ARTICLE1.SET +quot;Dungeons, Dragons, and Altair IV+quot; ARTICLE2.SET +quot;The Power of

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ARTICLE1.SET "Dungeons, Dragons, and Altair IV" ARTICLE2.SET "The Power of a Word" by James Lewis ARTICLE3.SET "The Devil Made Me Do It!" by R. Whitaker ARTICLE4.SET "The Third Earl Russell" by James Lewis ARTICLE5.SET "The Law of One?" by Priest R. L. Whitaker INFO1.SET Temple of Set on conventional morality INFO2.SET General Information and Admissions Polcies INFO3.SET Temple Degree Structure INFO4.SET Temple of Set Reading List Categories MUFFIN.SET Aquino rebuts "Do You Know the Muffin Man?" POETRY1.SET "Dust Devils", Aleister Crowley POETRY2.SET "In Her Eyes", Leon Stevens POETRY3.SET "Ligeia", Edgar Allen Poe POETRY4.SET "Ivory Towers", R. Whitaker SFPD.SET Temple of Set's SFPD complaints sustained TAROT1.SET "The Purpose and Function of a New Tarot" TAROT2.SET "The Inverted Pentagram Layout" TECH1.SET "Magic and Machines" TECH2.SET "The Law of the Trapezoid", R. Whitaker TECH3.SET "Tonal Angularity--Musick That Kills" TECH4.SET "Where to Get Gear!", O.I.T. TECH5.SET "Binaural Beats", R.L. Whitaker TECH6.SET "Lakhovsky Multi-Wave Oscillator"


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