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Version 1.0.1 The Brice Wellington FAQ file Part 2 Version 1.0.1 Compiled and written by Psycho Dave ( With help from the users and sysop of The Boston Bullet BBS (617) 893-1753 2400 baud --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Introduction The following chronicles the "battle" that Brice had with "Satan". This Battle was the single most fun I have ever had listening to an insane Christian weirdo in ages. Now that Brice is on the net, I thought it appropriate to share his public messages with you all. Funny thing about Brice -- He feels some need to tell everyone -- complete strangers included, some of his life's most intimate details, from his masturbation, to spanking his wife, to his stint in the mental hospital. Perhaps this is a symptom of his reclusiveness, and a cry for help and companionship. Brice, by his admission, is a lonely guy, and probably uses his computer to get people to listen to him. He uses technology to get people to talk to, a sad sign of the times. Yes, Brice is a Jesus-and-Computer weenie. What follows is Brice's own words, edited only for spacing. I did edit out names of persons and cities to keep some anonymity. But the text of all the messages are Brice's own words -- a sort of NEWEST TESTAMENT to be added to the Bible in a few hundred years, when Brice gets turned into a saint by all those who followed him (it'll be a small church, indeed!). Yes, This is the testament of Brother Brice, translated from the original tongues by his most inspired deciple (himself). Enjoy. This is a funny story! Brice's Holy war with "Satan" (Mental Illness) 01-09-95 02:39:35 The first odor of something big I myself am a victim to a certain extent, I'm concidered anti social by many I won't deny it. I stay by myself for the most part both at work and at home but there isn't anything wrong with me, people just can't think or talk at my level. The company I'm with has adopted a program, its one that has the employees working as teams, its a bit much to explain in full but I'm sure you have an idea what the system is. The people instructing employees in classes and meetings fell I am a high risk, maybe a danger like those post office employees who came to work shooting, they didn't tell me but I picked up on it by thier attitude, body langauge and the way the approache me and speake to me third party. "How is Brice Today", I say I'll ask when I see him. All I can do is wait and see what comes from all this, I don't like the methods they use and its hard for me to tolerate. I changed my hours, this leaves an opening for them to put me on a shift they prefer or lay me off by saying your hours are no longer needed at those times, take a lay-off or go to the first shift. I know for a fact the firm hired discussed me along those terms because I asked at one time straight out, he didn't answer but just grinned at me. The question came up when he asked me why didn't like the firm. 01-09-95 17:03:48 I don't concider it a problem, I'm right in my way of thinking on the matter, there's more involved. Point I was getting at was, what they fear would never happen, its impossible for me to do. This fellow Salvi wasn't a loner like me, he was much more social than I could ever be, religion has or had little or nothing top do with what he did. As for my position, I plan to carry on as normal, changing my hours should calm things down a bit. I won't argue that I am different, I am, but the company doesn't allow it. It is a little like communism, everyone must think the same, be the same. My problems with them are minute, a little thing like a company party or parties, I never attend and I see them getting insulted by it. I find faults with thier training programs, granted I should be quiet and skate by, but I can't lie to them, when I tell them, and prove to them where they are wrong they get insulted instead of thinking well he participates. Its long and complicated to expalin, I agree with anyone who may say just sit and listen, stay in the background, but its difficult because they will cornor you and dig for answers. The best way I can explain it, cutting it short, When I am in a position I don't like, or am upset by something in any way I will walk the other way and out of it, the company makes this difficult if not impossible at times. 01-10-95 08:38:23 I think you misunderstand, I am paid well and my work is flawless, its all those silly meetings that bother me. I get along with everyone on a one to one basis, sometimes more than one at a time. My records are outstanding, my reviews above average, its just this one little exception :-}. 01-10-95 19:16:31 The Odor gets stronger Grrrrrrrrrr I had all my thoughts together. This agency is contaminating the minds of the employer, it doesn't matter what my positve attributes are I am concidered I believed to be not addaptable to the system they are putting in place. Which is not true. 01-31-95 12:51:52 I never had a thought of killing until I was accused of it, I wanted to kill the accuser. 02-13-95 19:53:53 The odor is Identified as crap I am never ashamed to talk about any negative things that happen to me in my life, although what happened to me today is serious I can't help but be amused by it. Some of you may recall when I posted a message about being accused of being a high profile or high risk profile, well I messed up by writing about it on Prodigy. I simply wrote what I was accused of, and how I was VERY mad about it. Prodigy faxed a copy of my message to the police, this was on Saturday night. I was called on the phone at 2 this afternoon and asked to go to the station, CAN YOU IMAGINE! I told them when I got there I was of the Lord and would never do what I was accused of, I had to assure them that I was accused and not saying that is what I wanted or was going to do... I had to make an appointment to see a shrink, the alternative was to be taken to one.... Is this crazy or what?! I came home and within the hour I got a call from work, telling me they were aware of the incodent and to take the night off. I was also told to have a doctor call the company doctor and give an ok for me to return to work. Today is not my day, but GOD has seen me through it, I'm not locked up! You should all get on your knees and accept JESUS so he will take care of you too!!! Brice "On Loan From GOD" 02-14-95 11:46:25 The crap becomes airborne I have to be quick you worm.... The docs wouldn't give me an ok to go to work, just offered to give a not saying I was treated, but the compant wants a clearance. I told them to check me in a few days, I'll dazzle them with my brains and be out by Friday night.... AMEN! So anyone else who reads this, I'll have to put off reading your love letters till I am out and about... THIS SUCKS!!!! BIG TIME! 02-23-95 19:15:35 It was a long weekend so it was Tuesday I was freed, the Lord wouldn't let them keep me any longer than he wanted to. I took every test and passed almost 100%, one question asked T or F are you a messenger of GOD, of course I said true. A shrink accused me of trying to test the test, he wouldn't listen, did I tell you most shrinks are going to hell? Now I have to spend a week and three days on full partial hospital and a that is out patient and a week partial. 02-23-95 19:18:15 I wrote a letter on Prodigy! Prodigy faxed the Police. It was stupid! I won't repeat it here! Hmf 02-23-95 19:19:48 See you F'n brat! Your starting a runor! I CHECKED IN ON MY TIME IN MY OWN WAY AND UNDER CONDITIONS! There was no man in a whit coat! 02-23-95 19:30:51 Hehe yourself! I read your messages asking what it was that put me there, I thought I made it clear but will now because I want you all to know the truth. I was reading on a Prodigy BB, (Medical BB) looking for sinners with aids when I stumbled accross letters from people depressed about problems with there jobs. I thought I would contribute my story as I told here. I wrote about being accused of being a high profile person of danger, one that would come in one day after termination or whatever and fire on everyone.. I denied ever thinking it and added I would never do it and I wouldn't know how to get a gun. I made the mistake of not stopping there, I added I could stab them. I never said I was gooing to do it, NEVER!! The subject I wrote under was Murder/Suicide. Are you happy NOW!!!! P.S. I did help save souls when I was there. 02-24-95 20:47:30 It was in a public forum, I said nothing more than I have said on other boards. I also discussed it here. 02-24-95 20:50:11 I did, I also told them I was a messanger of GOD, they said I was testing them.. 02-24-95 20:54:17 Why do you treat me the way you do, sometimes I wonder about you. I will no doubt tell them what I think of them, I came close today. This shrinks jaw hit the ground when I told her somebody in this mess had to be right and its me, she has a twisted mind. 02-24-95 20:55:44 You know, if they read some of your messages you may end up in the next bed, to me. We can talk about GOD all night! BHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, looking forward to it. 02-24-95 21:04:41 The Crap Hits The Fan I feel GOD is testing me, I know he is. I'm sorry to tell you I plan to make it through whole and full of the Spirit. 02-25-95 00:20:36 I'm shocked already, no need for electric. Why do you hate me? 02-25-95 00:21:54 I am NOT talking about me Killing myself, I mentioned being killed or I meant to. Many have been killed in action. 02-25-95 00:23:01 NOBODY is just like Jesus, if we were he never would have had to come. I am like Jesus in ways. 02-25-95 14:10:31 Jesus went to the cross, Paul was beheaded only to name two. I'm in good company. 02-27-95 17:27:44 If your paying attention why do you still try to save a message here with the dreaded /S? Many have died in Jesus name, I am willing to do that, but not with you! 02-27-95 17:31:47 First of all I do everything in Jesus name, second I was persecuted for my thoughts! I did not F myself, I am proud to be me and insist I did no harm. I'm not surprised your having fun at my expense, you can't afford to do it on your own. Paul was in Jail, I was in a type of cell, no difference! 02-27-95 17:33:39 Hehehe yourself, I never said I wanted to kill, I wrote I conciderd it which is a big difference...... Christians are always accused of thinking the wrong way, have you NEVER said I could Kill ? 02-27-95 17:35:47 See how you are? And you say I am mental! BTW, did you happen to notice I am out, its because I am NOT a threat and Jesus is LORD! You know what you can do with that power cord! 02-27-95 17:37:35 All you can do is swear.... I am not a looney, proof is they let me go, and they don't wear whit coats, at least not anymore. 02-28-95 13:43:48 The crap flies back in Brice's face Don't be stupid, I know its hard for you but don't! Most everyone starts out on a locked ward, I was moved to a more liberal wing the second day. I want to get one thing straight with you and all others including David, and that is.. YOU DID THIS TO ME!!! I talked with a doctor today and he had the nerve to tell me it was a depression, THANKS TO THE LIKES OF YOU! Also a paranoid personality. I have true grit.. you jokers did this to me but I'm not giving up on you! 02-28-95 13:45:33 I just got over telling BoBB DoBBs you fools did this to me! You played a big hand in it! I would NEVER stab ANYone but Satan. 02-28-95 13:47:20 Wiping my memory?! I'll never get over YOU and what YOU have done to me! I forgive you and David, I know you two are the ring leaders around here, I hope GOD will forgive you. 02-28-95 13:48:26 I'm already out, and the doctors apologized for holding me!! So I saved him. 02-28-95 13:52:27 Its ironic you say that, a police car followed me home last night. I know he was following me, he followed me for 6 blocks, I took a crazy route home to make sure I was right! They can watch me all they want, and if my phone is bugged I hope that they have a modem & screen, if they can do that. I don't think they can, all they can do is call this BBS and read my messages and relize what I say is in self defense or for the purpose of saving you. 02-28-95 13:57:30 look you, what seperates me from the rest is that I already have a spot in Heaven for me. The closer you are to GOD the harder the enemy attacks, there is no need to attack you because Stan already has your soul for keeps. 02-28-95 13:59:26 This whole thing is about my Christian belief, wake up will you! If I were as mean and ugly as you Satan wouldn't be attacking me. 02-28-95 14:04:27 I wrote BoBB DoBBS about this already but I want to make sure you all know that I know YOU DID THIS TO ME!! I was told I was depressed, I am depressed because certain people on this board won't listen to reason! It has made the Doc think I am paranoid! I rebuke this Doctor in the name of JESUS! I won't rebuke you all! I have a responsibility and will not shurk from it. "To save YOU"!! 02-28-95 20:20:11 There is nothing wrong in what i do, I don't twist arms. Jesus left orders to go out amoung men and preach the word, we are in the informat{on age so here I am. Although I do care for you, I am more worried about the minds you may poison. 02-28-95 20:23:54 I am saying that YOU, BoBB DoBBS with the help of SAM are doing your utmost to depress the hell out of me. I wouldn't be surprised if you were a closet Christian, ALL OF YOU! 02-28-95 20:33:42 Not giving up on you means there is still hope I can get you into heaven, Unlike you I won't use the word loser, there is hope for you. I saw a shrink because it is a stipulation if I want to get back to work, I had to sign a contract with the company that I would obey. I am forced to go to the Arbour out patient group meetings for two weeks, if I don't this shrink call the company & squeels on me. I also have to attend any meeting or treatment, (whatever that is) for a year and can't miss four in the whole year unless excused by the darn shrink. I told him today I have nothing to say except repent at those meetings, he told me to just go and listen. 02-28-95 20:38:41 I am just giving the errrrrrrrr credit where its due, you all treat me very bad here even when I offer love, you say you hate me which no doubt is what brought all this on. 03-01-95 20:32:44 I have seen Satan, its a time I will NEVER forget! Satan as you should very well know, can only be in one place at a time, unlike GOD who is everywhere. The odds of Satan being in you is so remote I don't know why I bother telling you. Demosn on the other hand are plenty. Demons are what inhabited this earth before man, the population Satan took with him and the angels that followed... It is the demons that do most of the dirty work on earth. 03-02-95 19:03:52 The Crap grows and Mutates on Brice's Face I am NOT nuts!! I am holy. 03-02-95 19:08:58 [Brice is talking about the time he saw Satan, in person] He was very nice looking, at one time he was the best looking of all angels,looking in his eyes was another story, I shake to remember it. 03-02-95 19:17:11 The difference is a person posseesed by satan dies at the end, it is impossible to live after Satan has been in you. As I wrote last time I will amplify, if Satan is causing trouble in Africa via drout etc and is not omni present, how could Satan be in you. The layperson can't identify on sight but by viewing and listening. We all good from bad, evil etc, if this vermon is aganst Jesus that he is of the devil.... You are not important enough to be bothered by the devil. Your probebly possesed by a demon who was a Janitor in another life. Both are difficult to human eyes because a Psycho can be seen as very bright, not unlike yourself. They can also be seen as deadly/crazy. I am filled with the Spirit, I can tell a Psycho and a demon. 03-09-95 02:24:03 Well if you called in the past fve days you noted there was no answer. I walked into a romm of what was supposed to be a group and I was wearing sunglasses, a possesed woman shouted I am of all things, of the devil, CAN U IMAGINE!!!! They locked my ass up for causing a crisis in her twisted life. I only got out today. bummer! 03-09-95 02:32:46 Scare people!! NEVER!!!! He was beautiful, almost to great to look at, GOD created him that way, its only demons that are ugly. 03-09-95 21:02:14 I know what detail means, but with only 30 min. I can only try. It was horrible, if it wasn't all that masturbating that made me lose one testy it was Satan.... We got into a battle I shiver to think about. As you can see I am still here. 03-09-95 21:06:10 To see Satan, (the average man) would be to drop dead on the spot. You can excersize a demon from a human.. It will slither out of every opening in his her body. Some like yourself choose to keep your little demoms in you. 03-09-95 21:12:04 The Crap takes Brice's Brain over I was typing in the dark, I had to turn on an overhead light to make sure I make it clear to you I DID NOTHING but wear sunglasses. She also complained I acted better then them, superior. I suggested after a brake I not return to that ill room, they told me to wait in the lobby. I knew If I did that some demon would be around to claim me so I drove home where my car was safe and I packed a bag and picked up money. THATS RIGHT!!! I knew they were coming for me and they did with a police car and ambulence, I was out in 4 days and will be back at work on Monday. I know you HATE to hear I am doing WELL! I AM I AM I SAID I AM HAHAHA 03-09-95 21:15:43 She was compalining about my attitude all week, I went home. The Police came for me. 03-09-95 21:17:28 HA! You've said that before and I asked a Doc about Prozac and she said it would make me worse, so much for your medical know how! 03-11-95 23:07:45 That kind of talk is dangerouse... and sick! A side note: I feel I need to repent, I laughed at some Christian skits on the comody channel tonight. One was a swimming race with 8 lanes doing laps, 7 were swimming and Jesus ran by them on top of the water in lane 3. On the way out of the pool a swimmer gave him the rats tale. I won't go into the others, I'm depressed that I laughed. 03-11-95 23:20:19 I didn't violate a thing! I wasn't released at the time. I am now and have to go to something called continuing care group in Boston on the 15th. 03-12-95 16:22:08 The police had nothing t do with it, directly. I went in to be checked, (And was not found to be Psychotic) but before full release was directed to attend out patient care for two weeks. Thier idea of outpatient care turned out to be a group therapy deal, I should add I don't believe in group therapy in "most" cases. I made it a week and due to a frantic female patient I went home. I was not discharged while in outpatient care, now that I am out of that I have been discharged from the Hospital. I am now "required" to attend what is called Continuing Care which is a group but informal. I start Tuesday at 9:15am. The session is just a quick question & answer, then home. I hope this helps your inquiring mind! NOSEY!! 03-12-95 16:27:57 You are a sick puppy, but there was a simular joke on the show. The show is about 4 roommates or three I forget. Roommate comes home to find one on a BIG cross outside the second floor on a ledge, he looks up and said you can't commit suicide that way, its the 4th nail I've tried. A SICK SICK JOKE, I didn't laugh at that one. Before I was saved I saw A cartoon in Hustler, (I didn't look at the pictures), the cartoon was the three crosses with Jesus in the middle. To fully understand you have to see the expressions on the face of Jesus and the nasty Crimminal on his right. He looked over at Jesus and said, "We riot tonight", I wet my pants on that one.... GOD FORGIVE ME!!! 03-14-95 13:15:49 Well as you can see, or read, Here I AM. I am not in a cell padded or otherwise, I would agree one would have to be crazy to love you, but I do in JESUS name and want you in HEAVEN NOW. 03-14-95 13:17:21 Don't call me looney, goof! I called here pouring my heart out and all I got was ridicule. Up YOur Nose! 03-17-95 05:56:27 You understand this, I never threatened ANYONE, I was accused of being a threat, just as Price and Schuler and other big names are accused. The closer you are to the lord that harder Satan attacks. 03-18-95 19:35:56 Your talking stupid, I've never been in a padded cell or any cell, a locked floor which stinks is not a cell. I took a peek at a romm they strap people down in, its not padded. Satan is giving me a hard time, I'm finding it VERY hard to type with my right hand. 03-19-95 16:51:51 Its ironic you joke KILL a doctor, I have a certain doctor that I hated for years before I was saved, I would dream of sjkjpwqojjiopcoei. 03-20-95 16:02:11 I'm saved now, now I love the doctors dearly. 04-13-95 04:58:56 Your wrong, I am a human being who has lots to offer and should be respected. Half the time you don't know what your talking about, most of the time. David is a prime example, proof there is a heaven and a hell, guess where he's headed. FOR THE FURNACE! He has tried to beat my intelect for the longest time, when he finds he can't he makes threats. I am proof there is a GOD, who is my father in heaven. The police couldn't hold me, when I was put in a hospital the doors flew open like the cells did when Paul was locked up. God waved his hand. I'm not here to hurt you or anyone, I want whats best for you, in heaven. 04-13-95 05:38:10 I am on trilifon(sp) whatever that is 04-14-95 06:33:21 I'm telling you God opened the door for me to get out, YES! He did this by providing thought and inspiration to the employees, doctors etcto let me go. 04-14-95 06:37:47 WRONG ON ALL COUNTS! I did not make a death threat, I was accused of being a threat and said so. I don't think voices I hear are Jesus, I know they are, your jelouse. It is written, Satan, Lucifer, Stan was a beutiful angel & still is. I blame nobody for any problem I may have except maybe David giving me a head ache. I think you get the idea... 04-15-95 19:10:33 Your talking about the state, not a private hospital. They wanted to keep me, I could tell because when I started to preach Sunday services some Menatal health workers had an orgasm in thier cloths. I could tell they gt excited, as to say, "Oh BOY, we've got a live one!". 04-15-95 19:28:19 The crap gives up, and let's brice have his brain back I am under attack by the devil so much because I am close to the Lord. If I was (GOD forbid) like you the devil wouldn't have to bother with me, I would be heading for hell in the first place. 04-16-95 01:50:55 It is now easter morning, I want to wish all of you closet Christians a happy easter and hope you come out of your closets soon. I am distressed at the fact I am the only one trying t help people here. I rack my brains and take beatings in the name of JESUS because it is my moral duty as a human being and soon to be saint. Did you know that when you die and go to heaven you will be a saint? Its true, we all will be, of course you have to die first. As I sit here typing I have Cspan on, there is a debate on abortion, I have pains when some dizzy woman is trying to justify murder. 04-20-95 06:56:00 Satan and his demons helped put me in the hospital, NOT A BIN! I lost one thing because I did the wrong things and it caught up with me, I did it to myself but have since repented. I have been denied access I admit, to more than you will ever know, I'm sure as there is a hell not going to tell you anymore... One BBS (local) denid me access I think in part because of you. I admit I have turned into a couch/computer person, but that is going to change. Its been sometime since i was out preaching, so its back to the bars for me, (TO PREACH) not drink. 04-23-95 18:03:50 NO! You can do something about evil, you can PRAY! Its true bad things happen to good people, but we prayer and the almighty we can defeat whatever evil comes our way. I face evil everyday of my life and still have my sanity. 04-25-95 17:44:03 There are no padded cells, they put you in restraints. 04-27-95 05:36:33 I was not tied up or restrained in ANY WAY! I saw some people who were self destructive or heavy on drugs restrained. 04-28-95 05:39:17 Please stop trying to be funny, it doesn't do you justice. The fact is this bucko, the police called me at home and asked me to come down, I did knowing what it was about. I could see from talking to them they were not going to let me go unless I was on my way to a doctor so I gave them my HCHP card. They gave it back and I called and made an appointment for the next day, at this time I went home. It was unfortunate for me they called my work and read them the letter. Work called me and asked that I not come in till I see the doctor. I went to this doctor and she wanted me as an out patient, but wouldn't give mea paper saying I am able to work. I said then put me in a hospital and let them give me the paper, she agreed and that is HOW I got in the bloody hospital... FOOL!!!!!!!!! * Return to the Brice FAQ Archives * Return to the Dark, Scary place


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