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Msg # 202 Date: 11 Sep 90 15:32:56 From: G. Adam Stanislav To: Camille Lockyer Subj: Re: General Text Files ____________________________________________________________________________ EID:1081 027df5b0 MSGID: 1:129/39 958f2b44 > of churches. Do you want names? These people are the > funde's of whom > I speak and they don't even consider catholics > christians or mormons. I am not going to loose any sleep over fundamentalists not considering Catholics Christians. The Catholic Church was founded by Christ himself, how more Christian can it get? Fundamentalism exists in any religion, spirituality, ideology that has been around long enough. Khomeini was a fundamentalist Moslem, yet that is no reason to claim all Moselms are fanatics. Hitler was a fundamentalist Socialist, yet that does not make all Socialists anti-human. Some people in New Age movement say the name contains many other words hidden, words that tell us about the name bearer. So what words can we find in fundamentalism (this is supposed to be any word that can be made out of some or all letters in the name). Well, quite obviously, it starts with FUN, and indeed those people are funny! It also contains both FUND and FUNDS. They are successful fund-raisers, are they not. Many a fundamentalist preacher has raised millions. The word DAMN can be constructed from within fundamentalism. Perhaps that is why they are so concerned with eternal damnation, after all that word will stay in their name forever. You can find TALISMAN in it. They indeed expect help from external sources, rather than from within. They also expect this help to come automatically once certain conditions are met. MAN as well as MEN can be found. Perhaps that is why there is no understanding of the feminine principle in God. Indeed the word MALE can be found easily but FEMALe is just one letter short, thus suggesting the woman is somehow subject to the man. Yet, we can find the Latin word for woman carefully hidden in FEMINA which suggests women can actually get their influence in fundamentalism but must do it a conver-up manner. MENTAL is there as well, which is not even hidden. It is the central part of the word. And of course FUNDAMENTAL suggests, all things considered, they are fundamentally wrong. If you combine the latter two with LAME what do you get? I'd rather not comment on the fact they are hiding my name, ADAM, in their own. Perhaps it is a sign of hope they may restore their original innocence, the state before the original sin some day. Unfortunately, because of all the other influences, they have ways to go. Shall I continue? There are other words you could find in the word fundamentalism (gee, did you ever receive any MAIL from them?), but the above are the most obvious, and thus most influential ones. Adam --- FD 1.99c * Origin: Children of the Light, unite! (1:129/39) SEEN-BY: 100/523 103/901 129/5 39 161/7 301/6 9 374/14 382/42 PATH: 374/14 Msg # 215 Date: 12 Sep 90 11:08:42 From: G. Adam Stanislav To: Camille Lockyer Subj: Analysis of the word "Fundamentalism" ____________________________________________________________________________ EID:1081 027a0510 MSGID: 1:129/39 960a5a2b Another important idea came to mind overnight in the analysis of the word "Fundamentalism". We can find words like FALSE, LIE, and LIES in it. But we cannot find "liar". This seems to fit interestingly with my experience with fundamentalists, at least the few I got a chance to meet, here in the North (Pittsburgh, PA): They are extremely sincere about their beliefs. I see in them more victims than victimizers. I don't agree with them, but usually cannot blame them of evil intent. Of course, that can be a very dangerous quality, especially when we consider such "victims" as Khomeini. I bet he was very sincere in his fundamentalism, and believed it was the right thing to slay the perceived enemies of Allah, but his fanatical sincerity hardly justifies his actions. By the way, the word SLAIN can also be found in fundamentalism. But "slayer" is not there. Maybe we should not be sticking such extremes as Khomeini in the same bag with them? On the other hand, STALIN can be built up from the letters in the word fundamentalism... An interesting thought which also coincides with my experience of them being sincere is that while we can find DAMN in it, as mentioned last night, we cannot find "condemn". Many of them sincerely believe the rest of us are heading for eternal damnation, but they do not condemn us, rather are trying to save us (in their viewpoint, that is). They are going to LAST for a while , they are going to NAIL many, but many of them will be NAILED as well. Some of them are going to make a MINT in the process. An important word in understanding fundamentalism is SAFE. Not "save" curiosly, but SAFE. "Save" has something to do with eternal happiness, and it is not contained in their name (how could fanaticism produce eternal happiness). SAFE, on the other hand, has something to do with the here and now. In the world where so many different, seemingly opposing, trends in philosophy, religion, spirituality and politics exist, many a MIND is confused and wants to find a SAFE system which has a predefined answer to everything. This, by the way, is what allowed Communism to spread. Marxism-Leninism had an answer to everything (and it is a form of leftist fundamentalism - Hitler and Stalin hated each other because they were different expressions of the same idea: fundamentalist socialism). It was SAFE to follow such a system because it helped you get rid of the necessity of making up your own mind in an insecure world. More importantly, since you did not need to make any decisions, you had positively no responsibility for them, thus you were SAFE. I hope this shows clearly how dangerous any form of fundamentalism (not just within Christianity) is. It is dangerous to the society because it wants to control others. It is dangerous to the individual because it prevents him from making his own choices (albeit, he may have made the first choice of becoming a fundamentalist -- but then he pretty much loses the choice of reversing that decision -- something akin to what drugs tend to do). Of course, by necessity found in its name fundamentalism will FAIL to provide the security its follower is looking for. I am amazed myself to how many words I could find in that one word just last night and this morning. I am even more amazed how much insight they offered me in the phenomenon of fundamentalism. Maybe instead of getting MAD at them, we need to send them our blessings to help heal them before it is too LATE. Why LAMENT over them. They contain the same divine sparks each and every one of us does. They are our brothers, and they are more aware of this fact than we are. (Why else would they try to "save" us?) Some other words just thrown in: SALT, LIST, TAIL(S), DENTAL, LEAN, MEAN, NAME, MIST, IS, AM, I, DANTE (Divine Comedy?), SUN, ALAN, STEAM, SEAT, STEAL, STEM, FUSE, FILM, SATAN, TEN, TEND, MIDST, TIME, LIME, LIMA, AIM, TIN, TAN, TUN, NUT(S), US, SAM (is that why they are so numerous in America?), SET, IN, A, AN, AMEN. Need I continue? Adam --- FD 1.99c * Origin: Children of the Light, unite! (1:129/39) SEEN-BY: 100/523 103/901 129/5 39 161/7 301/6 9 374/14 382/42 PATH: 374/14


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