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Msg # 20 Date: 14 May 91 21:55:49 From: Christopher Baker To: All Subj: President Bush's contribution to education? ____________________________________________________________________________ the following is from Title 3 - Proclamation 6262 of March 20, 1991: The President Education Day, U.S.A., 1991 By the President of the United States of America A Proclamation Today our Nation is engaged in a campaign that must not and, I believe, will not fail-a concerted, State- by-State effort to revitalize our schools and to reach our six National Education Goals by the year 2000. These goals include: ensuring that every child starts school ready to learn; raising the graduation [this will be the rate to at least 90 percent; ensuring that American last reference in students are competent in five critical subjects with this document to their progress assessed in grades 4, 8, and 12; any actual secular ranking first in the world in science and mathematics educational goals.] achievement; ensuring that every American adult is literate and possesses the knowledge and skills- including the technical skills-necessary to compete in the global economy; and making all our schools safe, disciplined, and drug free. [so far, so innocuous, eh?] Achieving these goals is essential if our children are to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to enjoy rich, full lives and to become productive, successful participants in our society. However, [here it comes] if the application of one's knowledge and skills is to be truly fruitful and rewarding, it cannot be divorced from high moral purpose. In the hands of those who lack fundamental moral [uh, oh] direction, these powerful tools can readily become useless-or even destructive. Therefore, we must continue to recognize the importance of moral instruction as we seek excellence in American education. [this from the guy who supports block grants to education that can be delivered to parochial schools. guess where your tax dollars are headed?] Public as well as private institutions of learning [private meaning: have both an obligation and a proper interest in religious?] advancing principles of ethical conduct and moral virtue. Teachers who demonstrate, by word or example, the importance of such qualities as truthfulness, fair play, tolerance, and respect for human life are among the best role models a child can have. [religions are filled with truthfulness, fair play and tolerance, yes? and respect for human life fills the histories of the crusades, jihads, pogroms, and assorted inquistions and witch hunts as i recall.] However, moral education begins at home, in the guidance parents provide for their children, and in religious institutions, where we learn of God's law [whose 'God'? what and God's love. The worldwide Lubavich movement, love?] under the leadership of Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, has underscored the importance of moral education, as well as the primary role of parents and religious institutions in promoting high standards of personal character and conduct in our society. [thank goodness for religious institutions without whom our character and conduct would be so low?] By equipping our children with the light of moral [no shortage of instruction and the strong staff of traditional religious imagery] family values, we help to guarantee them safe passage on their life's journey. As Scripture says, "Train up a child in the way he should go, and, when he is old, he will not depart from it." [in other words, inculate early and they will never be troubled by the facts nor dissuaded by any amount of common sense?] Moral education is vital, not only to the personal well-being of our children, but also to the preservation of civil order and justice. Our Nation's [finally got to the Judeo-Christian heritage, affirmed in its founding point of his subtle documents and in the traditional values that remain push, eh?] the heart of America, goes hand in hand with the success of this great yet precious experiment in self- government. Thus, moral education in keeping with that heritage is one of the most important and enduring investments we can make in the future of our children and the Nation. As Daniel Webster once noted: If we work upon marble, it will perish; if on brass, time will efface it; if we rear temples, they will crumble into dust; but if we work upon immortal minds, and imbue them with principles, with the just fear of God and love of our fellow men, we engrave on those tablets something that will brighten to all eternity. [so Daniel Webster thinks 'God' should be part of education, too? is that what you're saying here, George?] The Congress, by House Joint Resolution 104, has designated March 26, 1991, as "Education Day, U.S.A." and has authorized and requested the President to issue a proclamation in observance of this day. [does this suggest the collusion of Congress to diefy public education and the public record?] NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE BUSH, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim March 26, 1991, as Education Day U.S.A. I call upon all Americans to observe this day with appropriate ceremonies and activities. [possibly a parade for the Pope would be in good taste?] IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this twentieth day of March, in the year of our Lord [making sure to link nineteen hundred and ninety-one, and of the 'Lord' and America Independence of the United States of America the two one last time?] hundred and fifteenth. [signed] George Bush straight out of the Federal Register, Vol. 56, No. 56, Friday, March 22, 1991. this is not what i pay my government to indulge in. TTFN. Chris --- D'Bridge B1046/00R * Origin: Rights On! - Free of Religion! - Titusville_FL_USA (1:374/14)


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