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Msg # 481 Date: 05 Jul 91 14:55:30 From: Tom Posey To: Whoever Subj: the most dangerous cult of all ____________________________________________________________________________ - THE DANGEROUS CULT - What religious cult's practitioners have denied the divinity of Jesus? . What religious cult has calculatedly murdered its opponents, and those that even disagreed with it? . What religious cult, where ever and when ever it has achieved secular power, has outlawed other beliefs, sometimes making such beliefs a capital crime? . What religious cult has locked up its members, denying them all contact with the opposite sex? . What religious cult's practitioners have been seen mutilating their bodies in the name of their beliefs, from ritual whippings to castration? . What religious cult has required monetary donations from its members, so that its higher echelons could live in luxury and comfort? . What religious cult has refused its membership access to its sacred writings? . What religious cult has edited those sacred writings to make them conform to the views of the leaders of the cult? . What religious cult regularly practices religious cannibalism? . What religious cult practices magical rituals to improve its members status within the group and after death? . What religious cult enjoins total celibacy upon its membership as the best way of life? . What religious cult, while preaching pacifism, has encouraged, and even started, wars? . What religious cult has preached hatred of certain ethnic groups? . What religious cult has placed the female of the species in a subservient position, blaming her for all the ills of Mankind? . What religious cult fills its membership full of guilt at being human and alive? . What religious cult has burned books that disagree with its teachings? . What religious cult has forced its moral, ethical, literary, artistic, scientific and recreational views on whole nations? . What religious cult has been documented to have practiced genocide, both racial and cultural? . If you answered "Christianity" to each of the above questions, you were right. Each of the above has been a belief, or a practice, of at least one and in several cases most Christian sect(s) from within 40 years after the death of Jesus. - --- * Origin: (Opus 1:114/29) SEEN-BY: 102/901 103/903 109/120 112/28 114/15 18 29 74 143/801 151/606 SEEN-BY: 152/20 374/14 3610/98 PATH: 114/29 15 374/14


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