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Msg # 408 Date: 05 Aug 92 23:33:19 From: Christopher Baker To: All Subj: Yet another 'religious' proclamation by George Bush ____________________________________________________________________________ Federal Register, Vol. 57, No. 114, Friday, June 13, 1992 Presidential Documents Title 3-- Proclamation 6444 of June 10, 1992 The President Flag Day and National Flag Week, 1992 By the President of the United States of America A Proclamation "I have seen the glories of art and architecture," said Senator George Frisbie Hoar [a little jingoism over a century ago, "...and the fill moon rise from 100 years ago over Mount Blanc; but the fairest vision on just to get things which these eyes ever looked was the flag of my going?] country in a foreign land." As the great emblem of the United States, the Stars and Stripes has symbolized freedom and security to millions of people around the world. To the U.S. citizen abroad, Old Glory has offered comfort and reassurance, calling to mind the love of liberty that unites all Americans, wherever we may be. To the service member standing watch at some distant, lonely post, the flag has recalled the pride and support of our Nation--as well as the [none of which could example of earlier patriots who likewise labored have been atheists and sacrificed in the defense of liberty. While since atheists cannot the flag has inspired deeper feelings of be patriots, eh George?] patriotism and duty among generations of Americans, it has also moved the hearts of [no doubt the dead and countless other peoples, who have seen in its maimed of our kinder, bright hues and gentle folds the shining promise gentler incursions?] of freedom--and the character of a Nation whose might and strength have been devoted to the [absolutely George!] service of justice and humanity. Generations of American children have learned to [have been coerced?] show respect for the flag by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, which is 100 years old this year. [a simple advertising As we celebrate the centennial of this simple yet gimmick to sell more stirring promise, we know that it is much, much flags now deified?] more than a mnemonic verse for school boys and girls. Rather, it is--as its author Francis Bellamy, had hoped it would be--an ageless creed [George works in this that embodies "the fundamental idea of patriotic 'fundamental'ism every citizenship, comprehending in broadest lines the proclamation he makes] spirit of our history and the deepest aim of our National life." When we recite the Pledge and and promise our allegiance to this "one Nation, [God inserted by his under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice fellow Republicans in for all," we reaffirm both the unity of our 1954 only] people and what President Eisenhower aptly described as "the transcendence of religious [Dwight was a willing faith in America's heritage and future." As the tool of the Christian Pledge of Allegiance states so eloquently, we reconstructionists] Americans believe in Almighty God, the Source of of all life and liberty; we believe in the [God's influence is so inherent and unalienable rights and dignity of clearly demonstrated by each human being; and we believe in equal the dead in our wake] opportunity, as well as equal protection of the law, for every citizen. Those are the convictions [but not atheists since that must ever be our guide, our hope, and our we are not citizens?] example to the world. To commemorate the adoption of our flag, the Congress, by a joint resolution approved August 3, 1949 (63 Stat. 492), designated June 14 of [they didn't request a each year as Flag Day. The Congress also puling paean to your requested the President, by joint resolution precious Jesus fantasy approved June 9, 1966 (80 Stat. 194), to issue did they George?] annually a proclamation designating the week in which June 14 occurs as National Flag Week. NOW, THEREFOR, I, GEORGE BUSH, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim June 14, 1992, as Flag Day and the week beginning June 14, 1992, as National Flag Week. I direct [aren't flags standard the appropriate officials of the government to form for government display the flag of the United States on all buildings George?] government buildings during that week. I urge all Americans to observe Flag Day, June 14, and Flag [i fly mine. i paid over Week by flying the Stars and Stripes from their $75 dollars for it.] homes and other suitable places. I also urge the American people to celebrate those days from Flag Day through Independence Day, also set aside by the Congress (89 Stat. 211) as a time to honor America, by having public gatherings and activities at which they can honor our country in an appropriate manner, including [let's leave out the publically reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. On vile and anti-commie June 14, communities across the United States 'under God' crap though] will join in a special "Pause for the Pledge of Allegiance" program in honor of the 100th anniversary of this tribute to our flag. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this tenth day of June, in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and ninety-two, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and sixteenth. George Bush -30- Pastor George never misses an opportunity to reaffirm the continued deification of these United States of America. it's a good thing he'll be checking out of the White House next year. of course, his replacement, Bill Clinton, may not be much relief in the deification effort since he comes from a state which has in its Constitution a clause that specifically forbids anyone who denies the existence of God from holding any public office. he also consults his Baptist minister before he gives an opinion on something like abortion. we should all be nervous. [sigh] TTFN. Chris --- DB 1.36/001027 * Origin: Rights On!-Host/Moderator of A_THEIST-Titusville_FL_USA (1:374/14)


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