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*************************************************************** Selections from the American Atheist Press HALDEMAN-JULIUS PUBLICATIONS E. Haldeman-Julius (1889-1951) revolutionized American publishing with his famous series of ``Little Blue Books.'' These ten-cent booklets made the great literature of the ages affordable -- and convenient. Just 3 by 5 inches in size, they fit into a workingman's pocket. Later, Haldeman-Julius branched into the publication of ``Big Blue Books,'' printed in the more standard format of 8 by 5 inches. Headquartered in Girard, Kansas, Haldeman-Julius Publications was in operation from 1919 to 1951. Haldeman-Julius didn't just bring the classics to the ordinary person; he also brought Atheist and socialist literature, as well as every other topic one could imagine. Housekeeping, crimes of the Roman Catholic church, puzzles, sexual hygiene, carpentry -- works on these and other subjects were suddenly available for just a few cents from Haldeman-Julius Publications. Millions were sold. American Atheist Press bought a small stock of the remaining ``Big Blue Books'' from Haldeman-Julius' son shortly before the Kansas warehouse was destroyed by fire. Many of these titles offered here are sold at four times the price by rare-book dealers. Ours are unused and in good condition, but most often at least forty years old. Like all older books they are starting to show their age with some yellowing of the paper. Nonetheless, the information they contain is as useful as the day they rolled off the presses -- perhaps more so, as they provide insights into areas now totally suppressed. *************************************************************** Am I an Atheist or an Agnostic? by Bertrand Russell. Includes articles and book reviews by Prof. J. B. S. Haldane, Dr. D. O. Cauldwell, John D. McInerney, Dr. Jerome Davis, C. A. Willis, Bryan Fulks, and Victor S. Yarros. (Haldeman-Julius Publication B-864.) 2 pp. Stapled. Stock #5444. $4.50. Christianity, a Continuing Calamity by Clay Fulks. Includes other articles by Mordecai T. Heller, E. Haldeman-Julius, H. G. Hayes, Jay William Hudson, John D. McInerney, and Oliver L. Reiser, Ph.D. (Haldeman-Julius Publication B-851.) 31 pp. Stapled. Stock #5525. $4.50. The Church Defies Modern Life by Joseph McCabe. A survey of the medieval ideas which the Roman Catholic church still espouses. (The Black International, Second Series, No. 15.) 31 pp. Stapled. Stock #5244. $4.50. The Church, the Enemy of the Workers by Joseph McCabe. The subject of this booklet is the antagonism of the Roman Catholic church to the laboring classes. (The Black International, Second Series, No. 14.) 32 pp. Stapled. Stock #5240. $4.50. Eighty Years a Rebel by Joseph McCabe. Once a priest, Joseph McCabe first aroused international attention by publishing his reasons for leaving the church. He later became Atheism's most prolific author, writing hundreds of books on philosophy and the politics and history of the Roman Catholic church. This is the story of his extraordinary life in his own words. (Haldeman-Julius Publication B-636.) Photographs. 96 pp. Stapled. Stock #5248. $4.50. Essays by an Agnostic and Criticisms by a Skeptic by Robert G. Ingersoll. Includes his famous ``Why Am I an Agnostic?'' and reviews the position of Thomas Huxley, who coined the word. 39 pp. Stapled. Stock #5164. $4.50. The Foundations of Faith by Robert G. Ingersoll. A critical examination of the Old Testament. (Haldeman-Julius Publication B-574.) 24 pp. Stapled. Stock #5172. $4.50. The Holy Faith of Romanists by Joseph McCabe. This short essay examines the sacraments and doctrines of Roman Catholicism. (The Black International, Second Series, No. 16.) 31 pp. Stapled. Stock #5264. $4.50. How the Faith Is Protected by Joseph McCabe. Roman Catholic church policy on education and tolerance is the subject of this booklet. (The Black International, Second Series, No. 17.) 31 pp. Stapled. Stock #5268. $4.50. How the Pope of Peace Traded in Blood by Joseph McCabe. The bloody history of the papacy is reviewed, including Pope Pius XII's collusion with fascist governments. (The Black International, No. 2.) 29 pp. Stapled. Stock #5272. $4.50. The Inconsistencies and Contradictions of Jesus and Other Studies and Reviews by Victor S. Yarros. The title essay is a quick overview of problems with the New Testament. The booklet includes a number of short essays on other topics. (Haldeman-Julius Publication B-841.) 32 pp. Stapled. Stock #5484. $4.50. Is the Position of Atheism Growing Stronger? by Joseph McCabe. The significance of Atheism in the world and its consequences. Written in 1936, it sounds a hopeful note. (Haldeman-Julius Publication B-758.) 30 pp. Stapled. Stock #5276. $4.50. The Kingdom without God by Paul Eldridge. A freethinker gives an answer to the question, ``What would life be like without religion?'' (Haldeman-Julius Publication B-929). 15 pp. Stapled. Stock #5092. $4.50. The Liberty of Man, Woman and Child by Robert G. Ingersoll. His lecture on the rights of women and children. 24 pp. Stock #5176. $4.50. The Pious Traitors of Belgium and France by Joseph McCabe. A review of the collusion of the Roman Catholic church and the German government at the beginning of World Work II. (The Black International, No. 7.) 32 pp. Stapled. Stock #5284. $4.50. The Pope and the Italian Jackal by Joseph McCabe. How the Italian dictator Mussolini was aided by the pope. (The Black International, No. 8.) 31 pp. Stapled. Stock #5292. $4.50. Rome Puts a Blight on Culture by Joseph McCabe. Has the Roman Catholic church aided the growth of knowledge and literature throughout the ages? This author's answer is no. (The Black International, Second Series, No. 13.) 31 pp. Stapled. Stock #5296. $4.50. Rome's Syllabus of Condemned Opinions by Joseph McCabe. The startling array of ideas and opinions which the Roman Catholic church officially opposes. (Haldeman-Julius Publication B-878.) 32 pp. Stapled. Stock #5300. $4.50. Scientific Humanism as Creative Morality by Oliver L. Reiser and Comments on Professor Reiser's New Scientific Humanism by Joseph McCabe. The arguments for and against the acceptance of humanism as a new religion are contrasted. (Haldeman-Julius Publication B-832.) 32 pp. Stapled. Stock #5432. $4.50. The Totalitarian Church of Rome by Joseph McCabe. The ex-monk writes on the structure and wealth of the Roman Catholic church. (The Black International, Second Series, No. 11.) 32 pp. Stapled. Stock #5304. $4.50. The Tyranny of the Clerical Gestapo by Joseph McCabe. This volume focuses on the power of the priesthood over homes, hearts, and politics. (The Black International, Second Series, No. 12.) 32 pp. Stapled. Stock #5308. $4.50. What Must We Do to Be Saved? by Robert Ingersoll. A study of the Christian religion, its creeds, and its sacred book. (Haldeman-Julius Publication B-808.) 32 pp. Stapled. Stock #5196. $4.50. Why Be Moral? by Hector Hawton. How to decide what is right and what is wrong without religion. (Haldeman-Julius Publication B-585.) 23 pp. Stapled. Stock #5144. $4.50. ***************************************************************** Prices do not include postage and handling. For more information, or for a complete catalog of American Atheist Press books and products, write: American Atheist Press P O Box 140195 Austin, TX 78714-0195 Telephone: (512) 458-1244 FAX: (512) 467-9525


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