAINE (path: holocaust/ussr/ukraine) -- Files: belaya_tse.001 (1 part, 7580 bytes) -- Description of extermination of Jewish women and children by Ukrainian militia acting under orders of the Sixth Army, in the village of Belaya Tserkov (about 50 miles from Kiev). nikolaev.001 (1 part, 2385 bytes) -- Description of selection of Mayors, shooting of some for harboring Jews. Duties assigned, census taking and documentation for same. samary.001 (1 part, 1201 bytes) -- Description of shooting of entire Ukrainian family for harboring a Jew. ukraine.001 (1 part, 1800 bytes) -- Description of Ukrainian attitude towards remaining Jews in the region (Hilberg) Subarchive: YAD_VASHEM (path: holocaust/Yad_Vashem) -- Files: krakowski.ltr (1 part, 2605 bytes) -- Yad Vashem Director Krakowki's letter to the editor of the Jerusalem Post regarding validity of his interview by Amouyal and the validity of the documents archived by Yad Vashem. Absolute rebuttal of IHR/Gannon assertions to the contrary. Subarchive: YUGOSLAVIA (path: holocaust/yugoslavia) -- Files: Cannot obtain directory information. Subarchive: JASENOVAC (path: holocaust/yugoslavia/jasenovac) -- Files: wp.070593 (1 part, 6103 bytes) -- Washington Post article, by Andrew Borowiec, about death camp at Jasenovac. Subarchive: MISCELLANY (path: miscellany) -- Files: Cannot obtain directory information. Subarchive: PRESS (path: miscellany/press) -- Files: eye.111094 (1 part, 7711 bytes) -- Eye Weekly, Nov. 10, '94 article relating to Ken McVay's work on the InterNet. gm.101894 (1 part, 5607 bytes) -- Toronto Globe & Mail article relating to the Holocaust archive project. macleans.1094 (1 part, 2080 bytes) -- Canada's MacLean's Magazine writes about Ken McVay and his work. October 17, 1994 macleans.jpg (9 parts, 65495, 65534, 65534, 65534, 65534, 65534, 65534, 65534, 65534 bytes) -- MacLean's (Oct. 17, 1994) article (JPG) mg.101594 (1 part, 795 bytes) -- Brief bouquet to Ken McVay from the Montreal Gazette. tc.101494 (1 part, 3531 bytes) -- Victoria Times-Colonist (front page) story about Ken McVay's work. vp.093094 (1 part, 3640 bytes) -- Vancouver Province article "Fighting the Internet Nazis," about Ken McVay's work, and efforts to fund it. vp.101294 (1 part, 1533 bytes) -- Vancouver (B.C.) Province article detailing how the United Church of Canada (B.C.) and Vancouver's Committee for Racial Justice are working to provide funding for the Holocaust archives project. Subarchive: WIP (path: wip) -- Files: This archive requires special privileges for access.


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